Panther Story 11 – Holmberg Under Attack

Claus was searching for his woman Agna , Agna was trying to comprehend all of his instructions ,” Repeat after me , you go from the southern tunnel and take the route to the forest , along with all the women and children , you try to find the panthers , and remind them of our treaty , but under any circumstances , dont come back here until the enemy is all gone and repelled ” Agna nods then she holds Claus and kisses his lips ” I love you”
Claus smiles and kisses her again “I love you” , then he wears his helmet and goes out to his men.

Thunder and lightning , rain starts to fall down , the sound of the water drops hitting the helmets and armors of the holmberg men that are standing guards defiant , of their approaching enemy , they expected to see the Kassau army , however , what they saw , they saw a small army with the sigil of Black Bird , small army but yet their number is bigger than the brave north men of of Holberg 7 to 1 , Claus narrows his eyes saying ” The Black Birds Mercenaries” Agnar Says , the second of command then looks at Claus and says “Kassau Army would never be able to defeat us , so they brought these beasts” … the black birds army , wearing black arms stand against the wall of the village , their leader riding his Kaila , a brown haired man with a pony tail , and an eye patch , raises his hand to his men , the black birds wearing black armor start blowing in their horns , producing a sound that is similar to Crows of earth it was a loud sound that could make men tremble in fear , but not the the brave men of holmberg who welcome death with bared chests .
The Commander of black birds army draws his sword and points it toward the village , and the black birds men scream while charging toward the village .. “PREPARE THE ARROWS ” Claus scream to his men drawing his sword , the men nock their arrows and point it toward the charging army “RELEASE THE ARROWS !” and the arrows fly down on the black birds along with the rain Claus looks at Agnar ” Keep them uncomfortable ” , Agnar Screams “FIRE ! ” The Men of holmberg scream the same while releasing more arrows , the two armies fire at each other more arrows men falling down dead from both sides , at the side , there was a part of the black birds army carring ladders one of the holmberg men scream ” LADDERS ! ” and they start aiming at the men carrying the ladders but they were too late , the ladders are set and the black birds army climbed the walls Claus Screams ” SWORDS , SWORDs ! ” The men of holmberg draw their swords and the two armies now are face to face inside the walls of Holmberg , the black bird commander swings his sword toward the gate of the vilalge , and the men of black birds carrying a big branch of tree breaking into the gate .
The Armors of both armies are stained with mud and blood , Claus like all the holmberg men were fighting like larls defending their den , and the black birds were not such an easy foe for them , he did not know how many men he killed , but certainly he knows that his body is full of cut , and that is when he sees the commander of black birds inside the walls of holmberg , the two men charged at each other , Claus swing his sword toward the black bird commander neck in order to cut it , but the later dodges the sword swing and cuts the left hand of Claus , Claus still fighting and charges at the black birds heart with a one direct launch , but the black bird commander throws a dagger and it hits the right shoulder of the still charging Claus , Claus able to reach his enemy , but the man blocks his attack with an armor on his left forearm , and then he kicks Claus stomache , and swings his sword and cuts the right arm of Claus , the commander then pierce the heart of Claus with his sword.

Branca Coba


Editorial Gazette of Gor #107

Dear Gazette Readers,

“The GE culture strives to be as close to the books as possible. When the Pearls first were formed it was back in Old Aria, there was not btb vs ge, but it was just gor. Things have changed a great deal over the years. I hate to say not really in a good way. Ideally I would like to say that the difference is woman fighters and leaders being allowed in ge gor. But it has veered a long way from even that ideology. I know we try to be as close to the books as possible and try to play in the spirit of the Gorean sagas.”
Chrissie Crimson, a legend of Gor who left us prematurely.

You can find my interview with Chrissie in this edition of the Gazette of Gor. It is very sad when people in Gor pass away in RL. I also visited the memorial of Willow (willow.easterling) at at Hrimgar, Lands of the Sa Ki Fori. Another legend who left us. On my way to that memorial I saw how beautiful most Gor sims are and that it is worth traveling in Gor..

And let’s leave the classical beaten tracks of the cities of Gor, take away from the forests filled with panthers and head south, in the desert of Tahari. Read all about Cité of Kasra and an interview in this edition of the Gazette of Gor.

Furthermore we have stories like Val Life Part 2, Panther Story 10 – The show in the market of AR (Branca Coba) and Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 006.

Happy reading!
Mariko Marchant
Chief editor Gazette of Gor

Cité of Kasra

Direction SUD

For once, let’s leave the classical beaten tracks of the cities of Gor, take away from the forests filled with panthers and head south, in the desert of Tahari.


Moreover, it is quite normal, in this summer period, to go south to the sun. So, I take my backpack and here I am on vacation, away from the rainforests, hoping to find warmth and sun, all coupled with wonderful landscapes.
For the heat, I found. For the sun, I was happy to have some shadows. For landscapes, seas of golden sand with some oases scattered everywhere. By cons, do not expect to have a sea of emerald. Water, you will not find it easily. You’ll have to beg for it by outdoing yourself in a play role. Here is the scenery set for the city of Kasra.


Kasra, I admit I did not know. But when arriving, what a shock! You decided that the build side was needed for your role play. You could not find better. All details are present. The shopping area, the shadows, the hangings, the mosaic, the minarets, the effects of light. It’s not a simple Gorean SIM, it’s a work of art. It only remains for us to kneel and recognize the effectiveness of the Build.

But now, Kasra does not stop at that. Kasra, these are perpetual stories, a role play continuously where everyone will find his place. This is the hallmark of this place. This is so true, that RP is proudly posted on the Kasra website, which I also advise you to visit. This site, like the SIM, is simply beautiful. We find all information about Kasra, photos, complete RP.

