End of a Story

Repost from Gazette issue 79 (December 2016)

I would like to present this special issue to you in this holiday season. We are approaching Christmas and the end of the year and it seemed important to me to offer you all my best wishes and more. In recent weeks, some things have happened. Some tensions have arisen. Whose fault is it ? Maybe we are tired and less receptive. Perhaps we have forgotten that the most important thing is to offer smiles, to dispense love, and to forgive. Because we are all prone to making mistakes, saying or choosing bad words without necessarily wanting to do evil. But here we are all humans and the error is human. This is the charm of our species. We know how to acknowledge, in general, our wrongs. And it is by this ability to learn from our mistakes that we progress. On the latter point, however, I would like to add something. It is not because we no longer belong to a group that we must say nothing. If we consider that a person makes mistakes, true friendship consists in trying to warn this person, and to prevent it in private. But if the person does not respond, then we try to shake the coconut tree to make things happen. And even if we no longer belong to a group, it is always painful to see old friends no longer sharing the common values of this group, feeling abandoned and seeing, as the only solution, to quit. But as we approach Christmas, we must remember only one thing: knowing how to forgive and know how to offer smiles. We must forget these quarrels to better progress in our Gor world. And personally, to all the people I could have hurt, throughout these years, I beg you to accept my apologies as I wish to forgive all the people who have also hurt me. Finally, we must remember this phrase of Inna – Be nice each others – Our missing friend gave us, through this sentence, the direction to take.

All this to tell you that I love you. I wandered into the lowlands of SL for a few years before knowing the world of Gor. And it was like a sun that came to light my way. I had only known an individualistic world and I discovered sisterhood. I think I experienced my best years SL in Gor. It was among you that I had my most beautiful smiles, my greatest joys. And it is because these joys were great that I now have the greatest pain. SL is an addictive world. Gor is even more so. We discover things every day, because a base was created, the famous books of John Norman. And from this base, a world was created by enthusiasts people. I had nothing before being among you and now I have memories, full of head. I felt freedom, my freedom. And I also felt your strength. Everyone thinks that the Gazette of Gor and Minnie are indissociable. But the Gazette without all of you would be nothing. I’m not the Gazette. You are the Gazette of Gor. It is your creations, your adventures that are told in this newspaper. It’s not Minnie’s life. It is your camps, your cities, your groups that are presented. These are your smiles that are offered. You are the Gazette of Gor and you will always be.

Moreover, if we are to recall the few reasons behind the Gazette, we can cite three people, even if they will defend themselves. These people are Sarka Martova who showed me a lot and named me Scout among the Zima. Joice who also pushed me in this direction (It is rather funny to see that these two best enemies of the world have had this same idea and this shows us that by exchanging, we can arrive at the same conclusions. ) And the third person is Petra with whom I loved exploring the continent and discovering the new things created. By defining myself as Scout, then Lynx (What barbarian names!), I felt the need of the residents of Gor who finally did not know our world well and needed information. Finally, there was an event that precipitated things: A memorable battle at Ruins of Odin against the Sa Jesuils. Imagine a dark night, multicolored lightning zebra the sky, volleys of arrows, a SIM filled with warriors, having fun and fighting in all directions. I never saw it again as I had never seen it before. A fairy tale worthy of a fairy tale … with fairies that carry bows and spears. And between two crashes of my viewer (Too many people and too many objects), I remembered the Homeric battles, described by a Greek philosopher in the Iliad and the Odyssey. And a reality imposed on me. Why not tell such events to all the residents of Gor? Why not create a newspaper that will present our world to all? The idea was there, envy too. The file was presented at a meeting with the Zima and on May 1, 2015, the Gazette of Gor appeared with a pilot number.

If the beginnings were hesitant, a rhythm of cruise appeared. People have joined the original team , bringing new ideas, a new freshness. Itsmee, Hathor, Frey but also and especially Mariko, Claude, Sonia, Silver, Selene, Gia and others. I confirm, the Gazette is a living entity with people coming, going, coming back. Some people only write once. Others have become pillars of this newspaper. Some do not know yet, but they will become essential parts. I wish to thank Mariko for her support and investment, Claude for his calm and philosophy, Sonia for his technical support, Silver and Selene for their promising beginning, Frey, Hathor, Selvi, Liam, Gia, Itsmee, Homar and all the others who intervened in this adventure. And I thank all the people, Owners, Writers who gave us material to create articles. I repeat it again. You are all the Gazette of Gor.

