The poisoned huntress

Some say there is no role play anymore in Gor.  As you can read below there still is role play at Gor!

Raid at Talender Moon by Sa’ Jesuil

They worked well together covering the doors and following their raid leaders command, in return, they caught their target Nikita.

capture of nikkita

Then, after hours of amazing RP on many sisters ends Sa’jesuil poisoned Nikita with a Cosian fish in order to trick her into thinking she would die and hopefully give up the name of the Poison. ( An edited version of the entire RP you can read below). Finally, Talender Moon came to trade. Even after having some confusion, Sa’jesuil made peace with the Talender Moon and offered to trade back Nikita for their healer “Star” to try to cure Sheera. During that time, Maria returns from the jungles with the real antidote.

Maria returns from the jungle w antidote

Last, Sa’jesuil finalize their trade agreement with the Talender Moon and ask them to send word to their leaders about this. They accept and head off with a couple furs gifted from our sisters to keep Nikita warm for the travels back.

Honoring our trade deal

Written by Inanna (mistressmagik)
Photos: Inanna (mistressmagik)
Editing: Mariko Marchant

The entire roleplay
Thanks to Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn)

Part I

[09:26] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) checks and draws her bow
[09:30] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: STOP THERE
[09:30] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: what brings you to our camp?
[09:30] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: I am Castor of Talender Moon! I am simply curious about the new camp!
[09:31] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: I suggest you turn back and warn to your camp I will go there again today and say specially to Nikita I want she answer me some questions
[09:32] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: And who would ask these questions?
[09:32] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: MYSELF!
[09:32] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: Who ARE you??
[09:33] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: Maria,Melody,from Sa’Jesuils!
[09:34] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: Well are you Maria, or Melody?
[09:34] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: they bring me lot of names,say this names
[09:35] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: I will go back. But I will probably forget to deliver your message
[09:35] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: I will make you sure you remmember
[09:36] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: What do you offer me in return?
[09:36] Castor Serpente (g:en->es): ¿Qué me ofreces a cambio?
[09:37] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: ut this arrow in your body!
[09:37] PFC~Arrow 2.0 (B)~direct-Long: Direct hit -> Castor Serpente
[09:37] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: Please do not do that again, Mistress. I am expected to defend myself!
[09:37] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: now,go and TELL THEM my message
[09:38] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) grita: I forgot it already. What was it you wanted??
[09:39] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) grita: I wwant nikita answer some questions,it’s something between her and me
[10:06] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): If it was just to enter, was enough to knock on the door, you would open
[10:06] shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge): leans down taking her bow and throwing it in the corner ready to start a fire
[10:06] Inanna (mistressmagik) watches the passerbyers staring at us. keeps her bow handy and tightly gripped
[10:06] MistressMagik Resident (b:*->es): relojes de la passerbyers en nosotros. mantiene su arco práctico y firmemente agarrada
[10:07] Inanna (mistressmagik): what should we do with this one?
[10:07] Freja (torfreja) grita: greetings, Talender huntress
[10:07] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) snarls.
[10:07] Inanna (mistressmagik): laughs
[10:07] Inanna (mistressmagik): they think we are the TM
[10:07] Freja (torfreja) grita: do you have a slave for sale?
[10:08] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): lets shave his head and sell him,, he is worthless to us
[10:08] Inanna (mistressmagik) wanders looking for nikita
[10:08] MistressMagik Resident (b:*->es): vaga en busca de nikita
[10:08] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): smiles
[10:08] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): HURRAI!
[10:08] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): WE HAVE NIKITA!
[10:08] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): sighs
[10:08] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): A misfortune never comes alone, said we
[10:09] Freja (torfreja): such a nice girl you have in that leash
[10:09] shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge): passes the leash to her sister sarah
[10:09] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): warm smile at the panther,, “we have two slaves”
[10:09] Freja (torfreja): ohhh
[10:09] Freja (torfreja): two?
[10:09] εℓą (elzbieta98): slap nikita ass hard
[10:09] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Hey !!!
[10:09] Freja (torfreja): sees Nikita being slapped and grins
[10:10] shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge): (need to run sorry )
[10:10] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “that thrall up on top would make a good bosk and you don’t have to feed him very much”
[10:10] Freja (torfreja): is that girl for sale?
[10:10] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) scowls
[10:10] Freja (torfreja): I need a girl not a boy
[10:11] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): No they will release me now!
[10:11] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente) struggles against the ropes
[10:11] Inanna (mistressmagik) looks down at you with a wide toothed grin. ” you thought you could over power the Jesuils”? laughs
[10:11] Inanna (mistressmagik) scoops up the rope into her own hand
[10:11] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “oh yes,,, she would make a fine addition to anyone’s kennel”
[10:11] Castor Messmer Stonewood (castor.serpente): We always have. And we will again!
[10:11] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): sighs
[10:11] εℓą (elzbieta98): shake my head and kick nikita ribs
[10:11] GM 4.69 ~ MistressMagik Resident takes Castor Serpente’s leash! ~
[10:11] Freja (torfreja): chuckles
[10:11] Freja (torfreja): such a brave girl
[10:11] Freja (torfreja): hehehe
[10:11] TorFreja Resident (b:*->es): jejeje
[10:11] Inanna (mistressmagik) checks to make sure his feet could walk and yanks on the lead with all her mightx
[10:11] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en) pushes a painful groan
[10:12] Freja (torfreja): bit giving up faith
[10:12] Freja (torfreja): not*
[10:12] Freja (torfreja): hehe
[10:12] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): kicks the girl for speaking,, “and she is spirited,, perfect for home or longhall pleasures”
[10:12] Freja (torfreja): so you will sell her?
[10:12] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en) grit your teeth !
[10:12] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): I’m not for sale!
[10:12] zip-line-frame-end grita: Line repaired by Shania Smit
[10:12] Freja (torfreja): not the finest teeth
[10:13] Freja (torfreja): but they will not be used
[10:13] Freja (torfreja): giggles
[10:13] εℓą (elzbieta98): kick mud on nikita cheek and giggles
[10:13] Freja (torfreja): better without any teeth
[10:13] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I’m not interested in sell you
[10:13] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): I’ll pay…
[10:13] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I want you tell us what happen with SHEERA
[10:13] TorFreja Resident (b:*->es): MMM
[10:13] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “oh yes,,,, we will be happy to sell her,, we have too many slaves,, we are a strong tribe”
[10:13] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): I don’t know any Sheera
[10:13] liloo Galaxy (b:*->es): No sé cualquier Sheera
[10:13] Freja (torfreja): steps aside
[10:14] Freja (torfreja): a vendetta for Sheera, poor huntress
10:14] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) frowns
[10:14] Freja (torfreja): but this one may be an object for a sale then?s
[10:14] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): Yes the poor… even though I don’t know why and I don’t know
[10:14] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” so you would take girl from her Mistress simply cause your cold huntress”
[10:15] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): laughs,, “because we want to survive the cold winter beast””
[10:15] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): girl, I am your Mistress now. spoils of war deal hehe
[10:15] Inanna (mistressmagik): well well well….dont we have quite the precious cargo to get back home.
[10:15] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i am no beast i am a woman as you are”
[10:15] Freja (torfreja): frowns as she seems to have a bad luck for buying a girl
[10:15] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “we will paint your body like a tarsk”
[10:15] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): I know, that’s why I want you
[10:15] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): I can sell you one of these Jesuil, which want you?
[10:15] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i will wash it off”
