Editorial Gazette of Gor Issue 91

Dear Gazette readers,

After a break I have decided to start writing for the Gazette of Gor and be Chief Editor again.

Many people on Gor state that there is less and less roleplay in Second Life Gor. They might be right but I sometimes wonder why they keep complaining and not go out to have role play. There are still many people in Gor who want to role play. Of course the tribes can promote role play too by organizing story telling events.

It is of course it a fact that there is more and more combat and less role play in Gor. Some want to to only combat in Gor in spite of that there are better platforms to play combat in Gor.
Why do these people still play Gor. A reason might be the rankings provided by the meters. In my opinion if there were no stats it would be less attractive for people who only want to combat.
But it is hard to turn back the tide. The introduction of the meter made Second Life Gor unigue and popular and attracted many players. And many people enjoy playing Gor on Second Life because of the meter, so it is not necessary to change the infrastructure.

So if you want more role play in Sl Gor, do not complain that there is no role play anymore in sl Gor anymore but go out and just do it! If all the people in sl Gor who want to roleplay do it, there will be no problem and will attract new people to sl Gor..
As you can read in the article about role play between two panther tribes there is still role play in Gor.

By the way: If you have role play stories we are happy to publish them.

Furthermore you find stories from Grendel the Kur, opinion articles like: Rules do we need them in Gor? – Your comments are very welcome! – and news about the trophy contest, the new place for the memorial of Minnie and that Whispering Moon has a new owner.

Also the article about announcements in the Gazette Of Gor might be interesting for you,

As you can read below Sonia is very busy to set up a new distribution system for the Gazette of Gor. If you are a sim owner or an admin please read this article closely.

Mariko Marchant

New distribution system Gazette of Gor


As some already know, the sim where are based our offices of the Gazette of Gor goes in the beginning of August to be closed, for certain reasons …
I had created a distribution system of the Gazette so that every registered person can receive it directly on his accounts …
The system worked from a server in our desktop and greeters concealed on the various sim, which allowed to enregister people on a list that the greeter sent the data via a mail address to the dedicated server …
I can not move the servers because the email addresses will change and so the greeters will become obsolete since they will not be able to dialogue by Email with their servers …
So I am forced to start again by saving the lists of registered people, all the greeters already installed will have to be destroyed because useless …
You have time to withdraw them, if you like to contact me in about 7 days or more for renewal, I will send to the sim owner and / or admins a new greeter, which they can replace the old one…


Sonia (Emmanuella Checchinato)

BTB Goreans In a Non Typical Gorean Opinion

You talk about how “you should read this book, or that book”
We ALL read the books as we can.
I hereby DARE each and every By The Book Gorean to do the following:

1 Answer these questions HONESTY:

A What book do you orient your sim around

B Do you Live that Book from the first letter of the first chapter to the very last period. Day in and Day Out?

C Show me Book, Chapter and Sentence where YOU were written about By John Norman

Then HOW can YOU Claim to be Living By The Book???????????

I Then Challenge You as a BY THE BOOK Gorean, to go to 5 different sims. all BTB and compare your sim Rules to theirs. in MY Eyes, IF BTB sims are suppose to be BTB, then why do their Laws and Rules change from Sim to Sim?

As I see it, You are ONLY BTB because you say you are. you do not live by what i have learned of Gor.
Differences happen, people Adapt to the situation.

One does NOT Jump from Sim To Sim dictating to someone “YOU HAVE TO BE BTB”
one does not sit there moving from place to place because “they do not like the rules of that sim”
One DOES NOT prejudge a person or Land just because it will not become a freaking mindless drone to someone else.

This is Forcing others to be like the mindless drones.

IF Gor is to SURVIVE in SL
YOU as A Gorean People NEED to stop demanding or dictating to others “BE LIKE ME OR YOU ARE NOT GOREAN”
I have lived by 3 Simple Words
Learn, Learn your surroundings, the way people rp on that land
Adapt. Adapt your rp to work with theirs
Survive. Survive to the next Encounter

YES Gor is a Harsh World. I will not deny this.
but to dictate or demand that someone change to your ways takes the rights away from others
Is It Any Wonder that so many find Gor, only to either hop sims to find something different? or to LEAVE Gor because of someone prejudging them to “Not being Gorean”?

