Preserve the gorean panther

We would now make camp, putting sharpened stakes about our camp, to protect us from attacks of panther girls.Sheera lifted her eyes. “They may simply slay me,” she said.
“Panther girls,” said I, “are not likely to slay a braceleted slave girl.”
Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 82

According to the books, panthers live in the Nothern Forests in panther camps but in SL Gor panthers live more and more in forts. Sometimes I ask myself how were these panther girls able to build those huge buildings. It is sad some panthers don´t want to loose a fight. Maybe because they don´t want to ropleplay anymore. Are panthers afraid to roleplay anymore? Ordoes the roleplay keep them away from fighting more as to some the stats are more important than play the Gor panther game. You can say how higher someone is in the stats, the less she plays as a panther.

I hope that in 2019 many panthers return to their camps in the Northern Forests and stop acting as an outlaw or merc. Being in a panther family is one of the most wonderful things in Gor. For instance stealing food and supplies from other camps together is lots of fun. The risk of being capped is always there and makes it exciting. And when you have a nice captor you will have a great time.

So preserve the gorean panther!

Mariko Marchant


4 thoughts on “Preserve the gorean panther

  1. Well, there are a lot of things in SL Gor that aren’t very Gorean in the panther category

    1. Panthers weren’t Lesbian/Bisexual not even transgender. YET in SL, there are panthers of those types.

    2. Panthers didn’t wear armor. According to a BTB roleplayer. There wasn’t any iron, steel or Earth material on GoR

    3. And yes panthers didn’t live in forts, cities. They hid in the forest.

    So if we really want to get down to it.. we mind as well rip the band-aid off and talk about all of it.


  2. Great write-up my friend, only thing I might add is over the past couple years GE raiders who rarely roleplayed with captives, at best dragging them off and tossing into cages with meaningless and sporadic emotes only to keep the captive there as the clock ticked until a rescue raid would come, likely had far more to do with panther camps becoming fortresses than panther girl players not wanting to roleplay. Additionally, it’s led to many roleplay focused panther girls I’ve known leaving Gor too sadly and seeking out roleplay in other realms of SL.

    There’s also been the near-total shift from splash to direct hit across Gor that I believe left many who played panther girl feeling passed-by in Gor, either because of older PC’s and slow Internet (high ping times), or just lesser point-and-click skills because they focus more on roleplay abilities over click-click fighting.

    If there’s a silver lining at all, maybe it’s that the slow down in activity in Gor (and SL at large) has meant less of these meaningless pewpew raidings and so the time is right for going back to more ‘book-based’ type camp builds?

    I know our own band has a hilltop camp that appears imposing, but it’s really an open camp with no gates into the main camp at all. It still feels more fortress than I personally care for because of boulders and rock, but at least it’s not full of buildings and a fishbowl gate setup.

    Love this topic, in fact we hold roleplay and panther girl lore classes in our area and I built a camp true to the books, a circle of stick fencing, a circle of five round thatch huts all facing the fire in the center, where we hold those classes in our sky landing area just to show how the books say we live as panther girls. Would be wonderful to see a northern forest full of camps that looked similar, filled with active panther girls, and pathways full of adventure once more.


  3. I typically play a panther, and we do huts, there is one gate and usually a fall back route so that no one gets trapped. In BtB there are still good panthers, but the flack we get from FW for getting capped is atrocious. Yes we are panthers, yes dudes came to cap us… no we dont want to keep your dudes. If we did, we would be slaves or FW and not live in the forest. None of my group cares about losing a fight as long as we gave a good fight.

    There is also this to consider… if you lose too much, they consider you a cap whore… if you fight too well, the guys get butthurt about it and dont want to raid you. Finding the balance in between is hard.

    Imp (Mellissandre Resident)


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