Interview with the maker of the Hitgor Meter

I wrote about the GM and zCS meter. Now there is a new meter Hitgor that can be used in Gor as well. So time for me to have an interview with the maker of Hit Gor: Hit Iceghost

Q: Can you tell me something about yourself
A: I am a web designer and web developer and a programmer in real life, graduated from a computer science college and took many professional courses, self-studies and training and with working experience more than 15 years I am now in my 30s, and I started Second Life scripting in 2012 so I am an LSL Scriptwriter for like 8+ years now.

I am a creator of many other systems before Hit Gor I created a system in 2014 called Hit Combat and another in 2015 Hit Roleplay was for farming and crafting they were not for Gor, and I do own multiple full permissions combat and roleplay stores, and I do custom work for multiple well known systems now, so I actually make systems and work with coding for life, so I spent like 20 years of my life learning, experimenting, teaching, working and I am doing what I am doing daily for years, and I play in combat and roleplay different worlds since 2011 so I am not some random person who came out of nowhere to make a system and I am not an alt, I use my well known avatars to create what I create.

Q: Why did you make a new meter?
A: Hit Gor was originally created to be used on my own lands, and I created because I needed a way to stay away from the “meters’ wars”, I wanted to build my land and community on a stronger base and fair rules and one system agreed on and used by all members to ensure positive combat and roleplay game experience.

I am not a fan of using multiple meters to make all members happy, because sooner or later this would generate huge mess, and drama between community members because of meter conflicts, using multiple systems is insecure, unfair, and totally wrong, (even if both meters do the same damage but both are internally different design) having one system (x) to communicate (bind, aid, bandage, leash,…etc) with another different system (z) doesn’t even make sense, and using different currency systems also breaks both meters currency systems and affects roleplay dramatically, prevents both systems’ users from using currency transactions (transferring, receiving, stealing,…etc) in their roleplay, not to mention the huge lag generated by placing two different meter servers running on one land.

All respect to all creators I will not mention names or talk ill about any available system but actually, when I looked and tried the available meters out, I found out that one of them is outdated and neglected (yes it is still working) but the languages and techniques we use to create systems are now evolved, systems need to keep updating when new language updates are available to ensure high performance, lag-free and secure systems, and the other meter was a good try and it was promising until it took a wrong route and in my opinion, it doesn’t relate to Gor in any way, if it is working with Gor weapons doesn’t make it Gorean, and the proof is that it is now used in modern and other non gor lands, and if you search creators you find out they are making modern lands rather than supporting Gor, and creating new weapons that don’t relate to Gor, not to mention the privacy, security, domination, lag issues that most people complain about lately, and the result is a strong and great community has been divided into small pieces (x meter) vs. (z meter), GE vs. BTB and Gor is not even Gor anymore, if people think everything is fine they are either new or blind.

If I used (x) meter the z.users will not like and some will never use and if I used (z) meter the x.users will not like and some will never use, so there was a serious need for a crucial solution to unite both systems’ users and have them both back in one community and the solution was the (Y) system which is the Hit Gor, it was the only solution to have both systems users connect together without any issues, the idea worked very well on my land, finally I have one true Gorean System, that focuses on the (Essence of Gor) and to give attention to BOTH combat and roleplay and solving the major issues that we have, like privacy, security, performance, domination, monopoly, and most importantly we needed a system to unite the community back, or at least allow my land members have a great time and good gaming combat and roleplay experience without drama.

I started to develop Hit Gor based on my older system Hit Combat, step by step and I began to use it on my land, until I got a visitor in my land asking what meter is that, I said it is the land meter “Hit Gor” we use here for gor roleplay, she said why don’t you make it public this can help to stop the madness in gor in many lands and in many ways, she just mentioned that “all you need is to make some changes to make it more Gor oriented” I said sure I can make it for public use if it can help, so I began to work on it more and more to meet the gor specifications and not only my land needs.

Q: What makes Hit Gor unique?
A: what makes Hit Gor unique is:
– Hit Gor aims to building a real, active, secure, organized, “CONNECTED and UNITED” gorean community where players can enjoy a positive combat and roleplay game experience without drama about meters or community GE/BTB community conflict, Hit Gor’s vision is to unite gor to be “One World and One Rule!” as it once was, and I think that vision what really makes Hit Gor unique because it doesn’t focus on domination or spreading lies or hate, it actually has a good cause.

– Hit Gor is actually (GOREAN) it means it is created specifically for Gor world and it is not a multi-community system and this gives us a better focus on Gor community needs and wants rather than making a system for all worlds, and that’s where we are going, we are going GOR!

