Editoral Gazette of Gor #120

Dear Gazette readers,

The new inworld edition of the Gazette of Gor (issue 120) is now available on many docks. If you want to have a Gazette of Gor dispenser on your dock please contact me and I will put the dispenser on your dock.

I do hope 2021 will be a good year for Gor although I see many now many just fight and less role play. As for fighting winning is very important these days. So cheating huds are worn a lot, even at CTF’s, where double hit/ melee seems to become the standard.  Second life is not a good platform for combat, but because of the cheats all the clumsy fighters can win on this platform. It all started years ago with direct hit which made prim shooting possible and also arrow detection/defection. After that speed enhancers came and many other cheat tools. If you lose a fight nowadays it says less and less  about your skills.

Another thing is the importance of meters now.  At some Gor sims you are ejected now if you wear the “wrong” meter. Even at so-called role play sims! It is very aggressive to me and totally unnecessary.  The meter plays only a minor role in role play.

The meter is becoming a tool for indicating the best cheater not the best fighter. Winning and the statistics are the driving force now. To me if your are high in the stats every month you are certainly not a role player.

Can we go back to true Gor? I know some want it but the majority seems to like only the fight and to win at all cost.  Maybe a smaller Gor community  with sim owners who value Gor life more than the number of visitors could be a solution.

Mariko Marchant

P.S. If you want to have a Gazette of Gor dispenser on your dock please contact me and I will put the dispenser on your dock.


/Strange port indeed I find in my new surrounding that my scribe days may be over ‘in this there are no rules thief’s as women or even slaves tend to pray on men ‘such women I found in are tavern as she hated the idea of my slave at my boot her discuss in it and when we had words over it I walk off my slave on a leash this women Seira hit me from behind ‘it simple to see she hated men for her owns reasons I guess but as I lay there my slave help me to my feet ‘I notice in this that women would not attack me as long as Sarah was beside me ‘well not being stupid I then realize the women new Sarah from her panther days and had respect for her skills as a huntress .but even at that the women was still discussing to deal with ”we in gor still have the problem the priest kings place on us and that is women wanting to control gor but with out that gor would be a very boring place ‘as I said living in civilize port city’s women can not carry swords or bows but hat pins knives things of small manner and free women tend to voice there control threw there mouth staying with in the law but still making there point and free women are protected under laws set out and men can face charges ”but here in a pirate port the only thing that law is your sword or your bow and people will attack you from behind it simple we are pirates and out laws and thief’s” honer in a pirate port is dead and you live by a code ‘take what you want and sell any thing worth value ‘it a sad state me a scribe ending up in a world of miss guided people

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960)

Panther camp to rent for free

Front side camp

On the Sim Deep Sea there is a small camp to rent for free for a small true panther tribe. It is an open camp but well to defend at a 1:1 raid ratio. Intruders have to run up a long bridge. Everything a panther need is in the camp. The camp is build by Laureen Enzo, a true panther!

Maximum extra prims you may use is 250.

Back side camp

Please contact Laureen Enzo if you are interested.

Mariko Marchant

Keep it real

Playing a physician in a small rural village near a forest is always going to be interesting. But we need to remember that panthers are fiercley independent and they would have a healer with immense knowledge of herbs and folklore.

They would only get a physician involved if at all when it becomes life threatening they would stay away from cities too. though sometimes you have to roll with what you have. if searching out a physician it is likely that there would be a disguise worn until and maybe after one is located.

Slave wine is given by panthers to the slaves usually as sip root to chew on and it only lasts a month or two at most. Capture is a very real threat and panthers being FW that have escaped their cities would know that there is far better slave wine provided for by a physician. They would want to guard against pregnancy if captured because a panthers life is not necessarily one for a small infant and could put the band into danger so think hard before you rp it because i value all life and will never perform an abortion no matter what the circumstances. That might not be true btb gor but my personal feelings, which have to be considered for a contentious rp like that.

Of course medical supplies would be fair game to anyone finding the pharmacy unmanned and my back story means that i make all my own medicines so there will be plenty to find including potions locked in a hard to get at locked cupboard that house the poisons i am researching.

My back story is i was a big city head of caste in two different cities Tor and Midas I came to twin falls looking for my daughter najina. i did find her eventually and she gave me two grandchildren because she had not had slave wine. She left the band and went into hiding and i am still looking for her and my grandchildren. While at twin falls i fell in love not just with the village but with its elder Claude. We FC but halfway through the year i left to join a big city again this time for several years. the call of the village and claude was so strong it bought me back this time determined to stay. I have a soft spot for panthers because of my daughter and every contact i make i try to see if word has come of her whereabouts. On a final note I love snakes and usually have one near or on me obviously not an ost.

Carrie Islar

The inworld Gazette of Gor is back!

Editoral Gazette of Gor #119

Thanks to Vigdis Vyper (michelefermion) who made a new distribution system for the Gazette of Gor I made a new inworld edition of the Gazette of Gor. If you want to have a Gazette of Gor dispenser on your dock please contact me and I will put the dispenser on your dock.

I hope that in 20121 we can return to more role play and trading in Gor. I also hope there will be less cheating in fighting and that panther camps will be panther camps and not forts which can only be taken by raid groups. To me raid groups are OOC and have nothing to do with Gor. Did John Norman mention raid groups in the books? For some it might be fun like CTF (Capture the leader) which is fine of course as we are in Second life for fun, But it is absolutely not Gor. Many long to have the old Gor back. I would say let’s do it!

Hope you will enjoy this edition of the Gazette of Gor.

Wishing you happy holidays for you and your family. Take care of yourself and be safe!

Mariko Marchant, Gazette of Gor