Editorial Gazette of Gor #111

Dear Goreans,

Almost another year went by in Second life Gor. Some said SL Gor would have died this year, but it is still alive. Even some who left earlier came back to Gor and new people joined. At the other hand there is sad news as well as the camp of the legendary panther tribe Sa Di Sani (SDS) is almost empty every day and another legendary panther tribe Forest Moon will close down soon.

I quote from the notice “Closing of Forest Moon” by Sav (1ladysavage.ansar):
“Finding good loyal huntresses is near impossible any more, the huntresses now usually end up with someones alt who can’t dedicate the time or put the effort to get to know the tribe and how it functions .The newer people to GOR doesnt seem to understand what the old GOR was about and don’t seem to want to help bring it back. I have given this a lot of thought and talked to the most important people to me that have been around me for many years. It also comes with a very heavy heart to make this announcement.I will not be leaving GOR, but I will no long sit and wonder who is going to be in camp today. Who’s going to be whining about being shot at or having huntresses being accused of things.”

I completely agree with the observations of Sav. One of the most experienced and dedicated EN’s in Gor!

Being a leader or SIM owner is pretty tough today. Dedication and tribe loyalty are less than a few years ago. Some members must be entertained else they will leave the tribe or alt out. But they are still people who are dedicated and loyal and I have seen new people who want to play “old school” Gor and like to roleplay.
You can read an example of this in “The poisoned huntress” a lengthy roleplay of the Sa’Jesuil and Talender Moon tribes. Also there is an interview with Meggan of the Sa’Pasheen panther tribe. There is lots to read in this edition of the Gazette of Gor. Like The life of Val, Panther stories by Branca Coba, Vorgous Carver’s Journal and information about the Blackwater Mercs. Last but not least you may increase your knowledge about the Cast of Scribes.

The Gazette of Gor team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New (Gor) Year.

Mariko Marchant



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