Invitation: March to Klima

(This is the 2nd march, thr first was to establish a new Salt Ubar, this time it is mostly for german roleplayers and with a different plot)

When: 23th October 2021, 4 pm brazilian time (Sao Paulo+1), 8 pm german time, 7 pm GMT, 11 am SLT

Where: Oasis of Four palms, skybox, walk through the sign “To the Tahari” and wait

You need to wear appropriate clothing for the desert: always strong wind and sandstorms, extremely hot sun.

Plot: Very few Goreans know the way to the oasis of Klima. Anyone who draws maps of the desert will be killed. The Salt Ubar and his warriors (Guards of the Dunes) control the trade in salt from Klima. Their names are not known, they are always veiled or wear a mask.

For German roleplayers; you are a group of merchants who got lost in the desert and strayed far from the trade routes. You hardly have any water. You will be found! If you meet a kaiila caravan, you will be saved!

Do what the men say who will save you. Perhaps you will get to know the oasis of Klima, but you will not be told where you are and you will not know later how to get there.

For the Guards of the Dunes: rescue the merchants and bring them to the Exchange Point first, then to the Oasis of Klima but do not tell them where they are.

Beware of quicksand! If you lose your way, you can be lost!

The role play lasts about an hour or more. (You have to go through an invisible teleporter several times, please always accept)

How do you recognize the Oasis of Klima?
Almost a quarter of all of Gor’s salt production takes place in the oasis. About a day’s walk from the oasis is an “Exchange Point”. Caravans arrive there, bringing food for Klima. On the way back, they take the blocks of salt with them that are carried there by the prisoners and slaves from Klima.

In “Tribesmen of Gor” only male slaves lived in Klima, women were not allowed. That changed after the death of the Salt Ubar Saran. Those who live in climate manage themselves.

We will need taverns, cafes, at Klima, ”he said. “Subjects
have been too long without recreation. “
“With the control of much salt,” I said, “you may have
much what you wish. “
“We shall confederate the salt districts,” said T’Zshal. (“Tribesmen of Gor”, page 347/8)

Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza)

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