Panther Story 8 – The Caravan Of Death

” I Miss the war days , all what we do now is just guarding silly caravans for damn rich people ” that was one of the soldiers who were sitting in the camp fire .
“How many battles have you fought Syran ?” One of the soldiers asks
Syran Replies “Seven in the last 6 years , and whenever i come home , i see the woman and fuck her like it is my last day of my life ” laughs
The Soldiers Laughs and one of the soldiers jokes ” That explains the Seven children you have , i miss the fight , i miss the shock on my enemy’s face when i pierce them , i remember my first kill and will never forget it , it was one of the bandits , Lance through the heart the lucky bastard had a quick one”
“Lucky for you , for mine it was one of the young lads , this dumb highcaste lad , thinking that he would be besting real soldiers in the battlefield , i believe i shattered every rib he had , he kept breathing blood in and out , but then i understand why Syran fucks his woman at the end of every battle ” Laughs
Syran “How i long for a woman , Tell me boy , are the women in village are beautiful like you ? huh … i almost forgot you cant speak now ” He turns his head to the bound young man , while the soldiers laughing ” You really had a number on him Syran , you could not forget that he put you flat on your fat arse ? ”
Syran chuckles looking at them ” I obey the captain orders ”
One of the soldiers “I believe the captain will get a big bag of coppers if we get to capture some panthers for him ”
Syran replies “Aye he deals with Asmar the biggest slaver of kassau , that man has lots pretty women under his chain , the dumb boy objected to the captains since he heard that we are coming this way and kept nagging and nagging ,until the captain ordered his tongue to be removed ” the eyes are set on the bound youngman and one of the soldiers looks at Syran and says “Put him out of his misery ”
Syran “Not until the captains order this ” one of the soldiers ” you mean , not until you had your fun with him ” Syran grins then looks at the boy “Aye , Tonight we will have lots of fun … YOU HEAR THAT BOY ? ” the young man raises his head toward Syran it was a defiant look , a look of a knight who accepted death although he is young , a look of a knight who welcome death , after all he is the son of Amund
“Stop that … dont look at me like that …i cant stop myself … i will kill you ” Syran stands and drags the body of the young man with him . the soldiers shakes their heads sarcastically seeing Syran leaving with the young man
“AMBUSH ! ” one of the soldiers screams as they see a cart increasing its speed toward them.

Branca Coba


Mind control is this how we want to play Gor?

I was so angry and up set that role play can become like BDSM mind control , that I caused OOC drama , I still feel angry , I sent IM to the huntress, saying it was un gorean for huntress to play mind games with captors, using a drug, I have heard of this potion in BtB. But are we so removed from BtB that Huntresses would have access to drugs like this, know how to use them , and take a permanent collar by force using mind control.Is this God Modding in the bigest way by using a poison in rp and the other person will do what they are told to do?

I caused OOC drama called the Huntress a abuser which in my mind this is, if you want to mind control go to a BDSM sim. She reply the huntress under the drug did not refuse or say stop.  My reply is this , are we so afraid not to cause drama , or break rp or feel so immersed in the rp we do not stop the rp. Is this safe consensual rp as we all should be using?

The only drug I can find BtB is Iskander which induce hypnosis it also clears the memory making it greater it does not take away all memory so this is abuse of making up things , and people if they do not have knowledge of Gor play along with it thinking it is correct, or is it a weak person getting there BDSM kicks from abuse .

Iskander, of the physicians, had given me of a strange draft, which I, slave, must needs drink.
“This will relax you,” he had said, “and induce an unusual state of consciousness. As I speak to you your memory will be unusually clear. You will recall tiny details with precision. Further, you will become responsive to my suggestions.”
I do not know what the drug was but it seemed truly effective. Slowly, under its influence, and the soothing, but authoritative voice of Iskander, I, responsive to his suggestions, obedient to his commands, began to speak of the house of Belisarius and what had occurred there. I might, in my normal waking state, have recalled much of what had occurred there, even to the words spoken, but, in the unusual state of consciousness which Iskander, by means of his drug and his suggestions, had induced in me even the most trivial details, little things which a waking consciousness would naturally and peremptorily suppress as meaningless, unimportant, were recalled with a lucid, patient fidelity.
Slave Girl

Is it Gorean to use mind controlling drugs
that you can permanent collar?

