The Story with Quests – Part Eight

Quest Part 8There was a time when only men fought and dictated their law. This period is over. Slavery, based only on strength, is no more. There are now new forms of slavery, linked to the desire to submit.

But, places still rest on the old tradition. And I suspected that I had to be careful during my travels. So, I always took byways, far from main roads. To be prudent is to be free. Even if I was not free of my choices, at the level of journeys.

Regardless, the key was to arrive safely, safely, avoiding dangers. However, not following the straight line is not easy. Sometimes we find ourselves in surprising places, unmapped places.

And that’s what happened. By dint of wandering, far from the main roads, by taking boats, hiding me in the bunkers, I landed in a surprising country, where the houses floated on the water. I had heard stories about lake-dwellings, houses on stilts. I had never seen that before.

Besides, is it really a coincidence to find myself there? I had noticed that the captain of the boat had discovered my cache. But as he pretended to see nothing, as he was not paying attention to me, as a clandestine passenger, I did not worry. But before I landed, I found a parchment where I was hiding. On this parchment, an object was drawn. But the worst is when I came out of my cache, I found myself face to face with the captain who stared at me.

– You found the parchment. It’s good. Now you have to find the object of this parchment. You arrived on this island because I was asked to drive you there. You have a mission to honor. You became the Chosen.. It’s up to you to save us.

I nodded. I began not to be surprised by these fortuitous encounters. I got off the boat. And on the small dock, I found a path that went to the hill in front of me.
The captain shouted one last piece of advice.

– Do not seek the impossible. You must find Jack, a JARL of this place and expose him your quest. If you are convincing, then you will have the right to look for the object on his land with his advice. If not, you will be alone to find the object with all the dangers that may exist. Do not trust the enchanting landscapes of this place! Real dangers exist here. Another thing, Pebble can guide you to JARL. Good luck !

Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow)

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