– Hit Gor is secure, and cares about users’ PRIVACY, what happens in Second Life stays in Second Life we can do everything inworld we don’t have any hidden links that take users out to external web pages linking their UUID or matching IP addressed…etc, we can do everything inworld, choose classes, write a backstory, make profiles, pick a homestone, display stats…etc everything inworld, yes we do have a website for informations, specification, manual..etc, and we visit it securely and externally as we do visit any website.

– Hit Gor is not only a meter or a combat and roleplay system, Hit Gor is a great project and the meter is only like 10% of that project, there are things I can’t talk about now, but I do have some plans and the meter is only step and one milestone.

Q: Is the meter compatible with ZCS and GM? Can a wearing Hit Gor raid a tribe wearing zCS or GM?
A: Hit Gor is a stand-alone system and it was “intentionally” created “incompatible” with any other systems and doesn’t use any other systems’ servers or scripts.
Other meters cannot “directly” communicate (bind, aid, bandage, leash, steal,…etc) with or affect Hit Gor in any way, to ensure the full security, fairness, combat & roleplay accuracy, and originality of Hit Gor.

We believe that system uniqueness lies in being a stand-alone system and was not created to be used with other systems, it was created to unite the community again and establish a secure, fair, and stable combat and roleplay game experience for the whole gorean community, this is the essence of the system and that’s what it stands for.

Hit Gor was not created to be the 3rd meter, it was created to be the one and only meter, at least the only meter to be used on my lands.

Compatibility Hud
The compatibility hud was created, released, and available “TEMPORARILY” to give a chance for more people to try the system and to allow our users to keep using the system without having issues, the compatibility hud will not be available as soon as more lands begin to use the system officially.

Using multiple meters together is unfair, insecure, incorrect.

– Unfair: how come using different meters is fair, if both meters created differently, by different people, how do users know if both meters are “internally” equal, it is obviously unfair, especially in combat and official raids, at some points one player will surely have advantages over another, I am talking not only about damage and type of weapon used, there are several factors like script delays, how fast and easy the servers register hits, and many other factors, some code is outdated, other is up-to-date.

– Insecure: allowing multiple meters to be used together is insecure and opens the gate for many cheats and affects the game and community dramatically because this simply allows one player using (x) meter to interact (bind, unbind, leash, unleash…etc) with another player using (z) meter, without checking whether the player is bound or unconscious or not even wearing a meter and sometimes not even a system player, anyone can click a bubble to do whatever without anything stopping them, and moderators can’t always watch especially in big raids with many players.

– Incorrect: using multiple meters is incorrect for many reasons, one reason is the lag generated by multiple meters’ “servers” running on one land, servers do communicate, register, and process (data-in – data-out) everything happens on your land for each person on your land when someone (logs-in, logs-out, enters region, leaves region, attaches meter, detaches meter, turns meter on and off, switches modes, someone hits another, and someone got hit by another, bounds, kills, stats updating, checking if meter is attached or not for each person (20-60+ persons during raids) on land with a timer at seconds running all day long, without stopping…etc) and all this happens at the same land and same time which consumes land memory usage, so imagine you are running two or more of those servers, I will not mention running those with other tools like enforcers, rental systems, script checkers and monitors, door scripts, greeters, furnitures, and other scripts on one land.

When people ask if one meter is compatible with another like asking if iphone is compatible with samsung.

Actually I don’t understand why do lands need to use multiple meters? who do you try to make happy? players? creators?
I don’t understand that to be honest, and I have never seen this happening on any other world or community, to me it doesn’t even make sense, I am not saying all people should change to Hit Gor, I only say that we don’t have to use multiple meters at least each land should use their preferred meter, so you can actually maintain your land rules, fairness and security of your players and have a better combat and roleplay experience on your land, but again it is up to you as long as it is not my land you are free!

Q: Is there non combat functionality in Hit Gor?
A: If you are asking about the roleplay features yes, we do have slavery and slave trading and ownerships, economy and coinage system (treasures, jars, lets, vends…etc), community organization systems, home stones, and homestone boards, and this week we will have a series of fine updates related to the Essence of Gor, and a new stand a lone system is coming very soon thats actually connected to Hit Gor in away.

