Sun is going down


My dear Gor friends,

As many of you know I am struggling with my health. I found out I have not the energy to lead a tribe anymore, so I plan to resign as an EN of Sa’Jesuil.  I will not leave Gor or the the tribe, but I cannot be online as much as I used to be. As long as I can I will enjoy playing in Gor.

Also I will keep on posting stories on the the Gazette of Gor blog as long as I can, but I am not able to do the inworld version.

I have been in Second life Gor from Aug 2014. Being part of a tribe and editor on the Gazette of Gor helped me a lot to know about Gor. I am grateful for the help I got from many persons in Gor.

Well for me the sun is gong down in Gor, but the the Gor planet  keeps going round.
I have been in Second life Gor from Aug 2014. Being part of a tribe and editor on the Gazette of Gor helped me a lot to know about Gor. I am grateful for the help I got from many persons in Gor.

Thank you for all the good times.

Mariko Marchant

For those who are interested here is my story in Gor.


Lx introduced me to Gor, she liked me to be a slave, but when I saw a huntress called Ecko I knew I would be a panther. After a few days as a wandering panther in Gor I met Sarka Matova and and she convinced me to join her tribe Zima A’kam. She learned me a lot about Gor and how to fight.

DATE: < August 11, 2014>

Why are you interested in joining Zima Ak’am? I am interested in GE Gor. It is a challenge to become a good panther
What role(s) are you interested in playing? < Panther>

As you can see i did not know anything about Gor then.

May 2015 Minnie asked me to be chief editor of the Gazette of Gor. It helped me to increase my knowledge about Gor

At 2015-06-17 I left Zima A’kam and joined Sa Sheku after that

When I wake up in the morning after a very short  night I have still the image in my head of the woman who committed suicide our the dock. Outside I hear some of my sisters talking.  I walk up to them and I see them looking at my feather they want to have. When I look them in the eyes they turn their heads away. The silence feels unpleasant for all of us. I feel sorry for them because I know they are are used in a power battle that has no winners but only losers. I walk further in the camp and see you a young pledge with tears in her eyes. She  hands me over the scroll with the tasks she has done to become a full sisters, that no one wants to read  She feels ignored and unhappy. I take her to my hut and say “Sis  I am leaving”  and start to pack my things in 2 large bags. I see the scroll the former First Bow wrote.  Beautiful and wise words about a panther tribe, but I don’t think it is about our tribe. I put the scroll in the bag, along with all the lessons she teached me. I hate to leave her but there is no other way. I look at Naia and say “are you coming with me? She says”: “I  follow wherever you go Mari”. We both cry when we leave our feathers in my hut and take the zipline to the dock. On the dock I have a last look at the camp I loved so much. “Farewell  sisters” I say with tears in my eyes. I jump in the canoe and we peddle to distant lands. We are tired and hungry when we reach a panther camp. They open the gate for us, give us food and drinks and listen to our sad story. After that they say “If you need a home you can stay here”. Later we see the sun come up when we sit before our hut with a smile on our face, that has been away for far too long. Naia strokes her new huntress feather gently. She looks so happy.  When look at her I have no regrets I left my First Bow feather at the Ja’Lina camp. Sisterhood is more important to me.

Oct 2015 I returned to the new Zima as their First Bow, Dec 2015 I joined Veck EN. April 2016 After a brief stay at Solveig (Whispering Moons) I felt i was ready to form a tribe.

May 2016 Noemie Ling  and me revived Sha’Kar Aran the tribe of Pygmies founded in 2007 by Noemie Ling (Noe).

Most pygmies were killed at the rain-forests in the jungle when they were brutally attacked by the Talunas but the ones who survived fled to the Northern Forests where they met a group of wandering huntresses and they decided to build camp together and took the name of the original tribe “Sha’Kar Arani”. Sha’kar which means, sister , young girl , beautiful. Kar means sister and love. Arani, is a minor tribe of the south of Gor, they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai (Book 10 : Tribesman of Gor, page 307).

We have carefully selected the members because we want only sisters who want to play Gor seriously and have fun. We try to have less drama as possible, but some drama is unavoidable in Gor and in tribes. So we have to deal with that. We also treat our enemies and captives with respect and we will respect their limits.

