River Delta Panther tribe

I have heard of a new tribe called River Delta on the Obsessions land i asked to interview the En Katya (totallysurrendered) and her tribe, they call themselves BBP

bodi (bodicapagan): thank you for invitation
Katya (totallysurrendered): ((Welcome to My camp, Everyone this is Bodi from the Gorean Gazette, Mariko asked for a small article on us ())
Tanesia (tanjalesbian) tal Bodi hugs..what a surprise to have you here ,
Katya (totallysurrendered): Bodi a seat by the fire if you like
bodi (bodicapagan): (( greetings every one i write over a few visits so please chat to me
Tara (tiff589) is still hugging her chair tightly encase anyone tries to remove her from it
Wolfie (cordira) walks with the tanesia as pulled along
bodi (bodicapagan): thanks
Tala (tallaniel) sighs and looks around again before gazing at Kat. “Can… I think about your offer and give you my answer in the morning?”
Ludmilla Lunasea rubs her head, confused by so many people chatting together.
Tara (tiff589) laughs seeing kat sit in the still honey coated chair
Katya (totallysurrendered) smiles to Tala “sure but in those clothes I wouldn’t suggest running, you freeze by time you get to any dock!” well there is a Kur cave next door they enjoy female company”
Tala (tallaniel) nods, not looking very happy. “IS there some cave or hut where I can sleep?”
bodi (bodicapagan): can i ask why you started the tribe , and why here ? what is your vision for your tribe?
Katya (totallysurrendered): sure bodi, we started RDP as we were Talender but noticed that everyone on the continent is bored, there is no rp there, and everyone had started to either depart or make silly rp like death and drama
bodi (bodicapagan): so why the big change , and move to this place
Katya (totallysurrendered): we came here and made RDP, restarted me old tribe but Sa Seraka Tor has been copied so many times, we gave it a new name, River Delta Panthers, to generate rp, and try to get back to the roots of gor and not pew pew / cap/rescue/ raid pew pew / rinse and repeat of the continent
Katya (totallysurrendered): well the entire mini continent here, is all committed to it, you already spoke to Sarah EN of the Ordovices next sim over, and then we have Northern Outpost newly rebuilding on this sim, and of course this huge “mountain: behind me is the 6 Claws Kur ship that also are here and they are committed to rp, and not just shoot, down, run off, that sadly the continent has become, that and the friendly attitude, I walked from gimli to mystic forest yesterday, no one even tried to rp, anything just blindly walked past,
bodi (bodicapagan): and why then do you think you can offer more rp? , this sounds very exciting for rpers, how have you gained new huntress , to join , have you rp them in or by invitation, so what i am asking is how do new people join you?
Katya (totallysurrendered): Well Rosecynder here we brought over from Talender as we knew she can rp as we came over, Tara and I came here looking at the place and loved the attitude of the BBP idea as it matched our plan of restarting, trying to reboot what we loved, some have rp in like Tanesia here, and Kimba still doing hers , longest rp ever 🙂 ,
bodi (bodicapagan): do you have organised events , or continue rp, do you have slaves , and do you treat them like btb , or like private
Tara (tiff589): we do have slaves here.. and we try to treat them btb, well btb panthers didnt really keep slaves they detested the idea of females kneeling,
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Katya (totallysurrendered): so we had to be a lil flexible there
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Katya (totallysurrendered): but we try to be as close as we can, hence BBP not BTB
bodi (bodicapagan): bbp
Katya (totallysurrendered): plus BTB spend more time arguing over misinterpreting the books than extending it into a viable rp
bodi (bodicapagan): nods so as a tribe do you go out looking for rp or stay here and have people come
Katya (totallysurrendered): both
Tara (tiff589): both
Katya (totallysurrendered): all the groups here, River Delta Panthers, Northern Outpost, 6 Claws, Ordovices and Iceni all try to pull together with same sim rules, same ideals of extending the rp of gor and not just shoot / down/ more of same
bodi (bodicapagan): same sim rules across all, i have written about this and have try to promote this idea, is it working ?
Tara (tiff589): it works, yes
Katya (totallysurrendered): we have ongoing rp with Sa Pasheen, trade and such, and Talender Moon we try to rp with as well, we get a lot of visitors, random panthers and such that drop by, traders and as I say we have Kur next door so they tend to try to show themselves at times
bodi (bodicapagan): so could you give me your vision for the future, and what do you say to others who say gor is dying
Tara (tiff589): as i am exhausted at the moment i wont even try to give what our vision is… its simply a healthy place to RP that is book based, and isn’t pew pew.
Katya (totallysurrendered): It is dying, if we don’t make an effort, I came from originally Billboard / HTML Gor in 1989 long before SL came, then IRC / YAHOO and MSN Gor, then came Palace gor and SL Gor, so it has gotten watered down over the years, sadly the descriptiveness has faded, so we trying to bring it back some, our vision is not to let it fade into just another game like call of duty or zombies, but to bring back the core of Honour and Gor again, so maybe just maybe the newer visitors can get a glimpse of what we had
I asked huntress from the tribe one very new and one experienced rper
can i ask you how you are finding this new tribe, and are you having more rp, would you recommended it

