Living in the village at Port Sheba

Ket1Port Sheba

If you are a merchant, trader, blacksmith, healer etc. you can have a free home on a beautiful btb sim called the rainforest of Sheba.  A pygmy tribe lives in the jungle of Sheba as well and the Sa’Jesuil, Veck Jerag and Wa Nagoa tribes are nearby. So many opportunities to trade and for other roleplay.

kSnapshotvilageVisiting the the Village

Karaket Beebe: “Why I have this port? It’s its for all gorean cultures to meet, trade and chat and whatever”

If interested to have a home in the village, please contact: Karaket Beebe

Sim design: Rikki (rikki.falworth)

Mariko Marchant


Why the continent is dying – The interviews

We all know the continent is dying we can blame pew pew – Can blame the Mods or even Alts – I was curious about the reason – Then decided to interview people about the Continent – There experience and how they feel about the Continent –
I not going to talk about my experience for me the continent is past … Let others talk and i hope we all learn something about this Topic. Take some time for yourself and think about what people have to say, Without people there is simply No Continent.
I have permission to use people there name who i have interviewed.


I asked people.

I work on a project for the Gazette of Gor why the continent is dying.
Can i have some time from you for a interview i would like to hear from People there experience and what can be Done to safe the continent – Without people there is no Continent – Would you like to share you experience – No name calling or rumors just Facts that readers understand what the reason is that Gor became death?

Interview with Last of the Sa’Sheku

Why is the continent fading ? What can be done about it ?
I speak purely from a panther tribe perspective.

The continent is plainly failing because overall people are slowly drifting either off SL entirely or simply off Gor itself. They are not being replaced with fresh people interested in either SL or within it the Gorean RP game.

They are drifting off SL as more and more games become available of an increasingly sophisticated nature which are attracting the 20-30 year old market. As such its the older players , possibly unable or unwilling to adapt to new technology that remain. I personally believe that the average RL age of the players has never been higher and am constantly amazed at the number of 50-60 year olds that I seem to be playing with. Unless someone can tell me different I am unaware of any effort by Linden Labs to counter this slide either in its main market , the USA, or in Europe.

In regards to Gor so many panther tribes, undeniably sadly influenced by an influx of manthers, have gone down the male dominated Outlaw route of sacrificing RP for Pew Pew . This has led to a gradual loss of panthers with a genuine interest and enjoyment from good RP. Pew Pew between the increasingly smaller number of panther tribes leads to conflict and drama and tribes splitting . My tribe the Last of the Sa’Sheku ( possibly a well named tribe ! ) has actually been successful and grown over the last few years precisely because of a turning of our backs on the pew pew tribes and a concentration on good RP scenarios. Actually moving camps and sims to avoid being alongside those tribes. This noticeably has attracted a better type of intelligent and committed player.

So what can be done about it ?

Frankly its hard to say and even harder to achieve but really we need to attract more players from SL into Gor. I remember actually raiding in SL and capturing people ( mainly slave types to be fair but some later stood ) , bringing them to Gor . I dont think I have heard of that done for a long time though many carry on their profiles tales of how they were kidnapped from earth. Perhaps the Gor Hub by selecting the capture sims for instance could promote this part of the game with welcome packs that can be handed out to people in SL describing the options and opportunities for fun here.

I do think the peoples of the continent have to be encouraged to develop RP stories. There is nothing wrong with exciting raids and rescues but not at the detriment of RP. I am here because I enjoy meeting and talking to people from different countries all over the world, getting to know them, having a laugh and making friends. If we can offer more of that rather than a shooting game I believe the continent just may have a future.

Interview with Eurize

Well for one, it’s not Gor that’s dying in general, but SL has a whole. LL is focused more on their project, Sansar (SL 2.0), then devoting their time on SL like they once use to, and you can verify that yourself by how many businesses closed and left, dance clubs, other rp sims, etc. But when speaking of what is the “problem” in Gor, it’s that everyone cares too much about their stats. For some reason, people believe they need to compete with others either by being listed on the stats page, or showing off some tag that says Elite/Best/En bow. But why? Who really cares? When I use to be in GE raid groups, we targeted people like that first. And for people who troll others, that’s just asking for so much drama when they down you and play gestures because they know you’re going to rage. I think the stats list, along with Raid Messenger groups and GE began the downfall of Gorean RP.

Before Raid Messenger came to, groups had to teleport to other groups and RP an alliance to help rescue those who had been captured. I miss how the leaders would rp with each other, while you and your group would rp other members of that group you were seeking an alliance from. And most of the time, after the rescue, you usually saw the two groups still rp’ing with each other. Trades were very common as well, whether it was a groupless person or someone part of a group, you could always expect to see someone coming to your sim to rp trades or even help that person collect something valuable. But now? You can’t even go up to any of the bands on the continent, except maybe in Mirkwood, without being shot and downed when you’re just trying to rp. The northern part of the continent is especially bad about this. Somehow they will find a way to make an innocent rp turn into a threat or challenge. I have actually avoided engaging in any rp with any bands because of that reason. I just go to the continent and seek rp with the villages or pirates.

That’s why the continent is suffering from the lack of visitors from other groups, is because they know there’s no rp without some kind of fight breaking out, which most of the time leads to drama……especially if there are men involved. What I don’t get is if they don’t wish to rp with men, and claim they are lesbian, they why do they stay in the camp once the gates/doors have been lock picked to try defending it still? They can just run to the docks and sail, and avoid all the drama and raging that happens when raiders successfully win. There use to be grapples that lead to the docks to escape when you knew you had no chance at winning. Honestly, what’s the big deal if a man takes you for rp? In my experience, 9 out of 10 times, it can be very fun to rp with them. If you don’t give them an attitude and insult them, then you don’t have to fear anything really. The people who rp as panthers seem to have forgotten that men come to hunt us. Instead, they made the panther role to be this huge lesbian community and believe men shouldn’t be part of any rp that goes on here on the continent, and I have even watched a few run over from 4-5 sims away to pew pew men, and just leave them bubbled.

For those who have been in Gor 10 yrs or longer, they probably remember when KWO, Skerry, old Gimli, and a few other GE groups use to be a part of the continent. Even in the past five years, there have been a few groups who have tried to be a part of the continent, but left. Why is that? Because most of the panther groups drive them out. Why? They pay to be part of that sim they’re on, to seek rp and share the same Gorean experience as others. Stop bullying them away just because of their gender or roles. It is absolutely boring having no one to rp other then panthers on this continent, who most likely are going to shoot you anyways.

The last thing I think needs to change are on sim mods. I think everyone can agree that it leads to more drama and bigger decreases in traffic. We all know that on sim mods are always going to favor their own group and members, while punishing and banning those who aren’t in the group and never punishing or banning their own members who broke sim rules. We use to have off sim mods for this reason. And I think off mod sims should be a thing again, but no panther mods for the continent. Also, there should be two mods ( off sim ) to make the final decision WITHOUT any on sim admins being involved in the outcome. Give people three – five chances before a permanent ban/estate ban is made also. That’s another habit on sim mods are accused of doing, permanently banning people without giving them any chance to make amends. First ban 3 days, second ban 7 days, third ban 2 weeks, fourth ban a month, fifth ban permanently or for a year. If we would just focus on what we’re doing wrong and actually blame OURSELVES, rather then others, the poor reputation of the continent might turn around.

Oh and TAGS are another problem with RP, and not only on the continent, but anywhere in general. You’re giving up the potential rp of someone finding out who you are, and if you’re valuable to the group or not. The En/Leader tag makes you a target for captivity. The En/First/Best bow tag makes you a target to be downed first and even trolled by others. It’s like wearing your money on a necklace and walking down a street thinking no one will target you. Of course you’ll be targeted. You are wearing a sign above you saying “TARGET HERE,” and for those First/En/Best bow tags, that sign says “I LOVE DRAMA”

I think off mod sims should be a thing again, but no panther mods for the continent. Also, there should be two mods ( off sim ) to make the final decision WITHOUT any on sim admins being involved in the outcome. Give people three – five chances before a permanent ban/estate ban is made also. That’s another habit on sim mods are accused of doing, permanently banning people without giving them any chance to make amends. First ban 3 days, second ban 7 days, third ban 2 weeks, fourth ban a month, fifth ban permanently or for a year. If we would just focus on what we’re doing wrong and actually blame OURSELVES, rather then others, the poor reputation of the continent might turn around.

