Writers needed

• We, the staff of the Gazette who try to find interviews, articles, editorials to present to our fellow Goreans with this weekly magazine, would like to invite you to become a part of the Gazette. To do this, we would like to invite and encourage you to send us your vision of Gor, or your story of Gor and it’s influence as to how you perceive Gor would exist in real time. Or how you came to be an active member of Gor. You are our most valuable asset, you who read the magazine. Your vision would be something of interest not only to be published in the Gazette, but for others to read and perhaps pause to think about your words. We welcome your thoughts.

• For the Gazette of Gor  writers are needed. We have lots OOC and IC interviews to be done . Writers can contribute ad hoc so there is no obligation to contribute every week.

• Please respond directly to Mariko Marchant