Thank you AnJel Goodnight

Yesterday 2 sims on the continent were closed. Elation and Tree Moons Valley. They were there from since 2005 and 2006. Anjel Goodnight payed about 550 dollars a month for over 13 years.
Yet many people are negative about sim ownesr because of their rules and their inforcement of the rules. As an estate manager i got IMs from people who said they don’t care about the rules, because they play true Gor. And a lot of whining , messages I should ban people etc etc.
They don’t understand that Sim owners enable them play them Gor. It is indeed a thankless job running sims. Most people have no respect for sim owners who pay a lot to make Gor possible on second life.
AnJel Goodnight contributed a lot to Gor. I know her as a very good and reliable person. There was a time when I had a camp there with my ex partner. When she could not pay all the rent for some months, AnJel said to me not to worry about it. That Is how AnJel truly is.
Thank you AnJel Goodnight for all you did for Gor.

Mariko Marchant
Gazette of Gor