Interview with Onefoe

Onefoe (onefoe.evermore): Having traveled and played many roles in Gor there seems to be a battle between those who want to fight and those who want to RP. There is also those who want strict Gorean roles that adhere to the books and or the old ways that Gor in SL was played back around 2007 (Before my time which was 2011 or so). It seems people have left as there are many changes that have taken place: Asking for IC before raiding, 3 lines or 1 line to bind?, ZCS and GM which dont play well together, then you have alts, so people can work around difficulties ( good and bad). SO to sum it up Gor has structure and people generally played with this defined structure. There was a place you could go to learn Gor and learn what role to play (Gor interactive tutorial) now that is gone. So my take is as the older players or veterans have gotten fed up and left. Gor is de-evolving. Is there a solution? That I cannot be certain. Its good to have connected lands better than isolated. Its good to have creative builds. I think the old ways were
more popular and there should be rules that are consistent everywhere and modding, admins too. Im going to confess I have not read the books, but I rely on the other seasoned players and their RP to learn. I also went through the Gor Hub and Gor tutorial so I am an advocate you can play Gor without all the reading. Be interested in leanring and to play properly and I think that is what is needed.
Drama – that is caused by so many things. There really is not a cure for it, but expectations should allow for some of it. For instance if someone calls out in a battle that there is cheating then handle it without resorting to a mod if possible. I think people should act like adults. There is so much more problems waiting for someone to resolve things like someone didn’t use 3 lines to bind, someone self unbound or entered the raid late. You can deal with those things within the group. I think for a mod to rule that some 2 hour raid should have a do-over is not realistic. Better to have the person who entered late self bind and be captured or something related. Other drama is related to relationships and that should be regulated within the camps. Drama does hurt Gor but it cannot be cured. People are here for their own reasons. As Gor has gotten smaller then the rule infractions get more lenient because nobody wants to lose the traffic.

Interview with Eve Wade

Eve Wade (evegalardo): Hello Ikamoko, i personally don’t feel that Gor is dying it was always the same for me so i don’t have any kind of answer to that question.

Interview with CiI

Cil (cilouette): cil see the continent dieing yes how to stop it not sure but find ways to get peoples attention to join or return cil has met many that have gone WildWest because not enough activity in the continent. cil not mind if it helps bring the Continent back to life cil remember how alive it was few years back always raids and attacks getting jumped just walking across a sim so another tribe would bargain to get them back
but one thing is a lot of males like to rape for there own jollies.

Interview with Nikita

Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Hello, no, I’m not interested. For me Gor doesn’t die, just he evolves according to the people and the ages of the people who play. I wish you good luck in your analysis.

Interview with Ulla

Ulla von Frapp (ullavonfrapp): what i have to say is nothing new really, it’s what we all know alts, dramas, metagaming and godmoding
these are the main issues and factors killing Gor, this continent more specifically
If I’m going to speak of the number one reason why I, personally often get fed up from Gor and take regular breaks, the first and main reason is metagaming, it’s just terrible, the way people constantly use OOC knowledge, IM each other to give meta info, relly on mini map, radar, use bird call and other such unrealistic ways to communicate, it’s become impossible to carry on long term RP, notably with captives I can understand the use of alts to rp different roles, as long as it’s not used for the wrong purposes as you say, but by the same token, I do appreciate people who are there every day on the same avatar, they are reliable and you know you can count on them.

Interview with Nahja Bernhardsson (sheila.fearne)

Well what me concerns it is different today at gor, cause some are only shooting, and others prefer RP, but this RP is often really strange: If you remember the books, when will a panther tell you she will shoot at you? That’S rediculous and nothing real.
Ohter reasons for Gor diying is the fact that many people are not to a llittle extend able to play RP, the lay there as a captive and threaten the capturer.
And above all there are so many players who get angry and the only way out is to kill the other. For my part i have never killed anyone and i will never do. But these points are really things where an relly think about leaving gor cause there is often no fun and sense
and a last part are raidgroups, they only come when they are a lot more then the tribe or Fortress they attack and so it often ends in hours of shooting without a winner or winnnders whop take one of group of for and cap them.

Hi, there is one important thing i forgot, Gor is not BDSM with totally silly torture games with parts of the body cut and panther never set a bounty for someone who will kill another.

Interview with Lady Butterfly Gurbux

Well its simple:

1) Both meters shoud be allowed all over the continent, now one sim is zcs only, then few both then gm only, if you run true the continent you cant change meter every time
this scare many people away.
2) Camps should np\ot be untakable fortresses, panthers didnt live in big builds with strong gates, you can build camps that are nice to raid or attack as one eprson, but with some of the fortresses in the continent this discourage the people that like to attack on their own or with small groups
3) Drama about really nothing, ok you get downed by a pew pew, thats not the end of the world, just let it go, iif people dont want pew pew they can set afk when they attack, not starting to blame people that fight. Gor isnt rp only, so they cant expect this to be that way in the continent was suposed to be 3) the last one ^^
These are the three biggest reasons why people leave the continent

Interview with Inky

Why is the roleplay dying?

Well i guess to be more blunt as to why Gorean roleplay is dying, is because no one is being creative. I call this house roleplay which consist of getting with they’re beloved ones including slaves, and then proceed to RP as they would inside they’re home. Drink and Eat RP untill they eventually fuck each other all night or have a cuddlefest, no one is creative in conflict RP anymore. Something as simple as a Trinket being stolen can create wars between sim and swim and ive seen it happen.

Just now i was walking by in enemy lands. Panther lands and did i get approach? No because they was busy IMing each other love messages to each other, run pass a man in they’re forest so they can continue doing what they do 24/7 here and thats be with their beloved ones. This creates drama because if you do indeed RP with one of them or capture they’re beloved ones become OOCly upset because you ruined time they couldve spent together, or just overall being protective. I don’t see why they are its just roleplay and its not like you can hold someone actually hostage here. And thats why the roleplay is dead is because they take it way too personal.

Lack of knowledge of their roles is also something to consider, i aint gonna dwell how the book said things but i believe Panthers didn’t help each other, why would they risk their own neck to a tribe in a raid that has nothing to do with them? Panthers aren’t warriors to pick up arms and travel to join a upcoming war or battle, i am sure many will disagree with me on this but what they don’t understand is that they’re actually destroying RP aswell. If you understand anything about scouting for raids or roleplay or even action there is a reason you pick one specific sim and look at the people there, and for others to just drop in because they cammed and “Supposedly alliance” with no RP of them getting told of it just destroys pontential roleplay and even interest to come back at all to raid or roleplay, no one enjoys being backstabbed.

Competition and stats is also something that is just stupid to concern yourself of now a days, it just doesn’t matter. Its not like any of these sims would matter back when GE was at the top of these games, i fought and fought with super pew pew groups, battle against master bows and swords. None of these Continent dwellers would last against those sims and those fighters or they’re sim. So before they make this into a competition id say they are late for the show as that ship as sailed a long time ago and perhaps its better they never got involved in it, but id like to see they’re ego’s if they did.

