Role play raid at Jotnar

The Shekinah Arani has started with roleplay raids, During these raids there is no meter combat, just roleplay.  We look for tribes/bands who are interested in this as well.


Fūjin (natoth) shouts: fullfill her lungs with the air and hollers out… “Tal there…” … then waiting for a while and continue shouting… “is here someone, with whom we can speaking?.”

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): Who is there?  whe dont have seen a ship coming…

bodi (bodicapagan): they send a bond to afraid to come then.

Fūjin (natoth): of course you can… answered to the incoming girl… then rotated head and said.. “we are here just for make a small business… winked and Mariko,  which moved near to her…

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) Approaches from the gate and sees some beasts in there and he can recognize only one of them Ava ” Tal ava , are they the new sluts?”

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): greeting forrest Mistress.. what bring you to our cam?

ձռցεl (angela.heideman): Heards some steps behind me..and see the man approaching..* Tal i am angel…my sis Fujin is in charge if you have any questions what we do here..*

Mariko Marchant: sees a familiar face “Tal Thai”

Thai Baxton: Tal mariko! ya a lil far from home?

Aʋα (avamarie.lyric): “I think so Jarl, dressed a little like some but I fear they are huntresses and perhaps not so willing to the newest of camp bonds but I am sure with all your charm and good looks you could convince them easily.”

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) laugh ” is she in charge of what? the cleaning or the cooking?”

Fūjin (natoth): Frowns at the man and said.. “no… i not want to steal your work…”

Mariko Marchant: “Tal girl, i see you found the way”

] ձռցεl (angela.heideman): Looks back to bruno*..would be to much if we ask as we can enter the fort ..Sir?”grins

Ansha (minapina) Kneels down on her Mistress side lowers her head and remains silence.

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) ofcourse you can enter give me all your weapons and kneel ! Ill gladly open the gates that way !

ձռցεl (angela.heideman): …mmm weapons I understand ..but why on kneels as be hard walking that way..I like to use my feet for walking..would that be a problem?*

bodi (bodicapagan): There is always a joker , you could kneel for us and we give you present,

Mariko Marchant: “we will never kneel!’ growls

Fūjin (natoth): shakes her head and made a sweet face.. “better not. from the simply reasson… when you will obtain our weapons, you will fall at knee, because for weak man, like you, the weapons is much heavy…”

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): feel herself safe enough on Thai her side to be curious and hold her weapons on her side.*

Aʋα (avamarie.lyric): gave a sharp intake of breath at hearing how they dared speak to the Jarl. This would not bode well for the women of the forests at all and she gave him that ‘Are you going ot let them talk to you like that?’ glance.

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) in a firm tone ” dont pretend to be silly with me beast , want to go inside you can all drop your weapons and kneel ” chuckles ” what are you all doing here at this lands? looking for troubles?”

Mariko Marchant: ‘Looking for we don’t do that..we are just panther girls heading for a moondance and we make a brief stop here”

ձռցεl (angela.heideman): we not beasts that we life in the forest is just a pre..better than those stone walls..but no is not kneeling day…but off course give a good example and kneel..yes?*

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) steps closer showing no fear of the beasts ” hmm you want my cake? 2 ways to get it drop weapons and kneel , draw your weapons and you will smeel the cookies very close after we finish with you all and bind you ” stops for a moment looking around ” as you can see you are surronded , you have one chance to leave or tell me what you here for ?”

Fūjin (natoth) as remembered, how clumsy and drank was Mariko in the latest moon dance, she a fast bittes her lower lip for avoid the laught… then continued with the serious face… “well… we are here for a small bussines… i am sure, taht someone of ppl here will be interested…”

Mariko Marchant: growls “I cannot help that asian ppl can’t have much alcohol.”

bodi (bodicapagan): Yes we take in turn and Mariko first in moon dance , we have  3 males ready and waiting,  so the cake to keep strength up and remember when she last drank.

Fūjin (natoth) As she listened sound of the drawn weapon, her look pointed on the top and observe the redhaired lady there.. ” tal…” said simply… “dont be shy and come here… ”

ձռցεl (angela.heideman): looks to Ansha * you able to speak girl…permission granted*

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) laugh and shout ” any man n jotnar whilling to be part of the moon dance with those beasts?” laugh louder ” or is any man insterested in keep them here?”

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): smiles looking down,”im not shy, im just seeing who is gatherign around the gates”

Mariko Marchant: looks ar the woman “Tal I am Mariko, EN of the Shekinah Arani” *friendly smile

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): looks around looking to the gathering of panters,, noticing one is held on a leash in binds, tilting my head looking to the one who had moved near,, ” tal huntress,, what brings you and your tribe to these lands”

Fūjin (natoth): well, lady… this is a bit better… i have a small proposal…. she carefully look around and start to whispering… “we dont lied to you about the moon dance… simply… we have one thral, but he is so bad and out of power… we tried gave to him som e blue pills, which we obtained from the earth… but… this not worked well..”…

Ansha (minapina) ” yes Mistress ” but remains silence as there are to many frees around she remembers the battle arena how she fight all her life  not that she liked to fight she looks around and knew she could not need any help to down everyone here but in herself she don’t  hope on a fight it would not be the first time that she down a whole tribe by herself to defend her Mistress ..but she remind silence on her knees and mouth shut as ansha is well trained in every skill that a slave should be trained

ձռցεl (angela.heideman): looks to Fujin..* do they know why we here sis…* even herself have not a good idea why we paddle to tjis lands but keeps focussed on the man.