bodi (bodicapagan): yes tan please
Tanesia (tanjalesbian) this is my opinion not from the tribe nor from anyone else ..I do not believe a tribe can make for you a better tribe there is not a such thing as a better or less better tribe ..I was in Talendermoon the Tribe was good leaded but have i found more rp there then here ..? T hats the question of every siingle person ..I have served in tavern Elation ..had i more rp then i have now ..? There is no tribe what can give you rp ..No one will knock on you screen with the question ” can you rp with me ” ..I was captured by the wagon people they have killed me ..I had that time a great long RP …I went for the ashes from letti i found her burning on a table when i went to Tazberg i asked Athene for her ashess ..It was a great intense RP ..If i join tomorrow Shekinah will i have more rp then i have now ..My answers is NO! No matter what tribe you join its you who make the RP not the Tribe nor a En ….I think one tribe is better then a other by who it leads ..Not by less or more rp because it depends on yourself
Tanesia (tanjalesbian): how much rp you have ..This tribe EN banish some one who made ooc group drama ..How many tribes will banish some one who make group drama ? And therefore this tribe is great
Tanesia (tanjalesbian): I think this tribe have a good EN what makes her a good EN is that she dare to speak and not work on numbers ..You mess up ..bad luck ..There you go ..This tribe is good because you cant come here and just shoot for you GM point farming ..You need a IC reason and have to rp before you shoot ..Gor will never be death daily there are over the 4000 new accounts there are daily new people who join gor ..IF people waste less time with complaining and put more time in rp ..Then people wont be bored so much ..But if i stand here and wait till some one come to me for rp then i stand here next year and the year after crying that gor is death and that i have no rp ..
Tanesia (tanjalesbian): you welcome ..i been here 2 days i joined here as spy i blown my cover up because i seen this EN knows a lot of gor i have learned in this 2 days more then i have learned in other tribes

Ludmilla Lunasea: Well, honestly, I’ve just joined Gor and this tribe a week ago, so giving a comparaison is pointless. They welcomed and accepted me easily, i’ve got RP, even if my English is rather basic and i’m far from being a pararoleplayer. But my experience is so limited that i’m probably not the best reference you can have.
bodi (bodicapagan): that you are willing to learn and to give your all is good thank you
Ludmilla Lunasea: You are welcome… come back in a month. If I’m still here, it shall be because this tribe is good 🙂


Bodi (bodicapagan)


Role play at the Tavern

Some say there is no role play anymore in Gor. As you can read below this is not true.
Thank you for sending me the log Bodi

Mariko Marchant

bodi (bodicapagan) walks in to the tavern , notice the others , taking a seat,

Inanna (mistressmagik): “aye, this is the way of a real village i the city…what is your purpose of such a statement”?

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei) casts a lazy eye at the new comer as she continued to share an opinion to the two huntress’s

Inanna (mistressmagik): “tal huntress”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): I think you could have a better quality of life in a village with the right laws to protect your interests and when you can behold patients to learn how to navigate the social co-existence for nothing more than to live life to the fullest.

