Realism at Vosk Morass

Lately I have been traveling around Gorean sims. Not anymore they are being build according to what was written in the books. Yes, there are beautiful, gorgeous places, but their build is modern, shiny and so matching XXI century than then the rustic Gor.

I was talking with my Admiral about the ships we have here in the Vosk Morass. Each and every ship we have here is sailable, and most of them has their own specific tasks. There is the biggest one, tarns carrier, it gives us the ability to use those magnificent creatures in case of attack or when we need to escape. We keep it really as much close to possible realistic way, that we even send slaves to clean the dung. At Tarns Carrier we have our ceremonies of intake and other fun stuff which is the group secret.

Thoe it’s not the only one, as Pirates lives mostly on ships, we have our Pelican – the Kennel Ship too. It makes it harder for fresh slaves to escape it and it can carry up to 7 captives. As i mentioned each and every ship you can find here is realistically built, no fancy things there, just rustic as it should be.

Some of the crewmates said what they see very realistic is the Crane at our dock which loads and unloads ships. Thanks to our amazing scripter Wolfie it not only moves but rotates different directions.

I even asked her what was her inspiration and that’s how the unexpected interview happened.

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): hahaha, I got kicked into it by Lemz.

Lemz Memel (Lemme Memel): well before the crane was rotating stupidly 360 degree, so Wolfie noticed it and give it an upgrade lol

Wolf Song (Wolfslied): He asked me to script the crane to a halfway decent movement and so I did.

Wolfie you created also the Balistas which are up at our wall, what inspired you to make them?

Wolf Song (Wolfslied): well, I like making stuff that has some unexpected twist to it. A while back, I made a cannon that you can ride (or you ride the cannonball) and it shoots you wherever it is aimed.

So why Balista at Blackwrath ?

Wolf Song (Wolfslied): during one of the first raids here, I thought it would be a benefit to have a quick transport from the walls to the carrier – but of course, the cannon wasn’t suitable, so I thought I make some sort of catapult. I ended up with a ballista as I found a good mesh piece for it on marketplace …. and scripted the basics. later on, I rescripted it, so that raiders have a small chance to to eventually make it,  to even it out a little.

How long did it took you to make it work ?

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): it wasn’t too long since I have some experience with scripting guns…. I would say, maybe about 1 hour for the basics and another 2 hours (with a lot of testing) for the fine tuning

Do you script for fun or in your work you care to make as realistic movements of objects as possible ?

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): it depends…. movements in SL are often a pain and unreliable and the more realistic they should be, the more pain it gets.  I’d say, I try to make it as realistic as possible but also keep an eye on the lag potential. Since this is a busy sim, the less lag the better – therefore, I rather cut down on the realism a little and keep it more simple

What you will script next ?

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): well, at the moment I’m working on an employable ancient temple with a lot of traps, secret doors and treasures to gain – I hope to be able to include it into the Gor RP, it might be a nice addition

Thank you Wolfie for your time, it was a pleasure to talk to you.

So as you can see Blackwrath offers not only realistic sim build, ships and objects.

What we do have here are people, most amazing and realistic you can ask for.


Scribe of Blackwrath Pirates.

You think you know me?

Through my whole experience in Gor, this in SL and the one from IRC or MSN i must say not many people nowadays really know my character, who is in a way my inner self. I often find people calling me a slut, just because I was fooled by this or that guy, there was a few of them thoe I will not point their names here. They know who they are.

Anyway, do we really care to get to know people with whom we Role Play here in Second Life? I have already been told so many stories about me and blamed with so many alts that I have not enough fingers to count. I know not only me suffer with misjudgment and false accusations. Thoe have you ever stopped and think about those people who are on tongues of others?

Since 2006 when I started Gorean adventure here in SL, I have run through many people and even many more. What I truly miss is the TRUE GOREANS. You may say you are one but are you really? Those people back than never wasted time for gossips, bullying or a bad blood. They were Role Playing trying to figure out the other persons story, because behind each and every avatar there is an amazing story. Sometimes it’s full of pain, sometimes full of joy and excitement but each one of them is worth discovering.