[10:16] Freja (torfreja) susurra: what if I offer you all rum for that girl *she points at Rin*
[10:16] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): looks to the trader “would you like this former panther,, i’ll make you a good deal”
[10:16] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) kicks the head of nikita
[10:16] Freja (torfreja): giggles as she hears Nikita offering a Sa’Jesuil
[10:16] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I want you tell me WHAT YOU DID WITH SHEERA
[10:17] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): AND,SPECIALLY HOW SAVE HER
[10:17] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en) pushes a groan under foot
[10:17] Inanna (mistressmagik) shakes her head. ” this is the one that did that to our sister aye”?
[10:17] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): yes
[10:17] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): listens
[10:17] Freja (torfreja): a fair deal? What do you have in mind?
[10:17] Inanna (mistressmagik) steps up and takes a fierce grasp of the rope around Nikita’s neck and tugs her so her chin was very close to her face.
[10:17] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): hon my mate makes, beer, paga, sulpaga, mead, red wine, white wine, saki, and brandy. think of something else to offer.
[10:17] Inanna (mistressmagik) growls
[10:18] Freja (torfreja): rum? The finest rum if Gor
[10:18] Inanna (mistressmagik) rolls the huntress over
[10:18] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I’ll be simple, something happens to me, you kill your own sister
[10:18] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): reaches out and pinches Rins nippless
[10:18] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) jerks away
[10:18] Freja (torfreja): hehehe
[10:18] εℓą (elzbieta98): smile on inanna “better keep blade on her neck”
[10:18] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” im not your property to take or touch ”
[10:18] Freja (torfreja): cute girl and nice nipples
[10:19] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “they seem to grow when touched”
[10:19] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): slaps rin’s face hard, “don’t ever do that.”
[10:19] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) ducks as she can still bend
[10:19] Inanna (mistressmagik) ‘s hand reaches close to the old dagger on her thigh, the impressions from her fingers finally started to find comfort in the leather wrap of the blade. She slides it out half way , enjoying the sound of the metal scraping against the sheath. Glaring at Nikita with much hatred she spits almost on her face but misses and hits the ground.
[10:20] GM 4.69 ~ WyckedTruth Resident spanks lucywantsyou Resident’s ass hard! ~
[10:20] GM 4.69 ~ WyckedTruth Resident spanks lucywantsyou Resident’s ass hard! ~
[10:20] Freja (torfreja): awww, so much hatred and bad feelings here
[10:20] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) whinces but makes no other show of pain
[10:20] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): listen,Nikita,I want know how heal her
[10:21] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): understand, I captured you, you are mine now, your owner didn’t have what it takes to keep you
[10:21] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” your mistaken Mistress i will never be yours ”
[10:21] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” and you will learn that soon enough”
[10:21] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): laughs softly “we will see.”
[10:22] Inanna (mistressmagik) tightens her grip around the ropes around nikita. “answer my sister now!” inanna yells painfully
[10:22] Freja (torfreja) susurra: shakes her head listening to Rin. “She will be wiser soon, I hope”
[10:22] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): answer what?
[10:22] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): looks over at the river,, “water is often a nexcellent tool to help the beasts to learn their place”
[10:22] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): HOW
[10:22] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): Just release me and your sister will have its 4 days of life
[10:22] εℓą (elzbieta98): rolling my eyes and kick nikita body
[10:23] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” swimming….your going to take me swimming ” she says and laughs
[10:23] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): She has the solution to not die
[10:23] Inanna (mistressmagik) slams the back of her head against the ground. ” We don’t have time for your games” she hisses into her ear. ” how we heal our dear sister…would you not do the same for your own family”?
[10:23] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i would sooner die then leave my owner so your wasting your time ”
[10:23] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy) se tait sous la claque
[10:24] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): is silent under the slap
[10:24] Freja (torfreja): someone got poisoned? Sheera?
[10:24] Inanna (mistressmagik) looks up to Maria, then Ela with eyes that looked like feeling lost and hurt. “we must take her back wtih us and get the information from her…we are not safe here”.
[10:24] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): yes,sheera was poisoned by her *points nikita* she confirm me this yesterday!
[10:24] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): leans down and tightens the ankles binds on her, “guess we got to do this the hard way.”
[10:25] εℓą (elzbieta98): “lets go home then”
[10:25] Freja (torfreja): maybe I can ask huntress Branca in my tribe to help you?
[10:25] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “dying is easy beast,, in fact its your place to die as a slave,, but the pain you will endure” wicked smile
[10:25] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): walk or sail
[10:25] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods and tries replace her face of worry with a face of confidence. ” I will keep your cover sisters for any attackers”.
[10:25] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): lets take them both back
[10:25] Freja (torfreja): she knows of poison and stuff like that
[10:25] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” perhaps it will be your place one day”
[10:25] Inanna (mistressmagik): ” How far is it”?
[10:26] εℓą (elzbieta98): close
[10:26] Inanna (mistressmagik): “I mean the one lady there that seems to care…but why”?
[10:26] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): let’s go dock,sail a boat and bring nikita to our camp
10:27] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): we put her in a cage and we continue trying get info later
[10:27] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): ((and she can leave for rl))
[10:27] Inanna (mistressmagik): “thank you for your offer to help lady. but we have more questions to ask I suppose at home…the sisters need answers. this has been a tragedy for us”.
[10:27] Freja (torfreja): shrugs and looks up north
[10:27] Freja (torfreja): yes, good luch
[10:29] Inanna (mistressmagik) gives a good luck slap on the captives ass, hopes it will make the goddess bless the ride home.
[10:29] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) jumps on the boat and sail home
[10:29] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” better to use her she has a need for it”
[10:30] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): hush my slut
[10:30] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” im not your slut”
[10:29] GM 4.69GM 4.69 ~ WyckedTruth Resident spanks lucywantsyou Resident’s ass hard! ~
[10:29] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn)Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) jumps on the boat and sail home
[10:29] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” better to use her she has a need for it”
[10:31] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” turn me loose
[10:33] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): pffff
[10:33] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator g:fr->en): it’s not good to fly!
[10:33] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): steal*
[10:33] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) keeps her Tor guarded and aims her arrow for the larl that had been bringing havok and turmoil to their camp these past few days.
[10:34] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “time to go inside,, “steal,, you and everything on you belongs to me,, you can’t steal your own things” tugs hard on the rope leash
[10:34] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) nods and follows behind
[10:34] You stepped on a dried twig, some drunken sisters of the Sajesuil now ready to do battle!
[10:34] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator g:fr->en): sighs, not having many other choices
[10:35] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator g:fr->en): How are you Rin?
[10:35] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): opens one of the slave pens doors and pushes Rin inside and shuts the door and places a strong lock on it
[10:35] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): do we have a post or tree that we can hang her from?
[10:35] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i will live Mistress but this woman thinks to make me hers
[10:35] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) sheaths her bow and warms by the fire as she notices Pree was awake. ” did you sleep well sis? I tried to throw an extra fur over you, it was very cold”
[10:35] Inanna (mistressmagik): yes i have one or two
[10:35] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator g:fr->en): So this mistress will pay hard, you know me