So, here is a summary of my holidays in the South, with stars in front of such beauty and memories forever engraved in my head. Kasra is like a holiday destination. It feels so good that we can not wait to be on vacation again to return.
Kasra – The presentation

Kasra the great, Kasra the Beautiful …
Kasra, where life is good because heat and hot sun. The shade of palm trees knows how to protect residents from the sun that burns in the heart of people living there.
Kasra, City opened on the dunes so pale that they are confused with the horizon of one immense desert, where life can be intense and hot.
Kasra, the City of Salt and city where merchants and their caravan crisscross the desert on kaiila to sell the so precious salt.
Kasra, City where many fountains find water in the ground, and thus, allow everyone to drink, knowing the value of water.
Kasra, with High Castes, Low Castes and nomads at doors, in the oases beside.
Kasra, where in the tahari, life is the most beautiful. Come test! And Enjoy

Kasra – The backstory

Kasra Background How Jasmine died so that its citizens make live a city which is said to be blessed by the Priests Kings …! Kasra Taharan City

How could such a catastrophe be possible? How could this city of Jasmine once so prosperous, opulent in livestock, crops and where nothing could be missed, be struck by the irreversible pollution of the waters, devastating the cattle, rendering cultures unfit for consumption and thus starving the citizens when they wouldn’t die. Soon the decision, though painful, was taken. But how would one do otherwise? We had to leave but where? But we had to go to the obvious, the water that we put in our bowls, the one that was used to wash us, the one that filled the baths watered our crops, watered our animals; we were not even aware of its importance … not even aware how vital it was to us. We used it without the respect that was due to him, without wishing it to anyone who greeted us. Aboard frail boats, along the Vosk, we sailed, defying rocks, attacks, violent currents. We made a stop in the plains of Eeocles. Very quickly, while interminable discussions under the three moons were fired, each one emitted the idea of a possible destination, that of a place where the water was sacred and respected imposed: the Tahari .. This land where we wanted water to those we crossed. Some saw it there, a joke, thinking that our origins were not Tharan and why choose a place where water was scarce when we had missed it. Then wise voices arose … “precisely,” they said, “we must venerate this precious water, wish it to everyone … to realize that without it, no life!” And they all agreed to this idea. reach these distant lands of Tahari. Abandoning the plains, the caravan stretching to infinity like a long multicolored ribbon, riding on the back of kaiila, we lost many of ours on this journey to finally arrive at the gates of a city shining with a thousand lights … Kasra !! As she rose majestic, seeming to dominate and tame these lands that were thought inhospitable!
By crossing its doors, very quickly, we understood that this city was going to reserve us many surprises! Thieves were commonplace. Rich merchants, dressed in their white and gold robes, entered these places in incessant comings and goings, haranguing the crowd, pressing themselves on the spot when the weather permitted; groups of mercenaries, whose purses filled with their missions, crowded at the entrance to the taverns where beautiful slaves wiggled at the sound of the bells surrounding their ankles. Caravans raising the sand in thick clouds connecting the distant cities to Kasra accompanied by vigorous kaiilas escorting them, could be seen far from the top of the ramparts encircling the City; High Castes, Basses Castes, were finally mixed when, leaving their homes where they took refuge when the heat did not allow to go out, they could finally take advantage of the bustle of the City. Everything made this one lively and pleasant to live. It was in these places that we put down our meager luggage, exhausted by a trying journey regretting those who had lost their lives while trying to accompany us. But the hope of a better life animated us and everyone knows that without hope, no point of life possible. What did the future hold for us? The story will certainly say …
Kasra: is a river port on Lower Fayeen. It is downstream from Kurtzal and west of Tor. She is famous on Gor for her red salt production. Salt is introduced into secret pits and mines into heavy bottles on the backs of kaiilas. Tahari is more beautiful at night. During the day, we can hardly see it, because of heat and reflections of lights. During the day, it seems threatening, whitish, shining with heat, blinding, burning; men must harm their eyes; some will become blind; women and children stay in tents; but, with the arrival of the evening, with the departure of the sun, there is a softening, an influx, of this vast and difficult rocky ground. It is at this time that Hassan, the bandit, will make his camps. As the sun sank, the hills, the dust and the sky would become red in a hundred shades and, as the light disappeared, these reds would gradually turn into a thousand shiny gold tones that, with the Final fading from there light to the west, giving way to a bright world, then dark, blues and pimples. Then, it suddenly seems, the sky is black, wide and lofty and is rich with sands reflecting the stars, like clear, shining diamonds that burn in the sweet silence of the innocent tranquility of the desert. “(Tribesman of Gor p.169-70) A warm wind blows almost constantly in the Tahari, but this wind makes the desert bearable. The wind usually blows from the north or north-west, which causes few problems. But in the spring, if the wind moves east, or in the fall, if the wind moves westward, there may be problems, resulting in terrible sandstorms. Water is very scarce in this region and there are places where it has not rained for hundreds of years. the primary sources of water are scattered oases, fed by underground rivers, tributaries that flow south-east of the Voltai Mountains. Some communities have also dug deep wells, some of which extend 200 feet over the land, to reach a water source. Kasra is run by a General Council, composed by the High Castes and the Caste of the Merchants. * This story is told by Norman in * The Tribes of Gor *
kasra – web site
kasra – The interview
Valou: Good evening

Lola: Good evening too

Valou: We will attack the interview

Valou: This is an interview Out of Character

Lola: I’m ready!

Valou: First, can you introduce yourself, in a gorean way, historic in Gor, experience

Lola: Yes, I’m Lola, Scribe for years. I took classes, I learned, and I’m Gorean! I respect the laws, and I try to enforce them. I traveled, a lot. Land was drowned, we started to work and rebuild each time. And finally, from the penultimate stage that was Nyoka, we arrived at Kasra.

Valou: Kasra, let’s talk about it, the sim is superb, who built, who thought of all these details

Lola: The sim was built in two stages. The first time, she did not look like she became, or almost not. Some original buildings are still there and I like them, so I keep them. The constructor was named Ian. He left and I changed things. Gardens for example, streets, pavers, style more * Tahari * in details.

Valou: Tahari, can you explain to the readers what Tahari is?