Inanna (mistressmagik) laughs so loud it echoed out of the tavern

bodi (bodicapagan) turns , Tal , is there slaves here to serve food, i am hungry and walked long way

Gwendoline Footman shrugs and takes another sip of her kalana. “Better to live an outlaw than submit to unjust laws,” she says dismissively.

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei) grunts to Gwen “Stop being so ignorant Gwen. I said you write the laws you want to abide to. how can they be unjust?”

Inanna (mistressmagik): “then why don’t you go live in the village if you feel such a ways, panther”?

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): “I live in a village living the good life.”

Gwendoline Footman: Whether a law is just or not doesn’t change depending on who writes it.

Inanna (mistressmagik) nods at her sisters very good point
Inanna (mistressmagik) takes another inhale of her pipe and walks closer the huntress sitting at the bar table..'”tal huntress. Name’s Inanna”.

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): you just want to live with anarchy and then complain all week that someone stole your furs when you stood up.. Serious.. it isn’t overcomplicated at all.

Inanna (mistressmagik) grunts with laughter at the females remarks

bodi (bodicapagan): Tal inanna i am bodi from south from shekinah arani , i am seeking trade for my tribe , we need fur the huntings is poor

Inanna (mistressmagik): “Anarchy?! we live off the land. We offer our respects to the goddess and take care of our own. We need no laws..”

Inanna (mistressmagik) turns back to Bodi.”We have furs…What do you have to trade…have you any honey”?
Gwendoline Footman shrugs again. “I live well enough for my own needs,” she says. “And I want nothing to do with slavers.”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): ha! see the woes of the forest life.. I cant hunt hunting is poor we have no more arrow heads.. we need to trade our best stolen goods to feed ourselves.. all easily avoided but simply giving in to a life of productivity and mercantile exchange.. coins buy everything . and they are easy to mint.
Inanna (mistressmagik): “you sounds like an arrogant male huntress, you may be able to buy your way out of things, but your character may not be bought”

Inanna (mistressmagik): “You don’t know what lives these women have lived. what they have suffered through…You assume much for such a large planet”

bodi (bodicapagan): honey i say , well we can get hold of some, what fur you have , only interested in the best . we have paga to trade too

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): it’s easily mitigated and avoidable.. but not talking too much, Dressing properly and picking the right mate if you wish to procreate and bear children. all you have to do is agree to a set of civil laws to uphold and administer.

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): and lastly never to give into the lifestyle of wanton slut looking for the pleasures of a man.

Gwendoline Footman makes a face. “Sounds worse than death to me.”

bodi (bodicapagan) looks to the lady , are you seeking a mate a free companion , i know of one whoo is seeking too

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): at least I don’t freeze and go hungry….

Gwendoline Footman laughs. “I have no problems getting food. Getting your hands on coin isn’t hard, if all else fails.”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): I have a mate I offered salvation from his life of squalor which was the forest.

Inanna (mistressmagik): “I have some larl furs and some tabusk furs as well..will that be enough”?

bodi (bodicapagan): you seem to be living like a soft free woman, if you have a male mate then, , turns back larl and tabuk , nods how many you have, i can get hold of 3 pots honey

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): while it’s true some cities are not as kind as others it takes a while to pick the best places to live in not every place is an idea homestead.

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): I don’t have a man any more

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): my companion now is a former huntress

Inanna (mistressmagik): “I have a nice black larl fur I think you would like, only ones we have seen as winter had brought upon us”

Gwendoline Footman: Your companion is a woman?

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): the last male mate I had allowed me to produce one of the greatest huntresses of our time. My daughter Steph.

bodi (bodicapagan): take a thrall then they work hard and do as told , maybe is it big to make cloak i have need of one

Inanna (mistressmagik): “It is an extra large fur….I will trade you that with one tabusk fur.. The tabusk is smaller so you may make a cloak of the lark or cut it up for resting and gathering”

Inanna (mistressmagik) turns hearing the name STeph

Inanna (mistressmagik): “I have met your daughter”

bodi (bodicapagan): seems a fair deal, is it this summer catch , i not want an old , in case it full holes so how many honey yo want .

