Invitation: March to Klima

(This is the 2nd march, thr first was to establish a new Salt Ubar, this time it is mostly for german roleplayers and with a different plot)

When: 23th October 2021, 4 pm brazilian time (Sao Paulo+1), 8 pm german time, 7 pm GMT, 11 am SLT

Where: Oasis of Four palms, skybox, walk through the sign “To the Tahari” and wait

You need to wear appropriate clothing for the desert: always strong wind and sandstorms, extremely hot sun.

Plot: Very few Goreans know the way to the oasis of Klima. Anyone who draws maps of the desert will be killed. The Salt Ubar and his warriors (Guards of the Dunes) control the trade in salt from Klima. Their names are not known, they are always veiled or wear a mask.

For German roleplayers; you are a group of merchants who got lost in the desert and strayed far from the trade routes. You hardly have any water. You will be found! If you meet a kaiila caravan, you will be saved!

Do what the men say who will save you. Perhaps you will get to know the oasis of Klima, but you will not be told where you are and you will not know later how to get there.

For the Guards of the Dunes: rescue the merchants and bring them to the Exchange Point first, then to the Oasis of Klima but do not tell them where they are.

Beware of quicksand! If you lose your way, you can be lost!

The role play lasts about an hour or more. (You have to go through an invisible teleporter several times, please always accept)

How do you recognize the Oasis of Klima?
Almost a quarter of all of Gor’s salt production takes place in the oasis. About a day’s walk from the oasis is an “Exchange Point”. Caravans arrive there, bringing food for Klima. On the way back, they take the blocks of salt with them that are carried there by the prisoners and slaves from Klima.

In “Tribesmen of Gor” only male slaves lived in Klima, women were not allowed. That changed after the death of the Salt Ubar Saran. Those who live in climate manage themselves.

We will need taverns, cafes, at Klima, ”he said. “Subjects
have been too long without recreation. “
“With the control of much salt,” I said, “you may have
much what you wish. “
“We shall confederate the salt districts,” said T’Zshal. (“Tribesmen of Gor”, page 347/8)

Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza)

The Great Gorean Canoe Route

I am Rikki, owner of Port Falworth, almost 14 years in gor. I am an Elder and scout for the Shekinah Arani Panthers, a sim designer and builder. My tribe is a collection of long time gor players that all have special talents as Builders, creators, scriptors, writers and idea people. We are still warriors and we participate as goreans

As you all know there has been a steady decline over the years in gorean sims. It has been watered down by groups that are not interested in reading the books or roleplaying properly’
I call them gamers, They just fight, never say a word unless it is a slur. Mariko Marchant , the en of my tribe is also the owner and editor of the Gorean Gazette which is a once a month news paper that reports and interviews what is going on in gor.

Our SE Angela had an idea about linking real gorean sims together with a canoe dock to add some reality to this world. Being able to sail to multiple lands. I put a canoe dock and grid tp in the southern continent and was able to paddle thru 9 sims. This interested me and I started talking to other continents, large clusters of sims that are real gor. I added a Kaiila rezzer for the plains and Tahari. We realized this was a way to unify real gor and bring RP to the lands that desire it.

To this day we now have 16 locations that collectively give a person access to 80 lands and the list grows every week. For example, Mirkwood Forest will land you on a dock in the Northern Continent and you could pick up a canoe and paddle to 17 different lands. If you chose The Thassa Shores continent you would have access to 9 lands which include two large cities. The Isle of Tabor will give you access to the Aria group including Varn. We have locations Fernian the extreme north to the Cartassa city extrreme south. All the largest clusters of lands and they all want your RP.

Everyone honors your rules, We advertise events in 12 locations and the gorean gazette is distributed on most of the docks in gor. We also design very detailed weapons that are legal and we do custom work. We are also experimenting with a 100% secure meter that is cloud based and causes no lag. It is called Hitages. Does all the same things that other meter have but no private info tracking or hidden external links. Fewer scripts.

Our other endeavor in gor is make gor beautiful. We are willing to assist this communiity in any way we can. I spent about 20 minutes with your first Sword and he saw some lands he didn’t know about, there is people in gor that have not experienced the cultural exchanges that are there. I enjoyed are rp and he is very polished.

I used the Novatech grid wide tp to cut down the prims on any given land. The tp is 1 prim, The canoe rezzer is 5 nad the Kaiila rezzer is 2. It works well. The canoes carry 2 to paddle and 2 more can lay down like captives.

