Meqara: A new vision after the storm

She slowly walked through the widened cobble streets, the feel of the hardened stone firm beneath her slippered foot with each taken step, she paused for a moment glancing about the renovations that have been in progress, the multitude of heady beautiful colors swirling about in a flagrant display of proud triumph. It was beautiful she thought as she continued to move on not wishing to be late for her interview with the Tatrix of Maqara, that would not be a good first impression of herself to the Lady.

Hastening her steps she made it to her Uncle’s house and went in to wait for the Tatrix to arrive, which did not take long as she flourished into the room with the majestic presence of a proud Tatrix, of course she was rather awestruck as her eyes came upon the Lady Tatrix and she began to speak to her, of course this is how the conversation went. Join me if you will ‘she moves aside presenting the interview with the readers’

Wynna Wrexan: What can I do for you Lady? What can I tell you about Meqara?

Asa:: Holds onto her parchment and quill it hovering over poised to write and she looks over at the Tatrix “Please start from the beginning Tatrix, I am really excited to hear that you are going to be opening soon, tell me what are you expecting to transpire here in your beautiful city”

Wynna Wrexan: has been the homestone of the Wrexan family for generations. We sustained a recent disaster, which required us to rebuild most of the city … although our homestone was undamaged. It is part of the bedrock the city is built on. So we have rebuilt and we wish to re-open to trade next weekend. Meqara is a city built on trade … we are known for the Bank of Meqara, which specializes in capitalizations and investments and for our production of Falarian wine. We are the oldest producers of Falarian in Gor. Here, it’s in this decanter.. Let me pour you a cup.

Asa: There seems to have been quite a few disasters as of recently ‘she sighs as she writes this information down’ The Priest Kings must be up to something, a shaking and a cleansing in the Gorean lands to wake up the people. ‘she nods’ Please continue Tatrix, I would love to know about yourself, your city is very amazing, my Uncle took me around and the builders have really done well” she reaches over to take the drink “Thank you” she says.

Wynna Wrexan: I was born here.. and although I have lived in other cities, I am always at home here. My parents were Xavier Wrexan and Rayah Marenwolf.. he was lost at sea and she lives in seclusion now. Our city is a vibrant trade port, we deal in wines, though not Falarian of course, olive oil, timber, and we are a trade center for other goods entering the city. Pink klima salts, jewels, we have a very diverse merchant goods lists.

Asa: I am truly sorry to hear of this tragedy ‘she says and she continues to write drinking of the wine’ This is really rich wine, very delightful on the pallet “So how long have you been Tatrix? ‘she asks her’

Wynna Wrexan: We are fortunate to have a preeminent story tell er as our ambassador, Eddard Ricketts. and so many other gifted and talented people. We are going to be having our grand opening is this coming weekend and we have a number of events.

Asa: nods listening making note of these names, she shifted and adjusted the quill and parchment before setting her cup to the side before trying to catch up on the information’ So much trade you have here in your ports ‘she stopped looking up at her and smiles “I would love to hear about this, is the Gorean Whip going to be here to cover the event? “she asks” I would love to cover it for the paper if you would allow me to cover the events for the paper”

Wynna Wrexan: passes her a scroll of the events schedule, “We are fortunate to have one of the best DJs in Gor, Lady Tasia… she is hosting our OOC dance on Sunday i think the Urt race and the Bola SLave Run weill be two very unique events, and of course we will have the Sword tourney and bow tourney. My son Leonidas was the designer of the City… it seemed right since it will be his.. and was the principal architect and contractor”
Asa: I would absolutely enjoy the tour and to make portraits of your lovely city and it’s elegant Tatrix ‘she smiles’ So tell me what positions you have open here and are looking to be filled with the qualified Caste”
Wynna Wrexan: Lets see.. We need a magistrate.. and as always we are open to all who wish to join us in any caste. WE just recently gained a vintner of considerable repute, Lady Jasmine OHare..As every city does, we would welcome warriors. You have made mention of your uncle, who is he?
Asa:: Dramen Darkbyrd, Tatrix ‘she replies’

Wynna Wrexan: Ah! the gem merchant .. such a talented artist! His shop is just across from the Bank… most convenient i think for both of us! Several of our citizens are from the torvald .. and our HoC is Lady Aisha of the Tahari .. so we have a diverse citizenry.

