Future of Gor At Hand

As 2019 Hits we have to set our goals in motion. I think it time we ask ourselves what we want from SL & Gor. There have been many loses last year – many good people, some even quitting quit gor. I won’t sugar coat it. The battle between the two meters divided gor a lot. We can fix this, and not restrict what is to be used. Only time will tell what will happy between the two.

Fact is gor used to be great, a lot of activity and many groups. We have seen some great ones come and go over the years. How ever we can once again fix gor if everyone works together to achieve one goal at a time.

People in gor used to attack and roleplay each other well. Scouts go out to lands flag and get a detailed write up on the sims. We need to come together and engage the battle to survive and keep gor alive. Now that being said us GE groups aren’t alone in this battle. I am finding it that many BTB groups are missing the fun of roleplay as well.

If BTB and GE sims revert back to the raids and roleplay as we once loved in gor. I am sure that we can bring gor back to it’s prime once again. Meaning panthers, mercs, outlaws and so on raids each other again along with btb raiding all our GE groups as well. I know that with BTB most GE sims fear their will be drama from the raids. Well we can fix that to. say btb raids a panther tribe captures some the tribe. Well that tribe can go find Mercs and hire them to rescue their tribal sisters or slaves back through rp price deemed by the merc. This will open up trades for others freedom and the male mercs can organize raids to get the panthers released from the btb sims.

Though if the panther doesn’t pay the fee then the tribe sister can go on auction to get the payment for the rescue. This can create a story line. Same with outlaws and such. BTB raids 1 our GE Groups. The men form a rescue. Women can dress as free woman, steal slaves and such as we woman do. Or go to city get info on the place and such. This doesn’t mean us as women are weak in their eyes. it just means we have better advantages to us then the men have, we can seduce and be all innocent like. Creations of story lines in gor is important and we can do so with all sims, if we step back and look what we all want out gor.

BTB and GE both miss roleplay and we see this a lot in every group. We can make it happen if we put our heads together and work on a way to achieve this. So let us, as leaders and admins, do just that and work to make a better gor. Bring back raids between GE and BTB, trades and storylines as well with each other, one which includes everyone – panthers, mambas, kur (if there are any left) mercs, tuchuk, outlaws etc.

