GM (Gorean Meter) is here to stay

I heard rumors that the the GM meter would not be updated anymore. So I asked JaraLowell aka Mews~ to comment on this. She said:

While alika Sao, is bussy with Conan, the developers of GM do not plan to stop GM anytime soon. And will update if an update is called for. We have a number of players gathering data on what would need an update. And while some might bring forth ideas on what to add; GM is not in the market to breach interlectual property rights unlike other systems. We do no add something just cause a other system has it. The Goals of GM never in that changed, keep it easy, simple to use and for sim owners, easy to manage and admin. So till either SL dies out, or the developers are six feet under GM will stay part of this world.

Mariko Marchant


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