Q: Many people ask about the bubble, why don’t we make a bubble?
A: Well with Hit Gor I try to make the system the highest performance possible so we can have enjoyable combat and roleplay experience especially in raids and roleplay also, so I got rid of many things that were not important like the (bubble), bubble yes make people click it easier to do some actions that we “already have” in the hud, but also consumes a lot of unnecessary script memory, using more open listeners, timers, menus, objects, code, messages to other prims..etc and this generates unnecessary lag especially when there are many players on land ex in raids, yes bubble is easier but is also laggy so we sacrifice this bubble so we can have less lag than we have before, this bubble features are all in the hud and also in the compatibility hud, and it is not laggy as the bubble because it is the same design as the normal hud and not all people wear it because it is for non hit gor users. People using other meters will complain anyway even if we
have the bubble as they do now complain even if they have the bubble, people complain about anything and everything, and the compatibility hud is actually temporary, I know the compatibility hud is different and people need to get used to it, but do we really need it or we can just sacrifice it so we can have enjoyable raids? I do care a lot about system performance.

How does Hit Gor match to these criteria?

1. The meter should have a reliable infrastructure. . (e.g. no single point of failure, disaster recovery etc.). The meter should have a well staffed team behind the scenes.
A: We can’t predict the future, but the system servers and host are paid for 5 years from now, and btw more team members the less secure system, if I am leaving Second Life, I would give the system to one of the great scripters I know can trust so they can keep the system running, sure the system will not be neglected as the one you are using now.

2. Bugs should be repaired by updates as soon as possible.
A: I update systems at the same day we find any bugs, and I don’t only update the system when bugs found but I update system in general because I always keep adding new features or enhance the available features, or find ways to even enhance performance, I do care about my creations and systems quality more than anyone.

3. Meter makers should not be involved in weapon makers.
A: I don’t create or make and will not create or make weapons for Gor never, not because I can’t but because I don’t need to do any as long as there are several creators already supporting my systems, if meter creators make weapons for their systems is unfair for weapon creators, I think I shouldn’t be involved in weapons-making but I do believe weapon makers and meter creators should cooperate.

4. Meter makers should respect the privacy of their users
A: Hit Gor respects the privacy of all users and we don’t collect any private information like IP addresses, browser, operating system, or alt tracking…etc, I don’t care about all these stuff, also everything happens inworld, as I mentioned earlier, what happens in Second Life stays in Second Life, players don’t have any buttons or anything that takes them to any external website or forms, players can do everything inworld (see stats, updating back-stories, display info …etc all inworld, everything happens inworld, you can test and see by yourself.

5. All users of the meter should have the same meter (no power-users)
A: Hit Gor is fair and will always be fair, all players are equal in everything, no one has advantages over another, and we have only one meter not several.

Q: Did you test Hit Gor with weapon vendors, If yes which vendors are involved?
A: Yes I did test with weapon makers and people related to weapon makers like LR by Allia Lane for example sent me all weapon types to do specific tests, tested some of the features not just with me but also with her people and I used to get daily reports for what we need to fix and what is fine and what people may like..etc, and not only weapon makers but also I cooperate silently with very good and old combat players and very fine role-players, and currently I am working with a very clean mind for the next series of updates related to roleplay and essence of gor.

Q: How many people use Hit Gor now?
A: Now there are 660+ registered players and sure they are increasing daily especially the last few weeks.

Q: Why should people move to Hit Gor?
A: actually, as I mentioned earlier, I created the system to be used on my own lands, I don’t care if people move to Hit Gor or not, and I don’t actually pay attention to other meter creators because they aren’t important to me they aren’t even competitors.

I only work on my creations and taking care of the performance and quality of my systems, so the group of people who “already” using and supporting the system can have a fair, lag-free, and enjoyable combat & roleplay game. and I released the system for public use if people like to use it they are more than welcome, I would provide the support and help when they need if not this wouldn’t affect me or my lands in anyway, because people who use Hit Gor will remain using Hit Gor, whether landowners allowed it or not.

But I will try to answer your question in another way lets imagine I am not the Hit Gor creator and lets imagine I am a normal true gorean that likes to fight and raid and owns a small gorean land and creating weapons as a business ok? and I have 3 options ( Hit Gor, X meter, Z meter ) and now I have to choose only one of the 3 to be used on my land, and to have good experience while me and my group using it, and also to protect my weapons business, I would choose Hit Gor for the following reasons:

(as a landowner):

– Hit Gor doesn’t invade people privacy, I would like to use a system that doesn’t invade mine or my people privacy,
I would like to keep my land fully secure and following Second Life TOS and don’t help or support a creator a “random person” that invades our privacy, or even distribute a meter on my land that does invade people privacy or track their IP addresses, countries…etc one way or another, I wouldn’t support illegal stuff on my land to make few people happy, this is a BIG NO.