Troublemaker (bruno.tierbal) as he sees Ocean dealing with them they might have business ” Im not interested in stay her staring to the creatures all day , shout for me if you need me Ill be in walls. ”

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): sure bruno, i will call if you are needed” so this one thrall you are looking for another to let him rest, and you come here looking for another male”

Fūjin (natoth) moved more close to the Oceane and continued whisspering.. “in the shortcut… we visited one old shaman and she told us, that we need one, very special boxers for him… she told us too, that here lives one man, which have very suitable the boxers…” she waied for a few Ihns and then continues…”we want buy them…”

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): blinks a little trying not to laugh, at the thought of panthers wanting boxers, thrying to think what man in this lands has them,, ” ermm do you have a name, from who you want the boxers from”

Fūjin (natoth) “yes… just i need a time for recall his name… she , a bit nervousy noved her left hand at her back and scratch her bada bum… “the shaman told us, that the man made a lot of kids… dammit, how was his name…. brun… bron… ehm… aawww. brandon…”

Mariko Marchant: looks and Fujin and thinks “she is getting old”

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): bit heavyon her lips not to begins to laugh.. thinking about in which moment they have seenthe underwear from the free… *

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): laughs out loud, well yes we have a man in this lands called branndon,, i not sure i seen him wearing boxers, thou he does stay up late at night so he could do it when im not here”
Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): “turning to sina, looking to her at her side,,” mine, have you any idea when you been washing smalls for master branndon, if he has any boxers”

Fūjin (natoth): maybe… whe winked at Oce… maye you can go in his home and bring us one… of course we will pay well for it… she with gracefull movement pulled out small puch and then she shuddered with the pouch for to hear the clinking of coins….

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): *try really to make a serious face but failed*  when we slaves wash the ähm. underweatr.. there was the one or other boxer by the laundry.. but i cant say exactly which one is from which Master my Mistress.. can be from Master Kinuh or Master Devan too.. this was the last laundry we washed and hanging out at the wall to dry.

bodi (bodicapagan): Can you not tell by size if he bigger bottom?

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): grins listening,, her ears picking up the sounds of coins, that would make for a nice shopping trip for her and sina.. “well sina they wil be the biggest ones that you wash, as most of the men in this lands are not as big in the butt as branndon,, maybe you go to the washing line and bring them here”

Ansha (minapina) heard huntress Fujin talking about a male who make a lot of kids …that wasn’t something new in her ears ..ansha been always told  that males sneak to panthers zone for rape ravage and making kids ..some males don’t even know how many panthers kids they have ..this doesn’t look like one of these cities where they drag panthers to and enslave them .;winks a little up and see 4 guards but keeps her head down and try to hold her laugh as she see the girl in nadu she been trained well and knew that nadu was a sign for a request to touch her heat keeps looking around but just keep her mouth shut with her head down.

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): nods fast.. she know each new word would sound like a squeal of laughter* i.. croughs.. i will try to find the right ones my Mistress.. i am sure they are  dry now.. by the weather here…

Mariko Marchant: smiles as she hears Ansha expressing her thoughts.

Ansha (minapina) ” perhaps something stick between the girl her heat that she could not close her tights and try to hold her laugh ” it wont be the first one with some plug up there heat or but ” she thinks in herself.

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): comes back with 3 sort of boxers over her arm.. one with sweet baby bosk playing around on green ground.. another  with sweet little blackwine cups and bones.. and last one a yellow big one with  oosts sliding around  the ground… * this are the only ones i could find now on line.. the rest must be now back by the owners my Mistress.

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): smiles seea returning,” holding them up in my hands,, laughs these do look like his” turnign to the huntress, ” so how much you offering for them ”

Fūjin (natoth): she moved close to Bodi and pokes her… “Please, you are a great connoisseur of men’s underwear, so please, select one…”she wiked at her… “i am sure, that you will select the right…”

Ansha (minapina) “notice the girl her return with a lot of stuff and wonders how she carries the blackwhone with 3 boxers over her arms and a bjosk cups and bones  Its amazing that the girl not fell on her face and glazes amusement to the serving girl ”

bodi (bodicapagan): let me sniff them , i always chose by smell holds hand for them.

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): laughs handing them over,, oh i will put them on the ground for you all to view.**`   ◕◕~**`~ snickers softly ~**`   ◕◕~~**`~

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): they are washed Forrest Mistress… looks at her a few offended.. there is nothing more of odor more

Fūjin (natoth): roll her eyes and made a few steps back… “everything, whats can help to your taste…”…

bodi (bodicapagan) takes each pair and holds p sniffing, and touching , and holds the big pair, as a real man has big bottom , this one.

Fūjin (natoth): “weli.. i trust to you…”said to Bodi and move her look at Oceane… “so, how much coins for this boxers?…”

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): and which one of you girls is going to wear them,, ponders on the coins and what they be worth,, hmm 2 gold coins

Ansha (minapina) heard the huntresses talking about the boxer and think in herself ” that looks fint to make blackwhine i can drop the black beans in there its big enough.

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): look like we need go get one ours free from blah landa )

Fūjin (natoth): golden coins?… shakes her head… “we want buy just the boxers, not the man…”she poured a few coins on her palm and started counting…”one, two.. three… six.. seven copper tarsk…”then waited again and continued “i think, that this will be enought dont you?”

Mariko Marchant: nods at fuijn

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): smiles,, looking to the coind offered,, ” well huntress it is a deal,, and if you ever want more,, im sure we can find more in his house” taking the coins offering the pants. ” i hope you have fun with them

Ansha (minapina) her mouth falls a little open as they pay so much for a blackbeanbag but it was just what ansha needed for her blackbeans.

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): smiles,, looking to the coind offered,, ” well huntress it is a deal,, and if you ever want more,, im sure we can find more in his house” taking the coins offering the pants. ” i hope you have fun with them

Ansha (minapina) her mouth falls a little open as they pay so much for a blackbeanbag but it was just what ansha needed for her blackbeans

Fūjin (natoth) gave the coins at the Oceanses hand… “good… was plaeasure made the bussiness with you… ” then look at Ansha and said to her ..”take the boxers please… is time for return to the dock…” *rised her hand in the friendly greetings” be well, lady… i ma sure, that we will ccome for make another bussines again…”


Ansha (minapina) yes Mistress ” she grabs the boxer and hides it she knew she would not give it back and fill it with blackbeans ..if the boxer wasnt good enough she would  make some itchy powder and give it on one of other master.