I aint gonna get into everyone’s personal RP limits, but for me its stupid ones like don’t collar me or no sex with males, i can see why most do and say this and thats to protect they’re Partner, but this is Gor and your limits are generally invalid for it, go roleplay elsewhere if you are worried about what Gor does as it did happen, and if not said in the book well i am sure raiders didnt take Panthers to enslave them to they’re homes for tea partys, yet again a point someone will argue to me about but id like to see what they think excatly happend after they got captured. To say it blunt and again, if you don’t like conflicting stuff to happen to you get the fuck out of Gor. There is many other places you can your beloved ones can go to live out your carefree none touched fantasys. Not to offend those who probably were victims in real life of any of that, but i just don’t see the point of being here.

I aint gonna get into the discussion of Manthers because there is no point, if a camp really wanted a place full of girls only theyd take the steps to confirm they are. Honestly i find BtB Panthers a bit more leaned towards more females then males since the girls don’t mind being enslaved in RP and working their way out, and if they are a male playing that role atleast they are roleplay they’re role besides raging out because they feel compaled and threaten by another actual male Player around them and result to OOC insults, though i do find it funny in a community where woman triump the men on Secondlife in numbers of users, we assume all the Panthers are males.

At the end of the day we can only fault sim owners and the leaders of their groups, they turn blind eye onto they’re people so they don’t threaten to leave the place, and thats the problem all around Gor. At that point the sim owners and leaders aren’t doing they’re duty, they are just worried for traffic and interaction and therefore not contributing to Gor only allowing people to stain it because they can threaten to have it they’re way or no way.

Interview ( This one rather not to use the username )

You have people creating things that really are not Gorean so they can attract people. In other words they are placating the masses instead of create something Gorean, a Gorean RP Environment.

the people who are strong leaders. those who believe in GRE, who have Gor knowledge. they do not combine together in fewer groups to provide premium RP and require better RP or at least the desire (in others) to learn

people want to get online and have that connect. they want to have sex. they want to have that relationship they don’t have in RL
they don’t care about storylines or realistic or gor. to them gor is an engine to give them sex, fantasies of bdsm, a relationship they can believe will one day be real

you have people who have sims or partial sims outside of gor. they like to come to gor to seduce people… and then take the person outside of gor where they they engage in bdsm practices. I know 3 people who do that today. they use alts (sometimes their main) to talk these people out of gor for these things. that has diminished us at times as some of those seduced have been very active and amazing players. ,

Interview with Bianca Hazel

Basically, people don’t leave camps, people just wait for things to happen and never tries to make thing happen, if you get captured most of them siemple give shit rp or sail you away, scared of what other can say OCC, apart from it, most people jealous of others having RP that lead to drama.

Interview with RED

GE sucks because the books have a certain atmosphere. GE sucks because people come here to RP and fighting is the cherry on the top of the cake not the cake. RP is the cake.

Interview with Meido

I do not think the continent is ever going to be gone ,
There are people from all over the world in SL with other opinions other reasons why they join gor .
I am not allowed to call names nor i would call names there are just some people who not belong in gor and are poison for others ,
We all made Drama we All had ones a reason for blowing RP off ,
I am not sure if the continent have to be saved but More people there mentality ,
I am always unsure When some one ask me for raid or capture a other person because interaction end 99% on Drama and OOC.

Interview with Leani

Can talk only from own expirence, and for me Gor was enjoyable as much I enjoyed at company of people around me, once that people I love been out of game, I had no reason to be there either. We can talk about all what turns people away of Gor, alts, pewpew, drama, mods… but at the end of the day each member of community is equally responsible for whatever happens and how good or bad community is. Question that people should ask themselves is ” Did I make community better or worse? Do I act for common good or for what’s matter to me at moment? ” And once that mindset change, and people start to act in interest of community things will eventually improve.

Interview with Sa’ng Gretuk

Tammi wildness (tammi4u222): hello ikamoko,,,, and yes i be glad to give my view

Ok, I been in Gor 7 years and its been a wonderful experiance ..and as i see the population of gor is the biggest issue with the traffic.
My sister ice here has been in Gor twice as long and she also may give insights on what is happening.
Hmm, well as i said, the population itself went down, and that was cause by people losing interest due to nosense drama , that alone will stop traffic  and also i like to add, many lands ban people for the smallest reasons and they do not unban for like months and years.

ICE (misty.sun): most of the older ones i gor i would say went out of them way to learn about gor and went but that as base … grins it was harsh place to live in but we were actuall roll playing a very different land not rl … but gor.

Tammi wildness (tammi4u222): all in Gor needs to relax more, instead of ban someone for a minor reason, i think all need to talk about the issue in a nice way ,,many just go wayyy off and bitch at each other. i myself rarely ban, i only ban griefers for most part.. and when someone does wrong, its pretty stupid to ban, how about teaching them or speak in a nice way. Gor is way to small to ban on small issues and to ban for long periods of time,. the older ones in Gor and the leaders and the owners all need to just chill out some and start teaching and do less drama. Ive seen many new faces come to Gor , just to be chased away and ban for doing something that is soo small and they wonder why and just lose interest and move on.
Yes it’s basically simple, just talk more, do not yell at each other, and do not be so fast to ban. yes i know all lands have their own rules , which i think all lands , should have the basic simple rules to follow by,, but we all need to educate more, to the new and to all. but that is not the only reason for less traffic. having two meters in Gor did not help much , that in self damn near or did divide Gor .

ICE (misty.sun): i think if they would learn gor buy reading a bit that would help … and not be so into just the points they get for winning a raid … if they would take more caps and really rp them most would stay in gor and not mess up … would play it out …. not just kill people for reson in here either …. but at times they not stay to gorean ways and need to be reaizy it is a harsh place not earth.
We could dispute kills in the old days … and call for a mod both sines would talk to them … if it was valid you were dead but it was at that time had to have a very good reason for the killing. But even then were kills for no reason … most would call the mods and go from there either dead or going back a bit and make it that they were only very damaged from what happen to them

Tammi wildness (tammi4u222): ok killing should not happen at all, unless you have a very good reason. i do not promote killings here or in my tribe as all my sisters know this. and that brings up a interisting thing in the past that happen to me with kurs,, we once caped a kur a couple years back, and oocly, he said to me that most kurs stop coming around , cause they get killed right away , i mean in Gor. they do like some RP also. it may not be easy to RP a kuri, but it can be done. no need to kill we need all in gor, regardless of what they are.also on RP, that is what most come to Gor for, besides teh fun.we all need to RP more , yes some can RP better then others, but it takes time to learn how to RP good. and RP does need to be more often in Gor.try not to shoot first, try to RP first, that be a key right their .many in Gor now have no clue what Gor is about cause they are not train right, so they just go about doing a sthey wish or act in a bad way or in a way that is not needed in Gor . why .. cause they are not being told not to or was not trained right.
Well most bans in sims if u see, are from past bans from before, like when the sim was something else or another tribe,, here on this land , we have more then 100 ban, not all from me or my SE. they was ban from long ago. i just keep them ban as i have no clue why they was ban and was probably not from gor. but i do believe in not baning unless its needed. but to make the continent more active and bring the population up. we need to have more Gorean fairs to promote Gor better in a good way. and we need to teach the new comers beter. less ban will be a good start. and yes take many off the ban list. we are all here to have fun and Good RP or to at least experience Gor in a nice way..if you ban for silly reasons with out giving a chance or not educate better, we will keep losing people and the people will not come to Gor if their is lots of drama and to get backi to you about the two meters, thats a tricky one as teh two meters are not really the same. one you can change for your advantage while the other is norm and simple and how it should be. but i guess yes at this  a point in Gor, yes maybe we all need to allow zcs in all sims. traffic will be their but rememebr its not all about traffic, its about RP and fun.
Ýess i would, the gretuks are moving to the continent , and this is gonna be a big move for us, and what i want from this is to show Gor and the continent how gretuks can stand up and make a diff in Gor for the better. the times of drama needs to stop, the time of pinpointing and cause trouble like saying who has alts, needs to stop. the issues with baning for small reasons , needs to stop. we need to stop all that does not matter in Gor and start doing things that really needed and that is important for For Gor,,, this is our home, this is where we can have RP , make good friends, and have fun. why destroy something we all love. its stupid. every one of us needs to step up and save Gor and make it great again.stop with the nonesense , stop with the name calling. if some one is new in gor, do not make them feel bad or low..teach them the right way. educate better. for all of us that has been in Gor for some time its up to us to make this happen and to keep Gor rolling in the right way.when we  move to the continent, the gretuks will stick to the gorean ways and show all how easy it can be. this is Gor !

