End of the Quest

This quest, launched 3 months ago, has just ended. I hope that this quest pleased you. Whether you have only read the different stories and short stories, whether you have decided to do one or more adventures, to find an object, all this has been created to animate our daily life in the world of Gor. I wanted to show you, that every person in Gor can decide to create something for everyone. Now it’s up to you to create an adventure, a new quest, a game. What I just did was not perfect. I am not professional in this kind of creation.

However, I will have learned from my mistakes and if I have to redefine a new adventure, some corrections would be made. The quest is over, we will have to congratulate the winners. But to have laureates, it is necessary that the various participants send me the words discovered. I give you until August 15, 2019 inclusive, to send me the found words, in the order if possible. The words will be noted in one NC, this NC will have your account as name. In case of a tie, the date and time of sending will be used to decide. Thank you to all of you.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

Our Partner

A great Thank To Arueil Dench. Who helps us with prizes by gift cards.

First place 1500 L Gift cards – And a surprise
Second Place 1000 L Gift Cards – And a surprise
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The Story with Quests – Part Ten

Quest Part 10
Behind me, the city has just closed its doors, offering me freedom, enclosing my illusions. And I run, I run, to lose breath. I’m free. I conquered my fears and lost my innocence. I run, always faster, clasping in my hands, the object sought. I know that I am near the ultimate goal, the end of this quest for misfortune. All I desire now is not to cross the path of this priest. No longer see him, no longer meet his messengers.

Ten objects to find and I know I miss one. Will I still have to run through the regions of Gor to find the one and only object? With a little luck, there will be no last object. Only the first nine will suffice. I run away, taking all the risks. I do not even try to hide. I do not even try to take hidden paths. I run. I’m going so fast that even the steeds of the knights will not be able to catch me. I am a shadow that runs through the villages, which pierces the trails. I’m free.

I feel so strong that I do not pay attention to anything. I forget even the little hiss of an arrow shot in my direction. And the shock was even more violent, when the projectile pierced my body, leaving me haggard and almost lifeless. I’m here, lying on the floor, trying to scrape the earth, as if to scratch a little more life. I’m here and I feel the cold invade me. It creeps into me, offering me a soft sleep. I close my eyes and yet I want to pester, to shout. I finally want to finish this quest and look for this tenth and last object. Look for an object to live a little longer. Just a few more moments. History do not die stupidly on this trail. The hot liquid, coming out of my wound, does not give me heat.

I see foot, wearing breeches. The beings who have just killed me, surround me, and are there to carry a possible end shoot. They will wear a new trophy. I close my eyes. I’m falling asleep. I will join my loved ones missing. It’s finish.

– Look, she’s waking up. !

I open an eye, careful, knowing that I am unmasked. Well, finally, open the second one. I try to move and a strong pain prevents me. Where am I ? At first sight, lying down and alive. I hear, and it seems to come from below, a hubbub tinged with laughter and music. But above all, I feel a smell invade my nostrils. I feel hungry. This means that I am not dead.

Maybe, finally, the gods exist and they have heard my desire to live a little longer to complete the quest. I look around me. I see in a corner of the room, all my stuff, the various objects found, the last of which I recovered in the city. I breathe with relief. Nothing seems lost. I turn my head to the other side and see two heads. One belongs to a young woman who gives me a big smile. The other belongs to my priest.

– So, little fool. You scared us. You wished to take an extra vacation. But, you can rest. You found all the objects. You have finished your quest.

– But … I stutter. The tenth object is missing.

– This last object, you had to be hurt to find it. That’s why I shot you an arrow. Nice shot elsewhere. I’m pretty proud of myself. I was 3 meters away. And I hit you the first time.

– Did you hurt me?

– Oh, do not insist. You’re not going to be a kid. You are still alive.

I look at the bandage, reddened by the blood, at the level of my chest and I grumble.

– You could have killed me!

He nods.

– That’s right, but I already had a replacement in case … He points the young woman next to him with a big smile.

I grumble some insults, and he does not care.

– So, what is this last object.

– Look around you. The object is the one you did not bring back here.

I look again, towards my package. I only see my original package, my weapons and the items in the quest. What is this object? I look, again the priest.

– I want to go home, find my sisters, see my tribe and my camp.

The priest smiles again.

– You really think I would have carried you on my back to take you home. Your sisters had a visit from a vulo, my faithful messenger. They came to get you. You are in your country. Your sisters are close. You must hear them feasting, downstairs. Never, I would have brought you to bring you back here. I leave these ungrateful tasks to ungrateful people. I am far too important to lower myself to do good.

