A change is needed

Gor has become rotten. The culture of our game has been spoiled, people are leaving the game in droves. Sims are closing up or changing to some other theme. Sims that remain are often empty.

We can blame this on metered combat. In many ways

A change is needed. Tell me, who REALLY reads the rules for a sim before entering? Not too many of us. They are too long and lengthy. Most of these ridiculous rules had to be created because of the meter, and because of the people that misuse it. The rules written are largely to protect the ego of the people who are better at click shooting, whether they are better because of a better Internet or a better computer or more practice time, they are simply better and this cannot be denied.

Those long winded rules are there to make sure that those people win, regardless of the strength of character, the strength of will, and especially the strength of their roles . Take time to read the rules, apply critical thinking and ask yourself why these rules are even needed when some people are clearly better than others at click fighting. Ego protection. Lets find a loop hole so we can help the super fighters avoid humiliation. Usually, the owner of the sim with the ego protective rules in place………wait for it…….ARE one of those super bows! Of course exceptions apply. Some people will blatantly cheat and do not deserve the satisfaction of winning. You know, people who continue to shoot from a bubble, run in binds, force crash your avatar, find a pose ball to sit on half way across the sim after they are bubbled.

The people with $3000 computers and major rigs deserve to win these fights and everybody knows it!!! How dare somebody use a speed enhancer or avatar displacer to offset the fact they are playing on a $40 laptop! Cheaters must die!! He cheated, because he bought A speed enhancer or some saw sort of aimer hud, for 300 lindens!! You should have to be forced to cheat the right way, and not get off so easily with 300 lindens. You should have to pay $3000 for a great computer to get away with gaining such an advantage. . You should have to have a great Internet, and a low ping and high FPS… And to be good in this game you should have to have gobs and gobs and gobs of time to practice and practice and practice at shooting, at weapon switching, setting up your buttons to switch, and even if you are a female slave throwing nothing but rocks, you should get to beat that male slaver with his $40 laptop and 300 Linden aimer HUD!

Many panther women tell me that they are saddened not many men come to their land to hunt them any longer, like the old days. This is because the meter has stripped men of their strength. Women now wield swords and spears at 40%, and have wrack effects, and defeat men more often than men defeat women.

This is no longer gor. It can still be fun, and especially for the women who have no interest in playing the weaker role. It can still be fun for the man who enjoys a woman to be stronger, but it is definitely not John Normans Gor.

It should not come as a surprise to us, because the maker of the Gorean meter is a woman and most of the sim owners in this game are women, however it has become ridiculous to see panthers running villages and standing guard outside the taverns of villages and towns. Of course these players in their Xena garb , are some of the best bows and swords in the game. They are just itching for you to start trouble so that they could put you in your non-Gorean place… Stupid male, you should not challenge me. I will release you! (so they dont have to roleplay you) but be smarter next time and do not challenge me! For I am a woman and hear me roar!…..”OK, Ill just Go to a btb sim where at least only the men are rewarded for better computers, fps, ping and practice time available.
Villages on the panther continents that are full of women and no men. Through no fault of the role players there, the meter has simply made it undesirable for a man to go will place where he is so often beaten by women. It is impossible for panther hunter or a slaver to to play the strength of their role when they find themselves in a bubble and binds all the time, with some Xena type panther standing over them telling them how stupid they are.
Mini map and the map and radar are another gigantic problem. How many times has some brave soul entered a village or camp, that would be full of residents and warriors, if it were to be considered realistic. They enter the camp or village knowing that there is old the one person in their because of the green dot on the map. Earlier in the day when the village was full they would not dare to enter. Why should they just be allowed to walk in there, and hunt for the person which they know has a worse computer or is a worse fighter, and then just drag him out of town like there’s no residents trying to stop them. Whistling Dixie. Granted, some people want to be taken like that and it is their game and they should be allowed to, but seriously, there was no risk taken. Would that same super hero go after that lone green dot if the dice held the secret to the final outcome? Without their 3000 dollar computer and gamer rules to protect them, would they be so brave?

Until a better meter comes along, I suggest you use dice in whole or in part to decide combat. With dice, you will not need 10 pages of rules. With dice, you can arrange the odds so women are weaker than men. This might actually be more fun because when women finally do take a man away they had to be shrewd and smart. Possibly using two or three friends to help, and it will be a stronger role-play for everybody when a man loses, because it would be more seldom and have more meaning…. Like Oh my God those women actually defeated Conan! Instead of ………..how it is now, Ohhhhh the guy got captured again oh well Forrest Gump went to see the president.. No big deal another day another dollar.

With dice, the superhero vixen Xena’s, will have to shut their mouths and play their roles. They no longer will be talking smack like they are men, and Gor can be gor again.

With dice, the women who came to this game looking for a strong man can once again find him

With dice, the ego behind the $3000 computer will be silenced and that would be nice. I am certain there are many strong characters that have creative minds, that are on $40 laptops that would add a lot to this game if they could just speak up and not be shot down by 90 frames per second every time they spoke up.

With dice, it can be arranged so nobody could escape an empty camp with one green dot, without at least a chance of being captured by residents.

So much more can be done with dice that cannot be done with a meter, and the uncertainty and danger that we love, and the thrill of knowing you might be captured will not disappear, and I argue that dice would be equal to that of meter to combat in the fear and unknown department.

Another thing, you would no longer see people teleporting away from their capture. We know most of these teleporter people are teleporting because they are mad that they got beat. Do you think they would teleport away, if they lost a dice roll? Probably not, because it would not hurt their gamer ego. In defense of some of these teleporter type people, maybe the dude was just tired of getting beaten by slave girls with rocks, or panthers with 40% swords… Or panthers with wrist bracers that work just as effectively as full man shields, but were not visible on their body so you would not know they were there? All these little sneaky cheats that the weapon makers have created would all be erased by the dice.

Lastly, for the people that like to role-play more than having metered vulnerability, how often do you think someone would just come along and roll the dice for no reason whatsoever, other than to just release you or sail you…or tell you “not to challenge me again stupid male”…… Do you think somebody would want to come roll the dice against you just so they could sail you? GE gor is a joke, and I know it because I still play it.

DIce are the answer to everything I have mentioned above. Perhaps a dual system that incorporates dice into a metered combat fight, or dice alone. The game needs change before it dies completely.

Ricka Deerhunter


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