Asa: That is very interesting, traveling around I meet a very diverse group of people ‘she smiles’ Each one has their own story and I always enjoy listening and sharing it with our readers. It opens the borders to each other so one knows what the other is like ‘she paused’ who knows ports might be more open to trade after this, it’s definitely needed. My favorite Bazi Tea gets shipped into port ‘she laughs’ So I do wait for it with excitement

Wynna Wrexan (wynna): smiles… we do a brisk black wine trade … my first advisor has developed a special brewing technique/ perhaps you might sample it one day soon

Asa: nods “That is something I could do, Tatrix. I appreciate your generosity” she thinks for a moment and looks around the room that was very richly decorated in elegance but yet simple fashion, she looks down at her parchment waving it slightly to dry the ink then looks at the Tatrix for a moment “So tell me something, Tatrix” I have talked to many leaders in many lands, each one has their own style, which style do you consider your own to keep everything in line?”

Wynna Wrexan (wynna) smiles.. I believe the strength of the city rests in the people. I do not keep them in line .. they do that thenselves. Our rules here are simple.. be polite, respect one another and be gorean. that seems to work for us all
Asa: nods again, writing this down. She almost felt her head bobbled a lot as she continued writing “Do you ever worry that because you are a Tatrix of a great land that a man would try to push you out of your seat of leadership?” she inquires curiously “I have not ever interviewed a Tatrix before so this is new territory for me but I really like it, it’s just so fresh” she says

Wynna Wrexan (wynna): actually I do not worry about that at all… Meqara is mine.. and i rule here … anyone that does not wish to be a citizen is free to leave. Anyone that commits treason will be put to death … I have loyal warriors and I pay the Black Caste very well for my protection and our security. “She paused looking to the door” Ah .. I hear my son arriving. Leo dear… do sit and introduce yourself.

Asa: nods very impressed indeed, she studies the Tatrix for a moment a slight shudder coursing through her frame, the black caste is one that strikes fear in the hearts of people”

Asa looks up from the parchment she had been hovering over to see the form of a man that framed the doorway, at first he was nothing more than a black shadow before emerging into the glinting light of the Gorean candles that danced and swayed with the breeze of the opening and closing door. She paused and looked up seeing a very tall man with a muscular beard, his hair and beard were as black as night, she inclines her head to him “Greetings Sir” she says “I am the Lady Asa Darkbyrd, Scribe of Sais and Writer for the Gorean paper”

Leonidas Wrexan: “Greetings, i am Leonidas Wrexan. son of the Tatrix”
Wynna Wrexan (wynna): smiles as he enters .. “Val… i am hapy to see you .. please come in ”

She looks up once more pulling her gaze from Leonidis to the newly emerging figure into the home and leaned back into the cushioned seat she was resting it to observe for the moment before speaking “Tal also to you Sir” she said to Valgard

Valgard the Ironsides (valgardironsides): “It is good to see you as well Lady Wynna, I trust all is well”
Wynna Wrexan (wynna): Lady, this is my son Leonidas. and my dear friend Valgard …This is Lady Asa of the Gorean Gazette.

Valgard the Ironsides (valgardironsides): “Lady Asa, of the Gorean Gazette? I am not sure I have heard of this Gazette, though it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Asa: nods to them both “Well met” she says “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, both of you” she studied quietly the family before her and continued to write the new information on her parchment “So what do you both have to add to the story of Meqara, that you would like Gor to hear?

Leonidas Wrexan (leonidas079): smiles “Its a pleasure to meet you Lady Asa” leans forward and serve himself a cup of falarian wine.

Valgard the Ironsides (valgardironsides): The only thing I could think of to add would be that my tavern is officially open. I myself am a master distiller and crafter of fine spirits and wines. It has been said that the honey mead…which is my specialty, is the best mead BOTH sides of the Skerry of Einar.”

Asa: writes this down “Very nice, Sir” she says to him “I am sure many Gorean men will be happy to come and try your specialties, Drink is a soother after a hard day of work”

Wynna Wrexan (wynna) grins at him “perhaps he might send you a keg Lady, I know you will not be able to visit his tavern!”

