The Story with Quests – Part Ten

Quest Part 10
Behind me, the city has just closed its doors, offering me freedom, enclosing my illusions. And I run, I run, to lose breath. I’m free. I conquered my fears and lost my innocence. I run, always faster, clasping in my hands, the object sought. I know that I am near the ultimate goal, the end of this quest for misfortune. All I desire now is not to cross the path of this priest. No longer see him, no longer meet his messengers.

Ten objects to find and I know I miss one. Will I still have to run through the regions of Gor to find the one and only object? With a little luck, there will be no last object. Only the first nine will suffice. I run away, taking all the risks. I do not even try to hide. I do not even try to take hidden paths. I run. I’m going so fast that even the steeds of the knights will not be able to catch me. I am a shadow that runs through the villages, which pierces the trails. I’m free.

I feel so strong that I do not pay attention to anything. I forget even the little hiss of an arrow shot in my direction. And the shock was even more violent, when the projectile pierced my body, leaving me haggard and almost lifeless. I’m here, lying on the floor, trying to scrape the earth, as if to scratch a little more life. I’m here and I feel the cold invade me. It creeps into me, offering me a soft sleep. I close my eyes and yet I want to pester, to shout. I finally want to finish this quest and look for this tenth and last object. Look for an object to live a little longer. Just a few more moments. History do not die stupidly on this trail. The hot liquid, coming out of my wound, does not give me heat.

I see foot, wearing breeches. The beings who have just killed me, surround me, and are there to carry a possible end shoot. They will wear a new trophy. I close my eyes. I’m falling asleep. I will join my loved ones missing. It’s finish.

– Look, she’s waking up. !

I open an eye, careful, knowing that I am unmasked. Well, finally, open the second one. I try to move and a strong pain prevents me. Where am I ? At first sight, lying down and alive. I hear, and it seems to come from below, a hubbub tinged with laughter and music. But above all, I feel a smell invade my nostrils. I feel hungry. This means that I am not dead.

Maybe, finally, the gods exist and they have heard my desire to live a little longer to complete the quest. I look around me. I see in a corner of the room, all my stuff, the various objects found, the last of which I recovered in the city. I breathe with relief. Nothing seems lost. I turn my head to the other side and see two heads. One belongs to a young woman who gives me a big smile. The other belongs to my priest.

– So, little fool. You scared us. You wished to take an extra vacation. But, you can rest. You found all the objects. You have finished your quest.

– But … I stutter. The tenth object is missing.

– This last object, you had to be hurt to find it. That’s why I shot you an arrow. Nice shot elsewhere. I’m pretty proud of myself. I was 3 meters away. And I hit you the first time.

– Did you hurt me?

– Oh, do not insist. You’re not going to be a kid. You are still alive.

I look at the bandage, reddened by the blood, at the level of my chest and I grumble.

– You could have killed me!

He nods.

– That’s right, but I already had a replacement in case … He points the young woman next to him with a big smile.

I grumble some insults, and he does not care.

– So, what is this last object.

– Look around you. The object is the one you did not bring back here.

I look again, towards my package. I only see my original package, my weapons and the items in the quest. What is this object? I look, again the priest.

– I want to go home, find my sisters, see my tribe and my camp.

The priest smiles again.

– You really think I would have carried you on my back to take you home. Your sisters had a visit from a vulo, my faithful messenger. They came to get you. You are in your country. Your sisters are close. You must hear them feasting, downstairs. Never, I would have brought you to bring you back here. I leave these ungrateful tasks to ungrateful people. I am far too important to lower myself to do good.

What is this last object to find? I ask myself the question while looking at the ceiling. Go! It’s time for me to meet my sisters. I get up, growling in pain. I take a few steps, slowly. It will be fine. I go to the door that I open. The noises become louder, the laughter more joyful. Hunger me.

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

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