Rikki Falworth

Editorial Gazette of Gor #127

Dear Gazette readers,

As you can read in this edition of the Gazette of Gor there is still a lot of roleplay in Second life Gor. Also there are many Gor sims where true gor is played. These sims are now connected by a canoe route (portal) based in Port Falworth. Together they form the United Lands of Gor community. These are not pew-pew or BDSM sims, They strive to have a community of people who like to live as a true gorean based on the books by John Norman. If you are interested in being connected please contact me (Mariko Marchant ), Angela The Bomb (angelaemogirlx) or Rikki (rikki.falworth). At this moment 15 sims are connected directly and about 80 sims indirectly. We will support these sims with approved weapons lists, meter issues and much more.

Also in this issue there is information about the new Hit Ages meter,which claims to be 100% Secure, following Second Life TOS, with no private info tracking or hidden external links (everything happens Inworld, what happens in SL stays in SL), in addition to the extreme cheating detections and protections, maximum fairness, great measures have been taken regarding script security..
Hit Ages is professionally developed, has been created from the beginning with high performance in mind, the main focus is on creating a complete system that is lag-free, fewer scripts and efficient code, using the latest scripting techniques, and hosted on the latest hardware, and server software versions available.

Happy reading!

Mariko Marchant, Gazette of Gor

Roleplay at Grimli

Fran Uladstron: tal poppy

Boundy Schwartzman swallows when I see  Laureen beside

Laureen Enzo: did you get fish feed

Fran Uladstron begins to draft his slave papers

Boundy Schwartzman: woman – sighs… believe me … I am not belonging here. I am from the free city of Belnend. I am a warrior.. and not a slave

Boundy Schwartzman: And if people of Belnend would find out that Gimli – slaves are enslaving Belnend people it could be the beginning of a war

Laureen Enzo: the guy is lying. I know him. this is a runaway slave

Boundy Schwartzman looks around who was speaking there

Fran Uladstron: come in poppy

Fran Uladstron smiles

Boundy Schwartzman: Poppy? know her as Poppy?

Fran Uladstron: tell me what you know poppy

Fran Uladstron: yes, that is what she was called

Laureen Enzo: i saw the guy. he was a breeding slave,

[Fran Uladstron nods

Boundy Schwartzman sighs and knows slowly that I have lost for the next days

Laureen Enzo: but weaned it should be fish feed, think it has fled

Boundy Schwartzman: I have been not, but I guess its not importand what I say

Laureen Enzo: you won’t get anything for him

Boundy Schwartzman: she is paying back to me because I have captured her

Fran Uladstron: where was he a breeding slave?

Laureen Enzo: in rarn

Boundy Schwartzman: I never was anywere

Laureen Enzo: But look, he’s just a wreck

Boundy Schwartzman: she is just lieing to you and she is only trying to get a revenge

Laureen Enzo: silence slaves have to be silent. when free talk

Boundy Schwartzman: and I am not, hand me a sword and I will fight the mouthy one down

Laureen Enzo: wooden sword. otherwise he will hurt himself

[18:13:05] Boundy Schwartzman: you might be the free at the moment but you are as well the big liar… *growls*

Fran spanks Boundy Schwartzman’s ass …

Boundy Schwartzman: ooouch

Fran Uladstron: hush you, i gag growlers

Boundy Schwartzman: but she is!!

Laureen Enzo: grins and rubs his hands

Fran Uladstron fills in the new information on the scroll

Fran Uladstron holds her wax ladel above the lit candle

Boundy Schwartzman: her silly comments are no informations.. it are only  allegations

Fran Uladstron signs the scroll, then pours the now melted wax next to it, then finally stamping her seal into the wax

Laureen Enzo: fold smaller

Laureen Enzo: I never lie

Boundy Schwartzman: she is the one who belongs  into a collar. And she already has been

Fran Uladstron rolls up the scroll, then tugs him to the post

Fran Uladstron shackles his wrist to the post

Laureen Enzo: what are you going to do with him

Boundy Schwartzman: grrr… you are doing a big mistake, woman. you might be the reason why Gimli will be attacked by civilized good warriors who enslave you all because you are working together with panthers and Talunas

Fran Uladstron rolls a branding iron in the hot coals

Fran Uladstron: i’m going to brand him of course

Fran Uladstron: Ich werde ihn natürlich brandmarken

Laureen Enzo: I would sell it far away you won’t get anything here. where he is recognized

Boundy Schwartzman: no…noo…nooooo please woman. Do not do this!!

