My vision on a panther tribe

true panther

As I do admire btb panthers, who wear a bow and a knife and small machete,  having  no slaves or thralls because they would only use their resources, for me GE (Gor evolved)  is more fun. Because of the raids and rescues  that evoke roleplay and  has all the elements of a btb panther tribe as well. Of course GE panthers should be dressed Gorean and act as described in the books by John Norman.

I am not crazy about thralls. Some are very good roleplayers, but most of them want to have only sex with a (dominant) woman and get easily bored.   Being a female slave in a panther camp is very hard because they tend to be ignored. So my vision is no slaves or thralls in a panther camp unless they have a mistress in the camp who takes care for him or her. Slave in Gor is a very  difficult role. Thralls and slaves that go out to hunt panthers is not Gorean to me. They should wear slave weapons.  When defending the camp they may wear full weapons.

A panther camp is not a sex  or BSDM spot. Of course sex is fine, but it should not be the main part of the activities. Gor is much more than sex and fighting.  Goreans value life and don’t kill, unless there is a valid Gorean reason. Also they do not rape and torture for fun.

Gor has changed in the past years. Most panthers who are long don’t want to join as a pledge anymore. For me experienced huntress should be able to be a full huntress right away. For people who are new to Gor or have little experience being a pledge is good as they can make mistakes and learn on the job.
A pledge/cub/tuva mother is a crucial role in a panther tribe. Also people who like to teach roleplay and combat are important. They keep not only the tribe alive, they keep also Gor alive.

OOC we are all equal but in a panther tribe everyone plays her role. IC there is a strict hierarchy. EN, SE-and Tor are the leaders who must be obeyed. In combat the First Bow is in charge and overrules every member. However in my vision the leaders serve the leaders serve the tribe, not the other way around.
There should be a feeling  that it is OUR tribe. Everyone should feel at home and contribute in a way. There are lots of things you can do in a panther tribe and it is fun to create and to contribute. Being part of a group is one of the best things in Gor.
No one is obliged to donate financially, but the camp rent has to be paid every month. If many donate it can be done easily is my experience. Being part of a group is one of the best things in Gor.

OOC harassment and cheating in combat is not acceptable and may lead to removal of the tribe. We are here for fun, not to make drama. All tribes need each other to play with. We have to see the bigger picture.

There is nothing wrong with stating limits in your profile and they should be respected. As I said before we are here for fun and some like to escape from RL which can be hard. Many players in Gor have serious health problems.  I encourage that tribe members  to have a 3 day cap limit in their profile and it is also wise to mention that you may not be taken to a btb sim where panthers cannot be rescued.

Dedication, sisterhood and loyalty are my keywords.

We are here to have fun together. No one should be left out, all sisters should be friends (OOC and IC) and part of the family and have the feeling: This is my home!

Mariko Marchant

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