Due to a lot of crap and drama which I faced from some females I left well known Continent. Jealousy is I think the biggest problem in nowadays Gor. Females do not really understand Gorean Culture and do not care to learn about it.

I have been Role Playing a slave since 2006 and I can honestly say I can compete with every single slave from nowadays Gor in all services that a slave is required to perform. I am really upset when now, while being a free woman as I was freed, when I order a simple drink like kalda I received the wine poured from a bottle ..and that’s it.

Many judge me, make fake statements that Isaid or did something which I did not. Thoe I learned not to pay much attention to that. My skin became thick thoe who suffers from that? Not those bullies but really nice people to whom now on I am rough and harsh.

Being scared to be hurt again and again and again called a slut by some jealous woman I moved far away where no one can find me and hurt me.

So guys, next time you talk bad about someone, use your brain and think if you are allowed to do such. One day you may be the one harassed and I am sure you won’t like it.


Scribe of Blackwrath Pirates

Blackwraths the Needy Pirates

Lately one of our slaves, when she read the article in Gazette about the Needy Huntress suggested i shall write about the Needy Pirates. I was thinking for a while if that’s something worth attention of the readers and i assumed it might.

So many people are saying that females are needy, slaves, huntresses or free woman. Thoe aren’t males needy too? I think we all know the answer but even thoe, men are never called sluts, not matter if they chase everything that has boobies. Neither they are called needy. Only females are being pointed out to be needy.

I took some time to ask few Pirates of Blackwrath. the full ones and the ones who are still on trial period to answer me some questions which could help me figure out why males may be seen needy, and if that is common.

I started from a man closes to me, the Captain of Blackwrath Pirates.

“Jehan Memel: are you a needy Pirate Papa ?

Lemz Memel  uhm, good point, once i was, now im less, well depends. The truth is i luv 3somes and 4somes AND oh me being the only 1 male. Is that a needy thing?

Jehan Memel: in a way it is.”

From that quick talk and from how good i know Lemz i can say he sees nothing bad in such behavior of men. His needs are important for him and he follows his ego and libido. That is soo male behavior so, well we have one point for being needy.

Than i talked to a guy who is very well known ad great fighter, and amazing person.

“Jehan Memel: are you a needy pirate Chill ?

ChillDaFucOut: what is the definition of needy? Don’t we all need something?

Jehan Memel: Needy in male-female way

ChillDaFucOut: no I am not, a man that takes what he wants when he wants it, never is

Jehan Memel: you say it so quickly, you do not let your needs control your actions?

ChillDaFucOut: never, of course no one is perfect.

ChillDaFucOut: Emotional Intelligence is as intelligence.

Jehan Memel: so you will not say that a sentence “males are as needy as females ” is true one?

ChillDaFucOut: it is not true.

Jehan Memel: so how you will call that behavior of males when they chase females for mostly one reason?

ChillDaFucOut: fun, chuckles.

Jehan Memel laughs.”

As you can see, we will probably have as many opinions as many males we will ask. Here we have a point for not being a needy male but calling it FUN instead of need. And there comes a question to my mind: why men calles slave sor females needy and they do not call it same if it comes to them? Do we still maby have true Gor somewhere there? Where we have strong  gorean males, who knows who they truly are? That would mean there is still hope for better future!

Than I asked third man the same question.

Jehan Memel: would you call yourself a needy pirate/men ?

Drevin Karu: lol–no

Jehan Memel: so how you will call that behavior of males when they chase females for mostly one reason

Drevin Karu: horny. Assuming it’s the same reason for other men as it is for me.

Jehan Memel: so if a female is chasing a man you call her needy but if you chase a female you do not call it the same?

Drevin Karu: No, I do not call a female chasing a man needy. In fact, I prefer a lady with more spirit, who is also a hunter. it makes the victory sweeter.

Jehan Memel: Thank you.”

So there is another point of man not calling themselves needy. I would say they simply do not want to call it the NEED.  They like to say fun, horny or maybe they are too shy to admit it or call it with proper name? It may even be caused by the fact it makes them feel better just to see the females needy but a male is not.

Even thoe I have some proves the men see it differently we females knows perfectly that no matter Pirate or not the males are needy too.

