Nahkriin (The Avengers)

Nahkriin Band

bodi (bodicapagan): so can i ask is this a new place : and a new tribe or how would you describe your selves i gather you are not panthers now , so are you mercenary or outlaws?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): yes we are mercenaries.

bodi (bodicapagan): can you explain to me why you have become mercenary is it gorean, is it btb?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): There was mercenaries on Gor, one or more than one of books is named like that, just not sure was there female mercenaries. Why we become mercenaries… Its long story, idea was to have small group of bounty hunters, its something that Varisya and I wanted to do in our old tribe, but many things happed and we never make it. After we left tribe, I had few people with me and feel responsibility toward them to give them new home, than later some bring their friends and suddenly we needed camp.


“Many Mercenaries do not wear uniforms. Insignia such as armbands, scarves, ribbons and plumes, of given colors, serve to identify them, making clear their side. Needless to say, such casual devices may be swiftly changed, the colors sometimes alternating with the tides of the battle. Many mercenary companies consist of little more than rabbles of armed ruffians, others, are crack troops, as professional as warriors of Ar or Cosian regulars. In dealing with mercenaries, it is extremely important to know the sort of mercenaries with which one is dealing. That can make a great deal of difference, both with respect to tactics and strategy.” — Vagabonds of Gor, page 75.

It is quite unusual, incidentally, for such men as Raymond and Conrad to be recruiting now, in Se’Kara. It was really a time in which most soldiers on Gor would be thinking about the pleasures of winter quarters or a return to their own villages and towns. There are usually diverse explanations, depending on the situation, for the type of forced recruiting to which men in some of the villages had been subjected. Sometimes a passing army desires merely to amplify its forces, or replace losses, particularly among the lighter arms, such as bowmen, slinger and javelin men. Sometimes the recruiting is done more for the purposes of obtaining a labor force, for siege works and entrenching camps, than for actual combat. Sometimes the mercenary captains, whose negotiated, signed contracts call for the furnishing of certain numbers of armed men for their various employers, have little choice but to impress some reluctant fellows, that their obligatory quotas may be met. More than one fellow has sworn an oath of allegiance with a sword at his throat. Most mercenaries, of course, join their captains voluntarily. Indeed, skilled and famous captains, ones noted for their military skill and profitable campaigns, must often close down their enlisting tables early in En’Kara. — Mercenaries of Gor, pages 30-31.


bodi (bodicapagan): i do not know about mercenary in Gor i not had any dealings with them , can you explain about the role, and how you see yours self and your band in the role?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): I was panther for long as you know, all this is new to me as well, swimming in unknown waters right now. In my head we are group of fighters or soldiers that you can hire for your needs, protection, or for some other task, and is how I see my role, like someone who care more for profit than for anything else and fight on side of one that pay better.

bodi (bodicapagan): do you have men and women in your group and what is name?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): Yes, we are mixed group, we accepting men and women. Name is Nahkriin, some say Nahkriin Band, what is wrong we are simple Nahkriin (The Avengers)

bodi (bodicapagan): why change from panthers is a big step?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): Reasons have personal nature, and will like to keep them for myself, but you are right, it is big change. But I find this role much more …flexible than panther role it is.

bodi (bodicapagan): so tell me about the difference between the roles what is you like the best?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): Difference is, at least for me personally, that this role give me much more creative freedom to build and to express my character, not only visually but in most of areas. Its different. Men was enemies now are friends, some panther was friends now are enemies, is new world for me..

bodi (bodicapagan): and what do you miss the most?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): From panther life?

bodi (bodicapagan): yes now you a mercenary.
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): Friends. Friends of course, many of them are not on SL or on Gor any longer. Its somehow like leaving your parents house, is your home, you love it, have memories etc, but at some point you feel that you overgrow it and that you need new challenge in your life.