[10:36] Pree Cheeks (preezel): Hugs Ina tight. Good to see you again sis
[10:36] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “you will tell us what we want” taps my dagger against her throat
[10:37] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) smiles weakly.” wish it was under better conditions…this one here” inna points to the captive on the ground. “poisoned our sister”
[10:37] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou)Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) sits down and curls in a ball
[10:37] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator g:fr->en): I have nothing to tell you
[10:37] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator g:fr->en): Well, can I go home with my slave?
[10:38] Pree Cheeks (preezel): THes higher elevations are a bitch when it comes to snowy weather
[10:39] ::Kool Door right::Kool Door right opened by NaToth Resident Ⓜ
[10:39] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): before the post. possible that I can miss the time to eat quickly? ))
[10:39] Fūjin (natoth): taloha sisters
[10:39] Inanna (mistressmagik): ((take your time. we are enjoying the rp and just want to spend time doing something together i think))
[10:39] GM 4.69GM 4.69 ~ liloo Galaxy was unleashed by sarah94578 Resident! ~
[10:40] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): thank you, I do it as soon as possible))
[10:40] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): ((enjoy your meal))
[10:40] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): ty ))
[10:40] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): (( ikr shit sometimes leaves you hanging ))
[10:41] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) sits next to the huntress in binds and ponders how to get the information they needed. Inanna looks up to the snow falling and tries to catch a snowflake on her tongue, hoping to catch her breath and relax after the recent events.
[10:41] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): now my slut, when you get hungry or too cold, you know what musst be done, just submit, and you will me fed and made warm.
[10:42] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” that will never happen i will freeze or starve first”
[10:42] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): we will see
[10:42] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “we need to break her,,,, this one on the pole until she tells us all we want”
[10:42] Katniss (natasha.falta) is online.
[10:43] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): no, no, put her over the fire and slow raost her till she talks
[10:43] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou)Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) begins to shiver as the cold sets in but as she has curled in a ball she conserves as much warmth as a naked person in the snow can
[10:43] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): smiles,,, “I like that idea”
[10:44] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” Leave her alone”
[10:44] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “there is the larl but, he might kill her too quickly”
[10:44] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): my girl, you have nothing to say about it.
[10:44] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” goddess help you if she dies at your hands ”
[10:45] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) stares into the fire trying to find the solution. Trying to think back to her shaman days. ” what kind of poision is it”?
[10:45] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i will kill you myself”
[10:45] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth) Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth) battle finished, slides her swords up but still stays alert.
[10:45] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): AHAHAHAHA
[10:45] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): slips off to her hut for a few minutes
[10:46] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) takes out a small pot of ink and dips her fingertip into it. Presses her finger on Nikkitas face while she was passed out and paints a mustache over her top lip.
[10:46] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “Se,, is there a potion like will cause her great pain?”
[10:47] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) looks over to Sarah and nods slowly with a half grin
[10:47] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “can we use magic to make her suffer until she talks?”
[10:48] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): returns in a large green cloak, “girl sure you don’t want one of these cloaks to stay warm in, and move a bit closer to the fire.”
[10:48] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) laughs a bit and finished writing a word across Nikkita’s forehead. The paint spelled out “fake tree slut”,
[10:49] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) rises to her feet and walks back to the fire
[10:49] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou)Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) begins to push the snow to the edges of the cage clearing the bottom of the cage of snow so that she doesnt get frost bit ” this isnt cold huntress i have delt with worse ”
[10:49] Fūjin (natoth) is offline.
[10:50] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) perks up
[10:50] Ragnar (pavell.clowes) is online.
[10:50] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): lays back on the rocks to relax,,, “any thoughts Se on what we can use to cause her pain?”
[10:50] Inanna (mistressmagik): “first we need to know if the poison is acid neutral or akaline substance”
[10:50] Inanna (mistressmagik): the one given to Sheera.
[10:50] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): listens
[10:51] Inanna (mistressmagik): we are going to need someone to get to an infirmary and find us some Litmus test strips
[10:51] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou)Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) looks at the one speaking ” no you dont ”
[10:51] Now playing: Goreans Portal Radio – GPR Android App
[10:52] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) glances back over to the captive and growls under her breath. The hot air steams in the air before her.
[10:52] Now playing: Mahalia Jackson – O Little Town of Bethlehem
[10:53] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): you thinks so, girl, lets see maybe we can use them against each other. “girl, you get a bit more pleasant in your atitude, maybe we go easier on the other one. ”
[10:53] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) giggles watching her sis
[10:54] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” your a liar ” she says ” you would still torture the Mistress Niki” she says ” you have long held a hatred for her ” she says ” but her torture wont give you what you seek”
[10:54] Inanna (mistressmagik): the only problem is we dont have a sample of the posion…unless we can get this somehow..maybe search through nikitas belongings on her.
[10:54] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) rises to her feet finally irritated
[10:55] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): or suppose we torture you to get her to talk…… mmmmhhh?”
[10:56] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou)Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) shakes her head ” like that will matter after all i dont belong to her ”
[10:57] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): and who ownes you or should I say who used to own you?
[10:57] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” my Mistress and who will always be my Mistress is the Mistress Rayvvine”
[10:57] Now playing: Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone
[10:57] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) coils her long fingers around the bars of the cage. The cage stood tall from old pieces of driftwood and was smooth to the touch from the shaving they did on the branches. Inanna sighs and takes a breath, ” YOU are Rayvines girl”?
[10:58] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i am ”
[10:58] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): Frowns “Rayvine? Mistress? ” chokes as she laughs so hard
[10:58] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) grins
[10:59] Romina Werefox is online.
[10:59] Inanna (mistressmagik): “don’t let this one go easily…I have words to exchange with this “Mistress” she says sarcastically, “rayvine”.
[10:59] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578) whispers: listens to the slave and speaks up,, “do you want to see her again slave?
[10:59] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): she is not going anywhere.
[10:59] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” now then if you dont release the Mistress Niki soon your huntress will die ”
[10:59] Inanna (mistressmagik): “you think we are so blind”….
[11:00] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” she neither made the poison your sister is poisoned with nor has the antidote”
[11:01] Odessa (odessa.quinnell) Strangers by the archway nearing the main gates of Sajesuil camp
[11:01] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): I promise you both this, if Sheera dies, after a week, you both will beg to die, before I finish with you.”
[11:01] ::Kool Door right::Kool Door right opened by Odessa Quinnell
[11:01] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” and i promise this if she isnt released you will never save your sister”
[11:01] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): do we look that stupid?
[11:01] Pree Cheeks (preezel): Then you will join her on the long hunt’