You want people on your sims, the things you took the pride and time to build YOUR way. The way YOU envisioned Gor when You read the book. We all do. vut the Damage you do by treating those new people the way you do, Damages ALL OF GOR, not just what you want to have. Your Actions Speak Louder than words.
Get of of your high horses. Remember when YOU came into Gor to begin with. what hells did you endure to get to the place you are now? had you been treated differently, would you be so unbending in your ways?
SL GOR is Evolved Gor whether you like it or not. because the only TRUE BTB Gor In SL would be a sim or sims Managed by John Norman Himself. Not You, Not Me, But by the Man that wrote the books.

Signed Proudly
Homar Wilson
Gorean Adaptive Role Player.

(( BTW? The Blood Clot is finally fully out of my pen. ))

Whispering Moons stays open!

Interview with Lily Dawes new owner of Whispering Moons: ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower)

I had not met Lily before, I had heard the news that Whispering Moons were closing, and then that Whispering Moons were saved by a lily Dawes.

I met Lily and asked her about her plans for WM,

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower) Well, my plans for the sim are to keep it pretty much as it is. The old Ja Lina Camp will be available for a group that wants to put in a panther camp. Forest Moon is still there and the small wagon camp as well. : I have put in a trading post at the docks where I will RP from.

bodi (bodicapagan): Were you living on the WM land?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): No i was not.

bodi (bodicapagan): Before you were owner, where were you living?
ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): i own Venna Forest which is an oopen use Gorean sim not attached ot the continent.

bodi (bodicapagan): Ok i never been there. so why did you take over WM.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Well, this might sound crazy. But mostly I care about the people here and I really care about our Role Play and in recent years it has been on the decline and I just wanted to do my part to help it stay alive as long as possible so I sold two of my Mainland sims and made arrangements to buy Whispering Moons.

bodi (bodicapagan): That is a great thing to do , so will you live there and join a tribe or make a tribe?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): There were a lot of people surprised by the fact that I bought the sim. You see people make the huge mistake of thinking that the character that a true role player plays is a direct reflection of the person that plays the character. My character was in the past a very aggressive and well..mean character and that is usually the opposite of my real personality.

bodi (bodicapagan): it is funny that people cannot separate rl from sl, and that some time we are playing different people.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): I have put in a trading post at the docks at WM and there I plan to form the Whispering Moons Traders Guild. I am going to recruit all types to steal goods and slaves and information to trade there.

bodi (bodicapagan): That sounds fun, so you have experience running a sim, and have you experience of gor?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Chuckles, yes I am one of the old timers in gor. Malinda and I here once ran Valcano Island, then it Became North Bank I came up in Gor with Lizz Dawes and Bish when I was in the forest. I was on a BtB Sim for a year and a half before coming to the forest. was EN of Lo Nykui on VAlcano and En of Ja Hesa Akas in North Bank then Larius.

bodi (bodicapagan): Smiles I am new to sl and gor, and learn as I go along, so you have a lot of experience , will you be a panther on the WM land or free woman or outlaw ?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Well, I have been known as a panther for all of my time in the Forest but now i guess if you had to put a label on her it will be a Merchant / outlaw.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): The trading post is going to be a front for my thieves and spies.

bodi (bodicapagan): Nods , i think a tribe left the WM and moved I not sure if the other tribe stays, will you want 2 tribes to live there , or will you make a bigger village town.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Yes Forest moon stayed and yes i am leaving that part of the sim available for another panther band. The trading post might evolve into a village if the story builds around it.

bodi (bodicapagan): This makes possibilities for tribe looking for a home that is exciting.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Yes.

bodi (bodicapagan): Nods , will you hold an event when you take over like feast or music, and will you let people know, I love a good party *smiles.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): *smiles, sounds like a good idea.