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): she ravages the land indiscriminately ooh she is living her prime reckless lifestyle… soon she will mature and outgrow petty Barbary.

bodi (bodicapagan) smells the stew boiling on the fire as no slave, walks and dish some out in bowl throw a small coin down, and pour self a goblet ka la na, returning eats slowly , keeping eye on the others, not trusting them

Inanna (mistressmagik): “I noticed such”..she responded the the mother of stephora. turning back to Bodi, “there are no holes, we just cured these furs last week. We hunt much to keep us togehter strong and bonded.”…she reached around to her backpack and untied the strings holding the furs to it( have to go to bed otherwise i would tell you to come to the camp and rp getting them there))… She unrolled both the furs in front of Bodi for her to take a look at…’ make it two pots of honey and two pouches of pepper and we have a trade huntress”
bodi (bodicapagan) looks them over , noting the quality, nods they look good to me , i can bring the honey tomorrow, i have pepper you trust me to bring you isay, looking her in the eye

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei) finished off the bowl of mean and sighed as Gwen resisted to dance…. Athene Pushed her self up ” last one out does the dishes..”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei) set the bowl down and turned to face the door

Inanna (mistressmagik): “You know where the Sa Jesuil band is?”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): Two things of honey and some pepper for a larl pelt?

bodi (bodicapagan): is it far from here i heard of this place

Inanna (mistressmagik): ‘I have paid thrice the coppers for these drinks..I shall not do any dishes…a village woman is meant for such formalities”

Inanna (mistressmagik): “Meet me here same time tomorrow and bring your items for trade and I shall do more trade with your kind in the future”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): ha ha .. she chuckled.. “there a catch my dear huntress. This is not my land nor is it my village and it’s left to the locals to pick up the slack.”

Inanna (mistressmagik) hands over the larl fur to bodi..” ill hang on the tabusk till you get back”

bodi (bodicapagan): nods i will try this time , but you have my word, take the larl and eye the tabosk, we have deal huntress

Inanna (mistressmagik): ” Shows again, the character of such a proud villager…its all about having a label inst it? IT should be common curiosity to take care of such things for the locals and our hospitalities”

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): Says the pack of huntresses trying to sell Anarchy you sure have a sense of value and trade commitment.. this is opposing from the life of an outlaw.. for if I was a huntress I’d capture the girl sell her and keep her good for another trade… When you believe in laws and procedures you pay your debts to escape slavery….

Inanna (mistressmagik) takes a look at the villager to remember her eyes and once more at Bodis and smiles at both of them…”safe paths huntresses”..” may the moons glow through your hearts..and stay warm, I am glad I could help you with such a trade Bodi, and you I”

Inanna (mistressmagik): “It isn’t always about upholding a manner dear villager,…sometimes its about survival”

Inanna (mistressmagik): “we are in the present…..not the past”

Inanna (mistressmagik) takes another smoke of her pipe and walks out nodding goodbye

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): you could make a village merchant and earn the title of lady…

] bodi (bodicapagan): aii take care huntress, sleep well we meet again for the trade, and snarl showing her teeth to the woman , with talk of slavery, take care woman , it may be you in chains

Athene Coba (meiyuki.suisei): haha be well girl

Reading the Gazette and some thoughts

Reading over the last copy of the Gazette of Gor here some thoughts here:

Lack of Respect and bullied and pushed

There are some people in here that are just targeted and then taunted and bullied until they push back, Groups in here that will offer no role play to certain members or other groups because of disagreements between another person in each group. Sim owners not being unbias and having perma bans and blocks on someone so it hurts new groups from growth if that group takes that person. Alt hunting, going around calling others by another name that is OCC and has nothing to do with RP and then sending out notices with their what they feel are their “ALTs”. The double grouping will happen be it raiding or panther, as some are here to enjoy both sides the RP and Raids, but double tribe is sad, As leaders and new groups try to grow we can not see if someone is they are if some bans are in places and other leaders just will not work with the new group.

