Commune with my sisters

This is the first in a series of articles to the shamans, our sisters, and the wider green caste and healer world.

One of a Shaman’s roles is to intercede with the spirits. It may be to ask the master spirits of game animals to give some of their children to the hunters, it may be to ask the spirits of the rain to swell the rivers, or it may be to ask the plants to provide medicine to the sick. The Shaman works with the Spirits of the Earth to make life harmonious not only for all people, but preserve life for all beings. The Shaman does this with the understanding that all lives are interwoven.

The Earth goddess Freyja can be seen as a representation of fully conscious nature. It is only she who is able to glimpse what is being woven. Her ability to perceive the moment of Light being made manifest or “crystallizing” is what makes her the goddess of prophesy. By being able to “see” that which is normally hidden, or which lies beyond our ordinary experience of consciousness, she perceives the inner workings of reality.
She is the self-aware being—embodying the “indwelling light of consciousness.” Her ability to grasp the workings of All That Is, positions her as the ultimate roll model for any person who chooses to understand the nature of reality through the doorway of her or his own higher consciousness/
spirit. In this way she is guiding us to follow her awareness of the creative role of consciousness in manifesting our world.
This suggests that that she represents a preserved memory
of the archetypal mother of all Shamans.
Like Freyja, all Shamans have the ability to glimpse the moment when the formless energy of spirit enters the physical realm. Shamanic rituals are designed to influence this mechanism by either bringing in beneficial energies from the realm of spirit, or banishing energies that negatively impact the living. The understanding that every thing and being has a basis in the nonphysical world is a common thread in shamanism. That point between formless and matter is the fulcrum that is making and remaking our reality.

May Lil Sain bless you and keep you as she does me.

Ecstasy Zenfold, Shaman of Sa’Jesuil

“lil Sain” is my animal ally and spirit helper, in the form of a black baby panther, come to me long ago in my dream ceremony. She is always with me and lies on my shoulders to whisper in my ear. or roar when danger is near.

“Freyja” is the goddess of love, battle, healing, prophesy, magic, and beauty.

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