bodi (bodicapagan): Have you any questions or any thing you want to say?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): I just want to say to the GE Gor community that if we do not start acting like a community instead of just a bunch of groups of people fighting against each other the RP will surely die. keep the rivalries in character and be good to each other OOC . This way we can all have our fun and relationships for many years to come. And if you are new to Gor please keep in mind that there are a lot of us that built this place with years of our time , money and emotions and you should respect that. If you are old in Gor please don’t forget we were new at one time too and there were people then that were patient with us.

bodi (bodicapagan): * smiles thank you for that, can you send me photo of the WM , to put on blog?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Sure, you want a photo of the sim or something from the forest.

bodi (bodicapagan): And the lm and the information for people so they can find it and come visit.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): okies

bodi (bodicapagan): if you have event to open can put out on the blog too. Question : what will make your WM different?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): yes, i would love to roll in the furs with you some time.

bodi (bodicapagan): *laughs, loud

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): giggles

bodi (bodicapagan): If you catch me *winks

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Challenge accepted.

bodi (bodicapagan): Hahaha

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): What will change… I plan to make it a hub of role play that everyone can enjoy.

bodi (bodicapagan): Sounds good!

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): And it will look prettier.

bodi (bodicapagan): *smiles You rebuild it ?

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): reforested it.

bodi (bodicapagan): Ok thank you for interview i will send when done , i hope you be very successful.

ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower): Ty for the time *kisses

As it was late for me being from Europe I was going to bed, and Lily not being on my time USA the interview was done quickly, so may not be in depth, as it could have been.
I found Lily very open about her plans for Whispering Moons and she was very excited about the challenge, of having an established land and placing her stamp on things,

I hope you will all go take a look and have some role play with her and her new trading post, but beware of spy’s and thieves, I will go take a look and role play see you there!

Bodi (bodicapagan)


New people in Gor. How to help them.

As a community, in Gor do the leaders, elders, moderators , land owners, and experienced role players have a responsibility to new players to keep them safe and emotionally healthy? In our tribe we welcome new people to Gor and help them find their way.

I was made the cub mother in my tribe recently, my first thought was to look at the way we get new cubs, slaves.
I made a welcome pack for the tribe which included a description of the tribe , who we are , and where we live on the Gor continent.
it includes application cards to fill out describing why they wanted to be a cub / bond , it asks about them selves, and their experience of Gor.
What I had not thought about and maybe most of Gor fails to do so. is to think about new people in SL Gor and there emotional health, and safety during role play and engaging in BDSM activity. This thought came during an OCC discussion held in camp with Huntresses, cubs, and bonds.