bodi (bodicapagan): i can understand that, as i have just changed roles my self.
So if i wanted to hire your band what could i hire you to do and how would i go about doing it , and what would it cost me?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): Well, for what will you hire us is up on you, rescue, or you want to capture somebody…there is many options, price will depends on how big risk it is. And on who will piss off. : and on who we going to piss off

bodi (bodicapagan): why you think think people should join you, and what you can provide for them?
Lєaηḭ Ṓήό Ўήģόl (leaniyngol): I cant say why will anyone join us, there is many groups, and all believe that they are best. So far in group we have only people that are friends from early and do not want to grow no matter how cost. Will rather keep any of this that are her now than have five new extraordinary fighters or RPers. What I can offer…Is hard to say, I hope that we will build story here, story about this group, and maybe someone want to be part of that story.

if you have some comments please send to me

bodi (bodicapagan)







Gor, Gor

Welcome to the world of Gor. We enter without knowing. We run from left to right. And we feel lost. Welcome to the Goreen world. First step, define yourself. What role do I want to play, Panther, Slave, Maid, Bond, being in a tribe, in a city, in the forest. I prefer the countryside so I became a panther, out of love for my freedom. Second step, dress according to his role. Good panther outfits are light, even bare. Gasp !!! The smaller the fabric, the higher the price. No big differences with the real world. What else do I have to find? Yes, weapons … An arc will suffice me. I’m wearing the famous gorean meter. Which one to take? The traditional GM or the new ZCS? Let’s stay classic! Take the GM. I have nothing against ZCS, I don’t know it. I promise to try it but for now, i need a meter and i will use the old GM. By the way, I think that 2 meters will even more split Gor. The world BTB, the world Ge and now different meters. And why not different types of world … Gor style in the space, Gor at the beach, etc … Ok Ok … it is a joke. Why not a new meter. But we can ask another question, why a new meter …

Have I gone around? Damn, no !!! You have to read books. How many books ? What !!! Around twenty !! I will read these books later. I promise … Well, maybe … We’re already going to the campus to learn about Goreens. Here is the first! Tal gorean friends.

Justine (justine61)

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): tal bodi

bodi (bodicapagan): Kat good to see you, can you tell me about your self and what is your back story?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): i am a panther, ‘ but a skilled one, ‘ else i would not be a panther for 11 years … and never got collared ” and even survive in the high north on my own … ‘: i did that for a reason , to make some of my rich and influential enemy’s believe i died

bodi (bodicapagan): tell me about the markings.
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen) nods ‘ why you think i wear these markings …. its not for decoration but to hide the scars from the gorean 5 strap whip ‘and kajirae fear the gorean 5 strap whip ‘, ‘ and even more being hamstrung ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): aiii i heard it is viscous. Omg Kat who did whip you?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ my former owner …. ” the one who i killed ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): you were a slave?|Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen) nods, ‘ but it is a long time ago ‘, ‘ i am not the same women anymore , i am stronger now , meaner ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ i was a free women , long time ago , educated to become a scribe … when the village where i lived , not that far from here … was raided and destroyed … my parents where killed and i was taken and sold as a slave ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): sounds a terrible life

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ i was sold to a cruel farmer who for his amusement beat and abused me ‘, even his wife and children where very cruel to me ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): nods it sounds a terrible life, nods ,

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ but i managed to escape, and in their sleep i tied them , and gagged them

bodi (bodicapagan): shivers at the story
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): and i made him watch …. how i slit the throats of his FC and children , letting them drown in their own blood

bodi (bodicapagan): Kat you had a terrible time.
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ when they where dead ….. i went to him , and stripped him … cut his manhood off and left leaving him to bleed out slowly and painfully …. ‘ ‘ he was number 1 … .the first male i ever cut ‘, ‘ after that i ran in the woods …. ‘ but … i was followed ….’ seems panthers who lived near the farmers farm … heard him scream in agony … went to investigate … and found him and his family … dead ‘ ): ‘ and followed my trail ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): did you manage to escape?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ it didn’t take long till they found me … but i was hiding …. ‘, ‘ they did not sell me , or slave me again …. but where impressed in how cruelly killed the farmer who seemed to have done that to many slaves ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ and they took me in as one of their own , a member of their band …. and i have been a panther ever since ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): good for you
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ Lady Katherina , Kathy the slave … became Kat the nutcracker ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): can i use your words as an interview Kat for Gazette of Gor?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen) nods , if you like …. you can use it …’ if you want more … ask Lady Yuki of tharna , she still has my journal … the one i made befor i traveled north and was assumed dead ‘, ‘ my former slave kim , delivered it to her ‘