To get back on track i think having a fair unbais sim mods in place to help sim owners and have fair rulings on bans perma bans are not the way and to work with people mods and sim owners are to get rp back on track not stop it because someone has a problem with another in here and life we just have people we do not get along with that dose not mean we are out because of a person. It means show some respect and move on.

Stop Alt hunting some people may have an another account for building but not in another gor group who cares and also there are people who need to carry payment on another account . There is several reasons why someone may have one . That should not be anyone else’s concern. Being OCC calling out what people think you are as “ALTS” making a scene then going into RP and when they lose a fight they cry MOD because it is not fair and you show poof it was fair it was all just so they could start rumors that you such and such “ALTS” is childish and then sim owner estate ban instead of just throwing it out and telling the other person to grow up. The people that are labeled as being an alt of that said person is ban now based on the word and rumors. It pisses those off who have nothing to do with either party.

Stats and Boards
We all know who is on top in the female she been there for months it is no secret how she is up there and how many groups she is but no one will do anything about it. I could care less but when your in one of these groups with a person like this and you both do not see eye to eye you get thrown out yes it has happen it almost like you can not join any where your blackballed. Yes there has been several tries to work things out only the other side will not forgive. The view on this are these type of people sees that people like me and many others like me can rise to be better or just as good as top board people so they better do what they can to make sure we do not have access to training, sims or groups that can help us grow because they want to stay on top.

Lyric Skaði ĂгgÓus đαωєѕ.̵̨̄Ʒ (akirasuzuki3)

Editorial Gazette of Gor #95

Lack of Respect

“Why can’t you fucking do your job as a mod”. As an estate manager I get these kind of IM’s sometimes. Someone wants to have someone to be banned and if i don’t do it right away they get rude. I don’t ban easily and I want to talk to people first before I might ban them.
The huntress who write this was not even involved, she just saw something happen what was not right in her eyes and there was no call for a mod.

Sim Owners pay a lot for sims where people can have fun. But respect for the sim owners and estate manager seems to be gone. People come to gorean sims as a lego brick or in jeans with high heels and if a mod says that is not a gorean outfit they say the mod does not know about Gor and they keep arguing. If an non-approved weapon is detected the answer is, that they will not come for combat on the sim if they cannot use such weapons.

Therefore it is no wonder sim owners give up. Recently a panther sim was closed down. The members of the tribe there were double tribing and played elsewhere. This is another problem: People don’t feel connected to the sim where they have their home. it is me only and they don’t care about the sim where there have their home. In fact they have many homes. I estimate there are 100 panthers/talunas in Gor. Now when you have 20 tribes, there are on average 5 core members per tribe. This is what you see when you travel around and look at the panther/taluna camps.

i do not think this is a panther/taluna problem, It is an Second Life Gor wide problem. Lack of respect and the bad people driving the good people out. Can we reverse this process? I am not optimistic but in the past Second Life Gor has survived many storms.

In this issue you will find opinion articles like “Addicted to stats”, “What is Gor” and “zCS vs GM Just a meter war?”.
Also “The Shaman – Some Ideas”, “Words” and “Gorean Language” are worth reading and may contribute to your Gor knowledge.

Mariko Marchant
Chief editor of the Gazette of Gor

You can have your copy at many docks in Second Life Gor

(Gazette of Gor blog with recent articles and comments)
(Gazette of Gor website with published articles of the Gazette of Gor)

The Shaman – Some Ideas

Dear readers,
please find first some quotes about the spirituality and superstition on Gor.

1- Despite one’s Caste, most Goreans seem to believe in divinatory abilities and pay heed to the taking of auspices. Many Goreans will not begin an action until the omen is read. Omen taking is common before military actions and the Initiates frequently take omens prior to numerous important matters. These omen takers are known by various terms such as “soothsayer” or “haruspex”. It is common to sacrifice animals for these divinations and then read the animals entrails or blood. The vulo, verr and bosk are also common sacrificial animals. Human sacrifice has been practiced on Gor in the past by at least the Wagon Peoples and Torvaldslanders though this practice has apparently ceased except by the Paravaci tribe. Omen taking does not require sacrifices though. A soothsayer may read the wind and grass, the stars, the flight of birds, or almost anything else.