Lola: The Tahari, a large area of Gor, located in the south of course. Cities are few in number, but there are beautiful ones like Tor, for example, and of course Kasra. The desert is the kingdom of the Nomads, various tribes but the cities function like all the cities of the Goreens. We preserve the water, we are attentive to the wells, despite our rivers, here in Kasra. The people are a proud and happy people because the sun and the heat make them happy

Valou: let’s get back to the subject, who says quoted … like Tor, often says BTB, Are you BTB or Ge

Lola: We are I would say, BTB, but by becoming aware that we are playing! That we are not in * real life *. We respect the books, we are strict but we forgive the dresses that are not typically tahari dresses. Because on the one hand, we are exiles, but also because …. on sl, I think things are so beautiful, the clothes that cover in black and * Haik * for women would frustrate us

Valou: I saw that you chose the ZCS meter which is more combat oriented compared to the classic GM, why this choice

Lola: I do not know if it’s more combat-oriented actually, it suits me because precisely, we can put the mention * RP * and not fight. I find it playful, modern, lighter than GM

Valou: Let’s talk RP, I saw on the website that you do a lot of RP, and in addition, you keep them. Do you have this desire to prioritize PR mode in priority

Lola: And I add ….. that we favor RP in combat … well, we do not have many warriors. Men must prefer to fight I guess. But here we have some excellent players

Lola: oh well here it is))

Valou: ((Leave me the time to ask the question))

Lola: just the right answer to your question))

Lola: that we create excellent rp which sometimes, unfortunately, end badly because … it is sometimes difficult to assume Rps … complicated which ends with a necklace …. or a pal or a death!

Valou: Anyway, given the beauty of the SIM, doing RP here has to be a pleasure. We let ourselves be embarked on our dreams. When the fights in final, it is necessary that the bestial male side comes back from time to time

Valou: Why our readers should come to see you

Lola: Yes, that’s it! But some men also prefer Rps to fights and raids without … valid reasons. A good war, well built, that’s what I dream! And they must come because we will give them play! Whatever they choose as long as it is … consistent! Game and a game setting!

Valou: Our readers are mostly Anglo and speak English, do you accept this?

Lola: We accept, but with a translator

Lola: I would say that ….. I love Gor so much that I would like everyone to play with the same conviction! That this hard and cruel world sometimes is the one that can still give us a little adrenaline …… if that’s what we’re looking for!

Valou: So, if you love Gor, and you talk about it with your heart, you’ll find followers who will follow you
kasra – owners and MODs
– Icabu
– ςΐσし (achaiah1)
– Janus (Jean Dionysus)
– Lola (lolaie77 Babii)


– Janus (Jean Dionysus)
– Lola (lolaie77 Babii)


Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 006

The Third Hand, The First Day, of the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar
(March 31, 2010)

SIba was the intended destination, but circumstances caused a change of plans. As we were about to depart Corcyrus, Tanz received an urgent message to return to Peril Island. A close Fatalz friend was soon to give birth to twins and there was a fear of complications. Had we had the Serendipity available it might have been a simple matter to sail there together, but the Serendipity presumably was heading towards Siba. So,Tanz went with the messenger and utilized the faster ships to make her way to Peril Island.

I began the overland journey to Siba alone – or, I should say, with our bosk Fredda. A bird from Tanz reached me, though, on the way to Siba. From Peril Isle, Tanz had been called to the Isle of Teletus and, from there, her skills were being sought by the KooFasal Rebels, who were camped in Firestorm. She asked me to turn the caravan towards Firestorm and rendezvous with her there. Checking the maps I was chagrined to find that going overland to Firestorm, which was on the Road to Clearchus, meant bypassing not only Siba, but Gimli as well. I had much wanted to see certain people in Gimli as well as Siba. I debated as to whether there was a sufficient riverway path to Firestorm, but decided in the end to drive rim (east) of Siba and head ror (northeast), taking the Pilgrim’s Road at Jort’s Ferry (At Jort’s Ferry I sent word to DDay Swords’ slave in Siba (whom I’ve always called divine regardless of her slave name) to ask her master to be on the lookout for the Serendipity should it arrive). Fredda was being urged by me to cover a tremendous amount of territory in a short period of time and to her credit she did so with little trouble. And, thus, we made our way to Firestorm.

I traveled alone, trying to make time as best I could and considering the strain on Fredda, our sturdy bosk. Traveling alone, fortunately or unfortunately, gives one time to think and I began to wonder about the path I had now chosen. Not the roads and path to Firestorm, but my life’s path. I had left the comfort of a “family,” and now belonged to no particular clan or group. I had no.homestone. Were some thieves intent on taking me there was no one I could count on to rescue or pay ransom for me – other than whatever aid Tanz might muster if she learned of my fate. What I belonged to in my unknown past did not count. All that counted was my current understanding of my place in the world. Unlike me, Tanz still “belonged” to where she had been before, excepting the now disbanded and dispersed TRO. And, unlike me, Tanz had family and, it seemed, numerous friends of long association. When with her, of course, my loneliness abated; Without her, the loneliness I felt was amplified beyond clearer expression.

* * * *

I reached the border of Firestorm and then made my way towards the KooFasal camp, bringing the caravan right up to the gate of their rustic encampment. A playful slave, whose name I later learned was “kitten,” met me there and assisted me in entry. Tanz, it turned out, was already there, and working hard in their infirmary. Her presence eased my entry to the encampment though I was met — as usual – with ample doses of suspicion by some. Nevertheless, I parked the caravan in a discrete corner, and Fredda, tired beyond belief, rested both to take water and to munch on the grass.

I, too, was tired beyond belief from the heavy and long traveling. We had covered an unbelievable distance in a short time. After setting a campfire, introducing myself to a few of the residents and, giving Tanz a strong hug and kiss, I rested.

* * * *

I have mentioned to Tanz the isolation I sometimes feel, but I have yet to speak to her of the words I wrote here of the thoughts I had while traveling alone. I assume she will see them in written form. I do not hide my journal from her. Being able to verbalize and to write are too different things.

Tanz and I have no formal relationship. She is not my free companion nor my slave. No rules of property, contract, commerce, or otherwise keep us together. There is no law that leashes her to me. No bond that obligates me to her. This, I note, because I found myself bothered by certain feelings today.

When I introduce Tanz I generally either refer to her by name or call her my companion. My conduct towards her, to me, reveal the feelings and the situation of our relationship. She has at times done the same and has gone so far as to refer to me as her mate. When she introduces me thus there is a feeling of calm, completeness, and warmth that runs through my being. But she did not refer to me as such this day. Whether by jest or otherwise, she introduced me last evening as her “bed warmer.” She may have meant it as a light joke, but it unsettled me. I felt belittled, and my blood began to boil. For a moment, I considered an open display of force. I am not sure why force was my first thought, though I note she has often mentioned in her past, family and otherwise, and a common thread has been that they take what they want by force. Perhaps that is why I considered such a display right then and there. But something in me held me back.