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ i been back to my old town once ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): how was it then

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ it was nothing more than a few remains of houses …. overgrown by plants and some ashes ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): nods

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ and here and there some faint remains of fellow town mates …. bones … nothing else than a few bones .. picked clean by animals ‘, ‘now my home is the woods …. the town i lived in … is gone ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): nods how do you feel about that

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ nothing anymore …. Lady Katherina … the once scribe , who was about to finish her study and work as a scribe in Tharna ….. does not exist anymore ‘ ): ; Neither does Kathy , the poor slave of the cruel farmer ‘, ‘ all that remains is Kat ‘ the nutcracker ‘ , the cruel panther women from the woods of Tharna ‘

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ you have been a panther aye bodi?
bodi (bodicapagan): yes but i was never much good at fighting.

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ you remember the great panther alliance , Panthers United ? ‘
bodi (bodicapagan): when was that Kat?

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ many years ago …. ‘
bodi (bodicapagan): before my time then Kat.

Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ there was an alliance of panthers , almost all bands where in it …. instead of fighting against each other , they fought side by side. How i fit in it ? …… i was the founder and head council member of that alliance … the council of EN’s called ‘ ): ‘ now as i told you , i made powerful enemy’s … with them where the initiates and those who they serve ‘ looks at her ‘ the Priest kings ‘ ): ‘ see , my alliance … which where far over 250 panthers ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): the priest kings you have met them?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ no , no-one met them , but the initiates who serve them , know them ‘.

bodi (bodicapagan): nods i have only heard of the whispers priest kings.
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ and they where ordered to … dispose of me,  see the Alliance contained over 250 panthers , working together ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): shudders
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ this disrupted the balance of power of gor … and the Initiates , who btw i few of them i killed … were ordered to dispose of me , and break the alliance ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): how did you survive?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ so many Mercs , Bounty hunters , even Assassins where send to me …. So i was a danger for who i was around with ‘ , : ‘ so i disappeared , to the high north , beyond the northern forests , in the land of snow and ice. The people coming after me , never found me and assumed i died in the rough , cold land of snow and ice ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): i have heard of this place but never been.
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ after a year i returned …. and as i predicted i was assumed dead … i changed my hair color for a while and took a other name …. till i knew for sure that the initiates given up.  Amongst the few initiates i personally killed was one … who’s was a guard of fina before he became an initiate ‘ : ‘ vychod radek ‘

bodi (bodicapagan): so are you still in hiding, if hey find you will they get you?
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen): ‘ and no … the initiates do not hunt me anymore’

bodi (bodicapagan): that is some story kat.
Kat ‘ The Nutcracker ‘ (kathy2102.allen) smiles ‘ oh i have many more to tell ‘

bodi (bodicapagan)


Editorial Gazette of Gor issue 100

One year ago our Minnie, founder of the Gazette passed away. Minnie knew she would die as she wrote in December 2017: “Minnie … End of Transmission … The light turns off …The lights turns on for a new life of Gazette of Gor”. She wrote me January 2017: “you are now owner…maybe i need to fly”. Rest In Peace dear Minnie. We all miss you.

Last Friday at the tribute ceremony of Titan I realized how many players of Gor have passed away. I was moved by the words of Sky Valerian “Sky Valerian: You were taken from us, and defeated by this disease that eats away so many people, you fought like you did here at our side. But this time there will be no reset meter to start over.

