Editorial Gazette of Gor #115

From the editor’s desk:

Be nice to each other and love what you have” These are the powerful words of In-na of the Ja’lina Torvis Panthers who passed away Saturday of July 16, 2016. As I think of her words I wonder why there is drama in Gor sometimes. After all Gor on SL is just a game. No more, no less. We are here for having fun and to forget our worries for a moment we might have in real life.

Do not get rude if another player does not do what you expect him/her to do. Keep in mind that some people are old and some are very ill. Some are even given up by the doctors and all they the fun they have is being on Second Life Gor.

Some people are not very good with computers and are not able to use all the functions of second life, simply because it is too complicated for them. Also keep in mind some have bad internet connections and not state of the art computers.

Some think differently about how to play Gor than others. Nothing wrong with that as long as people are respectful to those who might have another view. It is no fun when you do your best for the Gor community and you get insulted on blogs and/or panther groups because your have a different opinion or view. Now the SL Gor community is shrinking we need each other more than before. You can make a wonderful Gor sim, but if you cannot interact with other Gor Sims it makes no sense. Because Gor is interesting because of its diversity (Cities, pygmies, pirates, panthers etc. etc.) Also be careful with banning Gor people, be tolerant with people who have another view how to play Gor on second life and be respectful.

As you can read in this Gazette of Gor, Gor is still alive on Second Life. Read about Slave Kennel at Northern Lights Bay, the Citadel of Tarnwald (btb), Vorgous Carver’s Journal and all you need to know about Gor slaves and Tracking Role Play. Also there is some info about GM meter.

Mariko Marchant


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