Citadel of Tarnwald

TarnwaldLocated somewhere between the great Northern Forest and the Mountains of Thentis. Tarnwald is mysterious place and little is known of this Citadel. There’re two entrances: the small docks between the mountains river and the bridge from the forests.

When you land on our docks, you will find the city – with our local tavern, the inn with rooms where to rest, market stalls, and the Kennel. You will also find a trade bell, if you would like to trade your wares.

As you go up the hill you will find the main gates that will lead through the walls in the city. There you will be introduced to the principal high castes buildings:  warriors, physicians, scribes, builders, and magistrate.

On the top of the hill there is the high castle, where the Council takes life. The high council’s members have meetings and decide about the diplomacy and policy of the Citadel.

At the other side of the Citadel you will find the residential area, where people can rent a place where to live or set their own businesses.

I had an interview with ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs there.

Mariko Marchant:  Nice to meet you ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): Hello Mariko, is a pleasure to meet you too.

Mariko Marchant: Can you tell me something about the concept of the Citadel of Tarnwald?
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): The Citadel of Tarwnald is a Gorean Town, inspired to the Chronicles of John Norman. Not much was written in the books about it. A mere passing phrase, but it was thought to be a place where the northern cultures met the southern, so we hope to make both Torvaldslanders and southerners feel at home here. Since opening we’ve seen some rather humorous clashes of cultures and who knows what else will happen with any political strife. As Tarnwald is situated between the Sadar and the Barrens this also opens lines of roleplay from that nature too, we’ve already welcome travelers from the Red Salvages, and look forward to meeting some initiates or kuri! The possibilities with this location is endless. Tarnwald as it stands now also has a secret, but for that we’d like  people to come and find out via roleplay.

Mariko Marchant: It is a beautiful sim, what makes the design different to others in your view?
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): The design of sim gives our players the chance to live in a rustic homely roleplay experience yet still facilitates all the necessities of a proper working Gorean city. We’ve focused on many details to help inspire and bring out the creativity in players. And to help with roleplay we’ve tried to keep everyone living close together and keep our castes spaces close as well. To much connection has been lost between people in Gor, here we want people to feel free and open to roleplay anyone, no matter what role they take up, we’d like them to feel at ease and dive in.

Mariko Marchant: I read this sim is Btb, what does Btb mean to you?
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): BTB means respecting and being inspired by the codes from books of of John Norman’s Novels. We try to respect all kind of people here, no matter what their own take on btb is, we do not frown at or shun roleplay away, but we do require the roleplay to make sense and be in accordance to the books. If it doesn’t we will try to explain why either via subtle roleplay or by helping people with some notecards they could find helpful (mostly taken from the free to use library at the Gorean Campus). We also wish to create an immersive environment thats close the books, we encorage new folks to learn the basics, this includes the language of Gor and dressing for the part, but we do not turn anyone away.

Mariko Marchant: This is a place for those more experienced in Gor, Am I correct?
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): Not really. We’re glad to help anyone, who wishes to start a new and fresh experience in Gor. Our team is very helpful and will try to guide and help folks who are new as well, if there are none that needs help then of course we enjoy roleplaying Gor to its fullest. We have a very experienced magistrate and laws are in place, so all can enjoy.

Mariko Marchant: How many people come here? And what are the main activities?
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): We have a good group of people, I feel confident in saying that we are friends who enjoy role-playing together and would welcome more to join us. We’re almost ten people now and growing slowly as we don’t want to be seen to poach anyone, we just have open doors and patience. Our timezones are Europe, but we do have some Americans, in time we hope this grows so we can always have some new and exciting story going on. So our main activity is roleplay and while we try to engage with as many as possible, we hope to find others that are willing to open up story-lines and simply live their character roles as goreans would. Our warriors of course enjoy fighting, there is often some sparring and the occasion fun raid is done, but it’s not our main focus. We also have an OOC moon where people are welcome to just relax and chat.

Mariko Marchant: Do you have may raids here? Who may raid here? Can panthers raid here too? (I noticed that “weaker females”has set in the GM server.
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): This place was born with roleplay as its main purposes, but, of course we do enjoy a good fight, as I said. All the groups, panthers included, can raid here freely. Though we would prefer if there was some sort of roleplay inspired reason for the raid. We don’t enjoy being raided for no reason other than someone wanting some combat. Let it make sense.

Mariko Marchant: What you think about the future of Gor in second life?|
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): Gor in Second Life lost many valid elements and keep loosing them. I wish to help to bring back some of that old spirit with our sim. We have been trying to talk to other sims, but we feel cities have become introverted. It will take time to build it up again, but I think those that truly love the world will keep it going.

Mariko Marchant: Anything else you like to mention?
– ʀɪᴋʜᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛɪɴᴜs ᴢᴏsɪᴍᴜs (RK Bonetto): We’re friendly and keen role players. Everyone can join us and enjoy the pleasure to play Gor.

Mariko Marchant



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