Dani’s Band Story

sunset in the forest of gor

Dani’s Band is a strong tribe of brave huntresses in the forests of gor ,hidden between the trees and hills of the forest.
They are a tribe always open for a trade but when you harm one of their sisters, the whole tribe will be after you!
The tribe is almost growing lately ,much runaway slaves come here to start a new life and fight against the people who abused them ,also free women who want alive without a men commanding them around or barbarians who are new to this world.
The tribe protects it’s members well even as three it’s hard to get in even when only one is awake to protect her home.
The members of Dani’s band are proud and fearless ,they are strong and always stick together ,also slaves are handled well there.
Almost everyone get protected here when they need shelter.
The member of Dani’s Band accept every challenge. The camp of the Band seems mostly like dead ,but the Band is very strong also really dangerous so it wouldn’t be smart to try to attack the camp alone ,it ends up with captivity for the attacker. The Tribe is mixed ,normal panthers ,mambas ,ex-slaves ,slaves ,pani people and more.

If you dare come and take a look at this band but don’t forget come in peace ,try to start a fight and you will end up in the ropes of the band!


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