What a long way we do! I arrived in Gor with 3 people in my Friend List and now I have more than 300 contacts. I confess I do not remember everybody. I apologize for that. And I sailed. I knew some tribes and each tribe gave me new acquaintances. The first tribe gives an imperishable memory. Cinder, Lyrics, Umata and the other sisters in the Sa Luna Tor will remain forever engraved in my mind. I lived through them and for them. I also had some remonstrances. We must learn. And I mostly dreamed in magnificent landscapes. I can not tell you how much I liked this SIM of Sa Luna Tor. The disappearance of this group touched me and gave me tears. But at each disappearance, a new birth takes place. And I started my Zima period. I took the opportunity to bring my old sister Rena to the Zima. She also felt lost after the end of the Sa Luna Tor. She needed a new family. I am happy for her that she found her place with the Zima then the Ja Lina. The Ja Lina where the sequel of a painful separation. I could no longer be Zima or Ja Lina. I had to be both, or something else. So I chose to be different and I became Gretuks. The Gretuks or the refinement of the combat pushed to the paroxysm. A little RP, a lot of laughter, a zest of fight, still smiles ,. Raids, still raids and between two hugs, patience, understanding, a lot of understanding. Thanks to Tam, Aala, Rami, Caline, Vel, Saku, Selene, Silver, Tari, to all and especially thanks to Yumi who brings a ray of sun wherever she passes.


Let us return to our famous Gazette, by whom many good and bad things have happened. In the various quests we conducted in Gor, we met many people, legends of Gor, physicians, scribes, Owners, people who had quantities of ideas. These people have organized tournaments, parties, meetings to promote their dreams. They worked hard, relentlessly. There is a big difference between people who invest every day in a global project for a maximum of people and people who are only there to play. It takes everything for our world. And we must respect those people who wanted to undertake. I admire the owners of bands and builders. They are people who are involved. Not helping them in return amounts to not helping Gor. People like Otuel, Moon, Alaric, Jack Thondar and all the others I encountered swarm with ideas and they have this desire to create. Besides, you can admire some works below. And at the turn of a path, we meet a good person. I was proud to meet Otuel, Claude and all those Owners with whom I have forged friendship.

And in all these visits, these discoveries, memories reappear. A visit to the lake city of Jack Thondar with Inna will certainly remain the most striking. It was not the only one. The first reports also remain in memory. The festival at Whispering Moons, the people met, all of you, animated by this desire to live a dream.

• And now … Everything has a beginning and an end. If Freedom begins where others Freedom stops, then true Freedom does not exist. And if power leads to bad choices, even if I do not like the term Power, then I have to take my responsibilities and accept the consequences of my choices. I chose to publish an article and had the consequences of offering pain. I never wanted that. I wished to awaken the consciences and I showed that I was not better. Everything has an end. The Goreen world of Minnie has just closed its doors. The question is whether the Gazette will continue. And I think the Gazette can go on. Already, the team in place is talented, organized. But above all, I repeat, The Gazette of Gor is your child. Each group, clan, city, owner, Gorean, German, French, English, American, Australian, Spanish, Italian has the right but also the duty to make this journal live by sending an announcement, sentence, story , A text, a group or city presentation and absolutely everything will be published, for the good of all. You are Gor, You are the Gazette, You are your future in this world. Do not hesitate to communicate. Trying is already successful. And you will be accompanied by the current members of the Gor Gazette. They are there to help you, bring you that little extra that allows a big family to stay united. So yes, maybe the Gazette will change format, appearance, support. But that will remain your good.

Already Mariko Marchant has started a blog at https://gazetteofgor.wordpress.com/. This could be the future format of the Gazette of Gor, if Mariko takes the lead.

Finally, a day of Minnie

• The alarm clock rings, I turn on my light, Think of preparing the Gazette of the week, Breakfast, Children’s alarm clock, A shower, I wear clothes, Opening the computer, Entering the world of Gor, I begin to write , My son asks me for money (It means that I am in RL world), then, I prepare a washing machine for laundry, I prepare for lunch, I come back, Zut, my Meter is yellow, Someone shooted on me with a bow, I hide myself in a corner, I go back to my kitchen, My daughter asks me to come with her for a new outfit, I say Yes, I close the viewer, I was in Orange, A little Shopping, I come back, My daughter is leaving me, My son is listening his music, Opening the Viewer, I’m still in Orange, 50 IMs are ready, waiting for me, Changing a picture for an article, OK, Come see a new group, Ok A lot of exam’s copies to correct for my students, I read quickly the first exam ‘s copy, Napoleon declared war on Hitler in first exam’s copy … Why not, i am a bit scared to read a second now, I have not advanced for the new issue of the newspaper, I feel tired …

Minnie … End of Transmission … The light turns off

The lights turns on for a new life of Gazette of Gor