A tale – Part Two

The man had only for desire,
To live by his toil,
By cultivating his fields,
He had only for weapon,
A large tapered blade,
Hanging on a wooden handle.
Being, old, blew and breathed with difficulty,
Killing crazy grass and ears of wheat,
With a gesture he had from his father,
Father who had succumbed by doing these same gestures,
And all his ancestors.
The steps weighed down by the years,
Showed the lassitude of the human,
And his abandonment.
He will not be able to show his son,
His love of his job,
Neither his love that he could have given him.
His son, having wished not to exist,
His wife, having wished not to love him,
So he had only his land,
And his great slender blade, his only conquest,
Hanging on a wooden handle.
That one love lay next to him,
Because the man did not breathe
He had just joined his ancestors.
Kissing the earth,
Land where he was born and where he had just disappeared,
Unknown memories of others.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)


The Story with Quests – Part Two (For players)


I sigh

“- You talk about a cage … A joke …”

I grumble on the way home, carrying in a bundle, the remains of the object found.
As soon as I find this bloody priest, he will feel my arrows. Not only do I have to find stupid puzzles, but what’s more, I do all the work.

I walk, my legs tired and I pick fruit that I swallow, quickly, to regain strength. But the last tests were terrible and I feel the need to rest, to take back my mind too. I find a tree and I climb on it. To rest on the ground, is not prudent. The animals are hungry and I do not want to become their lunch. And humans are also used to capture and kill before asking questions … a bad habit. Here I am perched on a branch. I close my eyes, to escape a few moments. Before feeling a shock on my arm and an instant pain

“- Ouchhhh. What is happening”

I growl and open my eyes, just to receive a new stone.

“- Who dares?”

I prepare my bow and arrow before I see the priest, smiling, in the clearing, just below me.

“- So little, do you intend to rest for a long time? This is not how you will help the world to feel better. You better get off this tree, before falling to the ground.

I’m staring at him …”

“- What do you still want, I found your thing, in this Land. I did what I had to do. It’s up to you now to do your job! Make your mantra for the famine to stop!”

He shakes his head.

“- I’ll call you back. You are my arms and my legs. I am your head. Without you, I can not do anything and without me, you can not do anything, either. So, stop doing the child and get off this tree.”

I let myself slide along the trunk and I stand in front of him.

“- Good! What should I do again? Attack a Kuri with bare hands? Jump from a mountain? Cross an ocean?”

He smiles at me

“- No it is very simple. You must find Svago the beautiful, an island and a city that you will find easily. Svago is a small island out of the way of major trading routes on the wider Thassa. Never much considered by seafarers, who tend to prefer the more direct routes to Cos and Tyros. It is a forgotten little gem, much out of the way of those that roam Gor for profit.”

“- And on this island, you will find a person, the person who is watering the travelers. She will guide you in the mazes of the city. Of course, you’ll have to dress differently … or you’ll end up in a cage. You must respect the customs of this place. And above all, you must be careful in your actions, in your words. The person who will guide you, will show you your future if you are imprudent. She will also introduce you to people who will ask you questions. You will have to answer to know, you will have to overcome to know, you will have to think to survive.”

I sigh.

“- It’s no longer a quest, but a suicide that you ask me for. And then, I do not have outfits to go to a city!”

He smiles at me, mocking me, and hands me a bag.

– You’ll find the right clothes in there. You’ll change before getting off the boat. Come on, go for it now! Do not wait for Gor anymore!”

Svago (BTB SIM)

People who come to Svago must respect Svago’s rules. It is a BTB city. Only adequate clothing is tolerated. We must respect greetings Goreens. A woman, considered free, must not carry weapons.

The game

Players will have to wear this QUEST TAG Object – 􀀀
The game starts with a correct and consistent RP to find the first person. If the RP is too light, the person may not accept. This person will take you to another person with a new RP. The final person will be the master of Svago, who will receive you with his wife.

The lady will ask you 3 questions, 3 puzzles. You will have to give the answers. Each correct answer gives you 1 point.

If you fall on a question, you have the opportunity to request a challenge like duel in 3 rounds. You will not have the choice of weapons. (Dice)

If you win the duel, you take the lost point on the issue.

If you collect 3 points, the Svago Master will give you the clue.

If you have 2 points, but if you practiced a very good RP, to the appreciation of the people met, the 3rd point can be granted to you.

If you have 2 points, you can request a final challenge in 3 rounds to win the 3rd point. You will not have the choice of weapons. (Dice)

If you have 1 point, you will have to leave Svago and wait until the next day.

If you have 0 points, you will be slave to Svago for 24 hours and you will be able to restart the trials after this period of slavery.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

We have devised our entry process to ensure it is supporting our vision of authentic Gorean roleplay as well as the overall running of the sim OOCly. Once you have roleplayed and decided you would like to stay, complete the following steps.