Please send me your thoughts


Panther Story 7 – Admitting Defeat

The high initiate of kassau “yes i summoned them here ” he says to his men ” They will get our Items back for us ” one of the men says ” why dont you want to send our army the soldiers want to avenge their brothers” the high initiate replies ” i will not rely on their revenge , I dont care what the soldiers want , they are incompetent for the sensitive task , on the other hand , these mercenaries know exactly what i want , they are sent to us by our brothers at sardar , anything these mercenaries want you give them , they are already prepared to sack holmberg and even wipe out the panthers out of the existence , now go , and make sure that everything run the way i like it this time ” they go but one of them remains ” Master ” the high initiate turns his head to the man “Yes Brother Aigor ”
Aigor replies ” I am worried that these savages know how to use the egg Master , it will be a catastrophy for all ” the high initiate chuckles ” How long it took you to try it out , Brother? ”
Aigor replies ” 9 years ”
The High Initiate “9 Years , and you are one of the most brilliant minds that our kind can provide , do you really think that thes savages even the ones at holmberg can know how to deal with it ”
Aigor interrupts ” But Still ”
The high initiate ” Dont worry brother , of that i am not concerned ”

Vera laughs ” The First dagger was not to put you in check , i was already planning for this outcome ”
Machi ‘s face was full of shock watching her sword breaks .
“It will not be fun if you surrender now , now what would you do ” Baclar say while standing with her arms crossed , Machi Full of determination , she throws the left sword at the side , her swords were old , she did not take care of them , as her weapon of choice was the Bow and arrows , she is determined however , Vera asks her “hmmm so you are not going to admit defeat eh ?”
Machi Replies ” I have another interesting thing to tell you , losing one of the swords puts me in disadvantage , but i will make it up , with my pride ” she attacks Vera with her sword
Vera Smiles “Then it cant be helped ” She dodges the swing and attacks Machi and wounds her shoulder and throws her to the ground , it was obvious for everyone that Vera is alot stronger than Machi and more experienced in the combat , Machi Barely Stands up and then continues her attack on vera screaming ” you can break my swords , even then i will never stop attacking you ” Machi’s Speed attack start increasing its speed and Vera dodging the attacks and blocking them with her daggers , then Vera kicks Machi’s ankle and pushes her to the ground , Vera laughs ” you are trying so hard … thanks to you , i am getting excited , killing you is so tempting now ”
Machi Screams with all of her rage ” Vera !! ” and everyone is now getting more tense
She attacks Vera with her sword who throws her dagger hitting Machi’s shoulder , though with her anger Machi picks the dagger from shoulder and throws it back at Vera’s thigh and hits her chest with the hilt of her sword , Vera with the shock of her being hit with her own dagger , she takes it out breathing heavily and mumbling “calm down , i have to calm down ”
Vera licks the blood on the dagger and then steps slowly toward Machi smiling and having a sadistic grin over her face , Machi narrows her eyes and Vera throws her daggers away and whispers in Machi’s Ear whose face expressions changes into a shocked state then Vera looks at Baclar saying ” i admit defeat ”

Branca Coba


The Calm Before The Storm!

Calm before the Storm - Sa'ng Gretuk

Thunder rolled in the distance, the air was cold and heavy. Tammi, our En, had instructed us earlier not to go hunting as she had felt uncomfortable with the weather. We had huddled around the camp fire, listening to the rumbles the thunder that was playing while Ashley was preparing our meal.

Suddenly as if a plethora of diamonds were thrusts into the sky, a lightning shot across, which made us jump and look up! We were used to thunder and lightning but this one got us! We looked up at the same time and then at each other and then we all looked at Our En simultaneously, only to see her shake her head and curse under her breath. Most of us had decided to take rest as nothing else was there to be done… the air became colder and the furs were not enough to keep us warm.. The camp fire was not keeping up with the winds. We had coupled in to our huts and dozed off only to be woken up by ice pellets and rain falling on our huts and then trickling through the wooden slates.