65 People were attending this ceremony and it showed we are one big Gor family. You can read about this ceremony in this issue 100. Minnie would have been proud that we have issue 100 now. We will go on on the path we chose with the spirit of Minnie in our heads. But we do realize that no one can replace Minnie.

Please keep always in mind that there is a real person behind every avatar. He or she may have a terrible disease, or maybe old and lonely.
In the past years we have seen so many players passed way in real life and sadly this won’t stop.The time will come that there will be no reset for all of us. So keep the words of In-na, who passed away July 16, 2016, “Be nice to each other and love what you have” always in your head when you play Gor on second life.

Futhermore in this issue poetry by Vargous Carver, roleplay at the Olde Soke tavern, an interview with the mamba and EN of Zima A’Kam Blu Akina and news like “Leaving slaves at the Elation Tavern”. Also an article about Free Companionship that might contribute to your knowledge of Gor.

Mariko Marchant
Chief Editor Gazette of Gor

Gor Poetry: The Red-Haired Heart of Gold

The Red-Haired Heart of Gold

Outside a walled city, a lone figure
Swiftly moved from one spot to another
Whoosh. Up a rope soared, a grapple took hold
T’was a plan, a scheme, thought out and quite bold.

There in the horizon the setting sun.
Time for the Eve; afternoon was now gone.
A second rope went up, grapple held tight.
It was part of the plan, the fading light.

A sign of experience – leave no chance
Grasping the rope the figure upwards hence.
The figure mused, now two ways to get down.
Once up on the ramparts glanced to the ground.

A sly smile crossed the lips of the figure
Eyes, green, glanced around so not to ignore.
Quiet now moved the black-shrouded person
The first stage over so easily won.

Two ways to escape, better than just one
A city surveyed makes it easily done.
Now though was the time to reach the sought goal.
Days in the making this was no small stroll

A city has guards that patrol the night.
Making rounds for a guard is no delight.
But the guard’s footstep – no surprise to hear
For a thief with a plan nothing to fear.

In darkness the figure bided some time
The bored, tired guard thought only of wine.
Against the wall of the rampart’s tower
A club to the head did thus overpower.

Tight knots and strong fiber can bind the best
A whisper, “I want what I want, no less.”
The guard left unconscious, bound, and then gagged
“Not killer just a thief,” the figure bragged.

Took from the guard the tower door’s key.
“Thank you kind sir this key do I now need.”
Tower door opened, down stairs to the street.
The thief in the city stage two complete.

Now it was dark, that was best for the thief.
The library to find, that was now chief.
Travel now easy through city with crowds.
Ahead was the place and access allowed.

Passing the scrolls, books, maps and old parchments.
Quietly, deliberately, the thief went.
Artwork and antiquities – no surprise.
The thief passed them all; they were not the prize.

In an upper room four reds there to guard
Valued talisman of ancient regard.
For there rested a treasure, an object
An exotic item requiring respect.

Heart-shaped, sold gold, the size of a hand
Pure solid gold except for red strands
Red strands, hairline thin ruby parts
Revered was this the Red-Haired Golden Heart.

Torvies told sagas, Scheindi chanted tales
Of value beyond all known measured scales.
Tuchuk passed down stories, Pani sang songs
Of before all time the object belongs.

The gold all said came from the center core.
Mined well before even the days of yore.
That, truly was the object’s great allure.
Nothing compared to it on all of Gor.

Priest kings, it was said, revered it as well.
Any city that held it, no war fell.
Simple was the heart but it instilled awe.
The ruby hair strands were without one flaw.

The thief creeped slowly, one guard by the door.
The thief tossed a coin that clicked on the floor
The tunic-robed guard turned head by instinct
A strike of the club, down did the guard sink.

One down, but the others now alerted.
Bloodshed now seemed could not be averted.
Blades drawn to the thief they now surrounded.
Red caste are trained, skilled in blade they bounded.

The thief though was nonplused at swords now drawn.
At one of the scarlets the club next was thrown.
“I am not a killer,” muffled, whispered, blunt,
It’s just that I want what I want I want.“

Connected club did, another was out.
Swordplay ensued, the result was in doubt.
With two left, feints, parries, strikes, and thrusts,
The thief danced, evading the reds’ upper crust.

