Interview with a new slave in Gor: Lips


After the interview with huntress Vanessa I asked to interview a very new slave in Gor: Lips

——————————————————————————————————————————————bodi (bodicapagan): it is ok i like to ask about people
Lips (srj2018): i know mistress, : but still i feel im not good enough for an interview

bodi (bodicapagan): what if you let me decide?
Lips (srj2018): As you wish Mistress

bodi (bodicapagan): it be interesting for people to meet a new slave.
Lips (srj2018): Im just a slave.

bodi (bodicapagan): have you time.
Lips (srj2018): you know better.

bodi (bodicapagan): lips thank you for allowing me to interview you.
Lips (srj2018): Its my pleasure.

bodi (bodicapagan): i understand you are very new to Gor.
Lips (srj2018): yes Mistress.

bodi (bodicapagan): when you came to Gor what did you hear about it , and why did you decided to come here ?
Lips (srj2018): Well In sl my goal was to fulfill the unsatisfied portion of my rl that is i wanted to be submissive here in sl and i get to this place called BDSM mansion where mistress goddyva found me, she told me that she can manage someone to take me as slave and then she introduced me to the Gor, I had never heard of it before than, than she brought me here and sold me to Mistress Ava (my current owner).

Lips (srj2018): Still I dont know much about Gor.

bodi (bodicapagan): so you wanted to be a slave first, and found out about gor after, so now you are here how do you feel about Gor , and have you learn much about the life in Gor?
Lips (srj2018): Yes I was acting like a submissive and then came to know about Gor. Being here is good, life at Gor (according to me ) is about having good rp, learning practices like capturing was quiet new experience (no one does that on earth).

bodi (bodicapagan): Have you thought about reading the books about Gor ? John Norman books.
Lips (srj2018): Yes I have started one of it, “Explorers of Gor”, it was actually part of my course at Gorean Campus (Im registered in Kajiri Foundation program there).

bodi (bodicapagan): So you found out about teaching for slaves , did you find it your self or did some one tell you about it ?
Lips (srj2018): Since I was new to Gor knowing nothing how things are being done here and all so My Mistress (AvaDelaney) suggested me to take training program from somewhere and therefore I went looking for it and found Gorean Campus and its KF Course

Lips (srj2018): Also I find people at gor are really helpful  and they always help me learn things one way or the other): (some are not)

bodi (bodicapagan): I have to say from the first I met you a few weeks ago , till now I have seen a very good improvement in your skills as a kajira, and from then till now you have learnt some serves , and you act very like a kajira, I am impressed, do you think you will stay in Gor ?
Lips (srj2018): “Thank You so Much for the evaluation Mistress” Yes definitely I have made my mind to stay in Gor. Yet there are things that I don’t get in Gor and therefore I need to got to other places to satisfy them : Because Gor is a heavy roleplay thing : and sometimes I just miss the action part.

bodi (bodicapagan): May i ask what that is or shall I leave out of interview?
Lips (srj2018): Yes you may ask its nothing so important.  See I am playing a kajira so I need to do things that a kajira does but outside gor its not like that I can have quick sex without rp just actions like that you know): I can have that in Gor too : but Gor as it seems to me is quite serious

bodi (bodicapagan): Nods you can but IC as a kajira, there are plenty of characters who would , but it has to have a story line.
Lips (srj2018): Yes, the story line part is what I am talking about, in Gor you have to build a plot before having some action: Its good but not for an always thing): Still its Good to be here ): and I spent most of my sl time in Gor only.

bodi (bodicapagan): Some people do not want to have a plot , I for one need a plot (( that is why i was frosty with you when we first met )).
Lips (srj2018): Yes Mistress Thats true,  Even I want to build a good story line before starting things ): “A good RP is Must”. ): Thats what I believe.

bodi (bodicapagan): I am so happy that you have come to Gor, and that you are learning about it, it makes me happy that new people come , and want to learn and be here.
Lips (srj2018): Thank you Mistress): Its all because of the people at Gor : Nice People to be around with.

bodi (bodicapagan): is there any thing you want to ask or want to say about being new in Gor. Thank you from the people of Gor.
Lips (srj2018): Well I must say that Coming to Gor is altogether a completely different experience for me, its a good adventure to be part of (still continuing) and lots to learn (Improving my vocab is Bonus) Thats it from me
Thank you Mistress Bodi): and Thank you the people of Gor.

bodi (bodicapagan): Thank you for interview are you happy for me to send to be published.
Lips (srj2018): Yes Mistress as you may think fit): I am this cute slave i don’t mind laughs ): you can do whatever with me.

bodi (bodicapagan): you sure are girl 🙂 be careful of what you wish for. *winks

I enjoyed interviewing lips as she gave a honest opinion of Gor and how new people see it, it was good to hear how other see us.

Please let me know what you think

Lips is serving at the Elation Tavern (
Gorean Campus:

Bodi (bodicapagan)


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