I heard our sister’s voices outside. Sister Selene & I decided to join them. It was windy and the ice pellets were continuing to fall. We heard sister Rosie shouting and we all ran in her direction. The strong winds had broken the fences of our live stock. Without hesitation we ran to try and get them to safety… even though we were getting hit by pellets, we were laughing and having fun while gathering the animals. The mud was making us slip and slide. Sister Aala our SE kept reminding us to head back to camp soon but we were having too much fun and did not pay attention to her. We were lost in the moment! Sister Feather and Isa started a mud fight and we all joined in forgetting what we were out there for! Sister Rami, sister Mitty and sister Rainy were still running after the animals. Sister Saca our Tor, had sat under a rock and lit her Kanda pipe while watching us play. Sister Qunity & sister Sybilla were joining her. A gust of wind blew and made everyone stop what they were doing and look at the sky. The skies had darkened. The ones who were covered in mud decided to wash themselves in the river and the rest were gathering around sister Saca to have some kanda. We continued to stay under the large rock that was sheltering us from the rain and pellets, after a while we noticed the rain was pouring down hard and the wind were stronger. The trees were swaying, leaves and dirt were sweeping away. Sister Anne finally said “Enough” and gestured us to head back to camp. We stood up lazily and were slowly making our way to camp when another strong gust of wind hit us, the river was rippling fast. We heard thunder again…this time louder and closer and lightning followed.

Once inside camp, before going inside the caves for shelter we all scattered trying to collect what had either fallen or had swept away for the wind. The rain was hitting us hard and the wind was pushing us. Sister Caline and sister Valou suggested some of us should go check on the animals while the others prepared for a long night inside the caves. Sister Euterpe and sister Chichi were instructed by sister Aala to gather food while others were instructed to do other little chores. Sister Alexxa, sister Saku and sister Rhia had gone up the hill to check on our zip lines. Sister Rikki and our En Tammi were discussing the situation inside the caves. The air suddenly turned hot and cold at the same time. The air was thick and dark. It was like something was sucking in the air and then suddenly we heard a ripping sound and instinctively we all turned our heads to see one of our huts ripping apart. A sudden crash of wind on our bodies hit like a wave and felt impossible to move. Barrels were rolling all over the place. I held on to a tree that I was standing close to… a few seconds later it was quiet again and I heard sisters shouting… The animals were running around in panic. This time the thunder hit close and lightning whizzed past us!

Sister Alexxa and the others who were up top came running shouting with their hands pointing at the sky, most of us who were below couldn’t hear her because of the noises the animals were making and the wind hitting us! But from where we were we could see the heavy dark ballooning clouds. It was becoming impossible to even stand up. The river was flooding the lower ground. On sister Saca’s request we were trying to guide which ever animals we could into the upper level caves. It wasn’t any easy task but we did our best and with all the sounds the animals were making it was deafening inside. But we were in and we all sat around the fire our girl Nayeli had built. Sister Tiny as usual was saying and doing gestures to make us laugh or to lighten the situation. Sister Sofia was checking if all of us had made it in when she asked where sister Kresz and sister Kairi were. We all looked around and yes both of them were not among us! Some of us stood up and walked towards the cave opening. The rain was heavier and the wind was pushing us back but knowing we can’t leave back our sisters some of us went out. We crawled most part of it Out huts had ripped apart and most things on our level were damaged. They were nowhere in sight. It took all our strength to get further and some sisters did turn back to inform the others we were heading out to see where sister Kairi and sister kresz were; and in the back of our heads we all knew our En wasn’t going to be happy about this. It was pointless shouting their names as it would not be heard.