Wynna Wrexan (wynna) Val is one of those I referred to as an advisor, as my son is, as well ..

Leonidas Wrexan (leonidas079): “and an extraordinary crafter he is” looks at Valgard and raises his cup. looks back at the lady ” I am the builder, i have been working very hard lately restoring many of our historical buildings, trying to keep alive out legacy for the future generations of Meqarians”

Asa: shakes her head “I would not do so” she says to the Tatrix, the tavern holds no appeal for me ‘she was writing everything down, the quill whipping around, forward and backward the scratching sound of the tip against the parchment as she lifts the tip to her tongue whetting it quickly and then goes back to writing and looks up to Val with a nod “So what do you feel about your place on the council, Sir?” she asks Valgard”

Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin)Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin) smiled hearing the words of Leonidas “You have done well, Builder. A worthy scene of a quality builder” she nods “I have seen your construction and it is, I must say a lovely city that one would be proud to visit and trade”

Valgard the Ironsides: “Well, I am unsure if you could tell, from seeing me, but I am originally from Torvaldsland. To find myself here and in the trusted council of a Tatrix….well I would have never thought it would have ever come to be.” he couldn’t help but chuckle “To be honest, I have always been under the impression that women were not best suited for such leadership, yet this woman has surprised me and with my guidance and that of others, has become quite impressive”

[19:16] Wynna Wrexan (wynna): grins as she glances at the lady

Asa is quite impressed by the words spoken “I think that’s really amazing, from one of Torvaldsland” she chuckles “As I am from Torvaldsland also” she nods slowly then writes again and looks to the quiet builder “And what of you, Sir? What is your position on the matter?” she was interested in hearing the minds of men concerning the rulership of a Tatrix “The only Tatrix I’ve known is of Lara’ she says “And that was interesting to say the least” she left it at that

Wynna Wrexan: smiles at her son … thinking of the many hours they’ve shared discussing the lessons her father taught her about the administration of the city …

Leonidas Wrexan (leonidas079): open wide his eyes while he drinks and listen to the lady talking about trading, slowly nods while he drinks “i must say that trading is very important to us, Wrexan family has a long tradition in that category” drinks a little bit more “for generation the Wrexan family has sail around the world carrying the Flag of Meqara and our intention is to keep that tradition”
Wynna Wrexan (wynna): Leonidas knows that to be strong a City must be rich .. he has embraced his grandfather’s lessons

Asa : “Very impressive” she says as she writes this information down, she paused momentarily then reached into her pouch and pulled out a small black vial dipping her quill into it as she seems to have stretched the limits of the last time she had dipped it then started to write again listening to them “I think that is an amazing tradition Sir, and I hope that this interview will help to encourage more trade for your port”
Wynna Wrexan (wynna): smiles “It is so kind of you to come to meet us Lady Asa.. is there anything else we might tell you about us?”

Asa took in a deep breath, much contemplation on her countenance “So anything else you wish to add before I wrap it up? ” she looks between them all and smiles at the Tatrix “Anything you wish to give I am willing to take, Tatrix. I am truly honored that you have brought me into your home and allowed me to interview you and your family. It has really been a joy and pleasure.”

Wynna Wrexan (wynna):I think we have said all that must be said, except that we would like to offer and invitation to all to visit, to trade, to come and make their homes here. All are welcome

Asa says to the Tatrix “I am appreciative of your time” she writes it down “I am sure Sais would love to have trade in their ports also” she smiles “You are always welcome to visit” she stands to her feet “Again thank you so graciously for your time and I wish you all well and i am looking forward to your opening”

Wynna Wrexan (wynna): smiles … I am so glad you had an opportunity to meet these two special men … when you are here next you will meet Lupus and Zen ..

Asa places the information into the paper for the wonderful Goreans who should wish to participate in the fun affairs so it would be easy for them to find then signs off on her interview.

Thank you so much all for joining me once again in my first article written in three years, this is a wonderful come back, Thank you again for reading and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Your Roving Reporter,

Asa Darkbyrd

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  1. As Xavier Wrexan sat on the shores of the unmapped Island. It had been years since he was stranded on the barren beach. Yet he was at peace knowing the flag of Meqara still graced the winds of the thassa.


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