Panther Story 16 – The Bird And The Spider

“I Used to think that fighting is pandering to your basic instincts , however it shows you your deepest self , it shows you who you really are , with this sword is the answer that you keep asking yourself , who you really are , like you i tried to find my loved ones , i could not really find them , although that i have moved from city to another , accepting jobs just to know where they are , but out there among the dead i found something else … Myself ” Esmir looks at Bulvai the boy from holmberg , Bulvai looks back at Esmir and says “What are you going to do after finding these panthers sir ?”
Esmir Smiles “Continue to fight and find what life’s real meaning boy” Bulvai looks at him and says “I have always wanted to be like Claus” , Esmir nods smiling “I understand” Bulvai looks at him and then looks down , Esmir gives him a bottle of paga “I will find your loved ones for you , boy” Bulvai looks at him “We have not moved from this camp since last night sir” Esmir chuckles “Really ? anyhow i have send my best to let us know where they are” then he pats the boy’s head and continues drinking
Agna Stands tall infront of the panthers , her people behind her , infront of her Baclar stands smiling like always Baclar says “I heard that you wanted to speak to me” , Agna nods and then looks at her “Holmberg is overrun by the black birds” Amund was standing behind Baclar and then looks at Agna he was shocked from the news , he asks “Black Birds ? here” Agna nods “Most Probably that they are on our trails now” , Baclar crosses her arms and then looks at Tabitha , Tabitha Understands the unspoken command and then she points to Riva , Vera and Machi to follow her , Baclar says “And you want us to ?” Agna looks at Baclar “Honor the deal with my late companion , and give us a passage to Odin’s Eye” Baclar looks at her “Your Companion was a good man , he honored our trades , and we dont get back with our deals as well , however ; i cant do that right now” Agna looks at them “We will be heading to the Screaming Falls , after that , we will be going to guide you through the forest to the path to Odin’s Eye” Agna looks at Baclar “And you will do nothing to the Black Birds that are following us” Baclar smiles “I have already send my sisters to welcome them” Then Baclar Looks at Amund “You have earned your freedom sir to go , however , i believe that you have duty to protect your kin with us” Amund looks at Baclar and nods “I will” Baclar then looks at Agna “Have some rest , however , we will be continuing our March there” Agna looks at Baclar and sighs , Amund comes toward Agna and pats her shoulder , however his eyes spot some people he knows well , his Companion and his grand children , his grandchildren comes to him and hugs him , he tearfully hugs and kisses them , then his companion appears infront of him and with tears he hugs her “I am sorry my love , i am really sorry for leaving you”
The old woman kisses Amund , Amund looks back at her “I have avenged him , his soul will be feeling joy at last and rest in peace”
Emelia with her ten companions were seperated into two groups , trying to find the trail that was lost at some point in the forest , she already lost a man because of a Larl trap , she looks at her companions “These Holmberg met the panthers for sure , how come 20 women and children tracks were just vanished” she spoke with a tone that her companions never dared to speak back to her , then suddenly they hear movement in the bushes infront of them , One of the companions goes to check it , something did not feel right for her , however her soldiers swings his sword to the bushes , and he hears a voice above him “Glorious Warrior killing bushes” he looks above and he finds Vera Grinning above him , The Soldier looks at her “Who do you think you are” , Vera Does not reply but still having a sadistic grin over her face “No Answer ? Then Die …” He aims his cross bow on her , Emelia Shouts “It’s a Trap Come Back here ..” an Arrow gets through his neck , and before anyone notices , arrows hits the two other companions of Emelia , Emelia draws her two swords , Vera looks at her and chuckles “This one is mine Machi , dont interfere”
Vera Lands down on the ground and then steps toward Emelia “A fighting woman , that is a rare thing to see these days” . Emelia Stays silent but then rushes toward Vera with her swords , Vera Blocks her with her spear having a grin over her face “You are a strong one, i have been waiting for this , fight me as your life depends on it ” Emelia Looks at Vera and says “Are you messing with me ? I am not her to play date BITCH” and they clash multiple times. Machi looks at them and says to herself “Vera has the look over her face , her oponent is strong one , that is why she told me to spare her” she checks her arrows then looks at them “i dont believe that she is thinking straight.”

Branca Coba


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