The life of Val – Taste of blood – Part 3

There are always many ways to live your life in Gor. But there is only one way to freedom. And this path is strewn with corpses

There are always many ways to live your life in Gor. But there is only one way to freedom. And when we begin to find what could motivate us, everything becomes simpler. In killing this man, I found some of the reasons for my existence. Kill to progress, kill to feel better.

Well, that’s what I though. I thought it was enough to kill anyone who would hurt me to feel better. So I launched my campaign of suffering by seeking to be hurt, to better revenge and kill. I was looking for trouble by getting closer to the villages, luring men to better defeat them and steal them later. And as soon as I finished these abuses, I fled into the forest, in hidden places I had defined .. It is not easy to want to survive. Indirectly, I had just declared that I wanted my death, to join my family. No matter how long it would take. Only this finality became important.

As time went on, my hunting board grew great, became more and more consistent. A man would die and a little of me would come back to life. Bounties were placarded everywhere, defining me as an outlaw, to capture, dead or alive …. rather dead elsewhere .. I had no illusions. I’ll be captured soon. My hiding places became less and less secure. Patrols of villagers crisscrossed the forest. I had to run away. I also had to find allies to be able to breathe. What hypocrisy! A dead woman who wants to breathe.

So I took my pack and I ran again to new lands and I arrived on an island with a name so surprising that I forgot … with a tribe so small but with people with a big heart, the Gylden Katten

A life

In our big family, called tribe, we have low and high. It only takes a few drinks to make us see life less great and to feel the need to go elsewhere, to make the famous gorean break, leaving behind us, beloved people for us. And when that happens to us, when we feel helpless, then we regret our presence, telling us this …. Where are those dear ones who brought us so many smiles.

Valou (valou76)


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