Vosk Sorp Bisque Soup

Waking up early to start her Morning Duties, the girl once was a Outlaw and now a slave prepares a meals that she hopes her new Mistresses will enjoy.. Though the shellfish was hard to find and normally enjoyed by the High Caste, the girl Petals was able to find the delicious fish from a traveling vendor, who happened to be docking his boat at the Docks. Looks all cute and innocent petals was about to get some of the divine shellfish and the Sailor was left happy. This is a tale to be heard another day……

While at the village market, Petals was about to use her charms and whits and her 5 fingers to gather the ingredients needed for the dish she had in mind.


Vosk Sorp
Bosk Milk (Aged to be Cream based)
Yellow Salt
Red Salt
Hot Peppers
Oils for cooking

Once back at the Camp the girl Petals, Gets everything ready to prepare the meal. First she cuts the Onions, carrots, Garlic cabbage, and the hot peppers.. She used her Bone Claws for cutting she the girl is not allowed to us any knives.

Next Petals finds a small metal like pan and puts 3 tablespoons of oil in it and places it over a burning fire. Being that she is with Panthers now, There are not stoves, so Petals had to use what resources she could get. Once hot enough Petals puts the cut ingredients into the pan. Though she saves some of the hot pepper and some onions to add for a garnish.

In another Pan Petals adds the Vosk Sorp and lets it cook over melted butter and a pitch of red salt until the shells turn almost red. This is important as the next step is needed to pull the juices from the Vosk Sorp. Petals takes the shell like fish and breaks the meat from the shells with her tiny slender hands. The meat is set to the side to be chopped.

Petals adds the sauteed ingredients and the Shells to a Pot filled with boiling water. She lets it sit for 25 minutes. While waiting Petals chops up the Vosk Sorp and set it aside to be cooled.

Once the Ingredients and the water merge with flavor. the girl Petals grains everything from the water leaving nothing but the flavored stock water. The girl throws the rest in a small barrel to be thrown out later.

Petals now adds half a cup of Kalaana and lets cook for 10 minutes. Once set the girl adds 3 Cups of the creamy thick Bosk Milk and lets cook for another 10 minutes. The base nows turns a Creamy lite reddish color (more pink)

Now the Girl adds the Chopped Sorp, Red and Yellow salt, chopped onions and the chopped peppers to the pot.. She lets the ingredients cook another 10 minutes.

Once finished the girl set everything aside and smiles at her dish and can not wait to serve the Huntresses this wonderful meal. Though a bid sad the girl herself can now have any of this meal, she is happy enough that everyone else can have.

The Places a lid of the pan to keep the meal fresh until served.

Petals (athena.ebbage)
Slave Sa’Jesuil tribe

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