Remember the friends and all those people who are here in Gor to support you

One of my sisters of my beloved panther tribe Sa’Jesuil wrote a notice for me. I think it applies to every player in Gor whose health is not up to par (at this moment), and it shows how connected we are.

Mariko Marchant


Remember that the breaks allow light to enter, if you do not break from time to time there would be no light entering your soul, although it hurts to recognize it, you need terrible and heartbreaking experiences to see the two sides of a coin, life is not is going to grant us an easy trip and it is in these darkest moments when one learns to value things and the people around us.

Remember to accept and honor your feelings, do not feel bad for having negative or heavy emotions, if you did not have them, you would not be human, certain experiences justify a strong reaction from us and sometimes that means crying, screaming, falling on your knees to accept the waves of emotions that invade us, if you kept that inside of you it would only be bad, because in the end you would end up exploding, you should walk with courage to the place inside you that harbors those emotions to discover what they want you to take from everything that happens to your around and take charge of them and your life.

Keep the memory of your “why”, many times, when we have difficulties we often forget what we want in life, we have all come to love with our hearts and look for meaning in life, you have to search in the depths of your heart and try to fit those pieces to be able to advance, although it is true that we go through difficult times, these help us to learn to relate to other people and deal with them, I remember reflecting on them and how they allow you to have a complete perspective and improve how person.

Remember everything that exists beyond your break, I know it is difficult, but just because you feel broken, does not mean that the whole world shares your perspective, this does not mean that the world should burn in flames for having a bad day or a bad experience or several at the same time, I know it’s difficult, but think you can still breathe fresh air, see the clouds floating on a sunny day, feel the wind on your skin, smile at a stranger, in short, YOU ARE ALIVE and think that there are still good things in this world and that at the end of the tunnel, the light comes out again.

Remember the friends and all those people who are here to support you, if you feel depressed and away from your life, there are people who will comfort you and be your point of support when you need it, please, do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it , everyone, including me, we need help when we go through a rough patch in life, if you feel like a burden, just remember all the times you’ve been for them, for example, I have not forgotten all the times you’ve supported me when I have been wrong.

Remember my love in focusing on the things that bring you joy, since we tend to forget it when we are broken, we focus our attention on despair and forget the things that make us happy, look for ways to remember them, there are some ideas: go to Take the sun, take a walk, go for a drink with friends or find some way to distract yourself, remember my words, just because you’re broken inside does not mean you have to spend every minute of your life reflecting on your feelings and wallowing in a sea of confusion.

Remember that life is a series of ups and downs and it is only temporary, I know it is hard that after these words of encouragement it is cold, but as my grandfather said, in this life we are only for a time, there are many things to fight for and many things to do to let ourselves be flooded by everything that surrounds us, enjoy while it lasts and remember, live life with love to those around you, even if they do not know how to appreciate it, you are someone very important, at least for me, you are who has the rudder and you must navigate in the storm and get ahead, you are made of a special wood, the one with which great people are made, never give up, I am here, by your side.

Merody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn)



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