bodi (bodicapagan): Is it because they just want to hurt people, I once was caught by a male who whipped me till i was red, let me recover then whip me again , and again had to tp out because I was nearly sick.
Fūjin (natoth): This is not gor, but sadistic shits.
bodi (bodicapagan): I left gor for a time.
Fūjin (natoth): I am on the gor around 9 years, i used cross maybe 3 times: because I had any another choices.
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): As I understand it, 10 years ago Gor was played by a lots of people who knew about Gor, about the concept. Since the idea of Gor has dwindled away, people hardly understand the true nature of Gor.
Ava Delaney (avadelaney): I’ve been on gor for about a year at the end of this month. I much prefer rp to fighting, I was rather despondent after kept getting capped: I say “kept getting capped” more like ..twice and had that was enough to put me off, so Mari gave me the tavern keeper job.
Fūjin (natoth): I will tell to all the first and most important rule.
Fūjin (natoth): and the second rule is:
Fūjin (natoth): rp must to be fun for both sides.
Mariko Marchant: nods
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): True, Fujin.
Fūjin (natoth): the third is:
Fūjin (natoth): When you take captive, then you must care about the fun for her/him or why you don’t tell to your captor – stop it… this is not fun for me…
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): Summarized: “Treat others as you yourself want to be treated”
Fūjin (natoth): If he not react at it, then simply rp ban.
bodi (bodicapagan): I understand that, but in some rp if you play in head , you become that for real, and can be carried away and I was very afraid , like he would kill me
Fūjin (natoth): The rp linits is not for avoid rp. Rp limits is a defence against idiots
bodi (bodicapagan): I understand that now, and never let it happen. but then I was innocent to the way of rp in sl.
bodi (bodicapagan): This is why we have to protect our cubs and slaves , and new people
Mariko Marchant: if new people cannot fight: i advise them go OOC when raid is coming: because to have to learn to deal with being capped.
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): You will never learn when setting ooc
Mariko Marchant: Well you can watch and take time to learn.
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): Yes, the fight, but not the rp if they take you with them.
Mariko Marchant: Ask members
bodi (bodicapagan): do you think , it is the rp not the fight yes exactly , is the captive that is hard , not wining or losing , it is after the fight.
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): I mean, we have to teach noobs to set their limits, what they mean, and that they never should let people trespass Fujin’s rule #1.
Mariko Marchant: I agree.
bodi (bodicapagan): So maybe for cubs this is more important , than any thing , to keep safe, in your emotional health,
Mariko Marchant: Yes.
Tara Freckleface (tjytske): Right bodi sis.
Ava Delaney (avadelaney): the problem I’ve found is in rp in general, not just G or, you don’t always know your limits till someone pushes them.
bodi (bodicapagan): So a shaman could look for this.
Mariko Marchant: So i have the limit: * If I am not comfortable with the roleplay I reseve to right to leave.
Ava Delaney (avadelaney): Happened to me the other day, I thought ” I do not like this” and left the place.
bodi (bodicapagan): Yes maybe this be in our tribe rules keep safe first
Mariko Marchant: You know what I do when a male cap me for having just sex?
bodi (bodicapagan): What En?
Mariko Marchant: I write many lines in the rp, they get annoyed and let me go.
Fūjin (natoth): I will send to mari, bodi and tara the note cards (on safety) , maybe is a good idea prepare some new for the newbies.
bodi (bodicapagan): Yes I think so fujin.
ICE (icehash): Sisters, would have liked to stay talking with you, the conversation is interesting, Bodi always have very good contributions for the tribe, but I must go out to rl, a big hug for all see us tomorrow, Bye Bye
Fūjin (natoth): The one made Larion (Spartacus) for Sol.
Mariko Marchant: Sol Starfire?
Fūjin (natoth): Yes
[13:49] bodi (bodicapagan): It is good to talk together is very important , to share thoughts and idea together.

Here are a list of limits / safety advice please use or make up your own


1/ you do not have to roleplay any thing you do not want to or find uncomfortable. if you are captive. or even if your character is a slave, although submission and your Master’s / Mistress pleasure and whim define your existence, although -any- free person may typically visit -any- pleasure or pain upon you… this is RP.

2/ If you change your mind or become uncomfortable, or something doesn’t feel right , trust your instincts, stop, tell them stop in IM if they continue then TP out.

3/ NEVER give your real name, phone number, credit card information or any other personal information to ANYONE you’ve just begun to talk to online. Get to know someone over time before revealing anything of importance !!

4/ You do not have to answer, a private IM . Should you get one that is vulgar, rude or harassing, simply use the cancel button. Even if you are new. no one has to take abuse.

5/ Show your limits in your profile, It’s also a good idea to think long and hard about what you expect, and then lay that out for the other person clearly beforehand.

6/ Do some reading ! of the Gor Books . Doing your homework can really pay off. learn about Gor before starting to play.

7/ Be aware that people may not always be who they appear, or claim to be. they are a second life Gor character, they may be older, younger, different gender than there IC.

Think about your effect on others :
“Treat others as you yourself want to be treated”

8/ Act within character, don’t abuse others for no reason, and don’t use others as toys simply because you can

9/ Don’t collar-then-abandon. Most slave characters are very serious about RP; if you collar them, they will expect you to be there as a Master/ Mistress . don’t collar-and-abandon. If you can’t be there as a Master/ Mistress ,

This should be fun, it is your SL.

In conclusion maybe as a community we should give new players a list of limmits to follow until they have more experience, and or a way that more experienced players will give them leeway until they are ready.

Bodi (Bodicapagan)
Cub Mother of Shekinah Arani tribe