1. Complete the app and place in box in landing area – William or Nikki will add you to the main City group based on this application.

2. In RP seek out your Head of Caste/Assistant head of Caste or slaver and IC discuss the role you want to take on.
For knowing who is who in the city, RP your way in or check the boards on the Svago landing area for the Hoc names.

3. Your HoC/Slaver will add you to the appropriate additional groups..

Need to get to the upper city and don’t have keys?? rp your way through any locked doors, there are many people on sim… remember we do have roleplay going on so sometimes they are locked for reasons….

William & Nikki and sim admin team (not rp mods)

**Please read the sim rules if you have not already.. we take these very seriously and have sim admins to help maintain compliance with them

A tale – Part One

Once upon a time,
A plump and fat person,
Foolish and ruthless,
Malodorous and dirty.
He came to a wild country,
Ready to fight, ready to kill,
Sporting thoughts of hate,
Brandishing his sword,
To better overcome,
Whoever would be on his way.
This country offered life,
Sheltered the youth,
And it was called the island: The island of Sin.
Our brigand had come to impose his dictate.
He only wanted war.
He wanted only malevolence.
And when he met,
A woman dressed in a loincloth
A woman in flamboyant attire,
A woman who presented a bow and arrows,
The man thought, wrongly, to win again.
He only looked at the woman in front of him.
He does not see the other women behind him.
He only felt the arrows, piercing him.
And when the last arrow took his life,
He could never have believed,
That He, so plump, so potty,
Would become a pile of bones,
Exposed to the sight of all,
Below the warrior camp
Who had just knocked him down.
Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

Adventure and Quests

First point : What are we looking for in Gor

Originally:, we wanted mixed RP with combat, live adventures. We wanted have a split in dialogs, see how a person will react to a situation caused by another.
What becomes Gor – Preponderance of fights

Gor becomes a Push-button style, declining RP mode. We saw pew pew mode increase and the end of adventures. BTBs come in GE to fight. The fight becomes king with preponderance of the skills in the combat and the setting up of the stats GM, Gor becomes more boring once one made the turn of the mode combat. The result is the increase of slaves and bonds which do not take part in the fights, but who make more RP. Slaves and bonds create their own stories and adventures between them.


Create adventures based on stories previously created and distributed via groups and newspapers. These stories will be known to all tribes and thus, all tribes will be aware of the adventures that are created. If a tribe wishes to enter the initiated adventure, it begins or continues the RP, either on its side,

Even if tribes are not in circuit, they will read adventures out of curiosity. So, at one time or another, they will try.
Adenture and Quests

ZIMA launches a great adventure based on a story created entirely. This adventure will require the resolution of several riddles to ultimately create a sentence code. This adventure will last 10 weeks and will lead us to visit several SIMs. Only Alone Shadow will know the code phrase to ensure equity among all participants. The goal is to get all Goreans to visit Lands, to start new RP, while respecting the plot of history. Of course, it will also be necessary to think of the different quests. This is not so simple. Follow a story, create RP following this story, while looking for clues and words that will constitute a code phrase. This will cause you to search for things, with always the threat of being considered as a spy and receiving arrows.

Are you ready for this challenge? Or do you wish to continue sleeping in your camp, hoping someone will come? Here is my proposal, give you an adventure to live. At first, I thought I would give only a description of the Lands to find. I will finally give you two pictures. This will allow you, at least, to find the Land. By cons the object to find,

As soon as you find an object, you must note the Land and the coordinates of the object as proof. its name, that will take place in the sentence code, will be described by an enigma only. It’s up to you to survey the place, thinking and finding what might be right. The words to be found and placed in the sentence will be in the correct order. You will have the initial sentence without the words to find.

For example:

“She looks at me, and I drown in the blue of her skies”. Go represent a body of water that is in front of me (The blue, I drown and the sky that gives the color blue to the water). It’s up to you to find the hidden meaning. All puzzles will be easy if you try to read between the lines.

Do not forget the initial plot of the story. It must be used to start all the RP that will be created by your quest.

Last rules

ZIMA launches this adventure. Sometimes it is possible to find additional clues in ZIMA Land. We have a tavern, wild animals. Who knows what can hide behind a barrel of wine, or next to a tree. But it is also possible to hear tales at the tavern, stories that will give you an approach to solutions.

Moreover, this story will be as well in SIM Ge as BTB. Pay attention to the LANDS rules, especially at the BTB level. Pay attention to the Meter used. At the BTB level, you can use a disguise to go to town, otherwise, you stay on the docks.

Another point to address is the Ban at the level of the lands. It would be good to abandon the Bans, at least the time of this adventure. Otherwise, there will be no equity in the quest. Tell you that you are here to have fun. A SIM that declares too many Bans, can not be referenced at the adventure level and therefore, will not be able to benefit from history, no new RP, no search for clues on its territory, no search for the object. How to search for something if you can not access a Land. So, Owners, become indulgent. Especially if dramas arrive, the offending people will be excluded of the game by me.