What is this last object to find? I ask myself the question while looking at the ceiling. Go! It’s time for me to meet my sisters. I get up, growling in pain. I take a few steps, slowly. It will be fine. I go to the door that I open. The noises become louder, the laughter more joyful. Hunger me.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

The Story with Quests – Part Nine

The Story with Quests - Part Nine

It’s finally time for me to go back to home. I’m tired of this quest. And then, that will not change anything. Men will always remain deaf to the misfortunes of others. The human being is born selfish. There is no reason for them to change. Anyway, it’s even better that it does not change. If everything were perfect, what would we have to criticize. Nothing !

I left the village composed of houses floating on the water. A lake village. What a funny name ! I liked this place. A peaceful place that must be discovered and visited. The people living here have this faculty, to listen to others. They know how to offer hospitality and help. They know what it really means to accept others.

I found the new object. It’s really heavy and I dragged it more than I wore it. I placed this object in my canoe, with the help of the villagers. And here I am, in my canoe, going to new adventures. Because I know that this quest is not over yet, even if I hope so, deep inside me. I look at the object, while giving great paddle strokes, to advance as quickly as possible. Looking more closely at the wood veneer that is the frame that I just discovered, I notice a kind of drawing. Surprised, I stop paddling and I approach to better study the drawing … or rather the map that is engraved on the wood. A new clue ? A new direction to take ? I already know the answer. At each end of adventure, a new event come, enclosing its claws on my soul, catching my will in a trap that offered me no escape.

And, without any will, I bowed to these new directives, orchestrated by the priest. A man who praises the Gods and who looks like the Demons he wants to fight.

The map represented gives me the direction of a city. Another city. I think back to the fears I felt when looking for a clue in the city of Svago. The city is roughly represented, the direction to take is clear enough, back to the south. As for the name of the city, a series of letters are engraved on the wood, letters which give me a name : T R E V E. But I do not need the name. I see the direction to take, I recognize, by the clumsy drawing, the city. I know it will not be a pleasure. It will be another trip to hell. And I can expect to end in slavery. No matter, I know now that I will not find rest until I have finished this adventure, bringing to this accursed priest all the objects required. Besides, I do not see any connection between all the found objects. Just a large gathering of heterogeneous objects, which will end, probably in a big fire. Besides, it is the only utility I see for all these things, to be able to light a fire with, in order to warm up, during the long nights of Gor.

I take the direction of the indicated city. The path seems long, by accumulated fatigue. But the way seems to me as short, by the fear of facing new dangers.
I tried to slow down to avoid future dangers, it seems that the city approaches me, irresistibly, even irrational. And by dint of slowing my paddling, slow down my pace, I’m already on the docks. And on the dock adjoining the docks, a man looks at me, looking amused. A man ! Not a demon, a priest, my priest.

– Here you are finally. I notice that you are still trailing on the way. I wonder if you will finally finish this great adventure. You are two weeks late and you do not seem to understand what this delay can give to our future life. You do not know and you do not want to know. But yet, you are brave and more. That will not stop you from deceiving you again and again. You are a fool and it is your destiny to deceive you. However, you will have to find, in this place, an object which has a strong religious representation. The object that can give life or take it back, according to the scriptures. And this object, you will have to beg to touch it. And every supplication will bring you new suffering. You can leave your weapons on the pontoon. You must also wear the outfit you had in Svago.

He shows me the big gate and the bell.

– Now you have to go. Sounds and wait. The people of the city will pick you up. Be smart, think carefully about each question you are going to ask yourself. Speak well and listen. By following these tips, you will be able to live or survive.
Ka’zhar – Treve – Dust Legs – Fort Haskins (BTB SIM)

People who come to Ka’zhar – Treve – Dust Legs – Fort Haskins must respect SIM s rules. It is a BTB city. Only adequate clothing is tolerated. We must respect greetings Goreens. A woman, considered free, must not carry weapons.

The game

Players will have to wear this QUEST TAG Object

The game starts with a correct and consistent RP to find the first person. If the RP is too light, the person may not accept. This person will take you to another person with a new RP. The final person will be one owner who will receive you

The owner will ask you 3 questions, 3 puzzles. You will have to give the answers. Each correct answer gives you 1 point.