The event also sharpened the questions I had wrestled with the days and hours on the road alone. What was my purpose in this venture she and I had begun. She brings her medical skills. I just stand around as she ministers to her patients. Have I become nothing more than her attendant in things? Certainly, that is no proper role for a man, regardless of where I was born. If all I am is her “bed warmer” she should just get herself a slave and be done with it.

I thought back to the meagerness of my known past. I realized I have been like a mirror at times. What I feel for others has been a reflection of what they feel for me. My relationship with Eesha was like that. I burned for her so long as she burned for me. And, when she had left, and time went by without word of her whereabouts, it became clear that her embers had cooled and mine did likewise. With brynn, albeit a slave, a reflection of sorts existed as well. Yes, she was a slave, but I wanted her to be happy and knowing that she would not be happy traveling with us, it was better she did not. Would I have liked her around — certainly. But not in a state of misery, envy, and melancholy. And, if being sold to Carrington gave her a chance for happiness, it pleased me.

With Tanz, though, things are far more complicated. I want her to want me. I want to be with her. But not as some attendant, some mere appendage to her.

Yet, in our travels she is the one known. I am not. I am there in the shadows as she dances in the light. She is the healer. I am the caravan driver. She is the one joyously greeted. I am the one introduced, sometimes to people I have dimly done forgettable battles with in the past. I am forever trying to remember names of people who have limited interest in knowing me. And, I have no hopes of it getting much better because I have lived in few places and the people I knew are scattered.

* * * *

I look upon the words I have written thinking perhaps (and hoping) I have overstated things. There is a danger in overthinking and being too contemplative. Last night the mischievous slave named “kitten” provided amusement when she ran about in a barrel pretending to be a barrel of wine while we kiddingly “tortured” her. It was a pleasurable way of spending some time.

I guess there is one way I have tried to provide worth to our endeavours. I have offered my bow for defensive purposes to the places we visit. I am a serviceable archer, but became a taverner in an effort to avoid the violence that overwhelms these lands. I still abhor unnecessary violence without reason, but necessary violence is something different. I needed to offer something in return to those who let us rest on their lands. This morning, my offer meant something – at least to me. I awoke to the sounds of an attack on the camp. As I write this, I know not the politics nor the causes for the attack, whether justified or not, but climbed immediately to the ramparts and began firing arrows at the assailants, helping to defend the place and, of course, Tanz from the attack. We repelled the effort decisively and having the bow in my hands made me feel alive — at least for the moment . . .

Vorgous Carver

Service August 26th, 2018 Chrissie Crimsom



Jack Pfeffer: Please remove all your weapons, huds to reduce lag during the service, thank you for your cooperation
ڪイøƦɱ (Storm Maverick): hey lea…welcome
Now playing: Hallelujah
Candace Kuhn waves at Felicity
Jack Pfeffer: Thank you for coming this Sunday to our very special memorial service of words and music to celebrate the life of my sweet dearly much loved Angel.
[Jack Pfeffer: Mine and your very special friend. Christine…… your better know her as Chrissie.
Jack Pfeffer: There are orders of services on boards so everybody will know where we are along the time line, at any point throughout the service.
Jack Pfeffer: There also will time set aside in the middle of the service for people to share their words and thoughts with those gathered here today. .
Jack Pfeffer: So anybody wishing to say some words please IM Marlee Mc.Andrews who will let you know as soon as its possible when you may speak.
Jack Pfeffer: I will apologize now should it not be possible to fit everyone in who may wish to speak but we certainly do our very best.,
Jack Pfeffer: I would however please ask speakers to keep as short as possible in order we able to accommodate as many people as we can.
Jack Pfeffer: hank you all so much.
Jack Pfeffer: Please have your media playing set to hear the dedicated music we have for you. The Music is presented today by our very own music man Mr Steve Lippmann
[12:05:48] Jack Pfeffer: For my part in our service will be concluded at the end when i will talk in more depth about my feelings my love and emotions but not least about my Gorgeous Vibrant Christine.
Jack Pfeffer: Thank you all …I think we now ready to begin.


speech Miranda 1 and second part

Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Tal and Welcome
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): My story begins in the spring of 2010 that is when I first met Chrissie and Jack and became a member of the Black Pearls on Balnakeil.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): do you see my words
Marrius Thor Ɗrץkҽ ƊҽʅⱤαץ (Marrius Thor): yes
AaronLee Jenns: yes
Titsy AƖ-Ɯαffα (Tizzie Vyper): yes x
Isa (Isalia Michalak): yes I do
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): My story begins in the spring of 2010 that is when I first met Chrissie and Jack and became a member of the Black Pearls on Balnakeil.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): A few months later Chrissie adopted me as one of her children, what an honor.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): I was one of her daughters and a Pearl Brat along with my brother Atomic.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): One day without asking I adopted the her name “Crimson” I believe that she was very proud & happy about that as I was too.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): I called her Mum she called me sweet pea.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): We were always very close and I cant remember us ever falling out . I had my opinions about things but always believed it was important to support Mum.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): I know she appreciated my loyalty.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Chrissie was a very special person in my Gorean life she taught me many things.
She was a mother, leader and mentor to me and all of her Pearl family.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Even in the most difficult situations when I would be angry and want to bite someone’s head off she would calm me down and patiently resolve what seemed to me an imposable situation.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): She possessed great wisdom and was a skilled negotiator.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Everyone who knew Mum had immense respect for her.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): She had high standards when it came to Pearls.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Mum insisted that we play with integrity and honesty and no cheating . That is the hall mark of the Pearls … fair play.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): As a High Commander I felt that I represented Chrissie and would do my utmost to reflect that in my Gorean life.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): I would always ask myself the question what would Mum do ? My biggest concern and fear was letting her and the Pearls down.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): loved Chrissie with all my heart and became very protective of her over the years.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): The one thing I loved about her was her laugh it was explosive and expressed the pure joy she got from being in Gor and leading the Pearls.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Over the last few days many people have expressed gratitude for what they received from knowing our Chrissie.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): I think her life was also enriched by us from her beloved Pearl family and all her Gorean friends.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Beautiful Souls are uncommon.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Chrissie was a rare & Beautiful Soul.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Full of love and life and it was a privilege for us to know her. I encourage you to savour the memories you have and emulate her behaviou
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): What better way to honor our beloved Chrissie.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Love you Mum. Rest in Peace
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): and now my special song for Mum : Danny Boy – Celtic Woman
Now playing: – Danny Boy
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side.
The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling,
Tis you, tis you must go and I must bide.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow,
Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow,
Tis I’ll be there in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Tis I’ll be there in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): and when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
and I am dead, as dead I well may be,
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): You’ll come and find the place where I am lying,
And kneel and say an Ave there for me.
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): And I shall hear, though soft your tread above me,
And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be,
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): and ye shall bend and tell me that you love me,
And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me!
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me! Rest in Peace Mum kisses
Marlee McAndrews: Wow well this is one of the hardest things i have had to do.
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): that’s me mum over there!
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): ( chat lag )

