It is time to revive the panther’s rituals in Gor.  Every month there will be one at full moon. July 16 at The Sa’Jesuil hidden place, the following month at Sa Me Arguana and in September at Ki’Kara.

More details later.

Laureen Enzo (Shaman Sa’Jesuil)


A tale – Part Five

Long time ago, when people were proud
When people knew, they had to prove
Not only, by words, but more by acts
Their bravery, their honesty, their right life
They didn’t hide themselves behind fake death
They didn’t do lies to invent a new existence
They were, like leafs on tree
Falling only when they met their fate
Coating a green grass with brown colors
On the Ikerei’s territory, where we can find
The salt giving proud huntresses
And with the brown of leafs, the white of salt
People will find the flower of love
Burning color of the petals
Wounding the fingers who dare pick
The flower, symbol of the truth, of the righteousness

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

The Story with Quests – Part Six

aPic 2 - Quest 6

There was a time when people used common sense. Never, they would get angry, for a yes, or a no. They endured the same difficulties. And these common difficulties brought them together. It was, perhaps, the time of hypocrisy, a fake diplomacy.

Now, by all these incessant anger, have we not arrived at the era of mediocrity? I was there, in my thoughts. Thoughts that came to me seeing the humans, tearing themselves apart and fighting for some food.

Perhaps this is how people in a group should behave. Look for power, seek personal well-being, before you want, the well-being of the group. I crossed countries, I endured hardships, without really knowing why. Just because a man, a priest, a talker, asked me to do it. The question is, if each person would be able to embark on an adventure, hearing a skillful speaker, dictate actions. It becomes even disturbing. Are we ready to do things just by hearing a person, and wanting to believe in that person? Is it not already the beginnings of a possible dictatorship?

It is true that in times of crisis, you have to know how to lower your head to better save yourself. It is also true that misery prepares for dictatorship. Will we have a single Gor, led by well-meaning black heads, who will make us do atrocities, for the sake of a group that will be restricted.

Gor was barbaric, with areas of freedom for people like me. People who did not necessarily want to join a tribe. Now I am in a group, with an organization, a certain almost military rigor, and I have lost my freedom. I became a pawn for a queen. It could have been worse. Become the horse or the fool !

I wander in my thoughts wandering on a path that brings me nowhere. An endless path for an existence that will have one. Finally, I wish it, as late as possible, this end. I arrived in a new territory. The place is almost relaxing. The question is, where are the new dangers going to hide?

I do not know and it does not matter to me. I want to finish. Finish this adventure and hide, far from others, far from death, far from misery. I do not know if that is possible. If closing your eyes is the solution to not see the worries. Yet, many do it. These people, straight on a pedestal, do not seem to want to face the problems, preferring to cajole and seduce, to better lead, without really participating. Will I become so? It will be my choice. But once, this choice made, nothing will make me change my mind.

I go through a set of wooden houses and find a woman by the roadside. She smiles at me and I return her smile.

“Here you are finally” – she told me – “You took your time and you still have things to do for our high priest! ”

I sigh. It has become a nightmare. I understand this desire to hide. But I have the impression that I will always be available, no matter where I want to hide.

The woman looks at me and nods – “You have not finished this quest. You must find Mother and offer her what you found on Jasmine’s grave. Then she will tell you where you will find the winged messenger, symbol of a vanished tribe, the NI ME MEKU tribe.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow
(Players have to go a good RP to have the right direction – No quick RP ! – German SIM with English Language)