And, then a misstep, a rarius slipped.
Thief jumping in air, somersaulting flipped.
For a moment now it was one to one.
And soon time would tell which would be undone.

Jumping was not fighting as taught to the men.
Struck by the flat side of blade he spun spun.
For confused, the red who had still stood erect.
Had no chance the strike at all to deflect.

Four rarius defeated, the thief quickly tied
These dazed red-faced scarlets all were surprised
The thief’s eyes then beheld the golden heart
Grabbed it, chuckled, and then left to depart.
Golden heart in a common belted pouch
The thief had sure shown this thief was no slouch.
Feet swiftly fleeing through the city’s streets
Back up the tower’s stairs, all stages complete.

No time to rejoice, no time to reflect.
Time now to flee with this ancient object.
Then did the thief pick one of the two ropes
Climbed down outer wall full of all hopes.

Several ens headstart went to the thief
Scarlets ashamed beyond any belief.
Still red-faced and red-tuniced scarlets chased.
Assembled and went to give a valiant pace.

The thief moved through countryside on swift feet
Though there was little time even to eat.
Two days passed on this extended long hunt.
Rest here, rest there, but still stayed out in front.

Third day the thief saw smoke in the distance.
Direction changed the thief went to witness.
Curiousity overwhelmed the flight
That strange sense that is usually not bright.

Mistakes are not known until they are made.
But wonder is something not up for trade.
Delays can have impact not known at first.
Delays have risks which keep getting much worse.

Two pasangs away sobbed moaning women.
Blackened by smoke and ruins all about them.
Two pasangs away arrived soon the thief.
What there was found was absolute grief.

Grouped by a hillside, clothes torn and tattered
What was it that made these poor women battered?
Thirty women saw this master thieving.
Nearby them one man, a bosk and wagon.

The man was focused; feeding the women
Water and fruit and walking amidst them.
Humming some soft song, a quiet hymn.
The thief spoke, “How did this horror begin?”

The man turned, looking over at the thief,
“Kur, kurri, beasts from hell caused all their grief.”
His eyes then a moment seemed to linger.
An eyebrow he raised on spoke the singer.

“Rampaged through their small village with mean death.
These women all that seem to have been left.
Their men died fighting to the last beaten.
Children and livestock taken and eaten.”

“I happened upon them yesterday morn.
I was traveling. My trade is mere song.
Their souls shattered and full of much fear.
Lost all they have, ‘cept feelings of despair.”

The shrouded thief stared at the fellow.
He stood tall enough, and voice so mellow
His bosk cart was now nearly empty of goods.
“After this is all gone, I’ll seek out more food.”

“Why care for these sad strangers even at all?
Collar them, make money, could be your call,”
so the thief blurted, then felt that was wrong.
Quietly, the man, “Just freedom for strong?”

“Their lives viciously all have been shattered
Would it be money only to you mattered?
They’ve lost all their families brutally.
And now in this misery are fully.”

The thief felt ashamed at what had been said.
And felt for these women whose men had bled.
Then saw in the distance another crowd.
“Not kur nor outlaws,” the thief sighed aloud.
The man saw the reds; saw thief reacting.
Puzzled a moment then started asking,
“Why be you worried at what might be aid.
There is nothing left worthwhile to raid?”

The thief knew fleeing would be the best thing.
But something stopped the thief from retreating
Stood there to wait instead of deserting.
The man said simply, “There’ll be no fighting.”

The scarlet captain approached with some awe,
“A relic’s been taken. We seek an outlaw.”
Then, eyes widened, struck by the scene, he spoke,
“What has happened to this village’s folk?”

“More than mere thievery, stealing much life.
Is your relic more vital than that strife?
Kurs have trampled through, slaughtering on whim
No warriors, but farmers tried to stop them.”