Marlee and music

Marlee McAndrews: Chrissie ….introduced me to GE gor and convinced me I would like it …and well Marlee was born. From there our friendship bloomed and then we finally got to meet in the flesh when I flew over to see her.
Elenna Snook: ♥♥♥♥
Marlee McAndrews: She was the same wonderful person we all knew and loved here. Her smile would light the darkest of rooms, the person everyone knew here was the same beautiful person she really was in the real world.
Marlee McAndrews: To be honest I struggled with what to write cos it’s impossible to condense nearly 10 years of friendship into a few words so I will be brief.
Marlee McAndrews: The days of Balankeil were probably my favourite, I remember standing on the walls of the fort trying to convince her that Spotted Dick WAS in fact a real English Dessert and I wasn’t making it up, infact to prove it I had to download a picture ( No Gyazo’s back then ) of sed dessert and I still have that very picture in my inventory to this day.
Marlee McAndrews: I have been asked many time why I have ‘.BOSK BEWARE …..THE GIRLS ARE HERE’ in my picks under Chrissie,
Marlee McAndrews: well back in the day, Chrissie and I used to sim hop in the days there was actually a risk of getting capped,
Marlee McAndrews: we used to search every GE sim for Bosk, and when we found them,
Marlee McAndrews: would sit on them,
Marlee McAndrews: shove a little Pearl Flag up their butts, take a photo and run out before we got our asses capped. We went to Kenaz, City of Einar, Hasgar the list is endless and yes I still have that photo Album in my inventory as well!
Tarl Kenorland remembers
Marlee McAndrews: All my real life memories are just as awesome.
Marlee McAndrews: We went to a café on the sea front where she lived, and as girls do when they get together we started eyeing up the security guards standing around and giving general marks out of 10.
[Marlee McAndrews: She then leaned forward and whispered ‘ I think I found a 10’ I spun around saying ‘who’s the 10′ only to be face to face with a 6 foot guard who gave both a grin and left saying ‘ hope everything ok ladies’.
Marlee McAndrews: I turned back to see Chrissie with her head in her hands shaking her head, when she looked up she was a deep red and then smirked and said
Marlee McAndrews: ‘ subtly is not your strong point is it?’ I have to say I went just as red and she still brings that up to tease me.
Marlee McAndrews: I remember she bought me a little soft penguin once when I was a little blue and said ‘cos I know how much you like penguins
Marlee McAndrews: ….every birthday, valentines day I got a message with a penguin….i have lovely collection of penguin pics and toys……every birthday, valentines day I got a message with a penguin…
i have lovely collection of penguin pics and toys BUT
Marlee McAndrews: I think she miss took me with someone else for i have never actually had a thing for the flightless bird but never had the heart to tell her….soo Chrissie for you …I am going to start a penguin collection in your memory =P
Elenna Snook: ☺
Marlee McAndrews: She was a beautiful person, there is nothing she did not know about my second life or my real life,
ωɛɳɗƴ Ʀivɛş (Wendy Rives): and we will all help you
Marlee McAndrews: 🙂
Marlee McAndrews: she was my confidant and soul sharer
Marlee McAndrews: it was her that got me through break-ups, child loss and the normal every day stresses that come with real life.
Marlee McAndrews: But that was Chrissie she was always there no matter what, even when I went on vacation she would send me messages to make sure I was ok.
[Marlee McAndrews: Because of you Chrissie ….i have so many beautiful people in my life, Atomic, Cappie . miranda, Kali too many to mention ….they love you so much and i know you loved them
Marlee McAndrews: You were like a Honorary mother to Jen ….and i know how much you love her…..and she loves you.
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) nods
Marlee McAndrews: love you Chrissie with all my heart, you were simply my sister from another mister……we shared one soul and right now I struggle to think about how I will face each day without you.
Marlee McAndrews: So much is going to happen that I will not be able to talk out with you…..but on some plain we will be together again ….and I will tell you all about it when I see you again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Elenna Snook: ♥♥♥
Now playing: charlie puth with lyrics

Dominique Orfein: ♥♥♥
[12:30:38] Marlee McAndrews: blows a kiss to the sky
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) smiles watching her mum
Boo (littlebee Humby): love Your Miss Marz!

