How we believe

All of us believe something that is shared by the Shaman. We believe in our own value. We believe in our own shared love with others. We see the creatures about us and see their value. We breath the air and know that even the air is important to us and others.
I am generalizing, of course. To say we, is always dangerous. Not all of us value ourselves, but most of us do. Not all of us value the creatures around us, and some hunt for sport, crushing the life from a creature just to feel powerful and important, taking only the head and leaving the rest to rot in the sun. But most that care to read this share our common values. Most of us care about each other, and see some connection with others that breath the air we share, and value the creatures from which we obtain sustenance, be it from animal or plant. Most of us have a common understanding of how things are interconnected in some way.
The Shamen have studied this infinite view, and have shared our thoughts over the vast times, and have learned from each other and value and yes worship these countless connections of all living things. We are all flawed, so no one does not fail in their thoughts and practices, but we all try to be more perfect in learning and in our practice as living and growing and striving Shamen.
Each human, no matter free or slave, tribe member as ally or foe, panther of the forest or citizen of Gor’s vast cities, has a connect with all in our planet, and the mysterious mist shrouded place called Urth, with our fast fading memory.
We are here now, and even the hunter sees in the fast dimming eye of the deer so recenly shot, as she offers a prayer to thank the creature for its life force to feed her family, and make good speed the spirit of the creature to the farther land.
The Shaman, with song and drum, ceremony and dance, word and deed, tries to bring all women and yes males, to a better understanding of this infinite connection we share with ourselves, and with all living things. We all share this mysterious air we breathe, and the life force we feel when friendship bonds us to each other, and love courses into our hearts, or the touch of a hand to a dying creature, hunted or seen as a special friend.
The goddess Freyja means a lot to the Shaman as a focus to show us the way to a better and clearer understanding of our calling, our connection, our dedication to this way that has become our path.
We see the past as a story from which can be drawn a warning, a realization of folly, and a guidepost to a better, more guided life. The present is a wide stage upon we act out our numerous roles of life, and the Shaman draws on experience and learning to guide someone who comes to us for direction. The future we see much more dimly, as a vast potential for good and alas, for failure, the future determined by our own choices, and determinate forces, and the runes rolled in the path not taken or chosen.
We call on the spirits surrounding us, whether it be our ancestors, or just those gone before, be it animal or human, to help the Shaman guide us in our support and direction of those who come to us. We are all a spark of energy, as a flame of a candle is that spark. No spark is wasted in this vast panoply of energy, and they are out there to help each of us. Yet most cannot hear nor are ready to accept. The Shaman has the ears to hear and the willingness to learn from this vast, limitless host of spirits gone before.
There is so much danger in this life, and so much to learn from this spirit world, that the Shaman in training goes though a ceremony to find their own special guide, a familiar, an animal spirit dedicated to be with them always, to protect and show the way amidst this invisible world of the spirits.
I have previously written about the finding of my own spirit familiar, lil Sain who is always and forever on my shoulder. If I were to die, she also would die, but you would surely join us.
Join with us when we call for a ritual, or a ceremony, or a grand three moon dance, and share in the glory that we all share, I salute you my friends and all that have yet to be my friends.
Blessed be.

Shaman Ecstasy, of the Sa’Jesuil Panthers


GM (Gorean Meter) is here to stay

I heard rumors that the the GM meter would not be updated anymore. So I asked JaraLowell aka Mews~ to comment on this. She said:

While alika Sao, is bussy with Conan, the developers of GM do not plan to stop GM anytime soon. And will update if an update is called for. We have a number of players gathering data on what would need an update. And while some might bring forth ideas on what to add; GM is not in the market to breach interlectual property rights unlike other systems. We do no add something just cause a other system has it. The Goals of GM never in that changed, keep it easy, simple to use and for sim owners, easy to manage and admin. So till either SL dies out, or the developers are six feet under GM will stay part of this world.