Jehan Memel

Scribe of Blackwrath Pirates.

Where are you Gor?!

Many, many times i hear that our group is a bunch of mere losers just
because we do not raid. The truth is we accept even pew pew raids but only
because too many people have no idea what Gor is. It is very upsetting for me
not many people nowadays cares to actually Role Play. This is what Black Wrath
Port is. We do role play a lot, daily, with everyone who hits our gates and we
are trying to be opened for many kinds of RP. Lately some new groups are
hitting our Port, not only with pew pew raids but actualy single persons are coming
to have their stories start or evaluate here.
Even we do raids here at BlackWrath place and we do raid other groups, what we
are here for is role play, building and creating stories. With some people we
have stories going on for weeks now. As a Pirate group we do take coins for
small jobs like capturing other people or stealing slaves and other funny
things. You can come to us and anonymously make someone be on a
“wanted” list and be hunted.
Sometimes even females from BTB cities comes here when tired of their
companions slaves and needing a break .. oh we do love to be yanked into some intrigues..

Thoe, as much as we loved to role play and fight a bit we are usual called
weak just becuase we do nto fight much. Our sim is not build into a fighting
field and probobly is not attractive as such for others. But honestly, Gor has
changed and its not about stories and fun and about what it used to be back in
2006. Nowadays not many people know the basics which long time ago were needed
to at least start learning.

I am finding it very frustrating when i meet a slave and i order kalda and
she has no idea what it is or how to prepear it. When i received kalda poured
from a bottle i simply pour it on the floor or the slaves head and than all the
drama starts. The slave starts to cry to her owner what a bad woman i am, a man
threats me with death cause i hurted his slaves feelings and i end up in cage
or on the cross! For what? For having proper knowledge? For actually knowing
the books and loving the whole saga?

When i was staring Gor in 2006 it was not acceptable to let a slave just
pour drink from a bottle, bottles were smelling rare.. there were BOTTAS where
the fine liquids were kept. Who cares nowadays to at least try to do some
research of basic knowledge about Gor, where are the painted pictures where you
can actually discover and enjoy the Role Play.

I left the Magnificent Continent to Black Wrath, not because of some gossips
or rumors. I left Conti to live at Black Wrath cose here we actualy RP and we
try to stick to the books as much as possible. Yes, we are Pirates but those
who read teh books knows they actually are there. I am really tired hearing
about what a disney i am being a pirate woman, thoe, i see more disney in
females ruling the Pirate or Outlaw groups, more, they are ruling the males!

Gor sweet Gor where the hell are you?!!
Where are the mighty men, where were feared by females? respected by everyone,
strong and mighty?! Where are the proud, respectful and sophisticated females?!
Where are slaves who knew their places, who were actually trained in Gorean
ways of serving and behaving?!

What we have here is females ruling everyone, slaves controlling their
owners and referring to them by their names and males who are scared to colalr free
woman when she offend them not to hurt their feelings.

I am old school Gorean and i am really worried where nowadays Gor is

Scribe of Blackwrath Pirates

The New Gorean Fully Compatible Meter “Hit Ages”

The New Gorean Fully Compatible Meter “Hit Ages”

Hit Ages is the New Gorean Fully Compatible Meter “works with other meters and all gorean weapons/damage types”, no need for additional huds to be worn, other meters’ users can easily use the “Hit Bubble” to do all the needed actions like bind, aid and even bandage, Yes other meters’ users can now “bandage” Hit Ages users easily if they are bubbled or bound.

Hit Ages comes with great combat features like seeing target enemy health on our own huds, and new ranks and ranking system for more competitive, and positive combat game experience, great support for all Gorean specifications, preferences, weapons “melee, ranged , and traps”

Casting system, classes and class transformations are updated and enhanced for smoother roleplay.

I think it might be good thing to try this meter out. Competition on the market make things better. Sim owners have the right to use whatever they like on their lands, but also players have the right to play what they like as long as the meter is legal and secure and meets the gor specs, they don’t need to use it but at least allow it so people who like to try it don’t get out of sims because they don’t use ZCS or GM.

More information at:
For owners kit and meter dispenser

Lara Otsuka