Fran Uladstron: he excelled at pulling ym cart, i might keep him for a while

Boundy Schwartzman: I am in fact  part of red caste of Belnend. … come on Laureen tell her

Laureen Enzo: gag him. the slave talks a lot of crap

Boundy Schwartzman: I swear I am red caste of the city of Belnend * Ihurried to say clearly*

Fran Uladstron pulls the iron from the coals, “now i have a legal document proving that you are a slave”

Boundy Schwartzman: Laureeen … tell her.. NOW… hurry

Laureen Enzo: when i say that bo. that you abuse bo s name. he hangs your head on the gate

Fran Uladstron picks a spot on his thigh, then thrusts the iron firmly against his skin to a count of 5 ihn

Fran Uladstron pulls away the iron after the time passes and places it back in the coals

Boundy Schwartzman feels the buring iron to my thigh… and imediately smelled the burnt own flesh

Fran Uladstron releases his wrists from the shackles

Boundy Schwartzman could not believe what was going to happen but it was yet going on

Fran Uladstron: come poppy, let me buy you a drink to show you my gratitude

Boundy Schwartzman got into the mood now to knock Fran out.. but luckily realized that  Laureeen was close

Fran Uladstron locks his leash to the bar

Laureen Enzo: emo will be happy for the help

Laureen Enzo: a paga

Boundy Schwartzman: what now?  Better dont await  that I am going to serve now !!  * I still mentioned under pain of my thigh*

Fran Uladstron wipes out a bowl thoroughly

Fran Uladstron then fills it with the house paga

Fran Uladstron slides the bowl in front of poppy

Laureen Enzo: thank you, you know i like to help when i can

Fran Uladstron hands a scroll of serving instructions to Bo, “study this scroll carefully slave bo”

Laureen Enzo: pour down the paga, fran I have to go, take care of the slave, this is not a good slave who lies and cheats,

Fran Uladstron: stay safe out there poppy give my regards to the tirbe and tell them i’m in gimli now

Laureen Enzo: I’ll do it. take care. and slave serve with zeal. Grin

Submitted by Laureen Enzo
Shaman of Shekinah Arani

Realism at Vosk Morass

Lately I have been traveling around Gorean sims. Not anymore they are being build according to what was written in the books. Yes, there are beautiful, gorgeous places, but their build is modern, shiny and so matching XXI century than then the rustic Gor.

I was talking with my Admiral about the ships we have here in the Vosk Morass. Each and every ship we have here is sailable, and most of them has their own specific tasks. There is the biggest one, tarns carrier, it gives us the ability to use those magnificent creatures in case of attack or when we need to escape. We keep it really as much close to possible realistic way, that we even send slaves to clean the dung. At Tarns Carrier we have our ceremonies of intake and other fun stuff which is the group secret.

Thoe it’s not the only one, as Pirates lives mostly on ships, we have our Pelican – the Kennel Ship too. It makes it harder for fresh slaves to escape it and it can carry up to 7 captives. As i mentioned each and every ship you can find here is realistically built, no fancy things there, just rustic as it should be.

Some of the crewmates said what they see very realistic is the Crane at our dock which loads and unloads ships. Thanks to our amazing scripter Wolfie it not only moves but rotates different directions.

I even asked her what was her inspiration and that’s how the unexpected interview happened.

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): hahaha, I got kicked into it by Lemz.

Lemz Memel (Lemme Memel): well before the crane was rotating stupidly 360 degree, so Wolfie noticed it and give it an upgrade lol

Wolf Song (Wolfslied): He asked me to script the crane to a halfway decent movement and so I did.

Wolfie you created also the Balistas which are up at our wall, what inspired you to make them?

Wolf Song (Wolfslied): well, I like making stuff that has some unexpected twist to it. A while back, I made a cannon that you can ride (or you ride the cannonball) and it shoots you wherever it is aimed.

So why Balista at Blackwrath ?

Wolf Song (Wolfslied): during one of the first raids here, I thought it would be a benefit to have a quick transport from the walls to the carrier – but of course, the cannon wasn’t suitable, so I thought I make some sort of catapult. I ended up with a ballista as I found a good mesh piece for it on marketplace …. and scripted the basics. later on, I rescripted it, so that raiders have a small chance to to eventually make it,  to even it out a little.

How long did it took you to make it work ?

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): it wasn’t too long since I have some experience with scripting guns…. I would say, maybe about 1 hour for the basics and another 2 hours (with a lot of testing) for the fine tuning

Do you script for fun or in your work you care to make as realistic movements of objects as possible ?

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): it depends…. movements in SL are often a pain and unreliable and the more realistic they should be, the more pain it gets.  I’d say, I try to make it as realistic as possible but also keep an eye on the lag potential. Since this is a busy sim, the less lag the better – therefore, I rather cut down on the realism a little and keep it more simple

What you will script next ?

 Wolf Song (Wolfslied): well, at the moment I’m working on an employable ancient temple with a lot of traps, secret doors and treasures to gain – I hope to be able to include it into the Gor RP, it might be a nice addition

Thank you Wolfie for your time, it was a pleasure to talk to you.

So as you can see Blackwrath offers not only realistic sim build, ships and objects.

What we do have here are people, most amazing and realistic you can ask for.


Scribe of Blackwrath Pirates.