I think most of us regretted getting out but it was our sisters and that’s what kept us going. Then suddenly the winds began to slacken, and the sky starts to brighten. The ones who were with me sat in the same spot we were and looked confused. The rain ended abruptly and within minutes the sky were clearing to blue skies but the air was uncomfortably warm and humid. Walls of ballooning white clouds formed every side. We heard voices. This time it sounded frantic and we got up and ran towards the gates. On the other side of the river were sister Kairi and sister kresz standing on a high standing rock. We all gathered and quickly tried to knot our ropes, trying to throw it across for them to reach, but before we knew it we felt the wind picking up and this time it just hit us in full force…couple of us got pushed in to the water. Sister Kresz shouted and pointed to the sky and we all gasped. A Tornado had formed and it was moving toward us quickly. We saw our sisters who were on the higher levels frantically waving at us to get back but were not about to leave our sisters down here alone. We were worried, scared and confused. The ropes weren’t reaching them, the wind it was pushing down stream. Sister Saca then held on to my hand and said “make body rope” so in return I held on to another sister’s hand and she did. With much courage we held on to each other and stepped in to the flooded water to reach them. Each of us trying to plant our feet on to the flooded ground. Holding on to each other as much as possible. It was not easy especially for the sisters in the middle but some courage we had knowing the tornado was hitting us any minute. Once or twice we lost balance but the others pulled us. The last sister threw the ropes at them and finally it was able to reach them and sister kresz and sister kairi held on to each other till we started one by one moving out… at one point the we almost lost the grip of the rope and sister Kresz fell into the water. We screamed but sister kresz held on to her with dear life and got her back up. We felt the winds picking up and it punched us every way possible. The continuous rumble of the tornado was playing back of our ears and we just wanted to run to the camp caves. Sister kresz and sister kairi were finally on our side and we sighed in relief. Sister Saca shouted “GO” and we all turned to run. We saw sister Aala running towards us and she was telling us to get back in fast but we only managed to reach the gates when the tornado hit close. We all grabbed on to whatever that was close to us, we saw a part of our gate flying and then as if someone had lifted us and thrown us into the air we were flying…arms and legs were all over the place trying to grab on to whatever. But nothing helped. Few seconds later we felt the air under us was pulled away.

Gretuk Tornado 2

I winced in pain as I opened my eyes and took me a few moments to realize what had happened. Some sisters lay next to me inside the caves with bandages all over them. I looked at myself and I was too. “Don’t move” whispered sister Selene who was sitting next to me. I saw our En standing in front of us and I looked at her. She smiled and said “well glad all of you made it”, that was good enough for me to know we had not lost anyone.

A week later, we were still in bandages but able to move a bit. Sister Caline, sister Rikki and En were discussing about how the tornado had changed our land. It had ripped apart all the huts and some of the sisters were busy rebuilding it. It had also formed a new river and cleared out most of the trees which had opened ways to new caves on the south side of camp. Four were sent to inspect the caves and they had come back laughing in delight. Little did we know this tornado would bring us something good! No wonder our En was happy!

Later we were told, Our En had sent sisters Quinty, sister Selene, sister Sha, and sister Eshe into one of the caves. The cave was partially buried in water, the girls had to use torches to light the way as the cave went far back into the mountain. From an opening above a little light was shining through and was reflecting on the water below. The water was so high, up to their chest, then suddenly they noticed a glistening reflections from the wall, gold in color. They had used their torches to see but it was not bright enough to see it properly so they headed back at sunrise but this time our En and more sisters had joined them to check what this gold reflections was and Alas! It was a GOLD MINE! Some of the sisters had immediately started to dig and some where looking around the caves to see what else they might find. On instruction the entrance was covered with leaves so the reflecting golden dancing waters would not attracted others in it. We were all excited with this secret and sisters took turns to make their way to dig the gold.

At a tribe meeting held later we were told to watch and protect the cave at all times. We were not talk about this to anyone and if anyone was caught trying to enter the caves would have to be dealt with. We were indeed going to guard this cave with our life!

P.S we are hoping to bring Role play with the Gold cave, So feel free to visit of land and find this cave and search for the gold.
I have also done my best to write the story the best way I know. If there are mistakes please forgive me.