In return, we expect them to respect our limits as well, and if they won’t, you will fade to black (tp out) and they might be banned on our lands. As a tribe we do not death play and we all have a 3 days cap limit. Everyone is free to state more limits of their own. We are not btb. We are GE, but we don’t play “Disney Gor”. If capped we will refuse to be tp’ed to a sim, where we cannot be rescued.

We are here for roleplay so imagine this is real. As you know huntresses and pygmies are selfish and they live in a camp because it benefits them. They are less vulnerable when they are their own. Now imagine you live in a camp. What do you need? You need food and other supplies. You need to build up these supplies, because winters are very tough in the Northern Forests. So this is why we trade and rob (raid) other camps. We don’t shoot at strangers passing by on our lands. This makes no sense, and will also you put yourself in unnecessary danger.

We have no allies, but we have friends who may came into the camp armed and can help us with a rescue, when a sister is capped. I expect you to avoid being capped. If this were a real scenario, who would want to be enslaved or sold? Also when when raided and you see the situation is hopeless, you flee, instead of fighting until you are capped.

As for slaves we have no camp slaves. Only slaves with a dedicated Mistress, who is responsible for her. Camp slaves are often bored because no one pays attention to them, which leads to drama. Huntresses don’t need slaves in camps, who have to be fed and so use supplies. So we are basically a roleplay tribe, but we do raid often because we need supplies.

The chain of command is: EN (Mariko Marchant), SE ( Vesta Ying), First Bow (to be determined) , huntresses and pygmies. We expect you to play you role properly so address the SE as my SE , etc.

When raided the First Bow overrules all leaders, as the raid leader does when we raid.

We don’t strive to be the biggest or the strongest tribe in Gor. We strive to be tribe with a family feeling and have as much fun as possible when playing Gor seriously. Sisterhood, loyalty and respect are our core values.

June 2017- Dec 2017 EN of Shekinah Arani


The flag I designed: A tribe rises from its ashes.

June 2017 Noemie left Gor  and I deciced to disbanded Sha’Kar Arani. But the sisters of Sha’Kar Aran formed a new tribe and called it Shekinah Arani and as me to be their EN.

Dec 2017- Aug 2018 Co EN of the Forest Moon tribe
Dec 2017 Shekinah Arani merged with Forest moon because both tribes did not have enough members to survive.

Oct 2018 I left Forest Moon

“I want to say this to you now matter what you have done your best in hard times watching you take the lead in times of pain and hurting , you have turned this into the right direction . Through your ways I am sure in time an answer will be there .”

This is one of the many IM’s i got when people heard I left my tribe Forest Moon.

Many ask me why I left.  This answer is in short: No sisterhood anymore.
Core values of the tribes I lead as an EN were dedication, loyalty and sisterhood. I feel that is gone, not only in Forest Moon but in many tribes.  Not every tribe but in many tribes.

A tribe were some in the camp not talk to each other, unfriend each other, talking lowly about other sisters in public and where some feel superior to others cannot be my tribe. My eyes got blurred because of the tears seeing sisterhood disappear. The smile on my face faded away. I come to second life for fun not to get disappointed.

Leading a tribe is hard work. I don’t mind to work hard. If  a tribe is acting as a team and being a family, doing things together,  it is really rewarding. The feeling  having a home and share things with others is one of the best things in Gor.

However , having a camp in Gor costs money. The rent has to be paid each month. One year ago many tribe members contributed. In 2 or 3 days the barrel was full. Because members felt it is their tribe.
That feeling has gone as well. Now only few donate. I find it pretty unfair that the EN’s who do most of the work also have to pay most of the bill. If every active member gives 1000L a month,  the rent is no problem.  Is a few dollars a month too much for using the camp, having a hut,  etc?  Most members have mesh bodies and mesh heads, so they have the lindens, so why not give some lindens to the tribe?