– Hit Gor meets all Gorean specifications and doesn’t invent new specs to dominate the community or change the rules of my community to sell more weapons and make a profit.

– Hit Gor doesn’t use inworld servers and that’s good for my land because I don’t want a system to destroy my land memory usage or lag my land in raids and ruin role-players scenes, I would like to enjoy the land that I pay a lot to keep, and also I want my land players and visitors to enjoy their time on my land, and stay longer.

– Hit Gor provides new roleplay features that can enrich my land roleplay activities and can help me make new games using the tools and packages the system provides, so I can now do more activities with the same system I am using, run taverns, treasure hunts, slavery trades, and auctions, and a lot more.

– Hit Gor creator is active, replying IMs, online most of the time, and Hit Gor is updated always and using the latest scripting technologies, hardware, and server software versions available,
Hit Gor is not neglected or outdated.

(as a weapon creator):
– I would support Hit Gor because it doesn’t sell or make weapons, so it doesn’t compete with me as a weapon creator, and doesn’t bite my market share, or make internal changes to their meters to make their weapons functions better than mine, even if all weapons has the same damage and types, how can I know if they don’t do something in scripts that makes their weapons functions better or faster or whatever, so I would choose to support the meter that actually supports creators and don’t harm their business.

(as a player):
– Hit Gor doesn’t invade people privacy, I would like to use a system that doesn’t invade my privacy.
– Hit Gor enjoys a high performance in raids and lag-free so I can enjoy the raids without lag and have a good combat experience with my group and the raiders.
– Hit Gor rich in features, and options maybe more than other meters and I do everything inworld.

Q: Where can more information about Hit Gor be found?
A: People can find all the information on Hit Gor website [] and also they can always IM me and ask anything they wish I always reply messages.

Q: Anything I forgot to ask?
A: You forgot to ask about the future of Hit Gor, Hit Gor is very advanced but there is a lot coming, and the system is only a small part of the project, it is only one step forward
HIT GOR has proven its quality and high performance in real raids and mock raids, and several tests with great raiders and weapon creators, and the result was great, finally, we have a strong system that can stand against lag and cheat, therefore I decided to take HIT GOR to the next level towards the Essence of Gor while maintaining the high performance, it is time to dive deeper into Gor, HIT GOR is not just a name, and Gor is not only about combat, Gor is a great community and Goreans deserve the best.

Thank you for this interview.
Mariko Marchant

An Introduction to G&S

Interview with Thorvald Ragnarsson and Rαvєn

G&S fields at Thorvaldshavn, where there is a nearly complete G&S economy

Mariko Marchant: Well to begin with what is G&S?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): G&S is a system designed for Roleplay. It was first introduced as a system for Gor players. It branched out to other groups because, I believe, it’s easy to use and self sustaining.

Mariko Marchant: When was it introduced?
horvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): I don’t know exactly.. several years back.

Mariko Marchant: How does it work? (in short)
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): Very simply…the fields provide grain.
They can also produce other things.. but we use them primarily to feed our livestock When we harvest the plants there’s a procedure to feed the animals. We use an automatic system to save some time and effort.

Mariko Marchant: Where do you get those plants?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): They come with some basic plants in the field.. which is purchased from Sombra magic.. inworld or in SL Marketplace.
Grain, suls, tomatoes.. what else, Raven?
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): Tea and strawberries 🙂 but we don’t grow them, because they were not available to Vikings .

Mariko Marchant: Is that expensive?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): 300 linden per field.. which never runs out of product.
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): You can buy a field and change the crops if you like, we grow only grain and two Sul fields which we may need for tarks food or human consuption ( not an authentic veggie in viking times )

Mariko Marchant: so you sell it?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): No.. but necessary for the tarsk, which are earth pigs.
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): We don’t sell grain, but other produce and crafted things.

Mariko Marchant: I heard there are recipies so you van make an end product. But I wonder why who would buy this?
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): People who cannot make them, who don’t have the equipment we have, but need the energy it gives or keep them be cause they are pretty.
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): Well said..

Mariko Marchant: So it is about trade roleplay?
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): We can trade, but we have animals to feed, too.

Mariko Marchant: G&S animals, who need feeding?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): The animals require care.. food and water and space to grow.
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): Yes, boks and verr (cattle and goats).