And as any punishment merits salary, the first person who will give me the complete code phrase, will have a surprise. This award will be given during a big party organized at the tavern, with the complete proclamation of the results, graduation and good general atmosphere.

In case of dramas, only Alone Shadow will decide on the follow-up and will reserve the right to exclude from the game, the person (s) responsible for the dramas. An audition of the different protagonists will be carried out in case of dramas for a possible judgment
The Phrase Code – Initial sentence

I saw this mower.
She was in her field.
She was striding and harvesting
Black ____________ letting the twilight pass.
In the shadows where everything seems to be shaking and falling,
The man followed the gleams of the ___________ with his eyes.
And the triumphalists under the triumphal arches were falling
She was changing into a __________ Babylon,
The _______ in scaffold
_________ in manure, children in ___________
_________ in ash, and mothers’ eyes in streams.
And the women shouted: “Give us back this little being.
To kill him, why did He give birth?
I saw the end in a _____________
givings tears to a __________
I saw you, my friend, on your death ________
Now, you have to fill all blanket space to have the complete phrase code. Let’s go !!!
Our Partner

A great Thank To Arueil Dench. Who helps us with prizes by gift cards.

First place 1500 L Gift cards – And a surprise
Second Place 1000 L Gift Cards – And a surprise
Third Place 500 L Gift Card – And a surprise

Her store deserves be visited. You will be able to find the right thing for you in it

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

The Story with Quests – Part One

First Land - Landing DockBecome the Chosen
If I had been told that Gor would become a world of peace, I would never have believed it. Besides, I should never have believed it. For if peace has warmed the heart of the Goreans, the terrible winters which have succeeded each other have been right of this weak heat and therefore, of this apparent truce.
Crops are becoming scarce, animals are killing each other to eat better. Gor is hungry. Gor is dying of its sufficiency. This is what a high priest said, haranguing the crowds that passed before him, in this case, me. He was staring at me, trying to pierce my soul through his eyes before he wanted to sink his words into it, then he resumed his diatribe, his voice always stronger, like the long howling of a wolf come to imbue the terror, his terror in the minds of humans.
Already, all the ingredients were present and I really should have known that the world would switch, again, into violence. Famine, religion, despair, hatred: all those little sparks that will plunge Gor into violence. And I stayed there, listening to this priest, unable to move, hypnotized by his words. And he relaunched his imprecations, becoming more and more proud of finally having a listening ear. But at one point, he stopped his speech to focus better on me.
–    You … .. Hey you! You listen to me, but what can you do, or what do you want to do for our world? Do you want to stay in your corner, and see the Gods having fun with us? Or do you want to show the Gods that we can bring them our knowledge and finally stop the horror that looms. Because, this is our future. We have exhausted the reserves offered by the Gods. We must now make sacrifices to make us forgive.
He sighs and makes a sign to me. I take a few steps in his direction, always on the guard. He smiles and whispers:
–    I am against sacrifices and bloodshed. I never liked that. Do not be suspicious, my child! I do not want you any harm.
 I agree, always careful. He smiles again and stares at me.
–    There is a solution to avoid further carnage … but will you be the one who will allow the return of peace in Gor. I speak of a great peace. There will always be some rapine and death. Such is the human being. But Peace, the one we all hope. Do you feel able to give it to us?
 I shake my head
–    I do not know, I’m a humble living in the woods, hunting to feed me. I am nothing. I am not like you, I have neither knowledge nor power.
He nods and stares into my eyes.
–    You are not much, but with little, we build cities. You will become my legs and my hands and you will go get me some objects. These objects will be the basis for a great incantation in honor of the Gods. Become my spear that will fight in honor of the Gods and we can save our world.
He stares at me and gives me a parchment.
–    This is the first object to find. But it’s not so simple. All objects are located in secret places, distributed in our world and objects are defined by riddles. You will have to solve these puzzles by finding the places and the objects »
I take a few steps, and I open the parchment. This one is covered with writings. I shake my head and turn to the priest. I tell him,
–    I do not know how to read.
He looks at me with a smile and tells me the first riddle. I suspect him of knowing all the parchment by heart.
–    The large blue ribbon, separating the north from the wilderness, will bring you to find an almost uninhabited island. This island is located on one of the minor rivers of the big ribbon. It is south of the northern countries. A tribe of Panthers and a village are the only residents of this territory. And on this island, you will have to find this object defined by the following riddle:
–    When you offer the Gods your ultimate smile, you will leave on the ground, a cage devoid of flesh and blood, a cage that will no longer shelter your heart. This cage, made of wood, will be exhibited by your enemies yesterday, in the sight of all, before becoming the dust that is forgotten. This is the cage you have to find and bring me back on your back.
The priest closes his eyes and makes a gesture that tells me that I must now go. I pick up my backpack and bow, heading south.
First Land - The Path
Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)