Omens are interpreted by haruspexes, who read signs in bosk blood, the livers and entrails of sleen, slaves, and other animals, as well as the wind, the grass, the flights of birds, and other natural phenomenon.

In addition, haruspexes provide amulets, talismans, potions, etc to members of the Camp.
They also provide minor medical treatment to the women and slaves of the Wagon People.
— Nomads of Gor, pg 28

2- A haruspex is a kind of Tuchuk shaman who reads portents and tells the future, as well as furnishing various amulets and potions to women who seek magical protection or intercession. One particularly popular object is a colored string, which receives its magical powers from the sequence of knots tied into it by the haruspex.

“the women of the Wagon Peoples, it might be mentioned, are not permitted to pray; many of them, however, do patronize the haruspexes, who, besides foretelling the future with a greater or lesser degree of accuracy for generally reasonable fees, provide an incredible assemblage of amulets, talismans, trinkets, philters, potions, spell papers, wonder-working sleen teeth, marvelous powdered kailiauk horns, and colored, magic strings that, depending on the purpose, may be knotted in various ways and worn about the neck”
~~Page 28 Nomads of Gor

3- Goreans, on the other hand, often accept, rather uncritically, in my mind, that the reader can actually read thoughts, or usually read them. They reason that if one fellow can see farther than another, and such, why can’t someone, similarly, be able to “see” thoughts. Similarly, less familiar with tricks, prestidigitation, illusions, and such, than an Earth audience, some Goreans believe in magic. I have meet Goreans who really believed, for example, that a magician can make a girl vanish into thin air and then retrieve her from the same. They accept the evidence of their senses, so to speak. The taking of auspices, incidentally, is common on Gor before initiating campaigns, enterprises, and such. Many Goreans will worry about such things as the tracks of spiders and the flights of birds. Similarly, on Earth, there is a clientele, (pg. 63) particularly in uncertain, troubled times, for those who claim to be able to read the future, to tell fortunes, and such.
Magicians of Gor, page 62-63.

4- Shamanism may well claim to be the oldest type of spiritual practice still in use among humankind. Evidence for activities similar to those of later shamans can be seen in the Paleolithic cave paintings. Shamanic practices have survived at all the edges of the inhabited world, with remarkable similarities in both technique and symbolism appearing in places as disparate as Siberia and Tierra del Fuego. Such a broad dispersal suggests that shamanism was practiced by homo sapiens at a very early stage of development, before its dispersion into different cultures. With such a venerable and extensive history, one would expect to find evidence of shamanic practice in the pre-Christian cultures of Northern Europe as well.


Considering all this, the Shaman should bring spirituality and superstition into a new level in the tribes, not only by creating new RP possibilities but also by making it present on the daily routine and not only on special ceremonies.
We can create small and quick fortune-telling ceremonies regarding matters that involve the tribe.
We can have meditation sessions at the Shaman’s place, where sisters bath themselves at the Sacred Waters to clean their souls … and after that the Shaman’s may read their past and future … telling who are their guardian spirits, indicating good luck amulets or jewelry, or the best colors for face or body painting according each one main element.
We can organize hunts for magical or healing herbs and roots in the woods. These ones with healing effects can be shared with the Healers.
If allowed we can even deal with hallucinatory herbs like Kanda, as a way to approach new dimensions, and also work with poisons.
There are so many possibilities we can explore. As Robin Dancer said, if we use techniques like the Shaman Don Juan from Carlos Castañeda, from the 70s/80s, even the place were you sit influences your good or bad mood.
After all we Panthers live in the forests, surrounded by spirits everywhere, on the soil, on the clear waters of the streams and pools, on the winds, on the fallen leaves on the ground, in the light of the sun in between the high tress, on the full moons over us.
The Shamans can add a lot of “life” to all tribes, more RP and less “pew-pew”. It all depends on creativity !

Prinven Biix Xaron – Ikerei Shamane