Panther Story 17 – Chains, Slashes and The Goddess

Kuurus a muscular lieutenant of the Black bird army is taking a leak in the forest while whistling a tone that belong to ancient pirates of the thassa
“we are too far in the forest and not seen a single panther , all what we do is to evade their traps ” he looks behind him to his men “Bunch of fools they are sleeping like rocks” his eyes caught something , a shadow of a woman on the hill , he narrows his eyes and then goes after the shadow , the shadow moved away , he grins and started to run behind the shadow , but he sees a girl with a collar , wearing panther attire he grins even more “at last some fun , by the gods you made me wait until one of you show up”
the girl , with smile looking at him then licks her lips “i did not know that you lot are handsome like that , i would have shown myself earlier ”
Kuurus even smile more ” Its a tradition in the black birds to introduce ourselves to the ones that we intend to kill , i am Kuurus a Black Bird lieutenant ”
The Girl Smiles and licks her lips “Riva , it is good that you followed me here , i dont intend to wake your friends when you scream while you die”
Kuurus smiles even more “I thought that panthers abhore kajiras , and slavery , i see you collared” , Riva licks her lips “I was a pleasure slave before i ran away , and i cant just remove it , but being collared or not , that does not mean that i will not kill you , shame though you look delicious” licks her lips even more and then a chain comes from her sleeve as she is holding it , he Chuckles “a collared girl fighting with her chain , how ridiculous” he charges in the attack , she swings her chain towards him and then he dodges , the chain causes marks on the tree on the side , he looks at the tree that was hit by the chain and sees marks of blades on them , she grins and then yanks her chain again and attacks. he looks at her being shocked then grins more while thinking “she will try making me on the range , to hit me with that chain , if i stay on that i will be hit ” he grins even wider and screams “In that Case , OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE !!! ” he charges at her with his sword , she acrobatically dodges and then swings at him with her chain , he manages to dodge her chain and hits her left arm with his fist , she blocks it and gets backward alittle bit , his punch was strong , he smiles “Not bad not bad , she still stands up after taking a punch from my hand , but i can say that her left arm is useless” he looks at his hand which punched her , it is dripping blood , his eyes are widen , she swings her arm normally his eyes are widen “She is not hurt ? ” and then looks at his fist ” What kind of a woman’s arm is this , only tough guys can block my fist unharmed , who is this girl ? ” , Riva looks at him and says “Tell me Kuurus , Is that punch all you can do ?” He grins “i will increase the strength of my punch alittle bit , to beat you , i dont need a fucken sword” he throws his sword to the ground and attacks .

The Swords Clash between Emelia and Vera are echoing in the woods , Emelia grins looking at Vera “I Guess you are more than just a brute force” Vera looks at her and grins “I am just getting warmed up ” Emelia looks at her and attacks more and Vera blocks her attacks with her sword left and right cornering Vera “You will never be able to cut me staying on the defense all the time” she launches her attack and Vera Grins and grasp the hand of Emelia pulling her to the ground and then with her sword Vera Launches an attack , Emelia looks at the sword that is coming to pierce her body , she rolls on the ground holding her sword and dodges it , Vera Stays silent then says “You Dodged ,Dodging means it is dangerous , does not it ?” She looks at her while grinning ” That means i can even cut you even when i am on the defensive” Emelia bites her lips “Bitch” she launches another attack on Vera “Its just a reflex to defeat your opponents ” she attacks Vera and manages to wound her left shoulder looking at her while grinning , Vera shakes her head and chuckles “is that the best wound you can make , what is that lame strike , i told you , fight like your life depend on it ” then Vera approaches Emelia Slowly having a devilish grin over her face “However , not half bad , you managed to do the first strike , try harder and let me enjoy it further more ” Emelia attacks Vera with her two swords , and Vera blocking them then , Emelia throws one of her swords toward Vera , Vera’s eyes widen alittle bit , she deflects the projectile but then Emelia manages to make a pierce Vera’s leg with her other sword , Vera dodging backward minimizing the pierce then looks at the ground a bit , Emelia Grins more “I told you , i can cut you , and you will never be able to cut me staying on the defensive , you are finished , Panther ” , Machi narrows her eyes on them more watching them while hidden far away , a moment of silence while Emelia is watching Vera , Vera looks at Emelia and bursts in laughter “Hell Yes … That’s it ,This is the way that it should be , Who are you calling Finished… You managed to successfully stab me with a good attack, and get me finally Excited ” Vera Grins toward Emelia ” Now Let’s Get this thing rolling … BLACK BIRD” After these words Emelia clutches her sword that she threw from the ground and attack Vera with her two swords , Vera Swings her sword aiming toward Emelia’s head , Emelia Dodges and slashes Vera’s Arm , Vera still grins and attacks Emelia who barely blocks that heavy attack but then kicks Vera backward to make give some space , Vera Gets backward still grinning and then attacks again , Emelia Blocks and manages to slash Vera’s on the chest , Vera Laughs while recieving that slash and attacks , Emelia thinking to herself “What the hell ..” , She blocks the attack of Vera and slashes on her right leg , Vera Laughs even more and attacks , Emelia continues in her thought while her eyes are widening looking at Vera recieving the slashes and continues her fighting normall “I am the one shredding her , she is the one that is bleeding ” Vera’s speed increases with her attacks , pushing more on Emelia and Emelia blocks and slashes her with her other sword “Why no matter i cut her , she keeps fighting back ? ” Vera Laughs and then manages to slash Emelia’s on the face slightly , Emelia steps backward and looks at Vera , who appeared like a Death itself grinning “I am the strongest” Emelia keeps repeating and then rushes toward Vera while screaming “DIE ALREADY !!!!!”

The Panther tribe and their company of holmberg reach their destination , Baclar smiles looking at the Waterfall , it is as she left it the last time , the roses and their fresh scent “Here we are Sisters” , Baclar continues saying “It is the place that we will crown The Goddess ” , the panthers , Amund , Agna and holmberg women and children look at the sight infront a Giant Figure , a humanoid female figure “Welcome My Children ” the humanoid looks at them and smiles , everyone except Baclar were shocked , Baclar has her usual calm smile “Your Goddess is pleased to embrace you all ” the humanoid figure opens her arms , and flowers start falling on everyone like snow flakes , with scent , the humanoid figure looks at Baclar ” Come near to me my child , your goddess is pleased to see you , have you brought what we seek ” Baclar steps having a confident smile near the figure “Aye i have brought it .. ” The Humanoid Figure looks at Baclar and smiles even more “Show it to us my child “, Baclar nods and then she opens her bag and shows the Goddess the Sphere.

Branca Coba

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