My first day in Gor

This essay is about your first day in Gor, my first day in Gor. Do you remember it? Do you remember why you came? How you stumbled into the fray? Did you embrace it, choose a role and portray it the best you can be? Who are you in Gor? Then and … NOW! This is for you to think about as I tell my story for I remember my first day in Gor quite well. I had two first days, but the one I refer to is the 2nd Friday in August, 2014 when I met Lizz Dawes at the gate of her camp.

And that is segue to my story…

Her original adventure began long ago as depicted in her public backstory. In 2009 an Earth avatar created a Gorean panther alter ego to join her new friends in the forests of the northern continent. Thus you can see this date is 01/18/2009 by looking at her profile. She was a woman of Earth for 14 months by this time, learning the basics of SL.

I have told many of you I was here long ago and so I was. I joined a pack of panthers, but if they were real panthers, my friends certainly were not. We knew some Goreans who had Earth venues as well and they brought us to the magical world of SL Gor. We were truly pretending to be panthers, dressed in the garb and carrying real weapons, but this huntress at least had not the slightest idea how to aim and hunt a target. A single male captured us all and he has been my “friend” since that time 10 years ago. I looked him up in 2016 and he came to visit the Jerag Viktel but didn’t leave the safety of the Primus dock. His initials are HF so he can identify himself in this saga.

If you’re reading this far you might know me so you know cages are not my favorite hangout. Ropes and chains make me sore and a bit sad, so I didn’t stay in this world of Gor very long. I had a taste–enough to know what it was about, but not enough to immerse myself. I knew I would come back and that day would be five years later.

by Krista Woodrunner

Shedding her laggy dog of a machine and after purchasing an entry level gaming PC she quickly set out to find Gor. It had been a while but she knew it could be found. Old Gor was a scary place and she proceeded with what many would consider extreme caution but though it was 2014 she still had the mindset of Gor 2009 or what is commonly referred to as “Old Gor”. This is an interesting discussion in its own right but not one for my first day story.

Think about it! You are entering a world where capture (with enslavement) is nearly inevitable and you want to find some anonymous panther band before that can happen. What do you do?

She proceeded with great caution searching SL regions for panthers and best she came up with was to land at Port Kar after three days. And so it was there she first landed in the new world known as GE Gor. Many unsavory and likely dangerous creatures were standing around at the port. They left her move about freely and indeed hardly even noticed the woman dressed in rags carrying LR Mamba Bow over her shoulder. In retrospect she probably looked the part but was surely an imposter.

She saw a woman who looked safe enough, one of the few standing alone and approached her asking “Are you a panther?” She got a good laugh out of this and told Krista “I’m a she-urt” and though she knows this type now the concept was foreign at the time. Telling the friendly she-urt her desire and mission the woman decided to help Krista and took her through the transport to the Village of Gimli. This is where the magic started.

They landed on Gimli dock and if you recall the place in 2014 was a good bit different than today. They walked past the tavern, down the path and to the stream with Krista following the she-urt closely. Apparently she knew the En! They crossed the stream and approached a few logs and boulders piled in front of an opening in a rocky ridge. After a brief discussion with an anonymous panther they were told to wait there and a short while later Lizz Dawes came out.

Lizz was her usual diplomatic self though the talk of a “feather” in Krista’s hair flew over her head as the symbolism was completely absent. This embarrassed Krista a bit, but nothing approaching humiliation. For some reason Lizz took a liking to this panther wannabe and brought her inside adding her to their numbers as a “potential” with instructions to fill out the application and return it to Brigette Wade. Yep, first time she would hear that name and no idea what she was getting into! Oh, boy. *wink, wink*

With formalities completed this Friday afternoon and the weekend ahead Krista met the rest of the pack At one point there were about 10 or more Sa di Sanis (yes they had a presence back in the day) and Krista got her first test, “Shoot the birds”. It was a Vulo Nest target owned by Etain Stonesoul but Krista would not know this for quite a while. Whether true or not one of the kind women present told her she hit some. Krista enjoyed the rest of the day being an actual panther instead of a pretend one and the first images of that magical day in Gimli are indelibly etched in her deep memory. The scenery was like nothing that she had ever seen at Earth because the regions are mostly divided into very tiny slivers of parcels while Gor is one giant, continuous forest–at least the northern continent, anyway. She became a panther that day still dressed in scrawny rags and carrying a bow not familiar to her fingers, but that would change.

But, I get ahead of myself for this is a story of my first day and that’s about all there is to remember. This is the beginning of my adventure. Would you care to tell us yours?

Krista Woodrunner

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