Editorial Gazette of Gor #112

Well, it’s my first editorial. When Sonia asked me to write something, I wondered what I was going to be able to say. When you are in a tribe, you always have your friends, your sisters who can help you. But to write an editorial, you are alone. Hey guys, help me. Pfffff, everyone does not care to help me. Everyone prefers to sleep around the campfire. To grill sausages! And yet, there are tribes in Gor that grill sausages and that could help me write. Go check the list done by Mariko. Or go study Dani’s world with her tribe (written by Chae). But no. Nobody will come to help me. So better to run away from here and jump on a horse or a Kaiila that will take me away fast from here. This is the story of Valou, alone in front of her blank piece of paper, a story among many, like the ones you’ll find in this issue. And also take advantage of the issue to read two great papers: Two papers that will lead us to define our Gor: “Future of Gor” and “Godmodding”. We still have a beautiful and big issue of the Gazette of Gor. Even if this issue begins with this bad editotial. On the other hand, you should not ask me to write. By dint of nonsense, I end up writing them. And besides, I’ll show this to my boss, Sonia. Poor me. Come on, do not be fooled by this bad start. There is better in the following lines.

Valou (valou76)

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