Oceane Rhode (oceane.ceriano): smiles waving,,” safe paths huntresses”

Sina Hastings (fasina.firehawk): be well forest Mistresses.


Mariko Marchant



Abduction to Gor (part 3)

Kennels teerahMina breathes a sigh of relief.
Erin chokes on her breath, falling off the outhouse, landing on her ass
MaraLynn hugs the girl as she walks past
MaraLynn looks at Hina and walks to her and hugs her “so, how is your new owner” then huffs
Erin steps through the door, almost hyperventilating as she sees the people all sitting around and is suddenly horrified at being the only one naked
Nephtides: *pulls her out behind the mute guard*
Ala watches the girl called Hinata as she enters on the cell again trying to give her strength with the eyes
Hellsing: watches as he almost turns his some as he wonders what is happening some as he looked to Hinata relieved to see her
Nephtides: to the sand pit, girl *ushers her there*
Hinata: wow.. rubs her head bewildered… one silver.. one silver for me.. looks at Mara.. I do not know.. your soon be out there yourself.. huffs back at her..
Jabari watches the next slut walk out, thinking he will fill his harem tonight and might need a bigger room for them.
Hellsing he looked as he said” you alright my friend ?”
Nephtides: Note this beasts excellent breasts, Sirs… and her mid eyes, Ladies.
Erin looks back as she is pushed up onto the circle of sand her eyes fluttering as she stepped up, half a missed breath from passing out
MaraLynn takes a deep breath and sighs, “true, but I may not be so easy to auction, even if they whip me”
Nephtides: mild even
Hinata mmm well I am now officially owned and a slave.. one of the men bided one silver on me.. apparently the first barbarian slave that has been bid on for one silver in 7 years
Nephtides: she is small and young, and sure can please a man when taught
Nephtides: turn around, Erin, show the Free your body
Ala nods don’t saying what he thinks about itself
Erin’s hearing and vision now phases in and out, her ears filled with her own heart beat as she nodded blankly “turn. yes…okay”
ERICK: smirks to Neph “she is unbranded as well Neph….that will take a copper off her price ”
Mina mutters, “Congrats,” to Hina, “Well done,” rather sarcastically.
Nephtides: *nods at Erick* Were she branded though, the barbarians would have beaten Us to it *chuckling*
Nephtides: speak Erin. Greet the guests
Jabari: Action already started make your way to the night market many barbarian beauties!!
Nephtides: I find her voice is pleasing *explaining*
Erin swallows trying to hear anything but her own breathing and heart beat as she watches the caped man’s mouth move “hi?” she wheezes, and then coughs, her throat dry
ERICK: “ah these are the ones who had some training on the barbarian world , I see ”
Hinata: do you have a problem ? what you think I wanted to be a slave ? hisses at her.. none of us wanted to be here.. but here we are.. now suck it up buttercup.. and the next that chooses to be sarcastic with me or huff at me will have a kick in their face
[16:26] Nephtides: Say a rhyme you know from home… there must be more in you than a syllable *smiles*
Hellsing he looked to Hinata” this is illegal ya know as well as I do please don’t give into there bullying ”
MaraLynn: no harm meant Hina *she whispers* just thought you might have put up a little more of a fight
Hinata: looks at Stewart… what can I do.. I’m naked.. without any means of defending myself.. except for with my fists.. and I do not fight.. I’m a peaceful person..
Erin coughs dryly “I…I…” she shakes her head slightly, blinks and clears her throat trying not to hyperventilate again “Mary had a little lamb? its fleece as white as snow….everywhere that Mary went”
Ala: please calm down all we are are on a terrible situation fights only make our situation worse
Erin inhales unsteadily “the lamb was sure to go” she was cursing herself hysterically at what she had chosen to say. a children’s rhyme. why.jesus…..
Nephtides: *smiles and nods, knowing that piece of trivia from the memory tapes*
Jabari chuckles as he hears the girl and said “Sense of humor on that one I will throw a copper out to start.”
Mina waves her hand at Hina, “Whatever. Keep your voice down silver girl. You can kick me if it makes you feel better.””
ERICK : “a pleasing voice though it speaks in the barbarian tongue”
Nephtides: see? A FINE voice, firm ass, and great tits
Ala says trying to conciliate the natural docile nature prevailing
Lorespeaker: looks curiously at the girl who is barely more than a child, and then over at Jabari, and he gestures to the girl and then to him, asking if he has any interest
Erin looks over her shoulder at the open way behind her and wonders as they all speak crudely of her if there was anywhere beyond it to run
Hinata: ooh jealous are you.. don’t worry I’m sure the men out there will love you.. mmmhm yep sure of it.. she shrugs.. then speaks to her fellow acting friend
Nephtides: other than the last girl, this one has no exam yet, as all other ones.. so we start with one and a half copper tarsk as entering bid
Hellsing he smiled to her as he said kindly” I know your right I’m not in much a position to fight myself ” he tugged gesturing to the chains ” always know I enjoyed every moment of our friendship ” he said being positive not sure what else he could say
ERICK: “let us see her with her legs spread ”
Mina shrugs and gets quiet as she thinks. It isn’t long before she is sucking nervously at her hair again.
Erin inches backwards, her mouth dropping open, blinking, reeling at the comment
Lorespeaker: “I’ll offer that,” he grins
Ala raises the shoulders at her words deciding to remain in silence to not make the atmosphere more tense
Nephtides: *To Erin* spread the legs wide
Erin looks at the caped man in horror and laughs nervously