Ikamoko: Personal i think having Alts is not a big problem as long they not been used for the wrong reason – I have alts i don’t hide that and i think most off us have Alts in my opinion nothing wrong with that – ( If understand the RP ) Its actual the Avatar who we see what counts Not sure why people make a big thing about Alts as each character have a own story to tell – Then i think on a Alt who like to roleplay as a slave and a other Alts as a Huntress and one as outlaw – I am real happy you group become a Part off the continent because we need people on the continent.

Tammi wildness (tammi4u222): smiles well we always been alone, so this is a huge step to take, but as i said if we just stick to the gorean ways, things be fine. and i like to add about alts. i personally do not have a alt, and i am kinda against them, but as long a salts do not twist things up or change the RP or lie or deceive some one or hurt someone by useing a alt to get back at them, i am ok with it then..but when they are used for bad then noo i have no use for them or want to RP, if u cant get enough RP from who you are. then you are doing something wrong. but again . as long a sthey dont deceive. or 1 comes to rp and leaves and then 15 mins later their alt comes and RP.. well then we have issues..if you have alts , use then right and do not use them in same sims.
Well we are moving to isla mariposa, near the zima tribe. we are doing this for a few reasons. cost of this land and less traffic, we hope to create more RP and traffic for all in the continent, and we should be moved within a week.

Naaa i said all and will stand by it…so yes say my name , and i also thank you for taking the time to come here and ask questions

Interview with Sav (1ladysavage Ansar),

I am Sav (1ladysavage Ansar), I have been in gor most of my SL life, I started out as a slave to learn Gor and to understand how Gor works.

I have learned many things, life in Gor was different and a lot more fun.

Why is the continent and gor dying?
Well there are a number of factors.

Lets say part of the decline started with the XBox Generation, their super fast XBoxes were far faster than most computers. Then they would go camp to camp attacking leaving a path of destruction as far as bubbled or bound huntress. Saddly the Gorean weapons were not powerful enough to defend against them. Also, there was a trememdos amount of cheating like climbing walls or jumping into camps or using laggers that they can go through but lags out a fair player.

All of this forced camp builders to compensate for these bands that would just do random attack, improper RP if any at all. Some of these groups still exist but they seem to fight each other more than attacking panthers.

This also started a string of drama explaining they way they cheat or use cheating huds. Sadly this drama has became a standard now when a tribe loses because the new players are accustom to hearing the drama between groups.

Visitors to sims fail to read rules and act as they want. My guess would be more commonization of rules through out the continent. An example i would use is binding, some sims have one line banding some have 3 line binding. This can get confusing when raiding other sim, as a habit if im not sure I use three lines. I try to always read quick rules, then follow with complete rules if time permits. I have so many NCs of rules dating back 7 years, and when sim rules change they are never published.

I will not deny i have had my moments of drama, and most of it i am not proud of. but I also as anyone of you am human and sometimes emotions step in the way.

Now almost every raid ends up in some form of drama, someone gets feelings hurt for one reason or another.

As i mentioned earlier most builds are built to protect from the raid groups who dont RP, this causes most camps impossible to raid as a panther group. This also is a problem, if the old players remember there were no builds with prims to stop arrows we had to learn to get out of the way and not hide behind a prim wall. We used to have to fight on the wall and avoid getting downed.

Also, My opinion is these panther builds are built so that the tribes dont get captured, and this brings another topic about RP and being captured. Seems for some reason RP has turned into a bdsm life style, sure there used to be whippings, cages and crosses. In old Gor I was never raped or was ask about being raped. Now days it isnt an option, some huntresses use a strap on to rape in places that are not intended to be used in rape. If you walk the continent you will see fortresses walls a panther could never build, not using the landscape as part of the builds and the mazes of tunnels are used. Camps I have built only had tunnels for the huntresses to live in and a (for lack of a better word) dungeon. These dungeons were used to punish someone for violations against a tribe and to do interrogations of captives.

This kind of mindset has made my personal limits on who I will RP with, and for reasons i will not explain why choose to not be raped.

Then came the meter wars, GM verses ZCS. Personally I feel they both work equally and effectivily.  Sadly the GM team knew of issues and did not update the meters to correct the issues. As well some people have learned to hack one of the meters and I have personally seen people hit and take half damage.

Then with the meter wars some designers are making meter specific weapons, myself and others question why is this happening?

There is also the number of alts in gor is out of control, I have an alt, she has never been in gor and i use her to test new mesh stuff like heads and stuff. Some have several alts. Why do you need an alt in the first place? Most the use of alts from what I see, are to join multiple groups which brings up a question again WHY? When an alt is in multiple groups is a handicap to the groups they belong too.

Another thing that leaves a sour taste in my mouth is the term Pew Pew and the number of people who really don’t understand the term. Pew Pew isn’t someone shooting at someone for stats or just because they can, it’s usually to get some kind of story line started. Instead of going with the story line creation the person shot starts raging and going totally OOC. Pew Pew is what the raid groups do, running over camps leaving people in binds or bubbles and moving to the next camp, no story line started or any form of RP.

Something that has always bothered me is interaction between Kurri and Larls interacting with panther tribes, this doesn’t even make sense to me, Kurri and Larls are preditors and eat panthers for meals, in the books Kurri carried a chain line of panthers with them to eat when hungry. Not set up in a tavern and have panthers sitting on their laps. It just wouldn’t happen. Every tribe I’ve been in has always defended against both preditors with out hesitation.

This one really gets my dander up. Some Estate Managers will ban people for something that has happened on another sim. If it didn’t happen on your sim its not right to ban a person who made a mistake or broke a rule of another sim. I’ve seen cases where people were banned over ooc information taking the word of someone else in an im rather than seeing it or getting direct information from a reliable source.

I have some great friends in Gor but have seen some of my friends chastized and loyality questioned because they have stopped by to say hello or just sit and chat. Sure, the groups dont interact as written, but many things do not happen as written.

In summary, I started Gor as a slave in Luna Pardus, then eventually stood. Then left gor when Luna Pardus folded for a year or so then came back and joined Forest Moon where i worked my way from a pledge to EN, then when FM started falling apart and the stress and drama was becoming over whelming, I closed FM and joined Tri Moon and is currently the Tor for Tri Moon.
I’ve seen dramatic changes in how people interact, creative ways of cheating, lack of people following rules or even reading rules.
Bottom the continent and Gor is not as fun as it used to be.

Interview with Ŧίгè (ginger.gill) .

