The Story with Quests – Part Seven

Alone Shadow

Alone Shadow

It is time for me to return to my country. My sisters miss me and I feel tired of this long journey. There are no priests around, no winged messengers, no woman on the side of the road. I finally feel alone and reassured. I walk a good way to get home quickly, find my hut and finally rest. I walk again and again, and I already see the high mountains, covered with eternal snow, which characterize my territory. I finally see the hills surrounding our camp and I start running, happy to be back. I open the first door, then the second and I rush into my hut to lie down, without meeting a living soul.
But here, in the hut, more furs, more cushions. There is one big map that represents the camp. And planted in the map, a flag. I feel the trouble coming. I look at the map and an area of ​​the camp is surrounded, where the flag is planted. I know this area of ​​the camp. I will often rest there. It is a place of peace, with a small waterfall, lined with greenery, with a small cave where a campfire warms the body and the souls. But why mark this area?

I set off, through the camp, and go to the place indicated. Nothing seems to have changed. The waterfall is there. The campfire is here. Everything is in its place. I move in the area indicated by the flag. And I can not find anything. It must be a farce, made by the sisters. I know them. They can be teasing.

I decide to find the cave of our EN. Maybe she is asleep. I go back through the tunnels and I go to the old mine before going to see our EN, which is not there. I’m starting to get worried. And running through the maze of tunnels of the old mine, I find a box with the same flag that was planted on the map. And in the box, a riddle that gives me a sentence. The phrase that launches a new quest.

But, it was only a dream. I’m still not in my camp. I still do not have my friends with me. They are not here. And I slept, on the floor, in a cave, after lockpicking the gate of an abandoned camp, in a dangerous country, full of dangers. I wake up completely. And I look around me. And part of my dream is true. There is a big map in front of me. The rest is true. To you to discover it, in this country close to the Gretuk territory.
(Quest : You will have to find the land (Easy), find a camp, find a map, find first object that will give you a clue to find final object – Indicate coordinates of final )

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

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