Hinata: as do I my friend.. something tells me though we won’t end up as slaves together.. she sighed.. having enjoyed his company in the past.. well at least we are being somewhat calm..
Yussuf: Must I…. help her, brother?
Nephtides: *tilts head at Erin, hand on the whip, askingly*
Erin follows his hand to that whip cringes and hangs her head, then spreads her feet shoulder width as she stands in front of the man
ERICK: watches her carefully
Nephtides: ash, see that heat? Tight as new boots, wet as Thassa when treated right!
ERICK: have her crawl over this way
Ala: yes it is better indeed the nerves will not help us in noting
Nephtides: *into the kennel* “Thassa” is the ocean, barbarians!
Hellsing he nodded’ well yeah and I get the feeling your right but I ain’t going down without a fight you know me better then anyone in this room” he looked to them all hoping his words gave them some hope
Erin feels her knees buckle and drops looking at the caped man with a half scowl
Jabari chuckles as he hears the auctioneer. Watching the beast closely.
ERICK : She knows the whip?
Hinata: indeed I do.. but is your life worth losing ? she asked placing her hand on his knee..
Erin croaks “I know what a whips is…..”
Nephtides: crawl towards that blond giant bosk – I mean bull – of a man, Erin.
Lorespeaker: “I’ll raise my bid to 3 coppers” he grins
Jabari heard the scowl and shook his head “Nothing a good lesson would not fix”
Hinata laughs hard..
Nephtides: she has not tasted the whip, ever, I daresay.
ERICK: chuckles ….”so she even knows some Gorean , very good”
Erin swallows her own heartbeat again and hangs her head some, listening to them all
Nephtides: *once again is thankful that they decided to hasten the new girl’s adaptation by sparing use of the memory tapes on them*
Nephtides: Erin. I said: Creep to the blond man there *points to Erick*
ERICK: “come over this way as you were told slave”
Hellsing he looked up to her as he said” anything in this life is worth h fighting for as long as you try your best and know you gave it your all ” he looked some knowing she was partially right as he wished he could brush the hair from her face but couldn’t ” promise me you’ll always do your best to stay safe ” he looked toward the other women even Ala ” all of you hear me never stop trying never ”
Yussuf: bangs the gate once more, sounding angry* I WILL COME INSIDE IF YOU DON#T KEEP IT DOWN; IDIOTS1
MaraLynn looks over to the man speaking and nods “staying safe may not be the best option”
Erin crawls awkwardly over in front of the blonde bosk, scowling again and trying to catch her breath still, as she follows the finger point and kneels in front of him
ERICK: “spread those knees as you did before ” snaps
Ala: yes but on the right time my friend ” says on a way who reveals one agile mind and a natural caution
Erin jerks a little at the loudness of his voice and spreads her legs set wide under her
Ala says on whisper
ERICK: “this one is pierced below ….in the new style of the barbarian slaves, interesting , I guess the ears are not enough for them ” reaches over and tugs it
Nephtides: have you seen yer fill, sir?
ERICK: “what is the current bid?”
Erin squeaks and almost crumples backwards again, her legs already wobbling under her, her hips jerking forward with his tug
ERICK: grins
Nephtides: 3 copper I recall
ERICK: 4 copper
Hellsing he looked as he groaned laying his head on the wall some
Erin can finally not hold her self upright anymore, her hips jerking again as he tugged again and she wobbles a bit before crumpling backward again
ERICK The rings will make it easy to tie her
Nephtides: true.. so 4 copper is the bid
Nephtides: does anyone bid more?
ERICK: “luckily I am a trained metal worker so her branding won’t cost me anything, I will mark her myself!”
MaraLynn drops to sitting, tired of pacing
Erin mumbles “branding?”
Nephtides: 4 coppers the third time…last call for bids!
Lorespeaker: shakes his head
Ala tries to keep calm shivering at the word branding
Sigurd: 5 copper
ERICK: frowns “6”
Jabari hears the bidding war and grins “7 copper”
Erin looks around to see where the other voice came from
Hinata: places a kiss on Stewart’s cheek.. there.. I have done what I should have done long ago.. but didn’t have the guts to
MaraLynn hears a mixture of English and other languages, shakes her head “I am not sure what they are saying but it doesn’t sound good”
Lorespeaker: grins at the warrior, and shifts in his seat
Nephtides: a day for good prices kind Sirs.. but maybe we can send Erin back to her kennel? See the others? All of them are exquisite!
Yussuf : Noo! Sell the beast!
Jabari laughs heartily
Hellsing he smiled almost red on his tanned skin wishing he could of done the same ” I should of asked you long ago I’m sorry I didn’t now ” he looked towards everyone in the room trying to hide the blush some
ERICK : “I wasn’t able to inspect the others , but I trust your eye for quality slaves Neph”
Ala nods towards the exotic male actor smiling to him on a gentle way
Nephtides: *laughs* you may, Sir.. Erin, come here
Erin wobbles toward him, hoarsely “so I can go, then?”
ERICK: “if you say there are more I will not try and outbid the other fellow”
Hinata: its fine Stewart.. we all don’t do things till well much later.. she said with her Japanese accent.. I wonder what a Pani is ? the Master Neph.. said something about Pani
Nephtides: so, 7 copper is high bid, the second time called
Hellsing he shrugged not even knowing what a Pani was as he looked toward Mara, Ala and the rest ” we will get through this
Nephtides: that is thrice the entry price, Erin! Well done.. *to all again* seven coppers… and: Sold, to Jabari! * he grabs a handful of Erin’s hair and drags her back to the kennel, looks for the next girl on the list*

