Panther story 1 – Slaughter at Mirkwood – Gazette of Gor
Gazette of Gor

Panther story 1 – Slaughter at Mirkwood


As the caravan is stopping by in Mirkwood .. the guard stands looking at the trees , The Captain knows that this forest has what they call panthers in it , he smirks and chuckles at the idea , women with furs hunting in the dark , 5 years ago , no … 8 years ago no one dared to go near these forest as the panthers would have attacked and annahiliated everyone steps inside , leaving their meat to the beasts of the forest stealing everything . However, everything has changed now , these puny tree sluts dont have their glory of the past anymore.

His sarcastic face changes , something has caught his ears , the rear of the caravan is being pentrated by a cart , scattering the other guards around , he orderes his men to shoot their arrows at the cart ” FIRE” , 20 arrows hit its marks , as the cart continues and crashes into one of the trees , The Soldiers gathered laughing ” You brought it upon yourself ”

There were 40 soldiers protecting this caravan , the captain leader smirks and has a calm smile … his eyes open wide as he hears the screams , the scream of his soldiers … arrows coming from the trees attacking the soldiers slaughtering them … 8 figures coming out from the trees , and 13 soldiers infront of them , the soldiers scream ” Step no further !!! … if you want your lives to be spared !!! ” one of the soldiers asks the others ” Say , they look like the ones that are called panthers ” the panthers smirk and attack viciously aiming to the men’s throats with their knives and daggers , swiftly as a pride of larls attacking their tabuks preys.

The soldiers that has their arrows look at the scene behind them , with terror on their faces , they step backwards while shooting their arrows from cross bows , but as they say , fear gives a man wings , they flee to the opposite directon screaming … a hand in the dark pulls a rope the soldier look at the hill watching rolling woods rushing toward them … bones crack and the forest is back to silence , while the En and her Se oversee the slaughter from the hill. the en closes her eyes and says calmly ” Moon Goddess , can you hear us , this is our requiem to you” …

Branca Coba