Carrie Jestyr


Panther Story 16 – The Bird And The Spider

“I Used to think that fighting is pandering to your basic instincts , however it shows you your deepest self , it shows you who you really are , with this sword is the answer that you keep asking yourself , who you really are , like you i tried to find my loved ones , i could not really find them , although that i have moved from city to another , accepting jobs just to know where they are , but out there among the dead i found something else … Myself ” Esmir looks at Bulvai the boy from holmberg , Bulvai looks back at Esmir and says “What are you going to do after finding these panthers sir ?”
Esmir Smiles “Continue to fight and find what life’s real meaning boy” Bulvai looks at him and says “I have always wanted to be like Claus” , Esmir nods smiling “I understand” Bulvai looks at him and then looks down , Esmir gives him a bottle of paga “I will find your loved ones for you , boy” Bulvai looks at him “We have not moved from this camp since last night sir” Esmir chuckles “Really ? anyhow i have send my best to let us know where they are” then he pats the boy’s head and continues drinking
Agna Stands tall infront of the panthers , her people behind her , infront of her Baclar stands smiling like always Baclar says “I heard that you wanted to speak to me” , Agna nods and then looks at her “Holmberg is overrun by the black birds” Amund was standing behind Baclar and then looks at Agna he was shocked from the news , he asks “Black Birds ? here” Agna nods “Most Probably that they are on our trails now” , Baclar crosses her arms and then looks at Tabitha , Tabitha Understands the unspoken command and then she points to Riva , Vera and Machi to follow her , Baclar says “And you want us to ?” Agna looks at Baclar “Honor the deal with my late companion , and give us a passage to Odin’s Eye” Baclar looks at her “Your Companion was a good man , he honored our trades , and we dont get back with our deals as well , however ; i cant do that right now” Agna looks at them “We will be heading to the Screaming Falls , after that , we will be going to guide you through the forest to the path to Odin’s Eye” Agna looks at Baclar “And you will do nothing to the Black Birds that are following us” Baclar smiles “I have already send my sisters to welcome them” Then Baclar Looks at Amund “You have earned your freedom sir to go , however , i believe that you have duty to protect your kin with us” Amund looks at Baclar and nods “I will” Baclar then looks at Agna “Have some rest , however , we will be continuing our March there” Agna looks at Baclar and sighs , Amund comes toward Agna and pats her shoulder , however his eyes spot some people he knows well , his Companion and his grand children , his grandchildren comes to him and hugs him , he tearfully hugs and kisses them , then his companion appears infront of him and with tears he hugs her “I am sorry my love , i am really sorry for leaving you”
The old woman kisses Amund , Amund looks back at her “I have avenged him , his soul will be feeling joy at last and rest in peace”
Emelia with her ten companions were seperated into two groups , trying to find the trail that was lost at some point in the forest , she already lost a man because of a Larl trap , she looks at her companions “These Holmberg met the panthers for sure , how come 20 women and children tracks were just vanished” she spoke with a tone that her companions never dared to speak back to her , then suddenly they hear movement in the bushes infront of them , One of the companions goes to check it , something did not feel right for her , however her soldiers swings his sword to the bushes , and he hears a voice above him “Glorious Warrior killing bushes” he looks above and he finds Vera Grinning above him , The Soldier looks at her “Who do you think you are” , Vera Does not reply but still having a sadistic grin over her face “No Answer ? Then Die …” He aims his cross bow on her , Emelia Shouts “It’s a Trap Come Back here ..” an Arrow gets through his neck , and before anyone notices , arrows hits the two other companions of Emelia , Emelia draws her two swords , Vera looks at her and chuckles “This one is mine Machi , dont interfere”
Vera Lands down on the ground and then steps toward Emelia “A fighting woman , that is a rare thing to see these days” . Emelia Stays silent but then rushes toward Vera with her swords , Vera Blocks her with her spear having a grin over her face “You are a strong one, i have been waiting for this , fight me as your life depends on it ” Emelia Looks at Vera and says “Are you messing with me ? I am not her to play date BITCH” and they clash multiple times. Machi looks at them and says to herself “Vera has the look over her face , her oponent is strong one , that is why she told me to spare her” she checks her arrows then looks at them “i dont believe that she is thinking straight.”

Branca Coba

Godmodding: What is it?

So many people in our community as well as around the Role Playing community have a word that makes or breaks complete immersion or scenes with a single utterance of it. The word is Godmodding or Godmode.

Today, I am going to dip into this word and what it really is and means to a Role Play.

So, first of all, what is Godmode? Well the definition has been given numerous forms, I.E. Powergaming, or Metagaming. But it’s true definition is, the Role Playing act of taking control of another player’s character during roleplay via forcing that character to accept an action/situation without reasonable or logical consideration.

When a player, we will designate as Player A, forces another player, Player B, through in character or even Out of Character demands/actions/means to perform actions made that are not made by that player. The action is a Godmode. In example I will use Player A and Player B.

Player A, has their character spit in the face of Player B without the concept of an attempt of the spit given. Player B, then forces the reaction of dodging the spit, which was already forced to connect, and immediately kills Player A with a Knife stab to the throat. Player A then Out of Character stops the Role Play because Player B overreacted.

But the question left is, who is in the wrong? The answer is both of them. Player A, made a mistake first, but Player B did not take the time to peacefully settle the issue prior to posting. and only returned the same treatment.

In role play Rules are a difficult thing to manage, and for some an understanding of certain rules was never explained. From day one nurturing acceptable role play practices is a key part of teaching a new Role Player the ways to interact in situations without damaging the enjoyment of others involved.

But, what is Powergaming and Metagaming, if that is Godmodding, what’s the difference?

That is a good question, from the perspective of the roleplay wikia Powergaming is defined as:

the actions of a person who presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his own prerogative. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don’t want to engage in.

Meaning that, a player through IC actions dictates the success of other people without allowing others to have a chance to react. In example lets look back at the Godmodding example above.

Player A, Powergamed Player B. which lead Player B, to Godmode Player A. Thus, causing a full conflict of what was okay and not okay.

Now, in finally what about Metagaming? How does it fit into all of this? Well, Metagaming is as defined by Wikipedia is:

Metagaming: a term which describes a players use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of a situation to determine their characters actions.

