The only way SL Gor can survive

As I am home  sick for this week  I had time to read all the articles I wrote for the Gazette of Gor.  After that  I had tears in my eyes. Not only because I wrote about Minnie, In-na, Tristan, Chrissie, Willow and others who passed away in real life, but also I realized there is so much drama in Gor. I think Second Life is a place where people, who are suffering in their real lives, from diseases or other things that ruin their life, have a place to forget their worries when they play a role in Second Life. But what do I see too often in SL Gor:  A lot of people making drama about things that are not really important. My conclusion is we can only save Gor when we are able to see the bigger picture. It is not about you or your tribe, band, city or sim is is about the Gor community. It is about fun for everyone. We all should be friends OOC and play our role with passion.  Everyone should have a smile on their face when they logon to Sl Gor. This is the only way SL Gor can survive.
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Mariko Marchant


A Farewell from Zee

This is a personal valedictory, but it all begins with thoughts of friends.

We’ve all had friends in SL who vanished. They’re here for years – and then they’re gone. Nothing could be more frustrating than not knowing why.

Did she vanish because something very good happened to change her RL or because something very bad happened? Did she die? Did she get an alt and ditch her tribe? Will she ever be back? Did she forget she had friends?

When two lives overlap, a real life and an avatar’s, the image gets blurry. Is the real person really this loyal and supportive, or does she use SL to be her better self? Is she really my friend? Or does she RP that she is my friend? It’s hard to imagine that anyone could spend much time in SL without feeling this ghostly presence, the shadow and the reality.

I don’t want to be one of those … The Missing.

Perhaps the average SL user doesn’t notice or care about the layers of reality, but Zephyr has been here for more than 12 years. That’s a lot of connections, years of partners and sisters and enemies. From early days as a kajira – in Port Olni, Cardonicus, and several small backwaters – to her fleeing to freedom with the Sa Falarina then many years with the Zima Akam before finding a warm home at the campfire of the Veck ‘En, Zee has been a constant presence in Gor … like it or not.

Until now.

I have chatted with SL friends many times about a vague sense of guilt over preferring SL to RL. Is this world liberating or is it an escape? When you consider the ramifications, escaping from reality is certainly unhealthy compared with dealing with reality. But none of this matters as I drift away. My thoughts turn to my dear friend Rosebud, who has vanished, leaving a black hole of concern for her. I don’t know if many – or any – across the sprawl of Gor will wonder what happened to Zee the way I worry about Rosebud, but I write this to explain.

My RL has speeded up. As I near the end of grad school, I am busy with my thesis, with dealing with family problems and with preparing to move eight time zones away. All this keeps my mind overheating with task after task. To me, life in Gor requires daily diligence. SL changes fast, with new tribal friends and new enemies, RP that evolves from day to day. Believe it or not, I used to think about tribal issues frequently while driving or taking a walk or doing the dishes. I felt a commitment to my tribe, and that followed me into RL. Now, there is no room in my head for non-essential concerns, and when I prioritize my day ahead, I find that SL just doesn’t matter now.

This was hard to accept. I have such deep allegiances here from current Veck ‘En like Maebh and Cups to those with whom I shared years of adventures. I may not interact much with those old friends like Peeps and Heather and Taja and … well, so many … but the connection was always there.

My reasons for drifting off no doubt include changes here in Gor. It got boring for me. The shrinking population, the growing number of pewpew first-person-shooter gamers, the lack of interplay between cities and tribes, the rote catch and release cycle of raids, the tedium of the pro forma naughty bits … all of those are probably factors. Also, my avatar’s persona was always based on being a brat who was a good enough fighter to back up the sass. As my fighting skills erode (how long can I keep blaming my computer?), a new chapter in Zee’s life seemed the only valid option, but I lack the devotion to work through that RP.

So I write this to bid you all a farewell. My account will stay open, since you never know, but I have been away for several months now and feel no loss. I will keep getting IMs sent to me in RL, so I will at least hear of events there.

I will never forget In-na’s parting words, a joyful message: “Be kind to each other and love what you have.” I certainly can make no more powerful statement, so as I fade away, I simply turn in my canoe to look over my shoulder and shout, “safe paths!”

By Zephyr (isolde bethune)

Can you learn to be a Slaver or is it inborn?