pink pearl kali

pink pearl with music

Kali Real (Kalina Shang) looks out into the sea of familiar faces “I’ve never been very good with words but I wrote this for our dearly beloved friend”
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): Momma, there are people that come into our lives and a special bond is formed instantly. You were one of those people.
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): You were one of the most sincere, courageous, trustworthy, kind, beautiful women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. In the almost twelve years we knew each other this was evident time and time again.
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): You honored me when you adopted me as your daughter so many years ago and I pray with all my heart I have honored you back.
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): I loved you as a mother, a confidant and a friend in both second life and real life and I always will. You have been there for me through everything over the years.
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): You bent over backwards for my happiness, as that was the kind of person you were.
Dominique Orfein: *cries*
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): One of the many cherished memories I have of you was the day you officiated my companionship ceremony. You told me how happy you were to do it and did everything in your power to make that day so perfect, and it was.
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): Another was your love and support during the birth of my firstborn son, what a proud grandma you were! Then again and again…you wanted a whole army of little grandchildren!
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): It still doesn’t seem real…no more talks, no more hugs, no more matching pink dresses or candy raids. I will cherish every memory we made and I know in my heart we will meet again some day.
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): All my love forever, your little pink pearl
Now playing: josh groban with lyrics
ڪイøƦɱ (Storm Maverick): /me…i so hate pink color…
Elenna Snook: ♥♥ Pink Lady!
Kali Real (Kalina Shang) can’t help but laugh at storm squared
Kali Real (Kalina Shang): I love you Chrissie
Carrie speech
Carrie with music
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): greetings all and thanks for coming to this second service of those who couldn’t make it last time. I am sure Chrissie is looking down and seeing and listening to everyone.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): She would be proud to have you all here.
sighs. This gets harder each time, but we have to be strong and supportive in times of these crisis.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): There is times you cross paths with the right person. Then that person sticks with you the rest your life. Chrissie was that person that been with me and helped me when I needed it, brought me up and made me laugh when I was down as I did her.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): We had the same taste and both us had the similar ideas for running things. I am proud to call her my friend, Hero, Leader and my Mistress.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): Chrissie was kind person who has been through alot, but always made sure her Family here at pearls was out Raiding and up on the Rescues.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): I always loved her ambition and spirit even though she was going through hard times in real life.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): But I was there for her and holding her hand to get her through what ever she was going through.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): If you can hear me Chrissie up there, may you rest in peace and feel the breath of the Heavens wash over you and the calm breeze wash away your pain as you walk to the light and accept your angel wings.
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): Is funny at the end of the battles me and Chrissie had over the years who would of thought it takes only few words, love and good will heart to tame and break the will of one that gave many a run around to claim. Will always love you and carry you in my heart as you will be my one true Mistress
Now playing:Celine Dion – I SURRENDER LYRICS
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): This was a song I had dedicated to my Mistress Chrissie back in december when I submitted to her. is how I felt in my heart and I still do.. That is one thing I will always hold close to my heart.

boo’s speech with music

Boo (littlebee Humby): Many of you may know me, some of you may not
Boo (littlebee Humby): some of you have owned me, many have not *phew*
Marlee McAndrews: mmhmm
Boo (littlebee Humby): i don’t show my emotions easily in words….
Boo ((littlebee Humby): usually i would nibble my lip and just smile sweet…
Boo ((littlebee Humby): Im honored i got to know Her for 10 years as a friend,
Boo ((littlebee Humby): and also proudly served Her as Her first girl.
Boo (littlebee Humby): But for me expressing my feelings im best in writing poems
Boo (littlebee Humby): so this one is specially for Her…..
Boo (littlebee Humby): my Mistress and my Friend…. Chrissie
Boo (littlebee Humby): Suddenly multiple lives are disturbed,
bird songs still there, your voice never again heard.
Boo (littlebee Humby): A silence and emptiness forced onto friends,
a never ending friendship suddenly ends.
Boo (littlebee Humby): A rose with thorns i wish to compare
thorns that left traces everywhere..
Boo (littlebee Humby): impressions on lands and in people’s hearts
joy and laughter, fights and shards
Boo (littlebee Humby): but she caught my heart and now you see
one of those thorns has struck me…
Boo (littlebee Humby): left a scar that i don’t want to heal
its of a woman i loved, and i wish to feel.
Boo (littlebee Humby): with those words ill end and let them be expressed in a song that means the world to me, as did She…..