Silverz and Sacagawea
( Gretuks)

Panther Story 6 – Battle of will

it was quite night , however in the camp of tribe of flying spiders , it was full of live , the panthers gathered for this occasion , the Trial of Ascension , along with the moon dance it these two events have their vital importance , the later was to thank the goddess for the hunt , however the importance of Trial of Ascension , is where all panthers compete for a bigger recognition , usually in the panther tribes it is here when ens get challenged for their position , but that is not the case in this tirbe , not that because they lack the experience , but they never knew any more en capable and loveable like Baclar the faint smile . Baclar stands in the middle while the others are around her in circle , one can see her and say that is the perfect panther a beautiful panther taller than the average panthers , black hair bronze skinned and green eyes and a confident faint smile on her face .
Baclar says to her sisters ” Now my dear sisters , is the conclusion of our Trial of Ascension , As you all know , Machi proved herself to be a capable huntress ,however as a true flying spider , she needs to prove it to the goddess and the rest of you ”
Machi smiles at Baclar words then looks at the rest of the tribe .
Baclar steps toward Machi resting her palm on her shoulder and then turns her head smiling and looks at the rest ” who is up to fight with Machi at the challenge of will ? ” all were silent but smiling they were recognizing Machi as a capable true flying spider huntress , however , one huntress steps toward the center of the circle Vera the wild , Baclar smiles then looks at them then turns her head to Machi …
Machi looks at Vera and says ” you know i have always wanted to test my strength against you ”
Vera smirks ” Dont worry i will take it easy on you , not killing you is a challenge by itself ”
Baclar then raise her hand announcing “Then it is settled , this combat ends when one of the challengers admitting defeat ”

“Kill Me” Amund raises his voice again demanding , tabitha stares back at him her eyes half closed ” and why should i do that ?” Amund replies keeping the same demanding tone “Because When i am free , i will be killing you and all of your sisters to what you have done” She looks at him and says ” if we wanted you to be dead , we would be killing you at the moment that you stepped into the forest , you know that there is a pact between the forest and holmberg of no hostilities , however , you are here for the murder of your son , was he a soldier ? ”
Amund narrows his eyes on her “No he was not , he was an innocent boy ”
Tabitha holds her chin “What was he doing with that caravan ? ”
Amund replies ” They hired him to guide them though this forest .”
Tabitha “I assume that you were a red caste warrior ”
Amund says nothing and Tabitha Smiles ” Aye , you were a red caste , as you are experienced in battle , you would know that if we wanted to kill you , we would have done so , however , my sister saved your life , with you announcing that you want to kill us all , is it of the code of the red caste to harm those who have done good to him ”
Amund Screams in rage ” You have killed my son and you … ”
Tabitha Interrupts him “What if i told you that your Son was already murdered before we attack ”

Vera Stands flipping her knives juggling them , looking at Machi holding two short swords , Machi was holding her Swords crossed as the letter X Facing Vera that was standing with a sarcastic smile on her face ” That’s right , you should keep tight grip on them ”
Machi Steps Forward Slowly ” I will not let go of them ”
“I hope so ” Vera Throughs one of the daggers at Machi
Machi Runs toward Vera dodging the dagger and continues running while screaming “Here i go ” and swings her sword at Vera , Vera flips in acrobatic move dodging the sword swing though the dagger flies back at the back of Machi who instinctively deflects it with one of her sword
Baclar smiles saying “Both of them are good ,it looks like both of them easily predict the other i say that they are thinking at least two steps ahead ”
Riva Says “Machi is powerful , i believe i should stop picking on her every now and then ” then giggles
Vera Steps to Machi “There is something that might interest you Machi ”
Machi Narrows her eyes on Vera as Vera continues saying ” you are already losing ”
Vera Continues approaching Machi Slowly , Machi confidence is shaken alittle bit instinctively she starts stepping backward “Where do you think you are going ” Vera Attacks her with the dagger and breaks Machi’s left sword.

Branca Cobra