If you fall on a question, you have the opportunity to request a challenge like duel in 3 rounds. You will not have the choice of weapons. (Dice)

If you win the duel, you take the lost point on the issue.

If you collect 3 points, the opponent will give you the clue.

If you have 2 points, but if you practiced a very good RP, to the appreciation of the people met, the 3rd point can be granted to you.

If you have 2 points, you can request a final challenge in 3 rounds to win the 3rd point. You will not have the choice of weapons. (Dice)

If you have 1 point, you will have to leave the SIM and wait until the next day.

If you have 0 points, you will be slave to the owner or someone chosen by the owner for 24 hours and you will be able to restart the trials after this period of slavery.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

The Story with Quests – Part Eight

Quest Part 8There was a time when only men fought and dictated their law. This period is over. Slavery, based only on strength, is no more. There are now new forms of slavery, linked to the desire to submit.

But, places still rest on the old tradition. And I suspected that I had to be careful during my travels. So, I always took byways, far from main roads. To be prudent is to be free. Even if I was not free of my choices, at the level of journeys.

Regardless, the key was to arrive safely, safely, avoiding dangers. However, not following the straight line is not easy. Sometimes we find ourselves in surprising places, unmapped places.

And that’s what happened. By dint of wandering, far from the main roads, by taking boats, hiding me in the bunkers, I landed in a surprising country, where the houses floated on the water. I had heard stories about lake-dwellings, houses on stilts. I had never seen that before.

Besides, is it really a coincidence to find myself there? I had noticed that the captain of the boat had discovered my cache. But as he pretended to see nothing, as he was not paying attention to me, as a clandestine passenger, I did not worry. But before I landed, I found a parchment where I was hiding. On this parchment, an object was drawn. But the worst is when I came out of my cache, I found myself face to face with the captain who stared at me.

– You found the parchment. It’s good. Now you have to find the object of this parchment. You arrived on this island because I was asked to drive you there. You have a mission to honor. You became the Chosen.. It’s up to you to save us.

I nodded. I began not to be surprised by these fortuitous encounters. I got off the boat. And on the small dock, I found a path that went to the hill in front of me.
The captain shouted one last piece of advice.

– Do not seek the impossible. You must find Jack, a JARL of this place and expose him your quest. If you are convincing, then you will have the right to look for the object on his land with his advice. If not, you will be alone to find the object with all the dangers that may exist. Do not trust the enchanting landscapes of this place! Real dangers exist here. Another thing, Pebble can guide you to JARL. Good luck !

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

The Story with Quests – Part Seven

Alone Shadow

Alone Shadow

It is time for me to return to my country. My sisters miss me and I feel tired of this long journey. There are no priests around, no winged messengers, no woman on the side of the road. I finally feel alone and reassured. I walk a good way to get home quickly, find my hut and finally rest. I walk again and again, and I already see the high mountains, covered with eternal snow, which characterize my territory. I finally see the hills surrounding our camp and I start running, happy to be back. I open the first door, then the second and I rush into my hut to lie down, without meeting a living soul.
But here, in the hut, more furs, more cushions. There is one big map that represents the camp. And planted in the map, a flag. I feel the trouble coming. I look at the map and an area of ​​the camp is surrounded, where the flag is planted. I know this area of ​​the camp. I will often rest there. It is a place of peace, with a small waterfall, lined with greenery, with a small cave where a campfire warms the body and the souls. But why mark this area?

I set off, through the camp, and go to the place indicated. Nothing seems to have changed. The waterfall is there. The campfire is here. Everything is in its place. I move in the area indicated by the flag. And I can not find anything. It must be a farce, made by the sisters. I know them. They can be teasing.

I decide to find the cave of our EN. Maybe she is asleep. I go back through the tunnels and I go to the old mine before going to see our EN, which is not there. I’m starting to get worried. And running through the maze of tunnels of the old mine, I find a box with the same flag that was planted on the map. And in the box, a riddle that gives me a sentence. The phrase that launches a new quest.

But, it was only a dream. I’m still not in my camp. I still do not have my friends with me. They are not here. And I slept, on the floor, in a cave, after lockpicking the gate of an abandoned camp, in a dangerous country, full of dangers. I wake up completely. And I look around me. And part of my dream is true. There is a big map in front of me. The rest is true. To you to discover it, in this country close to the Gretuk territory.
(Quest : You will have to find the land (Easy), find a camp, find a map, find first object that will give you a clue to find final object – Indicate coordinates of final )

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)