[11:02] Odessa (odessa.quinnell): tal ode ready to kill and maime
[11:02] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) rolls her eyes…”Ive grown tired of your words..We can find the antidote on our own and because of your lack of sympathy and any feelings to help, we shall not take things easy on you now that we have you.”
[11:02] εℓą (elzbieta98): no killing here
[11:02] Katniss (natasha.falta) is offline.
[11:02] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” and who said i wouldnt help”
[11:03] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): but after a hand of them on my slave pole, they will beg me to kill them rather than live longer.”
[11:04] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) smiles confidently at the prisoner
[11:04] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” live or die doesnt matter ” she says ” kill me if you wish but if i die so does your sister”
[11:04] Odessa (odessa.quinnell): oooo a naked one
[11:04] Now playing: Archies – Sugar Sugar
[11:04] Inanna (mistressmagik)Inanna (mistressmagik) sighs…” it will take us but two weeks to make the litmus testing strips, and we dont have the sample to address what posion it is….we must take her to a doctor if we dont find the answer soon”.

Part 2
11:12] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): rubs his cords against his claws, slowly
11:16] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): looks down at the beast,,, “we have a way for you to talk,,, one that will be painful,, one that will make you wish you could die… I will give you one last chance to tell us what we need to know to save our sister”
[11:16] Odessa (odessa.quinnell): that one should be in a cage
[11:17] Odessa (odessa.quinnell): she might try to escape
[11:17] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I have nothing to tell you . if I disappear, your sister will die .. so the best is to free us and give your sister a chance to live
[11:18] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): looks towards the Se,,, “do you have it ready Se?”
[11:20] Ŵŷĉķěđ Ťēũľũ (wyckedtruth): then know this girl, the gods of Tir Inna Mi Deo , Dagdghid, Anu, and Dana, will not save yoher of Gods, Lugh of the long arm, Ogma the honey mouthed, and the Triuine Goddess, Bri
[11:21] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” you should release the Mistress and me while there is still a chance to save your sister”
[11:21] εℓą (elzbieta98): pest on bell
[11:21] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): pulls out my dagger and slides it under her top,,, cutting it off
[11:23] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) growls then her anger rising in her as she knew that the Mistress Niki had no way to save their sister she only had the poison she slams herself against the cage hard trying do break it if she can
[11:25] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Be smart, free us both and then you will give your sister a chance to live, she will just have to finish what she has to do for her survival.
[11:28] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “I will conceder freeing you and the mouthy one after we get what we want,, and if my sister dies,, I will slowly kill you,, you can count on that”
count on that”
[11:28] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i am not mouthy im honest and direct ” she says ” i told you the truth ”
[11:30] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I have nothing to give you, I’m not stupid to the point of giving you our only chance to escape your clutches .. free us first and then your sister will come to me with what she has to do and I would give her her life .. she has no choice and you either …. (try to convain as she can, playing on very fine thread)
[11:31] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): turns to my Se,, my eyes looking for her advice
[11:32] Inanna (mistressmagik) finally after pondering for a minute she returns to her sisters
[11:34] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): well ? you released us ?
[11:34] Inanna (mistressmagik) squats down and takes the huntresses neck into her hands
[11:35] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): staring at her
[11:35] Inanna (mistressmagik) raises a brow and tightens her grip as she tries to find the personality behind the eyes
[11:36] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): continue to fix it right in the eyes and whisper .. better to release us .. it’s a good advice
[11:36] εℓą (elzbieta98): can i take two?
[11:38] Inanna (mistressmagik) grins and looks up to her sisters as she slowly releases her grip around Nikkita’s neck. Looks back up to Sarah and nods. ” someone needs to stay here with this naked bundle of trouble, while we go to the healers for a few things.” winks at her sisters
[11:40] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): take rin
[11:40] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “I can watch her” looks the former panther in the eye,, “and I am sure she will be a good girl”
[11:40] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods I will go to the healers and get that one thing ” inanna says with a confident tone.
[11:40] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): take rin
[11:40] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “I can watch her” looks the former panther in the eye,, “and I am sure she will be a good girl”
[11:40] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods I will go to the healers and get that one thing ” inanna says with a confident tone.
[11:42] εℓą (elzbieta98): kick snow on rin body
[11:44] Inanna (mistressmagik) returns back to her sisters with a fish in her grip. Ina hums a tune. She leans over and plucks the feathers from Niki’s hair and puts them in between her belt with the tip pointing up. She would test it later at the greens for any poison.
[11:46] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Look at Inana .. not leaving her eyes and trying to figure out what she plans to do .. continue to think about how to negotiate her release without saying anything about the poison given to Shee .. you want to prepare a meal? .. spoke to her
[11:47] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): Look at Inana… not leaving her eyes and trying to figure out what she plans to do… continues to think about how to negotiate her release without saying anything about the poison given to Shee… you want to prepare a meal?… spoke to her
[11:48] Inanna (mistressmagik) smiles with such a calm and confident look that she was even a bit scared of her own self and what she would do. Ina dangles the fish in front of Niki…”If you try this fish we caught during our first time ice fishing…I will let you go”.
[11:48] Inanna (mistressmagik) interrupts her before she could respond
[11:48] Inanna (mistressmagik) interrupts her before she could respond
[11:49] Inanna (mistressmagik): “but only under the conditions that you give us an honest word about if the fish was cooked right or not”?
[11:50] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): look at her with a smile … sorry, I only eat meat … preferably bloody .. if you can go prepare my meal with a little paga I wait for you without moving .. defy your eyes