Gor itself has changed .. its whole dynamic.. it used to be more about the roleplay. Lord I remember being caught and kept for weeks sometimes until the ground work was done to get IC on people who may have heard or seen me in their travels in another camp captured.. I remember I did not get released until my captor made a mistake and I could escape, or I was located and rescued, or was traded away or back to home.. Now you went with the rp back then no matter how ugly.. and some really was ugly. The breaking of a panther or trying to break a real panther and not a cap slut involved time, patience, sometimes subtle and not to subtle torture..sometimes their own sensuousness was used against them for their downfall. And there was no auto IC.. you either did your homework or your panther stayed captive until whenever.. I remember being capped like that for weeks at a time.. I remember Lizzy of SKF telling me she was held for like a month.. that is old school.. there is nothing like that now.. not even remotely close.. you catch a panther and the En is in your IM’s saying “don’t hurt her she is a good fighter.” ok so what.. we are supposed to be here for rp.. and to have limits like no hair cutting, no stripping no mutilation. Now I can see the no cutting off parts and eating them, but no branding.. I know panthers only did that in the rare case they had someone who submitted to them that they wanted to keep..not just as a passing thing..I remember btb sims killing panthers to deter others from trying to invade their cities on a rescue attempt.. I also remember very distinctly that in that same city taking panthers to the docks.. boarding the ships then cutting off their fingers so they could never draw another bow and stuffing them up the panthers heats.. yes shoving the woman’s cut off fingers into her vagina.. not gonna mention where that happened.. but today you can’t do anything to anyone without them whining about it .. ok I have no rape in my profile.. but certain things happened to cause that. There are panthers who will torture bring in men to rape a captive panther.. and have in their own profile to where you cannot do anything to them.. no hair cutting, no undressing ( they have a boyfriend) no branding, no mutilation, and it goes on.. so if you don’t allow it to be done to you then you sure should not be doing it to others.. but now folks come in on the continent and pew pew one camp after another.. I wish that there was a way to not allow those outlaw groups here at all.. there is no rp whatsoever past binding you.. IF they even bother to do that.. but the point I am making is.. rp is dead..its drama.. after drama.. no facing consequences for actions..

Interview with Breezy

So here are thoughts from both myself and members of my band.

1) Treat slaves like Gorean slaves, property that could be coveted, not friends or equals IC

2) Don’t avoid RP with slaves because you don’t know how to RP slaves, it’s an excuse, learn by reading some of the Gor books or at least notecards that are readily available

3) Lack of and decline in RP between groups (panther bands) that goes beyond raiding and captures. Things like trading, disputes (non combat) over hunting grounds, etc.

4) A lack of “threats” on the continent. For 3 or 4 years now, since Selenus closed in Whispering Moons, there really hasn’t been a true threat to panther girls on the forest paths. It used to be you were in danger of being hunted and enslaved if you left your camp, this made the heart pound with excitement any time you left the safety of home, now it’s like walking around a quiet park in a nice neighborhood.

5) People generally falling into two camps at the far ends of the spectrum. In camp #1 they really don’t care at all if something is Gorean or not as long as it’s fun to them, which can ruin things for everyone who wants their Gor to be at least partially realistic to the Gor realm. And in camp #2 are people who are very strict and rigid over what is and is not Gorean, so much so that it often wrecks RP and fun with folks who are a little non-Gorean maybe but trying. There’s just too few people in the middle of the spectrum now who want realism but won’t break a RP over the misuse of a word or someone wearing something a little bit “off”.

6) A general lack of imagination. This is evidenced in all sorts of groups and camps, but just for a simple example look at villages, every village you enter normally has a blacksmith, tavern keeper, healer, magistrate, and slaver. Where are the butchers? Dock Masters? Jewelers? Soap Makers? Seamstresses? You may find one here or there, but in general you won’t, but at one time you did in Gor and that made things more believable, more easy to immerse into the roleplay deeper.

7) Panther girls hiding inside of their camps. This is a tough one because the nature of the panther girl in Gor is to stay hidden away in the forest, but that nature is in direct opposition to having and creating roleplay, so it’s generally a good idea to spend some time outside of your camp, on the paths of the forest of your sim(s), and engage with travelers. If people wander your sim and find some fun roleplay, they’re likely to return again and again. If they wander your sim and find nothing, they may never return at all.

8) And finally my personal biggest peeve, is the lack of story-based roleplaying that’s overtaken Gor as a whole. In the past rivalries were made and cultivated. Vendettas and revenge plots were everywhere, and came from actual events that happened in roleplays, they weren’t just invented because one person thought another person’s avatar pixels were cute. Today, it seems like every capture is a one-off event, an excuse to be naughty and once over is forgotten. Where are the stories? Roleplay is all about stories.

Anyways, these are the things we came up with that didn’t center around drama or pewpew, but rather simple things that all of us who live on the continent could easily do better or more of to make our continent thrive once more.

Edited by Mariko Marchant

The Peril Of Valnor Isle, Part 2 (Story by Tajjana)


NOTE: Continuation from “The Peril Of Valnor Isle, Part 1.”

1 (The Next Day)

Tajjana opened her eyes. blinked and turned her head. It was hard to focus. Her vision was clouded and obscure. She reached up and rubbed her eyes. As she leaned back, she felt cold iron against her back.

Confused, she blinked again and tried to focused. Her vision slowly cleared. She saw iron bars all around her. She tried to sit up, but bumped her head against something.

Finally getting her surroundings in perspective and her wits gathered about her, she noted with displeasure she was imprisoned in an iron cage. She was unable to stand up in it. It was suspended with heavy chains up in the air on the dock. She looked through the bars and saw ships alongside. She turned and saw the tavern behind her.

It was still dark. Probably early morning. Torchlight from the tavern illuminated her predicament!

She reached up for her head and winced. Headache. Bad one.

She inspected the door to the cage. She reached out with both hands, gripped the bars and tugged. They didn’t move or even rattle. The she saw a heavy lock. Locked. It won’t budge.

Off to the side of her, she spotted Brissa standing officiously with her hands on her hips and smirking, looking inside the cage and gloating at her.

“You were delicious, Tajjana. But I am afraid Goddess has plans to ship you off. In that ship,” she pointed at one of the slave ships. “You have been sold to the gold mines up north of here. Your muscles are more suited for that. Your pleasure slave days are over with. Before they even started.” She giggled.

She turned to leave. Tajjana snarled and shook the bars in rage. She was so mad she could scream. But she realized that would do no good. By the gods, how she was fooled by this one!

Brissa turned back. She couldn’t resist reveling in her conquest more. She further added, “Oh. It’s true. Goddess ordered me to take you and have my way with you. I serve her. You were no match for my wiles. And you were delicious, slave slut. Have a good life in the mines,”

Again she turned and went back to the tavern, strutting with confidence at her abilities, powerful enough to capture a muscular huntress like this.


Tajjana was miserable as she looked around through the bars. Just as she was trying to think of a way to escape, she heard a whisper. “You look like hell, Tajjana.”

She looked up. She knew that voice! With blurry eyes she looked around and finally spotted who owned that voice.

Zula! Her friend! From the Wa Ngao Taluna!

“I feel like it too,” whispered Tajjana. She looked over at the tavern and saw no one. “How did you find me?”

“I was passing through here and was in the area. I walked over to the dock and saw you.”

Tajjana snarled quietly, “Where’s that blue silk tavern slut?” She then turned to look at Zula.

Zula nodded down at her feet.

The platinum blond was bound by strips of blue silk with her wrists behind her. Her ankles were crossed and similarly bound with blue silk. She was stripped naked. Blue silk was shoved into her mouth with a strip of it tied around her head to keep it in place. She was trussed up expertly with her own tavern slave garments.

“She has been taken care of, Tajjana. I found the keys too.” Zula held them up with a smile and jangled them.

Zula, a powerful warrior of the Wga Ngao Taluna, leaped up onto the stage, reached over to the lock on the cage door and unlocked it. She helped a still groggy Tajjana out and put her on her feet, steadying her.

“Can you walk?”

“Ndiyo.” (Yes.)

Zula pointed over by the trussed up blond tavern slave. “Your clothes. Weapons. Hurry.”

Tajjana leaped over and put her top and bottom on, then situated her belt, knife, bow and quiver. When she finished, she nodded at Zula.

“Good. Let us go,” whispered Zula. “They will soon be hot on our trail. We must take our leave now with haste.”

They both went over to the securely bound tavern slave. Zula said, “I’m taking this one with us.”

Tajjana snarled and nodded.

“You have a canoe nearby?”

Tajjana nodded.

“Good. Let us be gone. Lead the way,” instructed Zula. “Quickly. Before the sun comes up and anyone figures out what has happened.”

Zula reached down, gripped a fistful of platinum hair and lifted the tavern slave up over her shoulder. Brissa squealed in pain and indignation at the rough treatment.