What does this mean? for SL, it means that if you as a player are told something or see something OOCly (I.E. seeing someone coming toward you on the Minimap, and then automatically fighting them because you know what group they are with Out of Character even though you have never met them In Character.)

Sadly, in Secondlife, Metagaming is something that is a obscenely massive problem for the RP community. People all over Secondlife use things that are out of character knowledge all the time whether it be using the minimap, camming, looking at tags, watching for “entering chat range” warnings, etc.

But the solution is not as easy as the problem. So, stopping the concept of “Metagaming”, has become a niche and usually laughed off issue that not many people would like to deal with because of how easy things have been made to grow dependent on.

So, what do you think? Do you think these are issues you see often in Secondlife? How can we fix these problems without alienating nearly everyone in Gor? When will we decide that Role Play is acceptable and who is in the right when it comes to these issues?

Bratling (Alexis Tailleur)

Preserve the gorean panther

We would now make camp, putting sharpened stakes about our camp, to protect us from attacks of panther girls.Sheera lifted her eyes. “They may simply slay me,” she said.
“Panther girls,” said I, “are not likely to slay a braceleted slave girl.”
Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 82

According to the books, panthers live in the Nothern Forests in panther camps but in SL Gor panthers live more and more in forts. Sometimes I ask myself how were these panther girls able to build those huge buildings. It is sad some panthers don´t want to loose a fight. Maybe because they don´t want to ropleplay anymore. Are panthers afraid to roleplay anymore? Ordoes the roleplay keep them away from fighting more as to some the stats are more important than play the Gor panther game. You can say how higher someone is in the stats, the less she plays as a panther.

I hope that in 2019 many panthers return to their camps in the Northern Forests and stop acting as an outlaw or merc. Being in a panther family is one of the most wonderful things in Gor. For instance stealing food and supplies from other camps together is lots of fun. The risk of being capped is always there and makes it exciting. And when you have a nice captor you will have a great time.

So preserve the gorean panther!

Mariko Marchant

Active panther and taluna tribes Dec 2018

Active panther and taluna tribes of Gor December 2018 version 1.2

Please send any comments/additions/changes to Mariko Marchant
When requested I can send you the sl notecard with the links to their camps

Clan de Thalestris (English and French)
En: lily kobichenko

Dani’s Band
En: Dᴀɴɪ™ (danielle008)

Ikerei Tribe (French and English)
En: Sky Valerain

Ja’Lina Torvis Panthers
EN: Heather Ulrich and Petra Poliatevska

Ki’Kara jerag Panthers (German and English)
Ens: ĐεεĐε Łμηα (deepestdesires) and Mother Luq (Luqara Darkwatch)

Kuela jan Keihas Panthers
En: elphie (selphie14)

Kwani Ahleena Tribe
En: Ϯ Ƶąґą-Đєє Ϯ (zara2beez)

EN: Alyn Rhode

Lina’s band (BtB)
En: Sarah Gartenberg

Last of the Sa Sheku
En: Cathy (cathy.hirvi)

Sa Di Sani Panthers
En: JJ Blue (jjhandytoo)

Sa’Jesuil Panthers
En: Mariko Marchant

Sa Ki Fori
En: Morrighan Serendipity

Sa Me Arquana (German and English)
En: AÝA (ayana convair)

Sa Me Pyrana
En: Loo (Loolitta Allen)

Sa me Wakanda (German Tribe)
En: Erika Menna

Sa’Pasheen Panthers
En: Robin Dancer

Sa’ng Gretuk Panthers
En : Tammi Wildness (tammi4u222|

Sa Sa’ng-Fori
En: NALIA (staxs)

Sin’s Band Panthers
EN: Sin (Sinead Moonites)

Talender Moon
En: Kaz (kazuko63)

Tri Moon Panthers
EN: Ŧïгë (ginger.gill)

Valkyrie Torva Panthers
En: Dagny Chalice (meyerchalice)

Veck ‘En Talunas
En: Maebh (KirstenMaebh)

Wa Ngao Talunas
En: Felicity Coronet

Zima Ak’am
En’s : Sarka Markova, Wildling and blu akina

Mariko Marchant