Editorial Gazette of Gor #109

“I want to say this to you now matter what you have done your best in hard times watching you take the lead in times of pain and hurting , you have turned this into the right direction . Through your ways I am sure in time an answer will be there .”

This is one of the many IM’s i got when people heard I left my tribe Forest Moon.

Many ask me why I left. This answer is in short: I felt no sisterhood anymore. I don’t blame the members of Forest moon. I don’t blame myself. It is just how things go. Like in real life people can grow apart. I have had a good time in Forest Moon, I hope the tribe will be successful. I want to thank my dear sister Sav, who works so very hard for the tribe. She deserves a wonderful tribe.

Core values of the tribes I lead as an EN are dedication, loyalty and sisterhood. I feel that is getting less and less in many tribes. Every member should have the feeling: It is my tribe, my home and go for her tribe.

What I am going to do next, I don’t know. I intend to keep on working for the Gazette of Gor. And when people send me IM’s like this
” Don’t you dare get upset or give up…. we all need people like you Mari….xxxxx”
“Please don’t let this break your spirit Mari, you are one of the best things that ever happened to SL Gor”
I have the strength to carry on and I wish to be the last woman standing when Gor dies. But Gor is still alive. Some people come up with great initiatives like the The game of Red Rover (read below). Mind provoking stories are still made as you can read in this edition of the Gazette of Gor.
Happy reading!

Mariko Marchant

2 thoughts on “Editorial Gazette of Gor #109

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