They set off. Zula couldn’t resist and motioned a curvy motion with both her hands. “This one is luscious. You have good taste, Tajjana.”

Tajjana snarled. “Yes. But dangerous. I will never trust tavern slaves ever again.”

They both laughed as they set off at a dead run to retrieve the canoe and be on their way back to the Wa Ngao.


Tajjana sat in back of the canoe when they had it pushed well off of the beach. Zula sat in front and situated herself with her foot on the captive slave’s head. She rubbed her hair possessively with her foot.

Zula was a full fledged member of the Wa Ngao Taluna. Tajjana, on the other hand, was just a friend of them. The only reason why Tajjana decided not to join was because she preferred being a loner. She did not take well to taking directions and commands. Zula and the others all accepted her though.

As Tajjana dug in with her paddle and got them well off the beach and into the Gulf of Tamber, Zula looked back and asked, “Who is that?” She pointed towards the beach.

Tajjana chanced a look back. A woman in a gold dress appeared on the beach, shaking a fist at them. She was accompanied by four naked collared males.

She turned back and muscled her paddle as she dug in to propel the canoe faster. “I’m pretty sure that this tavern slut calls the Goddess. It appears she is well versed in the use of mind altering potions. And she uses those potions to capture the unsuspecting. That’s how I fell under their spell.”

“You didn’t stand a chance with conspiracies like that, Tajjana,” commented Zula.

Tajjana snarled as she dug in with her paddle. “Ndiyo.” (Yes.)

“It apparently seems she is very mad at your escape. And the taking of her precious tavern slut,” said Zula as she rubbed her foot on Brissa’s head again.

The Goddess and her four slaves were jumping up and down and yelling at them.

“Ndiyo. (Yes.) We apparently stole her property. But it appears she is powerless to stop us.”

Zula nodded and growled happily. “We have a long journey to get back to the Wa Ngao. But we are free and clear now in the vast Gulf of Tamber.”

“Ndiyo.” (Yes.)

They moved ever southward, determined to get to Port Korat.

4 (Two Months Later)

Both Zula and Tajjana sat down at a table in the tavern at Port Korat.

“I wonder why En Felicity summoned us. Are we going to get yelled at?” asked Tajjana.

Zula nodded and said, “Probably.”

Tajjana bit her lip and said nothing. Zula continued and said, “When she gets here, say nothing. Just listen, Tajjana. Alright?”

Tajjana nodded and snarled unhappily.

En Felicity came in. As they started to get up to respectfully greet her, she motioned them to stay seated. She sat down and got comfortable across from them.

Wasting no time, she began, “This is the first I’ve been able to talk to you after my courtesy visit to the Isle of Valnor.” She waved a hand and continued, “All is well. There is peace between the Wa Ngao Taluna and the slavers on the Isle of Valnor. There is no anger. There is no disagreement. We quickly understood what happened and there will be no conflict resulting from it. As a matter of fact, the Wa Ngao Taluna and the people of the Isle of Valnor are now in an alliance.

“I had a meeting with Lady Phaedra and Lady Keneke there. They treated me well. I thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality. They informed me that they investigated the matter at hand. And came to an immediate conclusion. It appears the one called the Goddess was a trained slaver on the Isle of Valnor, but she went rogue. She was actually taking visitors and selling them off into slavery. And she did this late at night. After their tavern closed and no one else was around. She was selling them in order to pocket the gold. To enrich herself and not the tavern. What the Goddess was doing definitely was not sanctioned by them.

“Both Lady Phaedra and Lady Keneke were very displeased with the information I related to them of what happened to you, Tajjana, a friend of the Wa Ngao Taluna. I have since found out that they dealt with her quickly. And drastically. The Goddess is no more. She was beheaded. Her head was stuck on a pike situated predominantly on the dock for all to see. As an example to others who contemplate doing as she did. The rest of her body was subsequently taken and dumped far out in the Thassa depths.”

Both Zula and Tajjana shuddered at the thought. But they both knew this was the type of fate people met in Gor for greed and treachery like this.

“The two ladies I spoke with, in a sign of good faith, said for the Wa Ngao to keep the platinum blond tavern slave you brought back here.” She pointed out the door and continued, “As you know, she was given to Mchungaji Ama. It was decided not to put her to death. Punishment, however, was decided upon. She was quickly caged. But this did not work out. After a few weeks, she took her life. She used her blanket, tore it into strips and hung herself. The Mchungaji wanted to sell her to a tribe far to the south after about month of cursory slave training at her hands. But this was not to be. We are now unable to make any money off of her sale. She too was dumped far out in the Thassa.”

En Felicity reached over, patted Tajjana’s muscular shoulder and said, “Forget what happened, Tajjana. It is over. You’ll never see them again.”

“But still…” Tajjana sneered.

Zula elbowed her in the ribs hard to shut her up.

“Ow!” Tajjana turned to glare at Zula. Zula shook her head.

En Felicity laughed and stood. “It was a good thing Zula was there to help. To save you.” She turned to the door and said, “I must go. Safe paths to you both.”

They bid her goodbye.

Tajjana shook her head and snarled, but then shrugged and reached for bread, tore a hunk off, stuffed it in her mouth, and ate. The whole matter left a sour taste in her mouth, but she decided then and there she had to live with it.


Why the Continent is Dying

Gor itself has changed .. its whole dynamic.. it used to be more about the roleplay. Lord I remember being caught and kept for weeks sometimes until the ground work was done to get IC on people who may have heard or seen me in their travels in another camp captured.. I remember I did not get released until my captor made a mistake and I could escape, or I was located and rescued, or was traded away or back to home.. Now you went with the rp back then no matter how ugly.. and some really was ugly. The breaking of a panther or trying to break a real panther and not a cap slut involved time, patience, sometimes subtle and not to subtle torture..sometimes their own sensuousness was used against them for their downfall. And there was no auto IC.. you either did your homework or your panther stayed captive until whenever.. I remember being capped like that for weeks at a time.. I remember Lizzy of SKF telling me she was held for like a month.. that is old school.. there is nothing like that now.. not even remotely close.. you catch a panther and the En is in your IM’s saying “don’t hurt her she is a good fighter.” ok so what.. we are supposed to be here for rp.. and to have limits like no hair cutting, no stripping no mutilation. Now I can see the no cutting off parts and eating them, but no branding.. I know panthers only did that in the rare case they had someone who submitted to them that they wanted to keep..not just as a passing thing..I remember btb sims killing panthers to deter others from trying to invade their cities on a rescue attempt.. I also remember very distinctly that in that same city taking panthers to the docks.. boarding the ships then cutting off their fingers so they could never draw another bow and stuffing them up the panthers heats.. yes shoving the woman’s cut off fingers into her vagina.. not gonna mention where that happened.. but today you can’t do anything to anyone without them whining about it .. ok I have no rape in my profile.. but certain things happened to cause that. There are panthers who will torture bring in men to rape a captive panther.. and have in their own profile to where you cannot do anything to them.. no hair cutting, no undressing ( they have a boyfriend) no branding, no mutilation, and it goes on.. so if you don’t allow it to be done to you then you sure should not be doing it to others.. but now folks come in on the continent and pew pew one camp after another.. I wish that there was a way to not allow those outlaw groups here at all.. there is no rp whatsoever past binding you.. IF they even bother to do that.. but the point I am making is.. rp is dead..its drama.. after drama.. no facing consequences for actions.

Ŧίгè (ginger.gill
EN of Tri’Moons panther tribe on Whispering Moons

The Peril Of Valnor Isle, Part 1 (Story by Tajjana)

Tajjana was all smiles as she entered the tavern at the docks.

Since this was her first time on the Isle of Valnor, she had put her canoe on the beach a short distance away. She quickly hid her canoe in the foliage and covered her tracks. She remained cautious. As a jungle huntress, it was important to be prepared for the unexpected. She found out it was very important to stay one step ahead of any unexpected threats. To prepare for the unknown.