End of this Story

Erin (Angiewolf)
Edited by Petra Poliatevska


Interview with Sarah Galloway the EN of the panther tribe Ordovices

Snapshot _ Northern Outpost - New Rules 10_1_2017 , Voodoo Curs

Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): *smiles,   It is good to see you again.
Mariko Marchant:  Welcome,  please come in  and have a seat please.
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): I have to say I am a bit nervous,,  this is an honor for me.
Mariko Marchant:  You don’t have to be nervous, it is only an interview. *smiles
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): *smiles,  aye.

Mariko Marchant: So Sarah when did you came to Gor and why?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “Its been about 3 years for me in Gor,  I started with Ecko and her tribe. Ecko and Felicity were wonderful mentors but my RL work hours often put me on the sim when others were sleeping, as far as why,  omg I love adventure, RP, exploring and combat, it was just fun to be part of something bigger, a tribe.”
Mariko Marchant: I do know Ecko and Fliss very well. Ecko is a great mentor indeed.  What happend when you left Ecko s tribe?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): I tried joining several bands but, some folded, one was just too large for me, again my hours on SL put me alone many time on the sim, or at the time I was using a laptop so combat was tough for me.  I found the Northern Forest band.  Maya was the En and that was just wonderful,  beautiful sim,  Maya was an excellent En.  I admired her but, again that band folded.  I was very sad to see it go, I thought I had found my home.  After that I wondered,  did other things in SL but, always kept my eye out for another band to join at least for the winter.
Mariko Marchant: I see and then you joined?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): Where I am at now,  a person I knew from another panther band invited me to come to their sim,  Ja’hesa Me Fahgan at the time,  there was a bit of drama in the beginning and the tribe became Ordovices Tribe and I ended up as the En,,  the owner Rylee is awesome and with help of my core sisters we are building I hope a good place for BTB RP, adventure and stories.

Mariko Marchant: What is btb rolepley in your view?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): To me its following John Norman’s story, the characters her created and adding in the pieces that he might have left out in regards to panthers, I use the term common sense RP,  much of Gor is more combat and a BDSM element that doesn’t belong here.  Role play is first and foremost and everything else comes from that, trading, hunting, slaves, panther’s actions, sex,  and the backdrop of the sim to suggest RPing stories.
Mariko Marchant: I so do agree with your vision. To me Btb on Second Life Gor doesn’t exist ( See article below) , but I see what you mean and it is good that there are tribes focussing on rp.

((Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): I totally agree with your 1st paragraph!! And your second))
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): ((love your article,,  I gavea lot of thoughts on what you said))
[08:45:27] Mariko Marchant: ((thank you))

Mariko Marchant: Have always been a panther or did you start out as a slave?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): Started as a panther,  I have to say I make a lousy slave, I have tried but the masters that I were with where rather silly.
Mariko Marchant: *Smiles and now you have your own tribe “Ordovices” where does that name come from?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): It is a celtic name from Wales and western Scotland,  one of the tribes that fought the romans,  about 80 ad.
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): ((Not sure, someone else put it together, its been floating around sl for awhile))

Snapshot _ Northern Outpost - New Rules 9_14_2017 , Voodoo Curs

Northern Outpost where the Ordovices tribe lives.

Mariko Marchant:  Why should panthers join your tribe?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): Hmm,  Iset the direction of the tribe based on how I saw the world of gor,  I wanted more RP, and active core group of panthers.  I didn’t want a sex tribe, like many are, we are open to all, LGBT,  but I didn’t want just pixel sex and bdsm.   I believe that can  ruin a tribe. I wanted combat that didn’t use the SL tools that enhance a person’s abilities to fight, using minimap, turning off all the features that the builder put in to the sim.  That part is tough to enforce,  because it’s all based on honor.  I will be looking for those tribes that want the same,  so to answer your question why should someone join,  If you are seeing the world of gor like I and my tribe you will fit right in,  it’s an adjustment at first.  I think one of the most important element of RP is trust and we require that key piece at our tribe and land
Mariko Marchant: nods and writes down.
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): One thing to add.  I didn’t include non-panthers but we need a full complement of characters for full rich RP stories.

Mariko Marchant: Thank you for this interview Sarah it was very interesting.
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): I hope interesting in a good way.
Mariko Marchant:  it sure was!

Mariko Marchant
Chief editor of the Gazette of Gor

Btb on Second Life Gor doesn’t exist
By Mariko Marchant

There are people in Second Life (sl) Gor who state you play real btb Gor if you have read all the books and follow them. Is this true? Not at all, because sl Gor is just an implementation of Gor as described in the books of John Norman on a (game) platform called Second Life.

Second life has changed over the years. New and faster computer and internet connections, viewers with very rich functionality made things possible that are unrealistic to Gor as described in the books. Functionality like teleport, radar, minimap, Kool receiver is used widely by so called By the Book (btb) and Gorean Evolved (GE) users.
It is not possible to play true btb Gor on sl because it is an implementation on a powerful computer platform which means you have to compromise. You can never play “real” Gor on a computer, some features are simply not realistic; like you can fight with the same strength with zero or five arrows in your body.
If you want to play Gor closer to the books on a computer, you have to make a viewer without teleport, minimap, radar etc. and not use a meter but roleplay the fights too.
Also spend a lot more time to get food and other things to survive in the harsh Gor world.

Should we go back to this? I think not, because a lot of people have fun with the functionality there is now. Does all this functionality make us drift away from the books? Yes, for sure. Is this a bad thing?
Not when people enjoy the game sl Gor. It is a wonderful game where you can make real friends but no more than that. It is not a lifestyle. If you want to experience Gor as a lifestyle, shut down your computer and go to play it for real.
If you are playing in on your computer on the Second Life platform do realize the difference between btb and Ge is not only about following the books, but also about the use of (technical) implementation of Gor on second life.

Considering all this the conclusion should be: There is no “true” btb in sl Gor. You can only say some are more closer to the books then others.


The Wa ngao Taluna tribe and what makes them different

I have been looking round SL Gor and met many tribes and nearly all have combat and force collar, and take captives, when i came across a tribe that does not have combat, but who train and hunt, does not have force collar and take captives, but who have slaves not a few but have many, and who have well trained and desirable ones.  Who  has a tribe like this?

