Interview with Laureen Enzo on making weapons

The evil Shaman Laureen Enzo

The story of the panther Laureen Enzo. A panther in Gor who started to make weapons and having her own shop,  where you can buy bows,  swords and spears . All the weapons needed  in Gor. First  a short   story  Laureen Enzo.

Laureen Enzo: I can tell you my story briefly.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): nods

Laureen Enzo: My parents were physicians  in Turia from whom I learned everything. They also researched prohibited areas.  I had the best education with them, but officially I wasn’t allowed to work because iI had no children. So I went away where no one knew me. at some point I arrived in Bazi and became a sought after physician. But unfortunately that didn’t go well. At some point I was recognized and had to leave Bazi. I was really angry. I hid on a ship and so I came north. : i always wandered through the woods shortly before starving to death  an old shaman found me. I stayed with her and she taught me everything she knew.  In me a plan to take revenge grew. I looked for a tribe of panthers and became a shaman there.

I convinced the tribe that the famous tea is made in Bazi,  which is very valuable and would make us all rich if we steal and sell some tea. The members from the tribe were enthusiastic and went out with me. After on a long journey south. we ended up here In Port Falworth.

 The interview  with Laureen on the weapons she builds. An exclusive  interview with a very smart builder of weapons  at her shop in Port Fallworth

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960):  Greetings and nice to meet you.

At the shop of Shekinah Arani weapons

Laureen Enzo:  Welcome to the shop of Shekinah Arani weapons,

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): So  explain how you got started in all this.

Laureen Enzo de>en:  The shop shouldn’t get any bigger. I want to build nice good weapons. It started with that I wanted to buy a throwing spear. panthers in the books often have spears. I had built a spear, but  had no script.

Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960):  Yes so how did you get interested  in Gor and the ideas of it?

Laureen Enzo:  I’ve been in Gor for a long time. a friend took me with her. At first I was really scared, but then I met an ubar who was very nice. They were looking for a healer  they always had to wait until someone came from another city.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): so you enjoy Gor and that got you in to making weapons?

Laureen Enzo de: Yes,  I got stuck there and was a healer for years. Actually i just wanted a javelin.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): Lol so from that you made bows and  swords?

Laureen Enzo:  Since I’m not good at scripting, I bought scripts. That’s how it started. that’s how it started. Ii work in blender or also bought parts in full perm.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960):  So have you any guide lines  limits or rules?

Laureen Enzo de> I have met the guidelines for legal weapons.  i made a secure avatar ShekinahArari and bought scripts that are allowed for GM and zCS meter.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): So your weapons match with Gor rules?

Laureen Enzo: Yes exactly. Ihave scriptsfrom GTS which are no mod. This ensures that I do not install any cheats.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): Nods

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960):  Ok well ill write this up. Have you anything else you like to add any history behind your ideas or inventions?

Shekinah Arani weapons

Laureen Enzo:: I’ve always loved to build. I think the design of my SkekinahArani weapons is very detailed compared to other weapons. Also thanks to Ragnar (pavell.clowes), TwiFi Dryke (twifi.shamen) (zCS) and Ͳąէʂմվą įղìէհìմʍ (tetsuia.kohime) (GTS) for their help.
And if a tribe wants to have a shield with their logo, they can contact me.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport (fanboyxx960): Indeed they are beautiful.  Thank you for this interview.

Laureen Enzo: Thank you too.

Conrad…Scribe of Darkport

(The specifiations for weapons in Gor can be found here:

Sisters of the woods

Keep smiling sisters of the woods ,
What the forest brings to you is more than good.
You’re protected bow, you aim it secure
With your steady eye , your eenemy shall surely die
Protect your leaders and sisters too
That is what real families do.

Pascale Priestess of Shekinah Arani

Tailors Caravan in Halin

~*~ The market day  ~*~

Spring was in a somewhat chilly mood that day and a slight veil of clouds still hung wearily over Halin. But the sun is already powerful. With a few golden spears the veil was torn and the warmth flowed immediately through the gaps. The last dewdrops had hardly dried when already the tarpaulins were opened and rolled up. Goods were nicely placed and displayed, samples were cut and filled and the grill grates were heated up. The increasing noises fell silent only once for a few moments for a few moments, when from the tent of the attractions a strange growl and hissing could be heard and gave all present a vulo skin on the square. Nevertheless, the work had to be done and quickly everyone had regained their composure and were eager to get back to work.

It was not long before the first visitors and onlookers arrived and occupied the wine bar. The visitors were offered a colorful picture of stalls and pennants on the houses around. Many curious persons remained in front of the closed tent. Wondering what might be inside, what might be making such eerie sounds. Others still took care of their stalls, that their goods were well presented. Citizens made still fast domestic purchases.

So early in the day, apart from the hissing tent, there was another encounter of a different kind. A well-known traveling merchant seemed to be with a lady. Observers are still not unanimous what would have been been creepier. The closed tent or this encounter. We leave it to others, who are more familiar with such things, to decide. Or are even concerned.

A woman entered the market. In itself nothing special and also the woman was rather inconspicuous and simply dressed, with a beautiful wreath of flowers in her hair.

But then some of the men were astonished when she turned out to be the owner of the eerie tent. In her company was a seasleen, obviously very well trained. This jumped with a leap on his pedestal and the woman threw him a ball. With great skill the seasleen caught the ball and balanced it continuously on his nose. The seasleen seemed very tame. The children quickly had a new favorite and forgotten were the unusual kailla. When the first curtains of the of the attraction tent were raised, it did not take long for the first queue to form. The curiosity of the people was stronger than the fear. After paying two tarsk entrance fee, people were allowed to step through the curtain and there the real horror awaited them. A giant hith, in which one found

the remains of a previously lost slave, a deformed sleen from the badlands with only four legs, but three heads. These were the lightest dishes of this menu. There was a half-man to gaze at, half human and half kailliauk. A taxidermied caveman from long ago and suppressed prehistoric times. A deformed and malformed premature birth, consisting of two bodies. And the star, if you can call it that was the living kur. A huge, terrifying and gruesome beast.