Interview with Hazine (annarchy19)
A slaver Perspective

I asked Hazine whether she thought the role of slaver is a learnt role or if you need to have the instinct.
Hazine (annarchy19): I think that you have. to have a mind for psychology. This can probably be taught, but I’m not certain. You really have to know how to get into your slave’s mind. It feels like it comes naturally for me, but I have owned slaves for a long time now. It’s also something that definitely gets better with experience. I failed at owning my first slave, and I learned from it. Also, you have to have good language skills. So much of what needs to be done to train a slave has to be described. The better you are at describing things, the more you (and she) will be engrossed in your scenes.

bodi (bodicapagan): so do you plan a scene or have a skill set you can draw on.
Hazine (annarchy19): I go into a scene with a vague idea of what I want to do, but I’m also very flexible in adapting to how things play out. A slave must feel like a participant. A good slaver will be able to direct the scene and the conversation. A good slave will respond to what is being done with brilliant detail without taking too long. Good role players ought to strive to respond to a post within about 3 or 4 minutes. I would also add that a slaver should not neglect the visual aspects of second life. When I conduct a scene I am almost always busy, even when I’m not typing. It takes a lot of effort to manage pose balls, or pose huds, your slave’s RLV, stripping clothing, adding attachments or restraints, typing, typing, typing. The better you can make a scene look, the more each participant will identify with their avatar. The descriptions being typed only augment what can’t be accomplished with props. But again, flow is the most important. Don’t take 10 or 15 minutes between posts. It sucks the energy out of a scene.
A slaver directs the scene, which gives you a great deal of creative leeway. You should be typing your next post, even DURING the time that your slave is typing her response. I usually have a whole paragraph ready to be posted before my slave responds the previous post. When I read what she has posted, I take a few moments to modify what I have typed. If you are good at directing a scene, then you should be able to predict for the most part how she might respond, and therefore you won’t have to modify your response very much.

bodi (bodicapagan): Do you become engrossed in the scene and get pleasure from being in control, or do you get pleasure from the slaves pleasure, and it seems a lot of work doing this, but if no effort is put in then would most likely fail.
Hazine (annarchy19):  I think that it will differ from one owner to the next, exactly HOW pleasure is derived from a scene. Some owners might enjoy being in control, but not me. For me it can be several things. Sometimes I enjoy my slave’s predicament vicariously. I treat her how I would have wanted to be treated years ago when I was a slave. Other times I enjoy forcing her to act or dress or present herself in ways that are demeaning and extremely submissive. I guess another way to say that would be that I enjoy getting inside her head and really making her feel owned and objectified and enjoyed. It is so exciting to see just how much she gets into it and how deeply it affects her. I never have any doubts just how much she is wrapped around my finger, and how much she loves me. I definitely get engrossed. Her situations and predicaments are intense.
You have to know how to get into your slave’s head. How to push her buttons. But you also have to approach each scene with your own needs in mind above all else. The slave really has to feel as though she is being forced to accommodate and pleasure her owner, and not the other way around. One problem I have noticed with so many owners these days is that their slaves have THEM trained. You have to be strict, and you have to be scary. A slave girl should never feel like she is in control of the relationship.

bodi (bodicapagan): i have been on the end of this and have only realized at the end that i was not in control, i will think about what you have said.
Hazine (annarchy19): One additional thing: You have to be a control freak. Slavers are too nice to their slaves these days. MAKE her look the way you want her to look. MAKE her stay on the sim if you don’t allow her to travel. Turn on her RLV and stick her in a cage if you have to. Take as much control over your slave as you can possibly take. My slave is locked in her collar, and everything that she can possibly wear is organized in her RLV folders. Clothes, restraints, hair, make up, props, piercings, etc. The first time I pierced my slave I logged onto her account when she was sleeping and put nipple piercings in her RLV folders. When she logged on the next day, I took her to a blacksmith, tied her to an anvil (forcibly with the collar) pierced her, and then used the RLV to make the piercings appear on her body. She had no idea it was going to happen, and I’m certain it made her feel that much more helpless to see that she was actually pierced and unable to stand up. I demand that level of control from anybody who wants to be mine, so that I can truly demonstrate their helplessness to them. Also, slaves love to feel owned. Mark them often, and make them wear things they don’t want to wear. She is your property, so display her as such. I bite my slave on the face from time to time, and then use RLV to apply the bite mark to her tattoo layer. She walks around most days with my teeth imprints on her cheek. Everybody in the jungle knows that the girl is claimed. It drives her crazy (in a good way) to have no choice in being so visibly marked. You don’t always have to be cruel to your slave. Most days she is my cute little lap pet. But from time to time, you should be proactive in reminding a kajira of what she is. Random whippings, slave rape, restraint, or stern treatment should be used to make a girl feel like she is properly in her place… at your feet!

Bodi (bodicapagan

Panther story 14 – The deal

Baclar Looks at the three moons , the prison moon is full , she looks at Tabitha and says “It’s time, gather the sisters”
Tabitha nods and then goes leaving Baclar looking at the moon , she goes back to her tent and then opens the box and takes the spherical golden egg , she looks at her sisters gathered infront of her tent , she calls them “Sisters , the goddess is calling for us to give her our gifts” the panthers were thrilled they have their offerings for the goddess , Machi Looks at Baclar “What about the old man” Baclar looks at her and tells her “Let him come with us , it will be a 2 days walk until we reach these screaming falls” the tribe with Amund they leave the camp and start their journey toward the falls.