[11:50] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): look at her with a smile… sorry, I only eat meat… preferably bloody… If you can go prepared my meal with a little paga I wait for you without moving… defy your eyes
[11:51] Inanna (mistressmagik) smiles and nods ” you will be our food critic if I bring you paga to wash down this beautiful fish with”? Ina strokes the side of the medium sized fish along its scales. The iridescent blues and greens and grey shimmered in the cold day’s sunlight.
[11:52] εℓą (elzbieta98): is she still on alive?
[11:54] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): do not like the unpleasant sensation of this fish, touching it .. detach me and I would do this job, a barrel of paga will be necessary and I should go to the river below ..
[11:54] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): do not like the unpleasant sensation of this fish, touching it… Detach me and I would do this job, a barrel of paga will be necessary and I should go to the river below…
[11:54] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Oh, we released me , trade is ok ?
[11:55] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): well , let’s go quick !!!
[11:55] εℓą (elzbieta98): pokes inanna
[11:55] Inanna (mistressmagik) “why would we let you go”?
[11:55] Inanna (mistressmagik): ‘you have not eaten the fish yet”
[11:55] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): well your sister Ela did not say that?
[11:56] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I only eat meat, kill a bosk and come back with a good bite, I’ll wait for you. makes a big smile
[11:56] Inanna (mistressmagik) forces the fish into her mouth and holds her chin up trying to force her to swallow
[11:57] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en) spits and turns his head up… No! i eat meat!
[11:57] Inanna (mistressmagik) susurra: “is meat”! ina screams
[11:58] Inanna (mistressmagik) covers nikis mouth and nose so she cant breath, trying to force the meat down her
[11:58] εℓą (elzbieta98): maybe she want cock from bosk
[11:58] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): ends up with pieces of fish in the mouth and having no other choice swallows despite it… missing choke
[11:58] Inanna (mistressmagik) smiles wider
[11:59] εℓą (elzbieta98): when you will done with her?
[11:59] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en) try to spit it out as soon as she can
[11:59] Inanna (mistressmagik) pushes her hand tighter over her mouth and nose, waiting until she had a sign that it was swallowed completely
[12:00] Myla (myla.vaher): see come
[12:01] Inanna (mistressmagik) waits a bit longer to double check it all went down.
[12:01] Inanna (mistressmagik) looks up and notches an arrow
[12:15] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I lift my head and look at the huntsmen in front of me .. the foul taste of the fish in my mouth, my throat .
[12:17] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): well,what you do then?
[12:17] Inanna (mistressmagik): wb maria
[12:17] Inanna (mistressmagik) comes to check on niki…looks for signs in her eyes
[12:17] Inanna (mistressmagik): “you know…that was a Cosian fish, yea”?
2:18] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): watches her,, wicked smile on my face as I wait for the poison to take affect,, “as I said you will talk,, you will be in much pain very soon” smiles at the Se,, knowing what the beast was given
[12:19] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): sighs a long time .. not being in the best of shape .. not feeling well .. has trouble fixing his eyes on the one who speaks to him .. lets slip a yes .. you just kill your sister
[12:20] Inanna (mistressmagik) kneels down and catches the falling head
(liloo.galaxy): try to find his breath .. and stay focused .. let me go .. my head seems to escape my control, unable to hold it straight
[12:22] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “when does the intense pain start sister?”
[12:23] Inanna (mistressmagik) counts on her fingers slowly and then points to Niki. “Should be the best to watch the transition happen now, this is when she will begin to feel her stomach ripping apart and her blood boiling. In three ahns it will be in full effect, that is unless she decides to just give us or write us down the name of the poison.”
[12:24] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): nods,, “and then we can give her the anidote and save her from her stubbornness”
[12:26] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): her belly contracted hard, as if something in her came to devour her flesh .. slowly rising in intensity .. long sigh .. my face grimace with each pike in my belly .. if I die, your sister dies .. you will not have saved her .. treated me well and I would bring you to the antidote for your sister .. but by the way saved me first !
[12:26] Inanna (mistressmagik): “something like that…though, I dont want to reveal too much”. Ina slips her sister a tiny book with a page already folded at the top from her bag. “Its all in there..” Ina grins. “I will return with a few things that will monitor her awareness and make sure we dont take too long to get the name”.
[12:27] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): smiles as I crew on a piece of bosk jerky,,, looks into her eyes and watches,,, “this can all stop if you tell us the name
12:29] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): There is no name .. I cry between two pains .. I made it myself .. following lines in a book .. and I made an antidote that I hid .. free I’ll go get it!
[12:30] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): begins to move on me even to find a position to escape what tugs me in the belly and seems to spread slowly .. strong breath
[12:30] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “is it in your camp?”
[12:31] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I would not say where he is, I want to have the antidote before to get rid of what you forced me to swallow .. after I would bring you where I hid it .. your sister has her life now between your hands
[12:34] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): “nay,, you will stay as you are,, poisoned and in great pain until our sister is well,, we want to save our sister, of course, but, we are panthers and understand full well that death can take any of us at any moment,, ” wicked look in my eyes,, “do you understand that panther?”
[12:37] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Your sister is going black and if she does not have the antidote before you celebrate her great journey .. I’m not stupid to give you a way to save her before I’m safe. Free me and you will save .. coughing strongly, grimacing between each cough .. my belly contracted and very hard .. want to bend me in two to appease .. free me!
[12:39] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): listens to how foolish this one is,, moves and stands between her legs and with my boot I push against her stomach
[12:40] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): one time I let you leave safe my camp,I bandage your wounds when morla barely let you be alive
[12:40] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): please,help us and I help you back