Mariko Marchant

Thank you AnJel Goodnight

Yesterday 2 sims on the continent were closed. Elation and Tree Moons Valley. They were there from since 2005 and 2006. Anjel Goodnight payed about 550 dollars a month for over 13 years.
Yet many people are negative about sim ownesr because of their rules and their inforcement of the rules. As an estate manager i got IMs from people who said they don’t care about the rules, because they play true Gor. And a lot of whining , messages I should ban people etc etc.
They don’t understand that Sim owners enable them play them Gor. It is indeed a thankless job running sims. Most people have no respect for sim owners who pay a lot to make Gor possible on second life.
AnJel Goodnight contributed a lot to Gor. I know her as a very good and reliable person. There was a time when I had a camp there with my ex partner. When she could not pay all the rent for some months, AnJel said to me not to worry about it. That Is how AnJel truly is.
Thank you AnJel Goodnight for all you did for Gor.

Mariko Marchant
Gazette of Gor

Thoughs about Gor


First of all please forgive me for my English.

I wanted only add some my thoughts at the idea of Ricka deerhunter about Dice as solution of the sinking of Gor.
Honestly i do not think the meter combat is the real issue,a Dice system is already being added into the Zcs hud,and another option is the RP Mode. Gor is sinking no matter what,i s sinking among the Panthers places,is sinking among the Ge/Seg places too,in this last also if is being focused on stats,traffic only.

You can play in places where the main purpose is role play than combat,or you can play in places where instead the purpose is pew pew stats and traffic,but still you would see the population going down..So why this?
Personally i think one of the main reason is as follows:
I started this game in the 2008/2009,when i discovered Gor the first time i was like…”WTF a game where you can combat against others players and then role play with them…what is this is soooo awersome!! And i was quickly addicted to this game. It was my first time i saw a game where you can do this.

So the lag (keep in mind Secondlife is a platform not made for combats and still don’t) the not good Ping for us Europe players ,so to participate in this new game we were willing to put up with them both.Then what happened,others games others platform came out (Es Steam) with many combat based games but with better fps, better ping (as they got also Eu servers) So i think except who are still stubborn addict to this game,many have said this: “Why should I keep play Gor where i lag so bad when there so much more games with better graphic, better fps and ping for me?”

This for my opinion is the main reason because Gor is sinking,and nothing can be done at all.
The only thing we can do is trying to keep it fun among us the last few players remained in this game

This is just my opinion.

™ƊσηηιєƁσσм (donnie.flagon)

Tracking Role Play

To My Huntresses and fellow Bonds of the Sa’Jesuil,

I am writing this, to help everyone improve on their Role Play. when it comes to Leaving tracks, for good tracking skills. As you all know there are times when you can be alone at Camp, or maybe you are out wandering the Forrest of Counter-Earth. This is a Dangerous world of cat and an mouse.

I was recently captured a couple of days ago., while I was alone at camp. Believe me when I say it took over 25 minutes for me to go day due to out tunnels. Due to a simple mistake and a long battle i went down. Once the capture removed my feet binds, so that I could walk. I started to draw with my foot some Moons every so often. This is so that whom ever found my tracks, could get a clue that my capture was a Huntress in a Moon tribe. Mind you there are many moon tribes. The clues help with the role play. I made sure to continue to draw all the way to the boar ant to the Siba lands. Lucky for this girl I was found and traded back to my Huntresses, my Family.

There is also other means to leave tracks if you are ever faced with a situation that you know you can not win. Remember we are being shot with arrows and other weapons that can cut us. Maybe use the Blood as away to leave tracks. If you know who is fighting you you could even carve their name on the wall or draw the name in the sand once in the tunnels. Be creative when it comes to leaving your mark and always make it a fun Role play for everyone involved.

Also Shout, Shout, Shout until your face becomes blue shouting out for help. Well until your are Gagged. Hopefully someone will hear you, and then we can start a wonderful adventure to find you. Not Huntress or bond will be left behind in our family..

Last resort is this girl will go Berrie picking to track her Mistress family. -smile proudly.

Love and Light,
Petals (athena.ebbage)
First Girl of the Sa’Jesuil panther tribe