Now playing The Rose – Bette Midler

Jack pfeffer

BeJar Jack Dryke (Sterling72 Resident): will miss your presence”mema” but knows that your soul is with all of us
Jack Pfeffer: Now there a little time for your own personal reflections while we play the lords prayer …. Thank you all
ow playing: jack kray – Andrea Bocelli – The Lord’s Prayer.
Elenna Snook: My ♥ for the sisters and daughters and graandchildren and specially for Atomic. Pearls is never the same without her ♥
Tħɇ Ƀłønđɇ Ǥøđđɇss (Donna Tamura) calls out. “We love you, Chrissy…..forever a Legend of Gor and wonderful Friend……RIP.”
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) coughs
Dominique Orfein sobs: I will miss you forever Chrissie, SL will not be the same again for me, without you my dear friend, rest in peace
ωɛɳɗƴ Ʀivɛş (Wendy Rives): In your honor Chrissie I shall from this day forth aim my arrows on Marlee’s ass and make her nr one target now that you cannot fulfill that role anymore. ps Marlee makes an easier target her ass is bigger.
Marlee McAndrews: Oi =P
Boo (littlebee Humby): chuckles
Jack Pfeffer: People from the floor will now have a chance to speak about Chrissie …. so i will give way to Jen……..if any one else should like to say a few words please im Marlee
ڪイøƦɱ (Storm Maverick) agrees…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): well… Tal everyone.. haven’t prepared anything so what comes out is coming out as I type.. bear with me and my typos please
Elenna Snook: ♥ Jen
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): I joined the Black Pearls back iun 2010.. of course looking up to that woman who was leading such “famous” group..
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): many memories with her.. too many perhaps…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): we used to spar and she was always admiring my skills…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): at the end I was always telling her the same thing…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): Chrissie.. you can get better, all it takes ia a good computer, good connection and hours of sparring…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): but what YOU do/are… takes way much more…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): because you’re a LEGEND of Gor
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): and so we were… smiles.. my mom is right.. Chrissie was always like my RO Godmother…
Kimba Lox (Giannia Rossini): In her last days, Chrissie’s spiritual home was filled with her loving family. May we all be so lucky.
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): looking after me and all of us…
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): many things I’ve learned from her, also when not a Pearl, during my three years playing homeless.. I always carried her teachings with me.. “NEVER LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND”….
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): Aye !
] ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): she was a true friend, pehaps too good to the point to give her own health for us stressing so much…
Marlee McAndrews: never
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): anyway… she will be missed.. Gor and Pearls will never be the same without her.. we all know that
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): but since last monday another star is up there in the night… a BRIGHT one… watching forever over us…
BeJar Jack Dryke (Sterling72 Resident): yes it is”frowns”
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) shouts: Long live Chrissie Crimson and her legacy!
Dominique Orfein: YES
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): yes
ֆuռռɨɛ ҲЄƝƝƠ (sunnie Crumb): Yes yes ..
ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (Cameron Xenno): YES
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) nods
ack Pfeffer: Just one speaker tonight, now we will have a moment of silence with the Ave Maria…..
Now playing: pearl mercs – Luciano Pavarotti
AnJeL Lynn Rau (AnJeL Goodnight): My time with Chrissie Crimson, to long for words so I will stay brief I ran into Chrissie many years ago before even the Black Pearl mercs back in the days when 1 day one would be on 1 side of the fence and the next day on the other side of the fence the days when you did’nt really fight the enemy you spent most of your time running from your own arrows and I’m not kidding I killed myself many times on Aria most people know me I was never very easy to get along with and unlike Chrissie I have many more enemy’s than friends but from those earliest days I was able to get along with Chrissie no matter which side of the fence I was on for many years I did not know of Chrissie’s struggles in real life then one day out of the blue I received a tp I can not remember if it came from Angelina Adlerstein or WildJen I think it was Jen,Marlee McAndrews: we have Anjel
AnJeL Lynn Rau (AnJeL Goodnight): any way I landed in the tower of the Pearl Castle amongst a group of people and candles it was a vigil as Chrissie was gravely ill in RL I was in shock frozen in space we chatted and told story’s people came and went I sat there in that tower for some 60 hours straight in the early hours of the morning on the 3rd day while i sat alone in that tower I heard the ding ding of a IM it was Chrissie the relief was over whelming I nearly passed out we spoke for about 20 minutes in the end she said “sis you are here all the time you should join” she passed me the group tag and logged off to rest I became a Black Pearl Merc and I was devoted to Chrissie and her Mercs for 2 years.
AnJeL Lynn Rau (AnJeL Goodnight): I find myself waking in the night in a sweat my computer still on wondering if I have missed the ding ding of her IM it is heart breaking that the ding of her IM will never come again Chrissie Crimson saved me in Gor she was able to calm me in almost every situation I moved in the Pearl ranks SGT, Capitan, Major and then Commander threw all my troubled time Chrissie always had my back always called me sister in the end it could not be; personality clashes made it impossible to stay with the Pearls I left them with a heavy heart and went back to the forest and the Panther life my taste for merc/outlaw life ended that day but I always stayed true to Chrisse and her Pearl Family we talked often sometimes for 20 minutes she often asked me to come back to her and the pearls Chrissie Crimson was my rock my soul sister I will keep her in my heart forever … REST IN PEACE MY DEAR SISTER>
Jack Pfeffer: Thankyou Anjel for your lovely words
ֆuռռɨɛ ҲЄƝƝƠ (sunnie Crumb): beautiful songs

jen with music bon jovi halleluja

speech jen with bagpipe

jack pfeffer ava Maria after speech of jen

Last word speech jack pfeffer

Last word jack pfeffer part 2

Jack pfeffer last word part 3 with music at end

Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie came into our lives leaving footprints on our hearts and none of us could ever feel or be the same again..
Jack Pfeffer: Yet no words i can say can ever be enough to describe what a wonderful, lovely vibrant woman Chrissie really was.
We had been together 11 years mostly all in the game,
Marrius Thor Ɗrץkҽ ƊҽʅⱤαץ (Marrius Thor): Chrissie always stood by me. Even in the early days 2008 and 2009 when I WAS an asshole and a troublemaker. She saw past that. She knew me well enough to know that under the idiot picture I painted of myself in sl there was a nice guy with at least a half a brain. Her loss is a tragedy her memory is our only salvation. What a nice lady she was.
Jack Pfeffer: 11 wonderful years, playing the game or chatting on the phone for anything up 10 hours most days, and carrying for her when she was unwell in hospital
Jack Pfeffer: I can honestly say all that time we spent together was a privileged and a pleasure.
ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (Cameron Xenno): Chrissie is smiling on us all right now, having touched us all in her own special way, sharing her love and understanding, to make us happy and feel welcomed, always honest and dedicated more than anyone I know, through times when most would have given up she got stronger, and tried passing that on to us, because of Chrissy, My lil grand daughter, I am a better person today.. Thank You Lil one, always in me heart..
Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie battled with many painful illnesses, for most of us many would been too much bear.
Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie of coarse would always be there for me, nothing ever being to much for her.
Jack Pfeffer: She was that brave strong woman who fought on regardless what ever life through at her
Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie would tell me unselfishly. many times that she fought on because she could never bear the thought of me being left alone,
ֆuռռɨɛ ҲЄƝƝƠ (sunnie Crumb): Chrissie was a great person who added so much to every life she touched…. and will be greatly missed and always admired by many..
Jack Pfeffer: Or not standing beside me each and every day..
Jack Pfeffer: And how now that makes me cry, And i have cried more then i have ever cried in my life this week.
Jack Pfeffer: To say Chrissie was special would be a gross understatement..Throughout our lives we are sent precious souls meant to share our journey however brief or lasting their stay, they remind us why we are here, for me that was our Chrissie
ack Pfeffer: Chrissie was the brightest light in my life, who cared dearly for me in every way possible. here in sl and in the real world also.
Jack Pfeffer: She would lovingly place her self second, every time!.
Jack Pfeffer: Hers was a light that never dimmed, it shined brightly over me as it did any and every body she ever engaged with, alway happy to listen and help in any way she could.
Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie could indeed stubborn at times and uncompromising with people who had upset her i any major way,
Jack Pfeffer: Yet very forgiving as well,
Jack Pfeffer: It would be impossible not to feel her warmth, she cared deeply for those who friended her, nice to her, and loved her..
Jack Pfeffer: She loved the pearls with a unmeasurable passion, and she loved the game almost as much.
Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie will be missed terrible by myself and by so many of her dear friends, and loved ones.
Jack Pfeffer: but for the few …..too few to be seriously counted..
Jack Pfeffer: Chrissie for me was the woman I loved dearly, even more than life itself.
Jack Pfeffer: She was my rock lifting me up when i was down, turning me around when upside down, making me laugh and see things in a different light, always happy always vibrant and full of life.
[Jack Pfeffer: I lived my live feeling like the luckiest man alive, my soul mate, my partner, and one day hopefully my wife, and filled my heart with hope and joy..
Her last word she said to me last Sunday night was she loved me so very much and she planed to come to england to marry me, a kiss good night and i never saw her again
Jack Pfeffer: We might had been to sl the double act, but more than that we truly loved each other and stood shoulder to shoulder all the time.
Jack Pfeffer: Now i know if Chrissie had had but one dieing wish it would had been “please Try Jack, Try to keep the Pearl Family and sim together”.
Jack Pfeffer: My beloved Chrissie will be the hardest act to follow, and i may struggle to  fulfill such a wish, but will promise to always love and honor her.
Jack Pfeffer: That flame she had lit inside the day we first met some eleven years ago will burn brightly for all time, until surely one day, one life, we meet again
Jack Pfeffer: I will never forget I had the best woman I could ever hope for in my life, and was able to proudly call this special and lovely woman my soul mate and partner.
Jack Pfeffer: Forever i will feel privileged and fortunate to had known her, shared life with her, and for the undying love she gave to me.
Jack Pfeffer: My darling My deeply dearly beloved, All American rose,
Jack Pfeffer: MY English Rose. I give you MISS CHRISSIE she was one in a Million
Jack Pfeffer: Somebody who comes along once in a life time to touch people hearts, who was able to move our souls, and make our spirits dance.
Now playing: – Lady Diana – Candle in the wind (Goodbye Englands rose) – Elton John – Lyrics in text
ωɛɳɗƴ Ʀivɛş (Wendy Rives): sobs
Jack Pfeffer: Her flame will never be blown out.