[12:40] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): begins to moan my pain under the pressure of the boot against my belly .. and spit a kind of black thing
[12:43] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): looks at Nu,, “take over here please,, I need to speak to a sister”
[12:43] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): looks at Nu,, “take over here please,, I need to speak to a sister”
[12:45] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): breathes badly, my ideas seem confused .. how long to hold, what solutions can I find .. everything gets stuck in my head and I feel my stomach hurt, very badly
[12:46] Rayvvine grita: where is my sister!!! I have been keep waiting to long I made a fair trade is this how the Jesuil deal with trades!! bring her down now!!
[12:48] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): pushes harder,, “if its one you made how do we make the antidote?”
[12:51] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): breathes badly, feels really bad… wonders if it will be worse yet… She would like to resist, not give in, do not give their damn antidote… purpose for her… WinCE under the bread… trying one last time to give them away… give me the antidote and I would go as soon you could walk properly, you are looking for the one for your sister… you have other solution no… starts to cough heavily… blood seems to be coming out of my mouth
[12:54] εℓą (elzbieta98): looks on niki and shake my head slowly
[12:54] Inanna (mistressmagik): peeks over the top of the front gate.
[12:54] Lilly Kit (angelicrev) sheaths weapon
[12:54] angelicrev Resident (b:*->es): vainas de arma
[12:55] Lilly Kit (angelicrev): “Tal there”
[12:55] Inanna (mistressmagik): what brings you to out gate?
[12:55] Inanna (mistressmagik): our*
[12:55] Lilly Kit (angelicrev): “Me and my sisters came to trade for sister nikita, we are waiting at the docks”
[12:55] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Raise my head hard and look at Ela, my vision has become a little blurry .. whispers .. release me .. you will be rewarded
[12:57] Rayvvine grita: your tribe just poved what it is.. like ela good luck with your life its worthless as this whole tribe
[12:57] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): no, because when you have it, nothing will prevent you from leaving me without an antidote .. first you take care of me and then I bring you where I hid the antidote
[12:57] Rayvvine grita: they don’t honor trades
[12:57] Inanna (mistressmagik) growls ..”my sister did not understand that one of our sisters was poisoned at your hand! ”
[12:57] Rayvvine grita: may the pirset kings burn this place to hell
[12:58] Lilly Kit (angelicrev): “My hand.. oh no I never used cowards ways like poison, that is not my style”
[12:58] Inanna (mistressmagik) grita: “you tried to kill our sister…if you want to trade we will honor because we have honor…but first we need the name to save our sister’s life”!
[12:59] εℓą (elzbieta98): leans close to nikita “please tell me and you will free this is all”
[12:59] Inanna (mistressmagik) hops down off the wall(liloo.galaxy): cough and spit blood .. have I your word, that of your sisters that you will give me also the antidote?
[13:00] Pashy Nawnhill (pashlov): tal my sisters!!
[13:00] Inanna (mistressmagik) “we will trade but first I need the name of the poison”.
[13:00] Inanna (mistressmagik): “can you agree to honor this”?
[13:00] εℓą (elzbieta98): shrugs “i am not healer”
[13:01] Lilly Kit (angelicrev): “I can, but sadly. I know nothing of this poison, but the slave I was traveling with, on my way here, that spoke of this trade, she mention she use poison, and she is a healer, maybe you come down and talk to her?”
[13:02] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods..yells to her sistters “how much time does she have left? I will meet with the Talenders and fix this deal so we can get the name of the poison with honor”.
[13:02] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods and waits to follow behind
[13:03] εℓą (elzbieta98): “come on speak tell me please”
[13:03] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I already said, this poison has no name, I make it myself from a base that is the scorpion venom, I mix with other poisons, I followed a book that I possesses, buy at an old shaman’s price of gold .. I also make the antidote .. a vial is hidden .. I’ll give it to you if you promise to give me also the antidote to what kills me .. I would tell you where I hid it
[13:04] εℓą (elzbieta98): “continue where you was hide and you will free”
[13:04] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): promise me to give me the antidote before I release
[13:05] εℓą (elzbieta98): “you will alive”
[13:06] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): and,with my promise too,I save your life one time,I do another
[13:06] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): starts coughing even harder, immediately moaning from her torn belly .. the flask is behind the anvil of the blacksmith in front of my hiding place .. she is there
[13:07] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): someone!,we need antidote for this one for trade her!
[13:07] εℓą (elzbieta98): “i can belive you?”
[13:09] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I guess as long as you do not come back with the antidote, I would be kept here without an antidote myself … so why would I lie?
[13:11] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): My hiding place is in the forest of Lake Shaba, NW of the dock, a camp with two flags of a queen on its black roses, in front of the camp, there are two houses, one of healer, the other of blacksmith .. the flask is behind the anvil.
[13:11] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): black rose*
[13:12] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I know that place
[13:12] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I mean the region
[13:13] εℓą (elzbieta98): we can check
[13:13] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): bring her the antidote
[13:13] εℓą (elzbieta98): maybe we can go with her?
[13:14] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): bring her the antidote and she will help us
[13:14] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): leave my head fallen .. disappointed to have yielded .. coughing heavily, having more and more pain. blood still seems to want to come out of my mouth, a horrible taste of something rotting in my mouth .. I twist in the links, my belly hurts me horribly
[13:15] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): hands the flask with the antidote to Nu
[13:16] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I will be clear with you,I don’t trust in your word,but I do this,for help my sister
[13:16] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) kneels
[13:17] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): in two times I save you your life *she helps you to drink the antidote* take it easy,take it easy
[13:17] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en) weakly nod my head
[13:20] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I’m offering you more kindness than the rest of my other sisters,I go now for that place and seek if you say the truth,if you lie me, I swear this pain you suffer,they suffer the rest of your tribe,specially your beloved one,oh yes,I swear as the Elder I am
