Future of Gor At Hand

As 2019 Hits we have to set our goals in motion. I think it time we ask ourselves what we want from SL & Gor. There have been many loses last year – many good people, some even quitting quit gor. I won’t sugar coat it. The battle between the two meters divided gor a lot. We can fix this, and not restrict what is to be used. Only time will tell what will happy between the two.

Fact is gor used to be great, a lot of activity and many groups. We have seen some great ones come and go over the years. How ever we can once again fix gor if everyone works together to achieve one goal at a time.

People in gor used to attack and roleplay each other well. Scouts go out to lands flag and get a detailed write up on the sims. We need to come together and engage the battle to survive and keep gor alive. Now that being said us GE groups aren’t alone in this battle. I am finding it that many BTB groups are missing the fun of roleplay as well.

If BTB and GE sims revert back to the raids and roleplay as we once loved in gor. I am sure that we can bring gor back to it’s prime once again. Meaning panthers, mercs, outlaws and so on raids each other again along with btb raiding all our GE groups as well. I know that with BTB most GE sims fear their will be drama from the raids. Well we can fix that to. say btb raids a panther tribe captures some the tribe. Well that tribe can go find Mercs and hire them to rescue their tribal sisters or slaves back through rp price deemed by the merc. This will open up trades for others freedom and the male mercs can organize raids to get the panthers released from the btb sims.

Though if the panther doesn’t pay the fee then the tribe sister can go on auction to get the payment for the rescue. This can create a story line. Same with outlaws and such. BTB raids 1 our GE Groups. The men form a rescue. Women can dress as free woman, steal slaves and such as we woman do. Or go to city get info on the place and such. This doesn’t mean us as women are weak in their eyes. it just means we have better advantages to us then the men have, we can seduce and be all innocent like. Creations of story lines in gor is important and we can do so with all sims, if we step back and look what we all want out gor.

BTB and GE both miss roleplay and we see this a lot in every group. We can make it happen if we put our heads together and work on a way to achieve this. So let us, as leaders and admins, do just that and work to make a better gor. Bring back raids between GE and BTB, trades and storylines as well with each other, one which includes everyone – panthers, mambas, kur (if there are any left) mercs, tuchuk, outlaws etc.

Carrie Jestyr


One thought on “Future of Gor At Hand

  1. We are in a new year there still a few groups in Gor we are not dead yet
    So here is my question:

    There three types of groups basically
    By the book (tend to rp based with fighting with ic reasons some except raid s others don’t )
    Ge groups (who fight and rp some where around the 60-40 % range)
    And the out and out pew pew fighting groups (rp caps only)
    Is there a way they can all interact in some way or is it impossible?
    Well I know from experience some btb people are in raid groups and some pew pew people complain about the lack of time to rp caps
    So there sounds like there is some common ground
    Or am I barking up a tree that died many years ago?

    I have had a couple of ideas kicked my way standard rules. employing out and out pew group as mercs allowing panthers to join as one tribe in raid groups all sorts of ideas
    The only thing I would say before you all shout its all been tried before is, I am not asking how to turn back time the days of splash sims etc are gone , we have mesh it isn’t going to
    change , what I am saying is I am looking for people who would like to try small things and involve others in trying to make this fun looking for new ideas or new ways of dealing with old problems

    Shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge)


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