Thus spoke the bard, or whatever he be.
The men of the red caste saw and could see.
The singer. Did he speak with disrespect?
From tone one might say it was just direct.

The captain was a man and not a fool,
“Our task compares not to what is so cruel.”
His words spoke honor as he stood right there.
An honor his men certainly did share.

“From city stole a relic seemed vital.
Even though now it seems something quite small.
An ancient talisman, value untold.
Our duty was to find a relic of gold

The captain, he nearly sobbed, “What of them?”
“What of them?” the thief whispered echoing.
The women just sobbed at all that had been.
“What of them?” repeated too the captain’s men.

Shrouded thief sighed, “This trinket, this bauble.
Should be less important than to aid this trouble.
But tell me, what you seek vigorously.
If found now would it end this misery?”

“Promise treating these women with honor.
And promise their fate not be a collar?
A new beginning of life and shelter.”
The thief looked down, but smiled then the singer.

Silence for a moment or perhaps two.
“Aye, yes, that could be done if that be true,
But there be matter of he who took it
Our magistrate demands him to convict.”

The thief was about to say something more.
The bard though spoke up, taking first the floor.
“Tell me this thief who outwitted scarlets
What type of person could defeat your cadets?”

The captain called forth one of his strong men.
“He was a giant, and will meet his end.
The size of a bosk, shrouded in black.
No less could beat us, no less did attack.”

“Did this massive fiend kill, maim or injure?”
The singer asked aloud. “Not like the kur,”
The red said in response, “He just bound us.
Then fled right away into the darkness.”

The bard took the captain a few steps away,
“I think we can deal, the relic in play
But should the city learn this simple fact
That reds lost to a small woman in black?”

Looked then at the thief, did the red leader.
“Impossible.” Pause. Sigh. “We won’t need her.”
Covered in black from head down to her toe.
Something clicked, “It’s best they simply don’t know.”

touched beneath her cloak the figure in black.
From her belt dropped a small but full sack.
The bard picked it up, “See what has appeared.”
The captain opened it, sighed and then shared:

“We’ll honor our word,” the scarlet decreed,
“For honor is why we will fight and bleed.
For honor is what gives us our being.
Gives us our duty and basis for meaning.”

The red caste leader dispersed all his men.
The men helped the women to go with them.
The women took what was left of their lives
The thief did not move kept on her disguise.

The men and the women soon went away.
And now at the ruins only two did stay.
The bard or whatever he was was left
And, of course, shrouded thief treasure bereft.

After some silence, the thief to him strolled.
“I lost treasure the Red-Haired Heart of Gold,”
She said quietly, “No more need for disguise.”
With shroud removed there was no more surprise.

“How did you know what the others did not?
How, my sex, were you able to so spot?
Covered I was and muffled was my voice.
Nothing was shown I left nothing to choice.”

The man smiled slowly at the woman now before him,
“Your eyes seemed pretty. Body curves a hint.
Until now perhaps I guessed so to speak.
All I said was what would make men seem weak.”

“And what think you lost lady you still own.
“Your soul guided you – a seed fully sown.
“Your hair, crimson tresses, part of the rest.”
Then he pointed with a smile to her left breast.

“You gave these unfortunates a good way
“To life once again; that relic did pay.
“You gave up a rock, a bauble all told.
“Not the rock, you’re the Red-Haired Heart of Gold.”

He paused a moment then boarded his cart
He had stepped aboard, ready to depart.
“What pleasure is treasure, unless it brings joy.
“You took then gave it – you need not play coy.”

“There is a seat, room for still another.
“That is, if you wish it,” he looked down at her.
The thief she looked up, “Where be you going?”
Lifted a finger the singer not knowing.

“Which way the wind blows,” he smiled again,
“It’s as good as any way to begin.
“A breeze can’t be caught but a wind feels good.
I’ll not fight the wind unless that I should.”

“Be that how one decides how one travels?”
“It’s a way to see what next unravels.”
She then softly giggled looked much bemused.
But thought that this man made her much confused.

Vargous Carver