[13:21] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy) swallow the antidote .. trying not to cough, for fear of spitting it out .. will empty all the donated vial .. and whispers .. save me after trying to kill me … this is strange .. will leave me again head fallen .. exhausted of pain.
[13:22] Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): watches and listens as the deal is made,,, “I hope you are right about this one Nu,, I don’t trust her but, we will see”
[13:23] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I guess I’ll be untied when you’re back with the antidote .. breathe a little better but far from finding my body without pain.
[13:23] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I’m different to others *smiles with her words,then she wakes up* now,I have work to do,I go to the dock and I sail a boat for this place,and well,who knows,I’m not who capture you
[13:25] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): if I don’t come back,make sure she will suffer,capture her beloved one and make her suffer in front of her eyes
[13:26] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): growls weakly
[13:31] Inanna (mistressmagik): “sisters….she is the one who makes the herbs and posions for Niki, she insists that Niki is so clueless that she doesnt remember the names of such things’. looks around to see any reactions on faces, ” she has agreed to take nikis place and do everything she can to heal our sister”
[13:35] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I have the feet to bind, Star, you’re not going to wear me
[13:35] Inanna (mistressmagik) laughs inside but her conern for her sister overwhelms her[13:35] LostSpirit001: “Rin is waiting Mistress Nikita, I am staying here to heal their sister. It will be ok…remember tell Rin to make you vomit…don’t foget.”
[13:35] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): They have the antidote… It will go to their sister
[13:36] Inanna (mistressmagik) shifts niki’s lean over her shoulder and straightens her knees to start her walking
[13:36] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): please cut bind to my feet
[13:37] εℓą (elzbieta98): leans and untie niki feet
[13:38] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) finally comes from her travel,very exhausted and falls on the snow
[13:38] Katina (katina224) is online.
[13:39] Inanna (mistressmagik): “Maria…We have a way to cure sheera…Ill be back..we will bring Niki to the docks and be right back.”
[13:39] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): she didn’t lie,sisters,she say the truth…….
[13:39] LostSpirit001: looks at the huntress on the floor “Don’t tell me she needs healing too?”
[13:39] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) reach her bag the best she can
[13:39] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy) She stands as she can, still weakened by this poison that she has ingested with this fish .. but her pain is in the fact that she has been forced to give in. It will be for another time, she told herself.
[13:39] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): no,I’m just tired *takes the vial* it’s here!
[13:39] Inanna (mistressmagik): “where in the great goddeses name did you just return from dear sister”?!
13:40] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): I travel to the place she say,the jungle
[13:40] Inanna (mistressmagik) drops niki almost by instinctually racing to catch the vial
[13:40] MistressMagik Resident (b:*->es): cae niki casi instintivamente carreras para coger el frasco
[13:40] LostSpirit001: looks at the vial “What is in that?” she asks, intregued”
[13:40] Inanna (mistressmagik) catches it but drops niki
[13:40] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) brings it to the Se but she open her arms for let niki fall on her
[13:40] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): falls on his ass while cursing
[13:41] Inanna (mistressmagik) bad catch sis!
[13:41] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): damn it!
[13:41] Inanna (mistressmagik) hands the vial to Ela
[13:41] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) finally recovers and helps to niki wake up
[13:42] Inanna (mistressmagik): we need to get niki down there….they are waiting
[13:42] εℓą (elzbieta98): take and shrugs what do with
[13:42] Inanna (mistressmagik): “take it with Star and take her to sheera in the healers ”
[13:42] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): she say me the truth
[13:42] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): it’s me who do
[13:42] Inanna (mistressmagik): “shell know what to do”
[13:42] LostSpirit001: “I ask again, what is in that?”
[13:42] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) use her body for carry Nikita
[13:42] Inanna (mistressmagik) takes back niki under her shoulder and hoists her up ready to trek the icy paths with dead weight
[13:43] Inanna (mistressmagik) smiles to maria
[13:43] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): let’s get out of here
[13:43] LostSpirit001: “Please huntresses, what is in the vial. I give her the wrong thing and it will kill her all the quicker.”
[13:44] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): this is the vial she say it
[13:44] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): let it go and follow ina step
[13:44] Inanna (mistressmagik): “ah, if we can heal her now…they can both go” stops in her tracks
[13:44] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): how we make the antidote *looks to nikita*
[13:44] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Star ?
[13:44] LostSpirit001: “She doesn’t know…she has never known.”
[13:44] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): What is in the vial is good
[13:45] LostSpirit001: “But what is it?”
13:46] Inanna (mistressmagik) looks to her sister stilll holding niki
[13:46] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): It is the antidote that I made at the same time as the poison by following the book scrupulously .. I put my life on it. I really did this by respecting all the rules of the book and being very careful.
[13:47] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): if you lie us,you know the consequences,but for now,I trust you,even if my brain says I shouldn’t trust in you,but her life is important,now,we go out
[13:47] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) carry nikita outside
[13:48] Inanna (mistressmagik) tries to stop maria by pushing her boots further in the snow
[13:48] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): ouch
[13:48] Inanna (mistressmagik): ” if this antidote works then we have no need to keep Star… unless you are willing to stick around and we return your sister now”?
[13:50] LostSpirit001: “I will stay to see her recovered, please let Mistress Nikita go. Give me the vial and take me to her hut.”
[13:50] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods and heads off with maria…leaving the vial and sheera in Ela and Star’s hands. “we will be right back”
[13:52] Inanna (mistressmagik) heads off helping maria help niki down the icy paths
[13:57] Inanna (mistressmagik) hobbles carefully over with niki over one of ina’s shoulders and Maria under the other
