Closing of Forest Moon

Hello Everyone,

I announced to the Forest Moon Tribe on 12/16 that I was going to disband the Forest Moon Tribe effective 2/1/2019. I have spent the last 3 years attempting to rebuild this tribe back to its days of a respectiful tribe.

When I took over this tribe I promised Moon I would hold the keys to the tribe and i would be that one to turn off the lights. That time has come.

Even though I feel the respect from other tribe members, we are attracting the wrong type of raiders and groups. We are and have always been a Panther Tribe. We are not equal to a Merc or an Outlaw tribe. These raids have given the name of the tribe a bad name that I can no longer correct.

It tears at my heart to be called a Pew Pew tribe. Even though we do RP alot in camp it doesn’t seem to stop the branding of being a Pew Pew tribe.

Finding good loyal huntresses is near impossable any more, the huntresses now usually end up with someones alt who can’t dedicate the time or put the effort to get to know the tribe and how it functions.

The newer people to GOR doesnt seem to understand what the old GOR was about and don’t seem to want to help bring it back

I have given this a lot of thought and talked to the most important people to me that have been around me for many years. It also comes with a very heavy heart to make this announcement.

I will not be leaving GOR, but I will no long sit and wonder who is going to be in camp today. Whos going to be whining about being shot at or having huntresses being accused of things.

I am tired, I have put about all I can into maintaining the the tribe.
I have finally said enough is enough.

Over the next few weeks starting yesterday, Moon and I will be purging the tribe groups, do not feel offended if you get a notification of being removed from a group of Forest Moon.

My appoligies to those that doesn’t understand or fail to accept this explanation.

My thank you’s to those of you who do understand.

All my love to my sisters and loyal huntresses from over the years

(soon to be former) EN Forest Moon

2 thoughts on “Closing of Forest Moon

  1. While my history with Forest Moon was far from smooth, this is sad news for sl gor. I wish you the best in your future adventures.

    (A former tavern keeper based near Forest Moon)


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