ending ceremony

ending ceremony part2

ending of ceremony part 3

ending ceremony part4 with picture of chrissie as last
Titsy AƖ-Ɯαffα (Tizzie Vyper): 😦
ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (Cameron Xenno): Never
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): never… nods
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): her flame will burn in our hearts until the day will come to meet again….
Dominique Orfein: yes!
BeJar Jack Dryke (Sterling72 Resident): will always love you”mema” never will forget you.
Jack Pfeffer: Thank you all there a book you might like to leave a note card on the front desk hugs you all…. Biggest thanks
Reese’s Pieces (Reese Paster): hugs jack
ωɛɳɗƴ Ʀivɛş (Wendy Rives): Thank you for your beautiful words Jack
BeJar Jack Dryke (Sterling72 Resident): hugs pops
Now playing: Gerry & The Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Wץαтт Jαтhσ (Wyattgunner Resident): your legend never will you will be missed Chrissie
Edo (Edo Mostel): a true legend and example for everyone
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): true that
ƇƛMЄƦƠƝ ҲЄƝƝƠ (Cameron Xenno): Thanks You all for Speaking and setting all this up to help us all cope with the loss of our dearly loved Chrissie.. She is smiling , and always with us all..
Jack Pfeffer: A picture of Christine is her on the table only true love god bless her
Now playing: Lady Antebellum – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Elenna Snook smooches my waffle twin!
Kalina gives Sugar a big hug.
antinoo (antinoo130dc Resident): sorry but I do not speak English and this bothers me because I would like to say that I have known Chrissie. The loss of Chrissie even after days makes me a lump in my throat but I know that Chrissie with her kindness and simplicity would make me smile and would say enough, because she knows she will have a place in her heart and will never be forgotten. a sweet person firm in his ideas and I believe not lover of being at the center of discussions and always willing to all
Sugar (Sugar Caerndow): hugs Kali tightly
Titsy AƖ-Ɯαffα (Tizzie Vyper): /pop
Miranda Crimson (Miranda Lavendel): thank you Antinoo
antinoo (antinoo130dc Resident): vorrei dire ciao Chrissie a voce alta
antinoo (antinoo130dc): sorry but I do not speak English and this bothers me because I have known Chrissie. I think that I’ll have a smile and would say goodbye to her. a sweet person in the ideas and always willing to all
Jack Pfeffer: hi sugar
Jack Pfeffer: love you sugs
Tarl Kenorland: “Although a an enemy of mine of over a decade. She was always nice, kind and in a friendly way, sweet to me. I shall miss her. My heart goes out to you Jack and your family and her close fiends.”
Jack Pfeffer: and you Anjel
Sugar (Sugar Caerndow): hi Jack love you
Sugar (Sugar Caerndow): hugs Anjel
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): thank you Tarl… nods
antinoo (antinoo130dc): I would like to say hello Chrissie aloud
Isa (Isalia Michalak): Huggies Jack ….. what you said touched my heart
[13:38:50] Kalina gives WildJen2012 a big hug.
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): hugs sissy…
ack Pfeffer: hugs you Isa
Jack Pfeffer: thank you so much
Isa (Isalia Michalak): smiles
Carrie (Carrie Jestyr): smiles” greetins ice thanks for coming
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) smiles looking at her little Kali…
Kali Real (Kalina Shang) smiles “Love you sissy”
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident) nods… “Always and Forever”
Kali Real (Kalina Shang) beams and nods
Isa (Isalia Michalak): Kwa Heri Ice
ICE (misty Sun): Am sorry for you loss Pearls… she will be missed
Isa (Isalia Michalak): thank you for coming
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): thank you ICE
Jack Pfeffer: please your all welcome to join us up at the front and maybe pop a note card in the book for Chrissie
Now playing: Evanescence – My Immortal
Kalina gives sunnie a big hug.
Dominique Orfein: Ive to leave, I wish you all the best
Dominique Orfein: please dear Pearls, keep on!
Candace Kuhn: take care Dom
Elenna Snook: It was a pretty ceremony,… see you all around….. hugs for the family and rest of friends, the ones here and the ones that werent allowed ♥♥♥ see you ♥☺
Dominique Orfein: *waves crying
ℑ乇ℵ (WildJen2012 Resident): love this song
Marlee McAndrews: this is was on chissie’s favourite songs
] ωɛɳɗƴ Ʀivɛş (Wendy Rives): this song brings me to tears
Tħɇ Ƀłønđɇ Ǥøđđɇss (Donna Tamura): Me too

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