The Story with Quests – Part Five

aPic 1 - Quest 5

New journey, new quest over, I take the path that will make me back home in my land. I have all the objects on me, and I find it increasingly difficult to advance. My path brings me to a strange country, where people seem kind. Everyone I meet, say hello. Finally, I think it’s a good morning. I think so by the nod of the head that accompanies a kind of greeting. But, I do not know the languages used. Besides, I seem to distinguish several languages, several dialects. Sometimes voices are guttural, and sometimes they are softer. And sometimes we also have the language I use. I did not know that tribes from different regions could live together. It gives me hope in the future of Gor. And the landscapes encountered are almost funny. A river crosses the country. Small paths are presented. Small bridges with tree trunks make it possible to cross river. A small house sits in the middle. Rocks provide shelter. At the docks, a boat awaits its future passengers. There is even a small sandy beach, hidden behind a waterfall, where you can rest. I decide to take advantage of this enchanting place to rest. And why not not rest behind this rock, with thickets that will eventually hide me. I approach slowly and I hear, then, cries. These are not the cries of an adult. These are the tears of anger of a newborn baby. And the closer I get to it, the more I feel that anger, the more I hear the screams. Arriving at the place I had chosen to rest, I discovered the child. He gesticulates on an old blanket, naked, hungry, lost. And I am too lost. Why not turn around and leave this little being here. But no, I can not. This child, alone, abandoned, will die. I can not leave him. I approach a little more and I reach out to the little … Before feeling a strong grip grab my arm and see the brightness of a blade threaten me.

– You touch him and you will die.

I see my assailant, or rather my assailant woman. A huntress stands behind me, ready to strike, to defend her child. I raise my arms, gently, to show that I am peaceful.

– I just wanted to come help the child. I do not want anything wrong. I promise.

– Yes … And you would have stolen or killed him, or you would have sold him to a slaver. I know you, all people of the continent. You have no morality. You prefer to hit in the back.

I turn very slowly, to face the huntress. She is pale. She seems tired. I see on her body, innumerable marks of past struggles. And I see, too, a nasty wound that continues to bleed. This woman wasted her last strength, fighting me. I know very well that I could get the upper hand and defeat it. She knows it too. But she continues to threaten me, trying to appear proud and arrogant, brave and fighting.

Always with my arms raised, I move away slowly. I grab my bow and put it on the ground as a sign of peace. The woman looks at me and nods. She lowers her weapon. This bravery has exhausted her. She drops to the ground. She stares at me and I see her face. I see her eyes and I understand. She will not spend the night. Her injury is too serious. She lost too much blood. She knows that the end is near and she seems disoriented. Still a little arrogance …

– If you want to kill me, do this now and kill my child too. May we join the Gods together. I can not give him up. In any case, he will not survive.

I shake my head.

– I want help you and give you bandage to heal you … I will not kill anyone. Finally, not today. I can look at your injury and see if I can cure you.

She gives me a weak smile and discovers the tunic that hides her side. The injury is worse than I thought. She has no chance of survival.

– So you intend to heal that how? With incantations? With prayers? With your good intentions? Come on, we must finish, You slaughter us both, and you will have the glory of having killed a First Bow, the best First Bow of the continent, The First Bow of ZIMA.

I sigh, disillusioned.

– I do not want to cover myself with glory by killing people. It seems to me that the glory is a thing too ephemeral to desire to obtain it without making a fair fight. I will not kill you, neither you, nor your child.

She looks at me and moans.

– So, leave me here, but save my child. He must live to learn revenge. But before thinking of a possible revenge, he must grow up and become strong. He must know how to handle weapons and contain his anger.

She looks at the blanket where the child continues to whine.

– And there is job to make him learn, learn to contain his anger.

She fixes me and whispers

– Promise me to save him. Promise him, for me, for him, for you.

Her gaze became supplicating. There is no more arrogance. Just resignation. And suddenly, she grabs his dagger and throws it in my direction. The blade is flush with my head and I hear a thud and a grunt. A man has just fallen. He wanted to hit me and the huntress did not give him the time. He will not kill anyone now. And the huntress, she does not move anymore. She just made the last effort. Her breath becomes inaudible. Her eyes are closed. I go up to her and whisper in her ear.

– I promise you. Your little one will be safe.

I do not know if she heard. She is not breathing anymore. I feel her pulse. The heart does not beat anymore. She is already gone. Just a shadow memory.