Wa Ngago Taluna Tribe

I have been attending their weekly Saturday evening Euro time 20.00 and Sl Time 12.00 lunch time tavern time and have met many of them.
I spoke to their En Fliss(Felicity Coronet)
bodi (bodicapagan): 1 question how hard is it for you to be En and rule the tribe, and still have time for your self
Felicity Coronet: It requires a balance: To be a leader when required and yet, have private time when that is needed.: But My Sisters and the kajirae are most understanding
bodi (bodicapagan): i have role as Tor, i keep accounts, and look after new cubs, as well as write so i know about balance, so how is it being the En and how would you describe your leadership
Felicity Coronet: My job is to involve Others and support Them: We are very structured as to opportunities to lead.: Not just En’
She gave me a list of the tribe leaders which included a Se, first Bow, Slaver, Healer, Teacher, Scribe, Story Teller, Ambassador, Scout, Builder. First girl , second girl.
bodi (bodicapagan): nods, how would you describe your tribe and how you keep them all happy together.
Felicity Coronet: Well, part of it is to recognize the real people behind these avatars. In saying that I mean We treat all with respect. Consensual role play: All I can do is set the tone and encourage everyone
bodi (bodicapagan): that is very important.

I looked at the tribe web site and read the history, this is taken from their site and gives the description of the Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe.

The History of the Wa Ngao

The Wa Ngao Taluna tribe was founded in April of 2007 by Tarsha Ra (En), Ronnie Vale (First Girl), Ribbon Butzkova (Benefactor of the sim), Desire Guru (Second Girl), and Felicity Coronet (Se Nasiha)
Meaning of the tribe name “Of the Shield” the tribe takes the name from its proximity to Lake Ngao. “Ngao” means “Shield” in the inland dialect and is one of several lakes in the equatorial region of the planet Gor.

Wa Ngao Philosophy

Gor, in the medium which we know as Second Life, provided a rich visual environment that brought this universe that we’ve come to embrace closer to life. The Gorean communities that popped up in SL ranged from life stylers, RPers, combatants or Gor craft. Its mode of interaction spans from being an online extension of a lifestyle to mere shoot, capture, rape and kill. These players range from being lifestyle Goreans who are never in character or out, as they are what they are. And there are those left mouse button mashers, who are in it for the the gaming aspect. Who also do not know or took time to learn of the universe that they play in.

There are many interpretations of Gor. There is not one that will suit all. We do not demand that ours is the best. For each of us Gor is about what we believe in – in the core of a Gorean it is about respect and loyalty. And as a taluna, our courage and our will to survive in the harsh environment that we live in.
The Wa Ngao could not be defined as a lifestyle tribe. For if we were, we would have lived according to Gorean ideals. There will be no characterization. Our AVs is an extension of our RL personalities in SL. We would have lived in the balance of Gor’s natural institution of slavery. And in this, we would have treated our slaves differently for one.

The Wa Ngao was never meant to be a D/s tribe. The only reference to D/s the Wa Ngao has are its sensibilities – being safe, being sane and most importantly with consent.

The members of Wa Ngao are role players first and foremost. When we shoulder a bow, call upon a kajira, trap fish, milk a verr, hunt some vulo, raise a bowl of paga to our lips, we are role playing. For these things do not exist in our RL. We, as a group, are interacting in a common make believe universe of Gor and what it means to our hearts.

In a RP environment, there are those who play a character cleverly written out like an actor in a movie. At times, we come across Xena, who knows close to nothing of the role that she portrays as a panther of Gor. But she exists in SL Gor for the excitement of role playing a warrior princess, raped, escaped and seeking revenge.

What makes the Wa Ngao unique, is that our members do not play a make believe character. A back story is not required to determine the actions of your character in any interaction. We encourage the merger of our members’ personalities in their SL roles. But we demand that the person is true to herself, as a taluna or as a kajira of Wa Ngao.

We may be standing in a boardroom in a dress, pitching for a piece of business to the Chairman of a multinational company. Or shopping in a mall in our most girly dress, but our heart and soul is still taluna. A strong, loyal woman with respect for all living things around us. This defines us. This is the core of our being.

The Wa Ngao was founded to provide an immersive environment for a unique group of people to play the roles of a band of outlaws, living on their own means to survive the harshness of this world, in the Jungles of Schendi, in the universe of Gor.

We may not demand that a member’s character should come to being from events that may have happened in the books. We demand that a member be knowledgeable, or be in pursuit of such knowledge, to be part of our environment. To immerse themselves into our environment, to live the lives of a few Gorean outlaws, who have banded together to survive, to being invisible to the rest of the Gorean world, to avoid return to the cities that we have escaped from and to avoid the rules of men.

We demand that our members, through knowledge, reciprocate to the environment that we have created and enrich it with your roles, your vision of how you, as a taluna of Gor live your lives amongst us and partake in a communal story. This defines the Wa Ngao, that we immerse in our roles, (not roleplay) in our environment. That we carry ourselves as taluna in everything that we do, with strength, courage, respect and loyalty to the woman who stands or kneels beside us and respect for them and the land that we live in.

As we move through the environment we create together we ask and hope that you remember these founding philosophies of the Wa Ngao.

