An invitation to consider Northern Lights Bay (NLB)

Aria Village
Aria Village

I’d like to know if you are interested in becoming an NLB Slave.

The NLB Kennel Master offers you no-cost room & board, training, protection, correction when you deserve it, and a variety of places on our 4-sim continent for you to enjoy Gorean roleplay.
NLB slaves are directed to serve and entertain in many designated places within the continent called Aria Reborn. I may ask you to work in the brothel, the inns, taverns, tea room, bath house, and at special village events. I intend that slaves will enjoy having someone new to roleplay with regularly.

The NLB Slaver buys and sells slaves like a private slaver does too. And we will do our best to sell a slave girl to someone she is well-suited for. We will impose a waiting period before selling a slave to a Master, to make sure you and your new Master are compatible.
A slave may be sold to the first willing buyer if she becomes a problem for the kennel residents or master.

I am the Slave Kennel Master at Northern Lights Bay (NLB), a Gor GE sim in Second Life. I run the NLB Kennel, and I co-manage the NLB Brothel.
Technically I own all NLB Kennel slaves.
My job is to trains slaves, support our slaves, provide room, board, work, maybe sex, maybe discipline, and provide for their safety and happiness. An unhappy slave will not encourage our customers to return. It is fair to say that I manage our girls more with inspiration than with intimidation, depending on your behavior. I will punish any slave who displeases me. Most times the punishment will suit the crime.

ICly (meaning while you are in character), I hope you will roleplay with imagination, mischief, and risk-taking.
OOCly (meaning when you are out of character), you will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do. Just speak up.
BUT you will be expected to play Gor. Battle, capture, abduction, humility, serving, sex, restraints, and domination are fundamental parts of our Gor game. If you do not like/want this kind of rp, you ought not join us.
Be here on the Aria Continent — we want to see you.
Log in on a computer as often as possible, not a phone — we want you able to move,
Most important, drama will not be tolerated. Three strikes, and out you go!

NLB Castle
Northern Lights Bay Castle

Interested? Let me answer your questions.

Castor Serpente


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