Scripts to change doors to phantom mode and back

Most camps / forts are designed  for raid ratio 2:1. Without this ratio it is almost impossible to lockpick the doors /gates. So there are a lot a small groups, that cannot do raids / rescues, because they haven’t the numbers to have a reasonable chance.
Example: In a camp / fort  are 8 defenders. With a raid ratio 2:1,  the raiders need to have 14- 16 attackers. Most groups can’t bring in that many.

A solution could be to have open camps with raid ratio 1:1. The drawback of this solution is that when there are not good fighters role playing in the camp, they might be attacked over and over by combat  groups. With the risk they don’t want to role play in the camp anymore.

Most of the groups have put a lot of effort in building a nice camp / fort and they do not want to change the building. They want to keep the doors so less good fighters can roleplay in the camp and/or for raids  with the raid ratio 2:1.

A better solution is using scripts  to change the door to  phantom mode and back.
These scrips can be used for all doors including Kool door systems.

How to use these scripts?


Common setting for all the scripts:

All scripts have some common settings. The first is the channel, where the scripts are listening / sending messages. It strongly recommended to change this channel. You can use integers from −2147483648 to 2147483647.

For instance: Integer CHANNEL = 1234;

It is  strongly recommend to set a password

string  PASSWORD = “Some Secure Password”;

IMPORTANT: These values need to be the same in all scripts.

Phantom door listener.lsl

This script is intended for doors that we want to change to phantom and back. Simply place this script in the doors contents. You can to change the value of the ALPHA when the phantom is enabled (0.0 = full invisible, 0.5 = half visible, 1.0 = full visible).

IMPORTANT: Do not forget change the permissions of the script to no-modify.


Basically there are 3 basic options for the servers:

Server – phantom door (check the distance).lsl
Everyone can change the settings. This option is not recommended. You can also change the value of MAX_DISTANCE (Default is set to 3 meters), the COLOR_ENABLED and COLOR_DISABLED with the RGB (red, green, blue) values.

Server – phantom door (active group and the distance).lsl
Everyone, who is a member of a particular group can change the settings. This option is most likely for using the scripts. You can also change the value of MAX_DISTANCE (Default is set to 3 meters), the COLOR_ENABLED and COLOR_DISABLED with the RGB (red, green, blue) values. You need to set the Group of the prim to the group, that is allowed use this server.

Server – phantom door (HUD).lsl
Only they who own this HUD can to change the settings of the doors, This is also appropriate with a combination of the previous script. You can also change the value of the COLOR_ENABLED and COLOR_DISABLED with the RGB (red, green, blue) values. You can put this script inside some prim contents and then attach this prim like a HUD.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to set the permissions  of the scripts to avoid security issues – Minimal No-Modify!

If you have any questions regarding these scripts feel free to contact inworld:
Fujin (Natoth resident)
Editing: Mariko Marchant

4 thoughts on “Scripts to change doors to phantom mode and back

  1. No.. you make it unraidable by having doors in the first place. You play a panther camp.. why do you need doors.. does it make sense that a camp of twigs and vines have doors in the first place.. the reality is your an outlaw who builds a fort.. rather then playing the role you are..cause you dont RP.. you want to pew pew.. thats it.. and as a result of your pew pew nature.. thats what got built.. structures to accomodate or elongate your pew pew efforts. If you made a camp that was for RP.. it would not really matter if you won or lost cause RP happens either way. However like most of the groups on the continent your concern is stats.. how can i fight and take the least amount of damage so i can get better stats.. not hey are we going to rp after this. So enjoy your doors, and no one bothering to raid cause they are tired of it.


  2. You are totally wrong and not understood, why I made these scripts. Well, I will to try explain to you this. Some facts a first:

    1) These scripts is for camps / forts, which is already builded . Most of them using the Kool door systems.

    2) Most of the camps have fishbow places before their gates (is builded for the ratio 2:1). But for most of the another groups is to hard find and bring the raiders and keep the ratio.

    3) Most of the groups not want change anything (rebuild, delete stuffs, etc)

    4) These scripts allow the members change the doors to the phantom (and keep the kool door system), so basically they not need change anything, just put one script per the door and when the raiders ask for the ratio 1:1, then is possible change the doors by one click to the phantom (not need lockpick them, etc) and by another one click return back, when the raiders come with the ratio 2:1.

    I hope you may already understand why i made these scripts and for whom are these scripts are meant for.


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