About Gazette

The Gazette of Gor was started by Minnie (maxfromfrance) May 2015
It was availabe at many docks in Second life Gor

Now Minnie has left us,  the Gazette of Gor will  continue as a  blog. You have to go out of sl to see it, but it has many advantages, like articles can be placed when ready, no complex distribution system that requires technical knowledge, photos and videos can be shown in the article, it is easy to subscribe and people outside Gor and sl can read it so they might get interested in Gor. Also the Gazette can be read now in many languages.

Here you can find the Gazette: https://gazetteofgor.wordpress.com/

Why the Gazette of Gor?

In May 2015 Minnie wrote:

In my long travel in Gor, I met several bands, people who were seeking good relations and affinities. Gor is not only a simple game with fights and RPs. Gor is a wide family with a lot of bands, groups, tribes.

And this family changes every week, new tribes come, new camps are created, lands are build or changed. It s a perpetual move and know all is not easy. I was in a wonderful tribe at my beginning in Gor. In this tribe, we tried to create a RP. It was not easy and we liked more RP than fighting. But we had to fight cos some tribes come more to fight, forgetting RP. It s not the fault of those bands. They didn’t know our interests.

In Zima, I did several tasks and one of those was to create global maps of continents. In beginning, i created them to help pledges of our tribe during moves. Those maps make me discover that bands are informations seekers. They need to know where are tribes, who are owners, what are rules.

So, to resume, this newspaper is made to match relations between bands in Gor, to create a wide database of our family with rules, interests, to help every people in Gor to find the right place to play.

We welcome stories about Gor that contribute in a way as mentioned above.

Mariko Marchant