Asmar the slaver was sitting watching his kajiras dancing infront of him , he holds a cup of red wine and drinks it , enjoying the girls swinging left and right , trully , he is the biggest slaver in Kassau , the kajiras were singing while dancing , other kajiras were playing music , one of his assistants come to him , he turns his head to him , the assistant says “The man is here” , he sighs and then claps to his girls , the girls being trained well to his orders , stop what they are doing , and then he nods to his assistant who goes to the hall and opens the door , the man enters the hall and meets Asmar on his chair , Asmar smiles “Welcome My Dear Friend , i was expecting you”, The Man nods and then he tosses a bag infront of Asmar , The Man looking at the slaver “You have done your part perfectly , this is the rest of the payment as agreed” the slaver smiles happily and then looks at the man “You can send my regards to your associates , it is always pleasant doing business with such generous associates ,however ,i dont think that your noble associates know that the Black Birds went to retrieve these items , i must warn you that these are beasts” , The Man listens to Asmar Words and says “I have heard of them , however , my associates dont care about the items just that the caravan went on the route , and thanks to you and to our coins the caravan took the detour and what is important to you i believe that the payment is delivered to you as promised” Asmar checks the golden coin and then bites on it and then looks at the man who smiles in turn “Surely i will send them your regards , my friend , if you excuse me , i will have to leave” the slaver nods and the man leaves the House of Asmar , he goes outside and turns left to a dark alley then he bends on one knee , a monstrous shadow appear , A Kur with an antena like device over his ear looking at the man “he took it?” a mechnical voice coming from the kur ,The Man Nods “By now they should be all dead Master” the kur looks at the man as the mechnical voice says “Perfect #15 , you shall be rewarded” the Man says “I wish only to serve, However .. if i may speak” the Kur ears twich “Speak your mind #15” The Man says “Your Lordship , The Slaver warned that the Black Birds went after the items and” The Mechanical voice interrupts the “We already know of that , however , these Black Birds are nothing compared to our might , or have you forgotten #15” The Man swallows then grits on his teeth the Kur lips widen and then gently touches the head of the Man with it’s Claws “Everything has been taken care of”

A woman in her blackbird armor enters without knocking on the door of the house that the commander was sitting in
The Commander looks at her and smiles “Tal Emelia” , the woman nods and then salutes her commander putting her right fist on her chest and her left fist on her back The commander says “At ease soldier” Emelia looks at him and stays standing “You wanted to speak to me commander” , The Man Nods “I have always like to hear your opinion before any important battle”
Emelia smiles “What is in your mind commander” the man looks at her and says “We will follow the holmberg women tomorrow to the forrest , they will lead us directly to the panthers ” Emelia says “I am glad that you listened to my advice about offering the remaining holmberg warriors” the commander nods “However a though came to my mind , there is a possibility that the women will join the panthers in their fight against us , and that might make the men of holmberg turn on us” Emelia nods “That is possible , however your pardon to them will allow the holmberg men to convince their women and choose the right choice” the commander nods but then he rubs his chin , she smiles and then looks at the man “You always think of even the tiny things , the remaining warriors are not much of a threat to us , they are no one” The man says “I was no one, but then i lost everything and i became something else , on the night that captain Vain found me i started becoming” Emelia interrupts him “You are the greatest commander of the black birds , since captain Dave ,and your name is surely the brightest ,Long Captain Esmir”

Branca Coba

Blackwater Mercs

merccarrieBlackwater is a family based group that has ties to one of Gors favorite Icons. The Crimson, Dryke and many other families has a big positive impact here. one thing with our group is we have a zero tolerance with drama. taking the group back to the days of roleplay and battles will be a challenge as the gorean community has changed over the years, but is one my and many others in group hope to do so. Such as the bond maid circle, all the way to the auction block on the trade port dock. We are Mercenaries in the more northern ways of life, with a trade port set up. The camp has a gate, but the gate is locked for 2:1 ratio. unlocked for 1:1 + 2 ratio. has a kill room for 2:1 an an open one for 1:1 + 2. It is our hope to bring in rpers, and fighter more to the group as well and work on getting gor to want to rp more like old days. Like our group description is and saying is : Legends of Blackwater is an unspoken word, unseen and untold. For we as mercs do not brag, do not boast of who we are and what we do. We are a vast strong family. Bound by the oath and loyalty as the saying goes.
As well our Logo : Mercenaries never die, they just go to hell to regroup..

We have several Commanders. and loyal members. Slaves who like to rp as well member sin the group who love rp. It’s all about the fun here. Respect is one thing that we require.


Contact: Carrie Jestyr (BW commander)

Mariko Marchant
Chief editor Gazette of Gor