It had been a long yet invigorating canoe trip. She started out from Port Korat and headed straight north. She made sure she hugged along the coastline, keeping it always in view. She did not want to get lost in the vast expanse of the Thassa Ocean. Her first day, she made it past Bazi and Port Verdenne. The ocean was calm with minimal waves. As it turned dark, she went ashore in a protected cove for shelter and got a good nights sleep before venturing into the Gulf of Tamber.

The next morning, she set out again on the still calm Thassa. She rounded a point of land she had spotted the day before and paddled straight north entering the Gulf of Tamber. Here the seas were still and manageable. She knew Port Kar was off in the distance ahead, but she suddenly spotted close by off to her left the Isle of Valnor. It looked like it was worth it to stop there and rest.

Tajjana had prepared for this. Ever since she was a little girl raised in the Schindi Jungles, she worked her body hard. She developed rippling muscles. She also concentrated on hand to hand combat, wrestling, and bow and arrow skills as well as long and short knives handling. She was now working on sword play, but that wasn’t her first love.

She had trained extensively with the Wa Ngao Taluna, learning valuable fighting skills at their arena. Tajjana felt she was the equal of any man.

Tajjana did not know why she chose the Isle of Valnor, but she loved and looked forward to adventure. This place looked like a good place. She was looking forward to resting, relaxing, drinking and eating. She stood on the wooden docks and glanced around. There were two ships tied up alongside. There were stores here, but they appeared to all be closed. It was a bit late and she didn’t see anyone around. Just in case, she kept her hand on her bow, her muscles tensing.

Tajjana spotted an open air tavern off to the side. Nobody around though. She thought, perhaps they are already closed? Can’t be. There are candles and torches lit inside. She shrugged and started to turn and leave, but then stopped. Her mouth hung open as she stared wide eyed at a figure who appeared from the back through the beaded curtains.

A platinum blond wearing only a thin silver rope around her waist and long flowing blue silks in the front and the back that covered very little stepped into the tavern. She was a slim ravishing beauty. She was lightly muscled, yet it enhanced her beauty and elegance. A narrow waist with curvy butt. As she walked topless towards Tajjana with a smile, Tajjana looked into light blue eyes, a cute face with an upturned nose and modest firm breasts added to her pleasing near nudity. It was apparent she was an exquisitely tavern slave.

She confidently stepped over close and threw her arms over Tajjana’s broad shoulders, pressed herself against her, her breasts crushed against hers, tilted her head back, ready to be kissed.

Tajjana instinctively put her hands on her slim hips and pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

Tajjana broke the kiss and the platinum blond leaned over and whispered in her ear, “How may I serve you, Mistress?” She said this as she rubbed against Tajjana pleasantly, intent on tracing her muscles with her fingertips.

“I am sure we can find ways.” Tajjana growled softly as she kissed her again, holding her. Breaking the kiss, she smiled and said, “What is your name?”

“Brissa, Mistress. I am a tavern slave here on the port here at Valnor. I was bought by Goddess to provide service to the customers who would have me. I am now at your service.”

“My name is Tajjana.” Tajjana did not know who this Goddess was she referred to, but she let it pass for now. Perhaps later she would ask to find out more. She continued, “What kind of service do you provide, fair Brissa?”

Brissa giggled as he rubbed against Tajjana and said, “Any kind of service a powerful huntress like you might require.”

“Good answer,” growled Tajjana happily. She gently let go of her and stepped over to a table. She removed her bow, arrow, and belt with her knife attached to it. She set them down on a chair.

Tajjana could tell Brissa was a meticulously trained tavern slave. She remained back, her wrists crossed in front of her respectfully as Tajjana situated herself. She knew that slaves were not permitted to touch weapons. Unless ordered to. If they dared to touch a free woman’s weapons without permission, it was an offense punishable by death.

Tajjana turned and went over and sat at an empty chair at the table. Brissa came over and knelt facing her. “Does Mistress wish anything to eat?”

“Yes. That would be good, fair Brissa. What do you have?”

“It is a bit late, Mistress. Only thing we have is some bread made from sweet yams.”

Tajjana reached out, touched her cheek and nodded, “That would be fine. Also, some palm wine would be good.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Brissa reached up, gripped Tajjana’s hand with both of hers, leaned forward, closed her eyes and kissed it lovingly, then giggled and got up, running back to the kitchen.


As Brissa went into the kitchen, Goddess intercepted her. She appeared from a room in back. She stepped over to make sure she wasn’t in sight from the huntress in the tavern.

Goddess, a tall busty sandy blond dressed in a flowing golden gown, appeared and quickly brushed oils on Brissa’s lips and breasts as she stood there. “Okay, slave. Finish your tasks and go out there to her. I want her. Do what you have to, but bring her to me.” She handed Brissa a pouch. Then she put her magical oils away and said, “You may play with her first, slave. Have your fun. But bring her to me. I want her. You know what to do.”

“Yes, Goddess. I obey you.”

As the Goddess slipped out the back beaded curtains of the kitchen, Brissa turned. She went to a table and set down the pouch that was given to her. She cut off a large hunk of yam bread and put it on a clean plate. Then she grabbed a cup and turned to the drink cask.

But before she poured Tajjana’s drink, she grabbed the pouch her owner had left her. She reached in and carefully arranged a combination of small flowers, leaves, powders, and granules. She measured out the right mix, then grabbed a small nob ended instrument used as a pestle, then started to crush and mix the potion.

She made short work of it and put the pouch away.

With an impish smile, she turned and looked to make sure she was alone. She was.

She then turned back and went over and poured the cup, then grabbed a wooden spoon and carefully mixed it, ensuring the powder and granules disappeared and were properly mixed to make it look like only palm wine.

Satisfied it was perfect, she came over and put the plate and the cup on a serving tray.

In no time at all, Brissa was back before Tajjana. She set her tray down, picked up the plate, held it up to her lips, made an exaggerated kissing motion, then set it down in front of her with both hands. She did the same with cup of palm wine. She presented them both like a true tavern slave would. Tajjana noticed her impeccable slave deportments and was pleased.

“Thank you, Brissa. You show exquisite serving abilities.”

“Thank you, Mistress Tajjana.” Brissa knelt facing her with her hands on top of her thighs, her full attention upon Tajjana.

Tajjana ignored Brissa and dug in. She was very hungry, tearing the yam bread with her fingers and stuffing pieces in her mouth. She washed it down with sips of chilled palm wine.

Unbeknownst to Tajjana, Brissa watched with an impish smile. Brissa was pleased that Tajjana was drinking it all. Just a matter of time. The huntress would be hers.


Brissa watched Tajjana closely, measuring her movements as she finished the cup of drugged palm wine. She was pleased to note it had a visible immediate effect. She smiled confidently. Brissa prided herself in her abilities to mix the proper amounts of ingredient to make lethal potions in service to Goddess.

Brissa was not fully satisfied she was sufficiently drugged though. When Tajjana finished, Brissa brazenly stood up and moved over to sit on Tajjana’s lap facing her, straddling her. Her arms went around Tajjana’s neck as she pulled her to her and made sure her face was nestled between her breasts. Brissa felt Tajjana’s lips kiss her breasts.

She pulled away and leaned down to kiss Tajjana. She was careful not to brush her lips with her tongue. Tajjana hungrily kissed back, the drugging oils coating her lips.

After a few minutes, Brissa sighed happily and stood up. She knew Tajjana was hers now. She reached out and took Tajjana’s hand.

“Come with me, Tajjana.”

Tajjana blinked but obediently went with Brissa as she was led over to a hallway and then up some stairs. Tajjana was confused. She could not understand why this pleasure slave didn’t call her by her proper title. Mistress. It was like her demeanor changed. Tajjana wanted to ask, but she became befuddled and just unquestioningly let Brissa lead her.