I take the child in my arms, to calm him down. The child is tired, screaming and crying. He has become calm again, as if he had just understood that his life would be now, without his mother. He falls asleep in my arms and I rock him. I feel tears sting my eyes. The little being fell asleep. I put him on the blanket. Then I turn to the huntress. I grab her arms and drag her to the small beach. I cover her body with pebbles, earth and sand, to make her a burial. And I place on this tomb of fortune, which will represent the most this person: green tips to defend and keep hope, red for the blood she poured, for the blood she lost, and a symbol of love, that love that she offered to her child, until her last breath. I come back to the child. He is always there, little being resting. I take him in my arms and I approach to a house. I see smoke, proof that people live there. I put the child on the threshold of the house, well protected by the blanket. I knock and I’m going to hide. A woman opens. She sees the child. She seems frozen. Then, she smiles and takes the child in her arms. She rocks him. The little one will have a mother. He will not have his mom. But, at least, he will be safe and protected. If this woman had not done the right thing, one of my arrows would have pierced her. She understood that lives must be saved instead of destroyed. My bow is of no use to me. I put it on my shoulder and I put the arrow in the quiver.
(The object to be discovered is the one that was placed on Jasmine’s grave, note the name of the object with the exact coordinates.)

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

The Story with Quests – Part Four

Quest Four - Pic 1

I start to like, to travel in different countries. I meet people. I speak with them. I discover their life. And I also see the misery that rages. We feel more and more the famine. Frightened women, holding hungry babies in their arms, wander from village to village in search of food for their children. Men with tired eyes live on rapine, ready to kill for a piece of bread. The animals are also nervous. Scavenging birds attacked an old man, leaving him for dead, and this deceased being became the focus of carnivorous predators. The world is bad. Gor is bad. Even the sun can not warm hearts. It is as if we had entered a new era, populated by nightmares. The days have become nights, where only the shadows dance for pleasure, a macabre pleasure that will offer us only dark destinies, and no happy tomorrows that could have sung. We are not here anymore, the world of tomorrow
It’s been 3 weeks since I’m on the road. It’s been three weeks that I hold my tears in front of this world which is impoverished in human resources. Only an ignoble person would not be chagrined by this nascent tragedy. We often refer to the apocalypse as the end point of humanity. I do not know if we have arrived at the end of our world. But I know that we have contributed to a disturbance that will leave us a bitter taste in the mouth, a foul taste, tinged with salt tears. Our wars of yesterday, noble or accursed, had this gallant chivalry, to console the loser. This new beginning period lives only on indifference, and will cause the loss of our illusions. It’s like we’re not us anymore. Just puppets, wandering on parallel paths, not seeing the other puppets we meet.

And about puppet, I do not seem to be the puppet of the priest anymore. I have no news of him, and … good riddance. This person, so pompous, with these riddles, left my universe. In spite of all this misery, I feel free. Oppressed by the misfortune of others, and finally, freed from routine annoyances.

And suddenly, a man came to me. He was tall, slender, strong. He wore armor and a huge sword. He stared at me and took out his sword. And I knew I was lost. I could not run away. He was too near. He was too tall, too strong. He pointed his sword at my throat.

– Where are you going, little girl? You should know that these woods are dangerous for a single girl.

I nodded trying to appear as the most innocent

– I’m joining my village, sir. I did not want to cause you any trouble. I will be discreet and do not bother you.

The man, smiling, brought his blade to my face. Then he lowered his sword and handed it to me.

– Where you go, you will need it more than me.

– Where am I going, sir?

– Yes, you must find what you are looking for and you are the Chosen. A Chosen for the good of all.

– But …. How do you know that?

He sighs.

– Now, all beings know, but few will help you. I decided to fight evil by offering you my sword. I can not do anything more. Only you must now go after your quest. Go at the end of Gor’s quest.

I stare at himt and take the sword. It is heavy and far too big for me. I look back at the man.

– But where do I go now?

– Apollymi Panthar is gone. But you will find a worthy successor. She leads the tribe of ancestors in the canyon of dreams where the fallen panthers rest to save Gor. And this EN, from her seat, admires sisters. You will have to find this island and rest on what characterizes a Leader (Indicate the exact coordinates and take a pic). But only by fighting, you will have the right to enter (Raid with ratio)

I do not know what to think anymore. I do not move and he exclaims

– FFS, you’ll move your ass now. It is not by staying here that you will find the object.

I grumble and take the direction of an island. Is it the right one? Only the Gorean gods know it.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)