Combat Training Basics

Combat Training Basics – Guide By Trinity


1. Weapons
2. Gestures
3. Animation Overrides
4. Contact sets
5. Hitboxes – Name’s

1. Weapons

There are two main factors you need to take into account when looking to get a set of weapons.

First is the thing that we all worry about, is it pleasing to the eye, does it look good too you. most people will tell you that this is not important, that the stats of the bow are more important that how good it looks. but lets be real here we are all just a little vain and put a lot of time and effort into our avatars that we dont want to have to try and hide an ugly weapon.

The Second factor is quality, does it work well in lag, does it match GM standards, is it reliable. there are many good looking bows out their that just will not work under some lag so although the first factor is important you have to make sure it fits both factors.

Once you have decided on were to shop to meet both these factors you next need to look at what weapons you need, melee, long ranged and short ranged.

Melee –

There is a lot of choices to make when it comes to melee and different weapons that will have different reaches and speeds of attack.

For those who want to see the full stats – there is a document GM standards

The main thing to think about with this is speed over reach, you will find more than not that using a spear or other longer reach weapons are to no affect as most people will get in close to melee.

Personal recommendation, Swords, Axes, Maces or Klaive – LR weapons and Equinox & Aegis

Long Ranged –

You have three choices here and there is no real difference between the three apart from cosmetics and that is Bow, Cross bow and boomerang (( i believe also EQ have some long ranged cookies but dont take my word on that ))

the main ones you will be looking at though is bows and crossbows, again for those whom want to see full stats check the GM Standards NC, and this again works on the same princeable as melee weapons, however there is not different ranges and speeds to bows, all bows will have the same range and close to same firing speed.

with this you want to ask experienced users which bows they recommend and dont just ask one or two people, you will want a good range of opinions to help you decide.

Personal recommendation : VF Weapons

Short Ranged –

These are everything from your blowdarts to your rocks, these are not just for slaves !

Though this is not a must have weapon it is highly recommended that you get one of these, they can only hit upto 30M away so you will have to practice with them and get use to using them however they fire at a much faster rate than arrows and you will find more times than not you will be able to take a person down with your blowdart that is chasing you.

Personal recommendation : LR weapons

As a Side note with Weapons, you should all know by now that Primus has now closed for good, this means that soon the Primus weapons are outdated and are banned from most sim’s.



Gestures though one of the easiest things to set up also tend to be the one thing most struggle with, with most all weapons you buy you will get a set of gestures, you will want to edit this gestures right away to check that they have everything you need in them.

Your gestures must contain atleast /1 drawsheath (weapon type)

This is the basic way to set up your gestures and how most will already come. however there is another way.

Personal recommendation – /1 draw (weapon type) will be your main gesture for each weapon, after this you will make another guesture from scratch that will have:
/1 sheath sword
/1 sheath axe
/1 sheath klaive
/1 sheath bow
/1 sheath blowdart
/1 sheath shield
and so on till you have every option that you may end up using, the reasoning behind this is so you do not draw and sheath with the same click of a button, this can happen in lag or when you do not notice the weapon already drawn.


3. Animation Overrides

This is one of the most important things than most people do not know about. But first we are going to start with the Don’ts.

Do not have anything in your AO that causes you to move faster ( like the PFC beast AO) this also includes any swim HUDs you have, if it is not swiming at a reasonable speed dont use it, you will get banned.

Now that is out of the way, any standard AO should be fine i recommend a run animation that lowers your size by eye sight, this would be any that has you lent forward when running, as for those not using hitboxes this makes you a smaller target.

Landing and jumping animations, these should be turned off via your firestorm viewer like so – Avatar – Preferences – Move & View – Movement – Disable waiting for pre-jump and landing animations. (Ticked)

most will now be asking what this does and why it is so important, this means that when you jump from the cliff there is no longer an animation so you no longer stop on the spot and wait for your avatar to do it’s thing, you are no long a sitting target when you land. you just keep moving.


4. Contact sets

This is absolutely vital, Everyone should have their contact sets set up.

Firestorm viewer – above your Nearby Chat you will see Contacts, third option in this tab you will see Contact sets. Once here you are ready to set up your Sets. To start with we will just do the one for your own Tribe, on the right side next to the add… button you will see some Cog’s and plus sign and a bin. Click the plus sign to make your new contact set, this will bring up a box asking you to name the set ((example: Pasheens)) Once named you will now see that contact set on the drop down bar, if you want you can set up contact sets for other tribes you interact with alot.

Now we want to click the Cog’s this will bring up the options for the contact set, Online notifications you will want set as Show online notices for all friends in nearby chat and show online notices for certain sets in nearby chat, Ticked.
Custom Colours – you want to tick :-
Colour mini map icon based on their contact set
Colour name tag based on their contact set
Colour radar list entry based on their contact set

Once these are all ticked you can set a colour for your Set, you should leave the default set colour as gray, just below the name you will see another colour box you can pick any colour you wish ( just not yellow or green )

Now your Contact set is ready to go you need to add people to it, Open the tribe window ( Example : Sa’Pasheen Panthers Group ) go to Members & Roles – Members, click the top name and holding shift click the bottom name, this should highlight everyone in the group, right click and click Add to set. This will give you the choice of which set to add them too. Now all pasheens on your mini map nearby tab and hitboxes will be your colour of choice,


5. Hitboxes – Name’s

This is absolutely vital, Everyone should have their Hitboxes turned on

This one is simple – Advanced – Show developer Menu – Developer – render metadata – Avatar Hitboxes

You will have to turn this on every day as it will not be on when you log in, though you can turn it off and on with great easy, this will now be your target you do not aim for an avatar you aim for it’s hitbox, and as long as you have Step four completed you will be able to tell your sisters apart from everyone else.

Names was actually suggested to me by Eve so everyone give her a pat on the back – she also said to give breezy a pat on the back as it was her whom taught it

– Avatar – Preferences – User interface – Floating text fade distance (in m)
– Avatar – Preferences – User interface – Floating text fade range (in m)

You will want both of these turned up to full ( slide bar to right ) this will allow you to see names of targets but most importantly the health of your target.

This means no more letting low hp people run and bandage !

Ƭяιηιту (nauadah)


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