I met some Kajira and a Huntress and asked them about their tribe this is the conversation.

bodi (bodicapagan): you all seem to have fun and have good relationships together
Wendy Jelasco: to bad I have none left
jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): (( Truly we are family, ))
ahadi (claireforfun): aii Huntress we are close – its what happens when you share oppression and sufferink
Wendy Jelasco: so lets say I used to do that when i had teeth
bodi (bodicapagan): different how?
ahadi (claireforfun): we is the downtrodden masses ….exploited by the few for their own selfish ends
Wendy Jelasco: diffcult to say
ahadi (claireforfun): we kajirae ….are revolting!
jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): (( We are what En calls a Family of Water. jazz uses Hawaiian word ohana. ))
ahadi (claireforfun): hmm m that didn’t come out right
Wendy Jelasco: yes you are revolting, bursts out laughing
jazz (jasmine.chiantelle) tries not too but breaks out laughing
I was talking to ahadi as she explained to me about her story Blom Battle and and please read it as it is here I then asked ahadi a serious question OCC
bodi (bodicapagan): Why wa ngao to live here and do you miss battle and combat and being captured?
ahadi (claireforfun): i never was part of a combat tribe – Wa Ngao was my introduction to Gor – other than bits i had seen of BTB which just seemed soooo slow and like everything was copy paste from a text, and anyway i have slow lappy so i cant fight effectively, but Wa Ngao is like a family and we do have combat practice and training and parts of the jungles are combat so there is always a risk of being captured
bodi (bodicapagan): so if you had fast you would live in combat sim?
ahadi (claireforfun): i think i would still be with Wa Ngao. i like the rp more than the combat
bodi (bodicapagan): but it is consensual is that a good thing or would you like to be captured by others?
ahadi (claireforfun): if i am in safe areas then it is consensual – if i am in combat areas then i can be captured, i was once. scary, he dragged me round to various tribes looking for a good price, but i kept telling him and the other tribes how the Wa Ngao would remove his intestines through his nose and dangle him from a tall tree by his jewels.
bodi (bodicapagan): so not force then laughs
ahadi (claireforfun): he had me bound and leashed
bodi (bodicapagan): so this was not from your land as it none force capture
ahadi (claireforfun): the northern land is non combat – but the land south of korat is combat
bodi (bodicapagan): why do you think the huntress chose to live here?
ahadi (claireforfun): i think they like the feeling of family
bodi (bodicapagan): i have been to some tribe where they treat kajira as sex slaves , it does not feel like this in your tribe
ahadi (claireforfun): we are bound by shared experience,it is not like that at all for us – i may lie with a Huntress if she desires but it is by consent, we serve because we wish to and because it is in our nature – not because we are cowed beasts
bodi (bodicapagan): so no beatings then grins
ahadi (claireforfun): just a few thumps when i get too cheeky
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles, tell me the worst and best of being a kajira here
ahadi (claireforfun): the best? we know deep down we are loved and valued by the Huntresses, and to snuggle up with one of them and feel safe and warm and protected.
ahadi (claireforfun): the worst? clearing up after the bosk or after the huntresses at tavern time – i am not sure which make the bigger mess
bodi (bodicapagan): laughs, thank you ahadi
ahadi (claireforfun): i didnt say anything – i deny it all
bodi (bodicapagan): to late,is in the blog
ahadi (claireforfun): it wasnt me

I asked them to write about their daily lives in the south Jungle.
What I found most interesting was that the tribe had its own language and definitely had its own culture.

Wendy Jelasco: Sawubona bodi
bodi (bodicapagan): waves hello, are you free now
Wendy Jelasco: aii: I trust I am here in peace
bodi (bodicapagan): yes,smiles, i am writing the article
Wendy Jelasco nods
bodi (bodicapagan): i am writing about the wangao taluna tribe and describing you as different because of the none combat , force collar this is different
Wendy Jelasco: aii trade takes us further
bodi (bodicapagan): how would you say this effect your tribe
Wendy Jelasco: we have few enemies and strong alliances
bodi (bodicapagan): i thought coming to tribe might be fun for you
Wendy Jelasco: so it is about being First bow: aii meeting many of you and seeing Mari again
bodi (bodicapagan): well being the first bow in the taluna tribe, is being a taluna more dificult than first bow in a panther tribe
bodi (bodicapagan): well being the first bow in the taluna tribe, is being a taluna more dificult than first bow in a panther tribe
Wendy Jelasco: I cannot say I have not had discussions with First Bows of other tribes
bodi (bodicapagan): mari my en was first bow of zima
Wendy Jelasco: you will find we interpret the role different maybe: I met Mari as First Bow but we were working more on skills than on other considerations
bodi (bodicapagan): ahhh so you work with the huntress as first bow , discussing weapons and tactics
Wendy Jelasco: yes for me it was training the skill a bit more
bodi (bodicapagan): traning the others you mean
Wendy Jelasco: that too it is a hard job tell you that for nothing: give me the choice: control a bag of fleas or lead Taluna in combat
bodi (bodicapagan): nods so can i ask how you train a novices in the skill of bow
Wendy Jelasco: guess what I would select
bodi (bodicapagan): hahaha
Wendy Jelasco: returning to your question: first is the simple target practice,
bodi (bodicapagan): i have had lots of training but i am still poor bow): yes
Wendy Jelasco: then train on moving targets: and in the end move yourself and aim at moving targets: in the end it does not matter if you are a poor bow or a good one
bodi (bodicapagan): i can shoot targets is simple is when they shoot back is hard
Wendy Jelasco: then you move: avoid the arrows
bodi (bodicapagan): that is very hard
Wendy Jelasco: make it as difficult for them to hit you: it is hard when you go one on one
bodi (bodicapagan): why is it so difficult for me and others seem to do it easy
Wendy Jelasco: Wa Ngao fight as team: maybe because you make it difficult for yourself
bodi (bodicapagan): do you train as a team ?
Wendy Jelasco: yes: there is the basic warm up: simple practice: and then go into tactics and movement
bodi (bodicapagan): tactics like lock picking
Wendy Jelasco: well we work as teams: when possible and depending on numbers available we fight in formation
bodi (bodicapagan): so like a battle formation
Wendy Jelasco: yes
bodi (bodicapagan): so do you take control in those times
Wendy Jelasco: En decided that Mosi Uta is the Field commander of the tribe
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Wendy Jelasco: when present I outrank all
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Wendy Jelasco: and all follow me
bodi (bodicapagan): i have seen your kajira with bows): are they allowed
Wendy Jelasco smiles: as Mosi Uta I can order all trained kajirae to take up arms and fight: our kajirae are mostly kujitoa
bodi (bodicapagan): so in most part of gor this is not allowed
Wendy Jelasco: that means defenders of the camp: they may get their bows out in case of danger: we know that: one simple rule
bodi (bodicapagan): have you a quote from books to say slave can use weapon
Wendy Jelasco: a Wa Ngao is a fighter – every Wa Ngao is a fighter to be precise
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
]Wendy Jelasco giggles
bodi (bodicapagan): when i write the article, this will be controversial
Wendy Jelasco: once we went for a trade with men
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles, yes
Wendy Jelasco: and I had a feeling they were getting funny as more and more of them came and I was uneasy if they would keep merchant law: and suddenly they saw 3 additional armed Wa Nago and were very tame, chuckles
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles
Wendy Jelasco: the sim we were at does not exist any more
bodi (bodicapagan): nods, i find the tribe very interesting is there a good and bad point you want to say
Wendy Jelasco: I would not know about good and bad points really
bodi (bodicapagan): nods, or your favorites things about tribe and least
Wendy Jelasco: we are the family of water and have arguments like a family: but we also care for each other l: very difficult to explain and complex
bodi (bodicapagan): that is very good to have a family feeling
Wendy Jelasco: as Mosi Uta (First Bow) I am the Shield of my Sisters
bodi (bodicapagan): tell me about the slaves , and how you keep them loyal
Wendy Jelasco: I do not know
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles
Wendy Jelasco: our girls are Wa Ngao to the bone
bodi (bodicapagan): it is impressive,bodi (bodicapagan): that they stay and rp
Wendy Jelasco: they are Taluna who have chosen to kneel as kajira
bodi (bodicapagan): and most of of gor the kajira leave so something is working
Wendy Jelasco shrugs there must be something right with the way we do things: but nothing I can think of in particular only a piece of chocolate now and then: but that is nothing special
bodi (bodicapagan): maybe i have to find the secret
Wendy Jelasco: if you do tell me
bodi (bodicapagan): i will): have you anything you wish to say
Wendy Jelasco: maybe you find out when you talk to them or they give you a note
bodi (bodicapagan): yes they might say,well we can chat to others now if you want
Wendy Jelasco: yes if you like
bodi (bodicapagan): thank you so much for interview
Wendy Jelasco: I must return to urth: so maybe another time
bodi (bodicapagan): ok thanks yes keep safe Wendy
Wendy Jelasco: no problem any time bodi
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles hugs