It jumped towards the visitors and they backed away with weakened knees. Again and again the Kur made noises and one could think, he would speak. But the thought was so absurd that it only seemed all the more creepy. But what would the tailors’ market be without the big tent of the tailors. Of course, it was also again on the square and dominated the colorful picture of the stalls and vendors. Many guests were interested in the fabrics that were no less rare or unusual as the creatures from the eerie tent or the kailla.

The market was well attended and lasted for a long time. Transients and guests from many places like Sageerah, Vonda, Jorts Ferry and Nyoka. Or delegates from Talmont and Avian, as well as the Oasis of Four Palms took the opportunity to be seen in the marketplace. Many individual travelers were seen and even a delegation from the Gazette of Gor could be spotted. Again many deals were made and contracts concluded, not only for soft materials. Also around exquisite food and fine wine drinks, around fragrant oils and perfumes, cheeses and less fragrant river dwellers.

Thus, the stay in Halin also became a success for all involved. Still evening, the cleanup and dismantling work began again and the early next day it would go again for the journey further through the forests in the direction of the north.

Uni Actor

Unh of Anango

Tailors Caravan in Vonda

~*~  The market day  ~*~

Third Day of the Second Transition Hand, Monar Henrius, 021

A mild spring day announced itself. The sun was shining and occasionally a white cloud crept across the wide blue sky. Slowly the life in the city of Vonda awoke again. Cheerful slave girls went singing to the water to fill the jars for the houses and then to prepare a good breakfast for their masters. Day laborers lined up at the stalls to grab the best jobs for themselves and the first helpers arrived in the marketplace. The day’s work was distributed and the men spread out. The tarpaulins protecting the stalls and goods from moisture were lifted and rolled up.

Here and there was hammered and nailed again, made repairs and even prepared more stalls for late arrivals from the surrounding area and some traveling merchants. Goods were put out and presented handsomely. Children played around the load cailla and the unfamiliar animal did not seem to mind. The supply with water, fodder grain and straw ran now also trouble-free. So it did not take long until the first visitors and curious people arrived at the colorful square. Acquaintances and citizens greeted each other and strolled relaxed between the sales stores. Small purchases for everyday life were made. Thus, the larger trades also got going and great interest was shown in the tailors’ tent dominating the square. The merchants loudly advertised their outstanding products and outdid each other with superlatives, especially in volume.

A traveling fish seller caused quite a stir. Even the city guards of Vonda had to intervene and, under threat of brute force persuade the man to offer his special goods far outside the gates. The secret competition to see who could come up with the best rhyme for his goods was entertaining. People were well distributed all over the central square. Singing of the female slaves and here and there a rough male voice in between. For any observer a real pleasure to see. Many people and visitors, from almost all imaginable cultures and there were no major incidents. There were visitors and guests from Axe, Kargash, Sageerah, Rovere and Belnend and if you looked closely, you could possibly see curious people from Wakanda, Arquana and Kikara. But of it one knows nothing in Vonda as I inquired. All in all a model of civilization, of cultivated contact.

Die Sklavenauktion war der inoffizielle Höhepunkt, doch nicht das Ende des Marktes. Dem grinsen des Sklavenhändlers nach, hatte er wohl einen guten Umsatz gemacht und schien zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen, die seine Ware eingebracht hat und den Eindrücken, welche die Mädchen auf die Zuschauer machten. So näherte sich der Markttag langsam dem Abend und dem Ende.

The sun was guest all day and the rain had elsewhere to do. So people enjoyed the mild day and shopped diligently. Gradually the groups became smaller and the sellers began to put away their displayed goods. Without haste and hurry, so everyone still had an opportunity to make a favorable purchase. In the hostel, skewers with different kinds of meat or with vegetables or even mixed were served. The cook of the hostel Vondas, known throughout Gor, has a special talent and it was properly grabbed.

Through the night the work rested again and early in the morning of the following day all boxes, crates, sacks and rolls and bales were again stowed on wagons and pack animals. So the caravan could start its way early to reach the next place soon. What remains is a good feeling and the joy about the new robes of the ladies. And the men too, of course. Some of the slaves could certainly ask for something from their masters. Such markets one sees and visits gladly and also gladly again and again.

Uni Actor

Unh of Anango ( 􀀀 )

Translated with (free version)

From a distance (panther love)

From a distance is where I’ve been watching you,
but my lips have been sealed while going through
emotions stirring from within
deep in my heart – how to ever begin?

Roaming the woods, branches and leaves hiding your face,
A cautious approach when entering this place.
One step, then another, keeping my heart in disguise,
Thinking that being here at all probably isn’t so wise.

Maybe just few words, there’s just this one chance
for the first impression, a first quick, shy glance,
our eyes are meeting, and it’s so clear
following my heart for sure is what I do fear

My heart, it beats fast, a crucial day
the stage is set, there’s just this one way.
My mind knows this can never be
it’s just my heart that cannot see

A moment in time, then you turn around,
Your scent in the air, my dreams make no sound.
A deep breath inhale, a last detailed view
of the one who’s my dream, a last view of you.

In the arms of that someone who’s made just for you
for sure soon you’ll be, and when your dreams will come true,
I’ll be happy for you and smiling so bright,
your eyes will be stars emitting their light

Quietly, not to disturb, I‘m walking away,
For sure this isn‘t the place I should stay.
And the only thing that now I can do
Is stepping aside and watching you…

…from a distance.

Shindia (shindia.forcella)