The killing of Gor

It might not true that the zCS meter caused the decline of Gor, but it surely divided the Gor community. When is was introduced lots of messages arised to state that the GM meter was no good and easily could be hacked (suddenly there were lots of hacks). The tone of voice of these message was mostly very, very aggressive.

When I wrote zCS vs GM Just a meter war? I got so much hate comments that I had to close down the ability to comment. Most comments were very personal.(

The same thing is happening to Hitgor now. Rumors are spread about this meter to discourage the maker. This maker says he won’t play as dirty as they do and likes to stay fair. It really would be a shame if such an intiative would be killed by agressive people who want only the zCS meter in Gor.

The zCS meter is technically a great meter, although it was not very nice to lower the downtime when in a bubble to get advantage over other meters.

Also with GM there used to be an independient weapon testing group to assure all weapons had the same specififications.
In my opinion there should be an objective weapons testing group like there was before and this should have beeen intiated by the meter maker.
Now weapons of a certain brand might be stronger than other brands which is cheating to me. Also it gives a weapon maker advantage over other weapon makers, who will out of business because of that.

To me this is killing Gor and there will only be loosers as the Gor market for weapons might be gone soon.

Mariko Marchant

The Panthers cross the Tamber Gulf adventure

After managing to steal a sailing ship from the Port of Kar and only four days out on a two week long crossing of the Tamber Gulf, the Shekinah Arani Panthers find themselves in the middle of a violent storm.
It’s midnight and the wind has been howling for hours. The choppy waves on top of the ocean swell and the boat is rolling and crashing in the water. It’s a new moon so the sky is as black as possible except for the split second flash of the lightning, blinding all aboard the sailing ship briefly before they descend back into the dark.
Occasionally a gust of wind will come from nowhere, hurling the Sailing ship the Panthers have stolen over at a horrendous angle of heel.
Then another flash and a roar of thunder.
Weather takes on a special meaning on the Tamber Gulf and the storm seems determined to sit directly over the Panthers Ship. Hours go past as they are battered by the winds and the waves. They are unfamiliar with sailing as they are Panthers of the Woods but somehow find the ship being sailed into the wind and managing to somehow stay afloat.
The Shekinah Arani Panthers pray to the Great Mother to keep them safe as they battle the storm.
“Please let us survive this.” They pray to the Great Mother.
Dawn breaks and They begin to see the storm subside. Never have they imagined or experienced a storm that lasts for this long. With the morning sun, the thunder and lightning subside and the fair winds return. As the Panthers collect themselves and wonder how the ship managed to always be sailing into the wind, they look and see at the Wheel a Shekinah Arani Huntress who had tied herself to the Wheel as to not get thrown overboard. The Huntress went by the name of Laureen who managed to keep the ship into the wind.
By mid-morning, it’s a beautiful day and The Panthers were gliding along on their way south as though nothing had happened. All were exhausted, utterly sleep deprived but the Shekinah Arani Panthers are overjoyed because they have survived the latest challenge that the Journey South has thrown at them.

Angela (angelaemogirl)

Trading in the forest deadly or not?

I woke this day ‘just another day i was thinking as i got from my furs throwing water on my face as I drank rum the night before my head was a little in a haze but I got up whet out as I took a cup of water from the barrel washing my mouth out…I then whet to the docks getting in my canoe loading it with a wine barrel some kanda and other stuff I was hoping to trade this day as panther have no need of coin it usely wise to have a good supplier of goods to trade with so I took ore in hand as i started out threw the bogs of the forest as it hot the heat on me the sweat off my skin I came on to a dock of the Shekinah Arani tribe. I found my self kinda short getting to it so I got in to the water as I swimmed pulling the canoe to there docks where I shouted asking the huntress if thy seek any trade, the one huntress Brunhild (brunhildcarver) the other huntress Angela (angelaemogirl) welcome me to there trading docks to trade as we started out I found they where very self in depended as they made there own goods in beer wine kanda and other stuff you only find in city’s, but we came to a deal i traded a barrel of wine for a barrel of beer to the huntress Brunhild (brunhildcarver), but at that time the huntress Laureen Enzo roll a barrel of rum out of the bush laughing about smelly pirates I then new where this barrel came from as I sure they had raided Darkport and the barrel was one of Fɾǟɳƙɛɳʂƚɛɨɳ Aʟ Aǟաǟʀ (frankalaawar.mysterious) stashes of rum he always drinking, but are trade was cut short at that point as the zima tribe was near and we had to leave the docks I my self jump in the canoe head back to port as fast as my ore would row not seeking to get capture by that tribe.

By Conrad scribe of Darkport

Stories from Conrad


I was ask one day siting in a tavern by a slave her name be Sara how i got the wooden leg…. interesting question you ask as i then set me leg up on the bar ‘be leave it or not girl i was at sea a scribe i am and some nasty pirate attack me ‘well so thy say i fell and the mask of the ship landed on me so I had only one chance ether drown with the ship or pull me knife and start a cutting well the blood was out the sharks about i thought me dead till this women pull me in a raft took her blade heated up and burn me flesh till it stop bleeding well after that I was a sleep a few days ‘stopping catching me breath as i take a drink clearing my throat ‘well i ended up here in Darkport a low standing place it is to but i got me a wooden leg pull it on me and know i walk again’ thank you Blanca Alonzo

Angela (angelaemogirl)

It seems every so often in Gor you have a close in counter ”but this one seem to be a very good one for me ‘as a pirate in Darkport it not easy being the scribe ‘the laws are few and the men seem to run about taking and steeling mostly off the panthers ;but there revenge can be deadly as i found out… ‘store has it that frank and urumi where out steeling not sure urumi was but she was capture so thy say… I have no idea of there miss hap only that urumi lost her key as that goes the panthers as thy are ”mean and seeking revenge thy had the key and came to are port before i new it i was in binds as i watch them strip the old man of his clothing and place a knife on his man hood telling him thy cut it off i was amaze at the huntress who held my leash a very pretty huntress she stood tall over all ” she seem more at peace with her self guiding her thought with a careful degree of how she seek her revenge ‘as i was the lucky man looking on her beauty and skill as a huntress i remain still not making a sound letting the other huntress get there revenge” i ponder my thoughts ‘as a scribe writing the scrolls of Gor ‘I tended to place her name in one as the huntress of the night ‘knowing her beauty and skills guide her ” a Panther Girl, of the High Forest. who enslave men only with her eyes looking at them…

Conrad scribe of Darkport