Mariko Marchant: And what do you do with those animals ?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): We use them for our food and the Tharlarions.. they need meat in huge amounts.
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): They give milk, meat, wool and skins, we can weave carpets from the wool.

Mariko Marchant: So you end up with a lot of products?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): Yes, I think so.. we store them in barrels.
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): Yes, carpentry, pottery, baskets… all that we need and have extras to sell.

Mariko Marchant: Do you sell on MP for lindens?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): Yes.. We have a Marketplace shop that’s run by my wife Zabrina. It’s named Thor’s Forge.  : It’s still in the early stages of development.

Mariko Marchant: So you could use it to cover sim costs?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): I don’t think so.
G&S tools and food are very inexpensive.. 100 barrels of water is only 12 linden. A pick axe for mining is about 15 L$.

Mariko Marchant: Would you like some thing to add?
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): I can’t think of anything, can you, Raven?
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): Think you got an overview.

Mariko Marchant: Well thank you very much for this interview.
Rαvєn (raven.firecaster): If you have more question, you know where to find us 🙂
Thorvald Ragnarsson (rowdymcgill): You’re welcome to visit anytime
Mariko Marchant: Thank you

Mariko Marchant
Gazette of Gor

Thanks to Astrid (slavia32) for arranging this interview




On Gor Meters

There are several meters in Gor: zCS (by far the most used), Gorean Meter (GM) and the newcomer Hitgor. This article will not state which is the best meter, but will give some criteria that might help you with your choice.

  1. The meter should have a reliable infrastructure. (e.g. no single point of failure, disaster recovery etc.). The meter should have a well staffed team behind the scenes.
  2. Bugs should be repaired by updates as  soon as possible.
  3. Meter makers should not be involved in weapon makers. Meters should be totally independent. There should be no weapons makers who make stronger weapons for a particular meter. In fact all meters should define the specifications of weapons together and install an independent weapon testing group.
  4. Meter makers should respect the privacy of their users and not collect and store information like IP addresses, browser, operating system etc. e.g detection of alts is not what a meter should do.
  5. All users of the meter should have the same meter. There should not be users who have more power or health.

Meter makers should work together on compatiblity, on defining specifications for weapons and on an independent weapons testing group. They should not go for monopolizing the market because competition leads to a better product.

Last but not least meter and weapon makers should not use their own products in Gor.

Mariko Marchant
Gazette of Gor

Thanks to Dagny Ravenhurst for textual corrections


3D logo for your tribe

ღ.OραƖє.ღ (opalepfeiffer) can make a 3D logo for your tribe.
Here are two examples of her work.


Ikerie tribe at Siba


Shekinah Arani tribe at Port Falworth

If you want a 3D logo for your tribe please contact ღ.OραƖє.ღ (opalepfeiffer)

Mariko Marchant
Gazette of Gor

We should never forget them (Part 3)

Today I visited the Zima A’kam memorial. To get there you have to TP from the boat at the lading point.


The  picture on the left is In-na and Minnie is on the right

Be nice to each other and love what you have. That was the last notice of In-na before she died at  July 16, 2016 . She was a great panther, builder, a great member of the Gazette of Gor Team and above all a wonderful person.

her final Journey
the peaceful panther Inna
captured by cancer

• On July 16, 2016 Inna of the panther tribe Ja’Lina passed away. I will always remember her as my sister at Zima who was always willing to help and if there were conflicts between members she did her very best to solve those conflicts. She was always there when someone need help. She was a peaceful panther she did not fight much, but now and then she sparred with me and showed how well she could fight. She had so many talents; She was a builder and when Minnie made me chief Editor of the Gazette of Gor she helped me by setting up the distribution of the Gazette of Gor by using dispensers. Inna meant so much for Gor and for panthers in Gor in particular. It is hard to imagine she is not with us anymore. Secondlife will be less without her and it makes us realize that behind every avatar there is a real person we don’t know. But I do know Anni must have been a wonderful person in real life.

When Minnie passed away the heart of Gor stopped beating. Minnie did not only love Gor, for me she was Gor.  I met her when  we both joined Zima in 2014. She was so special and an unique person: This she wrote in January 2015:

Minnie begins her without weapons week
For Charlie Hebo Journalists
For police people who died
For hostages who died today
For bomb on mosques
For gun shots on mosques
For fight against hate and violence

Minnie wore no weapons a week as a statement against RL violence. Her  real life and second life often came together

Minnie (maxfromfrance) RL name: Caro
May 28, 1972  – March 6, 2017


Mariko Merchant
Gazette of Gor