[13:57] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Tal Lilly, Rin
[13:57] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” greetings Mistress and greetings huntress ” she says
[13:57] Lilly Kit (angelicrev) gets up as the company arrive “Guess the story be for another time then ”
[13:57] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn) takes off her jacket and puts on nikita’s shoulder
[13:58] Inanna (mistressmagik) slowly slips out from under niki and hands the lead over to Lilly
[13:58] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Try to stand as best as she can on her legs, belly still very painful
[13:58] Inanna (mistressmagik): “she needs to vomit and she will get better within twenty ihns”
[13:58] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): Thank you, it was cold
[13:59] Lilly Kit (angelicrev) takes the leash, and walks over to niki and drops it I look to rin “untie our sister”
[13:59] Inanna (mistressmagik) offers a dagger to Rin
[14:00] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) would reach into her belt a pouch would be found there and take out some gum arabic she would add to the gum a pit of peptic which she used to induce vomiting then walks up to the Mistress Niki ” please Mistress open your mouth ” she says as she would hold it up to the Mistresses mouth
[14:00] Inanna (mistressmagik) watches
[14:01] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): Open his mouth and feel like he took something explosive… turns very quickly on the side and quickly vomits something black, mixed with blood… Plumbing heavily and spits a moment, his belly him doing horrible pain at that time.
b:fr->en): OMG… It’s horrible that thing!
[14:02] Inanna (mistressmagik) prays silently to the goddess to help Niki to gain her strength back and make the cold winter trek home easier
[14:02] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” Mistress no one said that would be pleasant but it is necessary
[14:02] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): i know .. sight
[14:03] Lilly Kit (angelicrev): “Excuse me” I huff and turn to leave “Going back home”
[14:03] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): good luck
b:fr->en): You also, dite to Shee that this is only a postponement
[14:04] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods quietly and musters out a “safe paths and I hope you get home safely”
[14:04] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” she will i will be her escort”
[14:05] Inanna (mistressmagik) leans in to Niki, “what was that last part, I only have perfect hearing in my left ear”. Ina turns her head
[14:05] liloo Galaxy (Q-Translator b:fr->en): To be safe you also
[14:05] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou) would take up the leash that was dropped before and would nod ” whats done is now done
[14:05] Inanna (mistressmagik) turns to see Star and Ela. ” Is sheera ok”?
[14:06] εℓą (elzbieta98): “yea is pale as snow but she will alive”
[14:07] LostSpirit001: “Can I have my weapons back now please?” she asks inanna…”Yes she is. She is going to be fine, she will feel odd for a time, but that will go…quickly enough. I have said should she take, unlikely as it is, a turn for the worse, send for Rin or myself, huntess.”
[14:07] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” she will be herself in three days im sure it will take that long for the antidote that was given to flush out the poison”
[14:08] LostSpirit001: nods[14:08] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” at least if it was the antidote i taught star”
[14:08] LostSpirit001: “It was the right one, I checked before I administered it”
[14:08] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” then it will take three days”
[14:08] lucywantsyou Resident (b:*->es): a continuación, tendrá tres días
[14:08] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods , “then all was honored here yes? I will go get yours weapons and maybe even an extra coat for Niki”
[14:09] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): brrrrrr
[14:09] LostSpirit001: looks to Mistress Nikita and then to Rin “We apparently just need to make her sick to get her on the way to recovery.”
[14:09] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods
[14:09] Inanna (mistressmagik): It is a simple Cosial fish
[14:10] Cil (cilouette) is online.
[14:10] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): grogne
[14:10] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” i already gave her something to make her sick”
[14:10] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods
[14:10] LostSpirit001: smiles “Great!”
[14:10] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): I only eat meat !! I hate the fish!
[14:10] Inanna (mistressmagik) raises a brow
[14:10] Inanna (mistressmagik): Isnt fish a meat?
[14:10] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): no
[14:10] LostSpirit001: “You will like it even less now Mistress”
[14:10] Inanna (mistressmagik): “are you suuuree”?
[14:10] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): grrrrr
[14:11] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): pffffft *giggles*
[14:11] LostSpirit001: “Perhaps we should head home now Mistress and sister.”
[14:11] Inanna (mistressmagik) nods and winks to Star, she walks by and brushes her side gently as she whispers “thank you very much, ill be back with your tings”
[14:11] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” also you should know corsial fish does more than this it also over time causes paralysis and respiratory failure its a leathal poison if concentrated ” she says ” im glad we can treat her in time”
[14:12] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): brrrrr
[14:12] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): we should go back too
[14:12] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): ” sis i will escort the Mistress back to the camp now ”
[14:12] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): or I die for cold
[14:12] Inanna (mistressmagik) returns back panting and overhearing the conversation. ” that is true, but the key word is if administered in such a dose” Drapes a thick sleen fur over Nikis shoulders and then hands over the weapons to Star
[14:12] LostSpirit001: “Ok sis, I will wait for my weapons and follow on.”
[14:12] Inanna (mistressmagik): nods
[14:12] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): ty Ina
[14:13] LostSpirit001: takes the weapons and slips them back into their sheaths
[14:13] Rin Misaka (lucywantsyou): safe paths huntresses
[14:13] Nikita Messmer Stonewood (liloo.galaxy): Take care Jesuil
[14:13] Inanna (mistressmagik) susurra: “may the goddess grant you safe travels!
[14:13] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): now let’s go back…
[14:13] LostSpirit001: “Safe paths to you both huntresses”
[14:13] Inanna (mistressmagik) shivers and smiles with a nod
[14:13] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): another work done properly today
[14:13] Inanna (mistressmagik): nods andsmiles
[14:14] Inanna (mistressmagik): you started this
[14:14] Inanna (mistressmagik): amazing stuff
14:14] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): not is only me
[14:14] Melody Butterfly Nu Vaugh (marianuvaughn): all of us help for save her



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