Bodi (bodicapagan)




Why bid on an auction?

There is a auction going on at Mirkwood forest to help raise funds for the sim tier

My self and my En who is chief editor os the Gazette of Gor went to see how it was going and to see why people do it.
Tina (liztina): tal mariko.
Mariko Marchant: hey Tina.
Mariko Marchant: what would you give for me ? hehehehe|
bodi (bodicapagan): 500?
bodi (bodicapagan): grins
Tina (liztina): wow its good im ooc…i am suddenly outnumbered.
bodi (bodicapagan): hehe.
Tina (liztina) giggles.
Tina (liztina): you up on auction mariko???
Mariko Marchant: i am not yet,  what would you give  when i did?
bodi (bodicapagan): me?
Mariko Marchant: no Tina.
Tina (liztina): it would depend on what your nc said.
bodi (bodicapagan): ahh : yes.
Tina (liztina): like how would you want to serve your time.
Mariko Marchant: hmm.
Tina (liztina): and for how long.
bodi (bodicapagan): you could give lesson.
Mariko Marchant: i would do 3 days.
bodi (bodicapagan): on skills with bow
Tina (liztina): just dont do what i did for time.
bodi (bodicapagan): what was that?
Tina (liztina): 1 day per 1000 $L
bodi (bodicapagan): so you can say what you willing to do?
Tina (liztina): right now i have nothing to worry but the first time i did an auction…..i spent alot of time away from home.
Tina (liztina): yes): like limits.
bodi (bodicapagan): why would you bid on someone ?
Mariko Marchant: well i am open minded as you know.
Tina (liztina): i have bid on people in the past because i have met them in passing…but never really got to know them….more like a casual rivalry.
bodi (bodicapagan): so is a time for meeting and rp with people
Tina (liztina) nods.
Tina (liztina): like an exclusive rp.: let me give you an example from my first auction.
Mariko Marchant: listens.
Tina (liztina): i was bid and bought by meggan….i barely knew her but i knew her partner breezy very well….we had a ooc friendship and an ic rivalry.
Tina (liztina): so i was surprised i got purchased. and at the time both were members of the valks….and ic i was wanted by the valks.
Mariko Marchant: i am not that wanted.
Tina (liztina): the purchase at the auction allowed me to meet and rp with people i may never have….spend quality time with people…build an ooc friendship and respect.
bodi (bodicapagan) peer at leani, it ws you i know it.
Tina (liztina): mariko….being part of the gazette you could entice a bidder by saying that you will write about it in the gazette.
Tina (liztina): or… someone and do the same.
bodi (bodicapagan): thats interesting: looks at her En, : you should do it
for the gazette.
Mariko Marchant: i will think about it.
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Tina (liztina): now some people on the board are in it to fur….or be dominated….some are on the board to rp and have fun with it.
Mariko Marchant: would you put yourself on an action board?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): I would): does the money go to a cause?
Tina (liztina): its for the sim.
Mariko Marchant: to the sim tier.
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): smiles,, sure I will be glad to help,, its important that gor survives.
bodi (bodicapagan): so it is for a good cause.
Tina (liztina)hant: it is not my idea: i think quarterly or maybe an auction every 6 months would be good.): as long as it goes to the sim tiers): or other higher important cause.
Mariko Marchant:
Tina (liztina): sometimes you find someone on the board looking for a home…..and instead of just being accepted into a group they try and get purchased…then sell themselves to the group.
So please take a look and to find out how it feels i am on auction.
Come bid and raise funds to help keep the sim alive.

Bodi (Bodicapagan)

(Finally Mariko and me ended up on the board)