Tavern Hoppers have a show at The Old Soak in Zima A’kam

A good time was had in the old soak tavern in Zima A’kam
There was in world music using Gorean instruments and dancing by slaves and Free Women.

The group of Tavern Hoppers have 2 weekly events and bring life and people to your land.
This is details of the group

^^^^^^^^^ Musician of Gor/Tavern Hopper information^^^^^^^^^^^
Our HQ is now at:
The Twilight Zone
? ((Take the TP at landing to number 4))

To join put this in local and join secondlife

or just IM me Hayanah Reasident, the group is open to all.

We are always recruiting !!!

Musicians, Poets/Storytellers, Dancers ..By Dancers I mean FM, FW and slaves !!
Other Cultures of Gor …ie.. the Panthers, Mamba, Pani, Wagon,Red Savages are welcome. I am sure you can come up with some interesting dances or I know that some have great poems and stories to tell. Help share your unique cultures with the rest of Gor, entertainers are protected under Gorean Law, and its a good way for people to learn more about your culture *smiles

For the Tavern Hoppers we will only schedule two weeks in advance, first requested basis, this is to try to help make sure the Hop goes smoothly. (( Gives people time to cancel or change the event ))
The Tavern Hops are Musicians using in-world instruments, there are poem recited at times, and girls dancing to the music. Soon to be added FW Dancing. Its to encourage fun RP. (( Like with all my events if you feel the need to tip me, I ask you to please give it to a local charity of your choice))

For The Musician of Gor, I’ll be offerings shows at different times of the year.
I am starting up three Dance Troupes. We do the Events for Charities as always. ((this does not mean that people cannot tip you during a show or dance, its just that I donate mine to charities)) For the shows I will have Kiosks out.

Free Men-Bosksteaks and Sausages dance troupe ((Note this is a mainly oocish dance cause of the content *grins))
Free Women-Tor-Tu-Life ((Light upon Life)) dance troupe. (( Ic dance))
The kajirae/kajirus-Torvis-Tu-Life((Fire upon Life) dance troupe. (( ic dance)) this is not a competitive dance.
I am hoping when we plan the Dance shows we have all three Dance Troupes in it.
Also optional dance will be a Fire dance ((that is ooc))

The Dances where one or more of our Dance troupe members will perform, we will need at least 2 weeks to plan this, also these are be perform with my private stream or a Musician playing for us. Events these can be for are: Festivals, Fairs, FC Ceremonies..ect. *smiles

The Shows will be scheduled over a Month in advance. (( Note this Rule..if we are scheduled for a show that is part of a fair or festival, please make sure we are part of it as scheduled,not after the closing of it, fair warning I will cancel the group event))

**If you need to make changes IM me and I will be happy to work with you. I am strict with this rule, since I have people that commit their time to do the events with me and we do put time and effort into our events. I will also inform you in turn if any changed cause of RL needs to be made. **

So if you are interested in a Tavern Hop contact me or any of the Leads in the Group.

For the Dances..please contact me two weeks in advance of the event on your land event to give me time to see if we can perform for you.

For the Shows..Please contact me and its always first request bases!!! Note: this takes planning so I need about a Month advance notice.
Any land can put a notice in our group for entertainments events, Musician, Poets and Dancers
Group Members that are any of the above ..please be available for FC ceremonies, to be street performers at festivals..ect. (( its your RP so show your Talent !! ))
I updated the Website , if you are a Land that wants to support our event and group, I can put you up on the site. Contact me for info *smiles

Please be sure to check the calender for upcoming events.

we now have a Discord channel
https://discord.gg/3rX4X2 ((mainly use during shows or meetings ect. ))

In ending we are Recruiting !!! …so got Talent show it *grins

Thank you to my Leads and Troupe members for all their hard work !!

Hayanah Reasident / Bodi (BodicaPagan)


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