RIP Chrissie Crimson

For our friend Chrissie Crimson who left us prematurely.

To all Pearls. friends of Pearls and people of Gor
It is with a sad heart that I share that our beloved Chrissie Crimson has passed away in RL.
She was the High Commander of the Pearls well known through out all of Gor as a woman of integrity and fair play. She loved each and every Pearl she was our mother, leader and mentor.
We are all in shock at this time and awaiting more information regarding her passing. Please give us time.
Our heart felt prayers and thoughts are with Jack and of course all Pearls and her friends in Gor who grieve her loss.

Miranda Crimson

In the Time of Remembrance and Love For Chrissie Crimson
we are holding a memorial service for all who wish to come pay their respects To a Lady that touched so many hearts and souls.

Memorial Service
August 25th, 2018
12 pm slt

Carrie (carrie.jestyr)

Below an interview I had with Chrissie October 2015

Black Pearl Mercs – The oldest GE Gorean Sim in Gor
Interview with Chrissie Crimson
By Mariko Marchant

• Mariko Marchant: Tal Chrissie, I trust that, it is your claim that you are THE oldest GE Gorean Sim in SL Gor. So then would you therefore kindly explain what the GE or Gor Evolved Culture is about.
– Chrissie Crimson: The GE culture strives to be as close to the books as possible. When the Pearls first were formed it was back in Old Aria, there was not btb vs ge, but it was just gor. Things have changed a great deal over the years. I hate to say not really in a good way. Ideally I would like to say that the difference is woman fighters and leaders being allowed in ge gor. But it has veered a long way from even that ideology. I know we try to be as close to the books as possible and try to play in the spirit of the Gorean sagas.

• Mariko Marchant: Why did you and your group see the necessity of forming such a variation from the mainstream Gorean theme?
– Chrissie Crimson: I think that depends on what your definition is of main stream gor. Mainstream btb or mainstream ge. I feel the pearls are a hybrid,. We have many of the old values of old gor., our difference with btb is female leaders and fighters. Ge gor Now are super forts and super groups more interested in stats than in the role play or interaction of people. I feel we have tried to keep the Pearls in the main flow of gorean philosophies.

• Mariko Marchant: Approximately how many GE groups/ sims are there to your knowledge, and do all GE share the same value system and beliefs as some standard rule ?
– Chrissie Crimson: I have no idea how many ge sims there are.. well at least 40 since there is a stat system and they list the top 40 but i am sure way more than that. Most will tell you that they do share the same value systems but i would disagree. many are not here for role play but here for th fight..We try to maintain a balance of battle vs the subsequent role play and encourge story lines.

• Mariko Marchant: In your opinion is GE more popular nowadays than Mainstream Gor or shall we say BTB Gor?
– Chrissie Crimson: Now that is a hard question to answer since I don’t interact too much with mainstream gor.. The reason I dont is mostly they show disdain for ge goreans and most especially if its a woman leader. I would always welcome role play with btb but again it gets back to a females role in the cast system . I can not fight in btb although i could lead as an ubara or tatrix.
I imgine that if gor were a real place and we were bought up as gorean in philosophies and beliefs the conceptions that are put forth in mainstream gor would be as natural to our lifestyle choices as we are with earth choices.
• Mariko Marchant: I see less panther and taluna camps today. How is that with outlaws?
– Chrissie Crimson; The Pearls are a mercenary group and we are for hire.Just thought i would throw that out there It seems the panthers and talunas now have gone back more to traditional roles, they keep to themselves. And I would suppose more to the spirit of the books. There was a time when they were forming big alliances and this did help the stats of their sims.but tended to annoy a lot of ge members. Now there are still men who like to hunt panthers and still do. But many don’t want anything to do with panthers or talunas and in my opinion it has to do with the big raid groups alliances they use to have.

• Mariko Marchant: How many members do you have? Is it less or more than the past years?
– Chrissie Crimso”: We have 150+ members now but don’t ask how many active. And it is more than we use to have. But this is a problem all groups have people join all excited gun ho .. and then poof they move on or out or back to their real lives

• Mariko Marchant: I see you have many one line emotes. Is roleplay less important than fighting for you?
– Chrissie Crimson: Roleplay is way more important , if you were reading our rules. They also say that emotes over ride the meter. If I emoted binding you then you are bound. even if the bubble is not clicked. Role play is way more important, but we change with the times to survive and hope to show an example to new generation goreans of the right ways to bring role play into their sl experience.

• Mariko Marchant: Do you raid often? Are there many rescues?
– Chrissie Crimson: We raid but not as often as other groups and rescue when needed. We will also helps friends on rescues… after all we are mercs..

• Mariko Marchant: Can you tell me about the design of your camp? I think for instance the maze is a brilliant idea. – Chrissie Crimson: When you are loosing you can get in there and if the enemy follows you..they get lost and defeated in the end.
The design of our camp was not my design but my partners, jack, and we get defeated in there as well.. nothing is totally assured a win, It was meant to be something different. Yes its a challenge, but who wants a shallow win. I think I should make tee shirts that say “i SURVIVE THE PEARL MAZE” just kidding of course, You know every sim, every group has their spot. they call a kill room or a maze. Ii fact i think mazes are getting to be pretty popular.

• Mariko Marchant: Is there a strong hierarchy in your camp? Do you have often issues with (new) members?
– Chrissie Crimson: I would not call it a hierarchy because I think of us as more a family here than just a group. We have a strong bond with each other, I have pearls here that have been with us since. Well if not the beginning.. close to the beginning. This is better than a hierarchy. This culture may not work for some people .. but for others it does but i think it is the secret to our longevity.

• Mariko Marchant: What kind of ppl you you like to join your tribe?
– Chrissie Crimson: We don’t have a type here. We have had everything from mambas, to ex panthers, there is no type. We always welcome people new to gor to learn, We were all new at one time..

• Mariko Marchant: What do you think makes the Black Pearls a Unique group that makes it attractive for others to join
– Chrissie Crimson: See above answers.. We are like a family. I think we generally care about each other, which is why I have people with me since the beginning, we also don’t distinguish by lifestyles, nationally ethnicity or religious affiliation, everyone is made to feel welcome here.

Thank you Chrissie for this interview.


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