Brissa stopped at the last room down a short hallway, pulled the curtains aside and gently pulled Tajjana inside. She then let go of her hand.

Tajjana looked over and saw a comfortable bed. She stood there swaying. She felt woozy. Her head felt light. She was having a hard time standing up. What was happening here, thought Tajjana? She raised a hand to her brow, blinking her eyes.

Brissa stood there with a smirk on her face, looking at Tajjana.

“Take off your thong.”

Tajjana started to turn and protest. But then she stopped. She waved her arms around, but they fell down uselessly to her sides. She shook her head, trying to fight back and resist the tavern slave, but quickly realized she couldn’t remember why she should disagree. She felt she must obey. She reached down and removed her thong quickly, letting it drop to the wood floor.

“Now your top.”

Tajjana did as she was told, still not understanding why she must obey. It too landed on the wooden floor next to her thong.

Tajjana was now naked.


Brissa snickered as she hip swiveled over to the other side of the room. She pointed down next to some soft furs. “Kneel right here.”

Tajjana came over and knelt.

“Arms behind your back. Cross your wrists. Then cross your ankles.”

Tajjana blinked and tried to refuse, but was perplexed that she immediately did it. Even when she didn’t want to! But she still performed as she was ordered to! This can’t be happening, she thought!

Brissa leaned over, gripped a fistful of Tajjana’s hair, leaned her head back and said, “Very good.” Brissa kissed Tajjana again, making sure the enticement oils coated her lips, then said, “You look lovely under my power.”

Tajjana grit her teeth together, licked her lips, fell deeper under her seductive spells, looked around wildly, starting to sweat. She wanted to fight back, but couldn’t. She actually felt like she was bound by invisible ropes.

Still with a fistful of her hair, Brissa chuckled and chided Tajanna, “Now, don’t fight me. You are powerless to fight my dominance.” Brissa emphasized it by shaking Tajjana’s head by the hair to make sure she understood. Brissa’s breasts were in Tajanna’s face.

Brissa let go of her hair. Before she straightened up, she lightly slapped Tajanna’s cheek. She laughed as she instructed, “You will address me as Mistress.”

Tajanna swallowed, blinked her eyes and quickly replied, “Yes, Mistress.” For the life of her, Tajanna couldn’t figure out why she did. She knew she should refuse to do her bidding, but she simply couldn’t. She felt a compelling need to obey her.

Brissa turned and said, “Stay like that,” as she went over to fix her hair in the mirror. Fixing her hair just right, she turned, went back over and stood in front of Tajjana.

She put her hands on her hips and looked down at her drugged captive. “Since you are on your knees before me, and you acknowledge me as your Mistress, I think it would be more than appropriate that I call you slave. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Brissa snarled playfully and pointed down and shook a finger, “On all fours, slave! Kiss my feet!”

Tajanna, broken from her invisible bindings, complied and went to all fours, leaned down and kissed the tops of Brissa’s feet.

Brissa bent over, grabbed a fistful of Tajjana’s hair again roughly, jerked her head up. With her face inches from Tajjana’s, she commanded, “More passion in your kisses, slave! I’m going to teach you that you must have strict obedience to me! And love serving me! I require nothing less! You will obey me!”

She let go and shoved Tajjana’s head down. Tajjana resumed her position nude on all fours, leaning down and passionately kissing the tops of Brissa’s feet, putting passion into it now.

Brissa sighed with satisfaction, “Good. That’s better.”

After a period of time, Brissa commanded, “Now, follow me, slave. On all fours. And I want you to kiss every single one of my footprints where I step.”

Tajjana scampered after her, doing as Brissa wished. She smiled as she saucily walked around the room twice with an obedient slave performing footstep worship behind her.

She stopped abruptly and turned. Tajjana’s hair was grabbed in her small fist again. She was pulled up to her knees, her slim bicep flexed. “Arms behind your back, slave. Cross your wrists. Now cross your ankles. Back up straight.”

Tajjana did as she was commanded.

“Very good, slave. Stay like that. I will be right back.”

Brissa left the room.

Tajjana was trapped. She remained in the position she was ordered. Totally in Brissa’s command now, unable to move, held there just by a command.


Tajjana tried to move, grunting with the effort, but Brissa’s hold on her was too strong. Too powerful. Sweat poured off of her as she clenched her teeth. She wanted to rise up, but her head hurt with the effort of resisting. She knew now she had been drugged, but no matter what she tried to fight it, she just couldn’t. The hold was too strong and powerful.

Brissa reappeared, slipping through the curtain at the doorway.

Brissa was pleased in her service to the Goddess. She smiled after reporting to her owner. On all fours with her forehead on Goddess’ left foot, she informed her that everything went as planned with the potions and oils working perfectly. Goddess ordered her to make another cup of drugged palm wine. Just to make sure. She did and quickly returned to her capture.

She stepped over to Tajjana with another meticulously prepared drink to drug her with. She was careful to watch Tajjana, making sure the drug was working properly. If it didn’t, this new cup would do the trick. She was sure of it.

She gripped a fistful of Tajjana’s hair and shook her by the head. She needed to make sure this one understood that resistance would not be in her best interest.

“Stop fighting me, slave. It is useless. You belong to me.” Tajjana obeyed and relaxed, but knew she would try to resist again.

Brissa was prepared for her being obstinate and trying to resist. She held the cup up to her. “Drink this, slave.”

Tajjana drank.

“All of it. Good.” She snatched the cup from her hand and set it down on the dresser. She turned back with her hands on her hips and watched Tajjana.

The effects of the drink this time were instantaneous. More so than the first time.

After a few minutes, Brissa was satisfied. It was apparent. Any and all resistance Tajjana tried to mount were gone. The huntress was now hers.

Brissa smiled at her accomplishment as she reached up and fixed her hair. Her potions had worked. Tajjana was completely under her spell now. The Goddess would be pleased with her work.

“You belong to me tonight, slave.” Brissa chuckled. Then she said sternly, “On your back, slave.”

As Tajjana lay back splayed out, Brissa stepped over and raised her right foot over Tajjana’s face, toes pointed down.

“Kiss my toes, slave,” giggled Brissa. “That’s it. Now open your mouth.”

Tajjana did and toes were jammed deep into her mouth.

“Suck, slave.”

Tajjana blinked her eyes up at Brissa in confusion. She couldn’t figure out why she was doing this, but for some unknown reason, she knew she had to. That she couldn’t stop doing what she was commanded to by this pleasure slave.

Brissa pulled her foot up, her toes came out of Tajjana’s mouth with a loud pop. She bent over, her breasts pleasantly before her captive as she roughly gripped a fistful of her hair again and yanked. She snarled a command, “Get up on your knees, slave!”

Tajjana, assisted by Brissa’s forceful handling, stumbled meekly up to her knees. Still with a hold of her hair, Brissa turned around, looked over her shoulder down at her and giggled, “Kiss my butt, slave.”

Tajjana did. Brissa guided her mouth by a fistful of hair.

“The other cheek, slave. I have two, you know.”

Tajjana blinked her eyes. She couldn’t figure out why she was doing this. But Brissa controlled her so easily.

Brissa let go of her hair. “Take my silks off, slave. With your teeth. No hands.”

Tajjana leaned over and did as she was ordered. “Very good. Now stand up, slave.” Brissa grabbed her and spun her around to face away from her.

“Go over there on the pleasure furs, slave. Lay and prepare for me.” To spur her into action, Brissa slapped Tajjana hard on the right butt cheek.


Tajjana jumped and went over to the pleasure furs and laid out.

Brissa looked down at her and said, “Beg for me to take you, slave.”

“I beg, Mistress. Please take me.”

“Okay,” she giggled as she sat on her face. “Tongue, slave.”

Brissa smiled as she moved on top of Tajjana. She quickly got in the mood, growled with lust, then fell upon her now totally submissive prize and took her repeatedly.

NOTE: To be continued in “The Peril Of Valnor Isle, Part 2.”