What I am going to do next, I don’t know. I intend to keep on working for the Gazette of Gor.  I Am pretty sad now, but when people send me IM’s like this;

” Don’t you dare get upset or give up…. we all need people like you Mari….xxxxx”

“Please don’t let this break your spirit Mari, you are one of the best things that ever happened to SL Gor”

I may have the strength to carry on.

I have had a good time in Forest Moon, I hope the tribe will be successful. I want to thank my dear sister Sav, who works so very hard for the tribe. She deserves a wonderful tribe. What is described is not only a Forest Moon problem, it is a Gor wide issue.

Sept 2018 I was asked to be EN of the legendary Sa’Jesuil tribe and i wrote my vision on a panther tribe:

As I do admire btb panthers, who wear a bow and a knife and small machete,  having  no slaves or thralls because they would only use their resources, for me GE (Gor evolved)  is more fun. Because of the raids and rescues  that evoke roleplay and  has all the elements of a btb panther tribe as well. Of course GE panthers should be dressed Gorean and act as described in the books by John Norman.

I am not crazy about thralls. Some are very good roleplayers, but most of them want to have only sex with a (dominant) woman and get easily bored.   Being a female slave in a panther camp is very hard because they tend to be ignored. So my vision is no slaves or thralls in a panther camp unless they have a mistress in the camp who takes care for him or her. Slave in Gor is a very  difficult role. Thralls and slaves that go out to hunt panthers is not Gorean to me. They should wear slave weapons.  When defending the camp they may wear full weapons.

A panther camp is not a sex  or BSDM spot. Of course sex is fine, but it should not be the main part of the activities. Gor is much more than sex and fighting.  Goreans value life and don’t kill, unless there is a valid Gorean reason. Also they do not rape and torture for fun.

Gor has changed in the past years. Most panthers who are long don’t want to join as a pledge anymore. For me experienced huntress should be able to be a full huntress right away. For people who are new to Gor or have little experience being a pledge is good as they can make mistakes and learn on the job.
A pledge/cub/tuva mother is a crucial role in a panther tribe. Also people who like to teach roleplay and combat are important. They keep not only the tribe alive, they keep also Gor alive.

OOC we are all equal but in a panther tribe everyone plays her role. IC there is a strict hierarchy. EN, SE-and Tor are the leaders who must be obeyed. In combat the First Bow is in charge and overrules every member. However in my vision the leaders serve the leaders serve the tribe, not the other way around.
There should be a feeling  that it is OUR tribe. Everyone should feel at home and contribute in a way. There are lots of things you can do in a panther tribe and it is fun to create and to contribute. Being part of a group is one of the best things in Gor.
No one is obliged to donate financially, but the camp rent has to be paid every month. If many donate it can be done easily is my experience. Being part of a group is one of the best things in Gor.

OOC harassment and cheating in combat is not acceptable and may lead to removal of the tribe. We are here for fun, not to make drama. All tribes need each other to play with. We have to see the bigger picture.

There is nothing wrong with stating limits in your profile and they should be respected. As I said before we are here for fun and some like to escape from RL which can be hard. Many players in Gor have serious health problems.  I encourage that tribe members  to have a 3 day cap limit in their profile and it is also wise to mention that you may not be taken to a btb sim where panthers cannot be rescued.

Dedication, sisterhood and loyalty are my keywords.

We are here to have fun together. No one should be left out, all sisters should be friends (OOC and IC) and part of the family and have the feeling: This is my home!


3 thoughts on “Sun is going down

  1. Mariko my dear friend, I press you firmly on the thumbs, that you will soon feel better and you are well. You are such a great, dear and honest person and you are still so young ….. Hug and kiss my friend, …. yours Myla


  2. Mariko,

    I’m glad I finally got to be in your tribe while it is yet day. We tried a bunch of times over the past three years but until now the timing wasn’t right. Thank you for being my friend, my En, and the little brat I like to shoot at CTF. 🙂




  3. Dearest Mariko

    I have left Gor now but it saddens me to read that you are unwell. Like many I know you always gave of your best in terms of your time, your goodwill and, always, your best intentions. I hope your health is improving and that you can continue to fight for the mighty Sa’jesuil in what ever capacity you can. May the Goddess watch over and protect you.

    Your friend and sister



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