Advanced Raiding & Combat Class: Bow settings

Ragnar (pavell.clowes) and me enjoy giving combat lessons at the Gorean Campus. The Gorean Campus is a great place for all Goreans to increase their knowledge about Gor.

In the past I made some Videos about The Gorean Campus.

A tour at the Gorean Campus
A walk at the Gorean Zoo
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Advanced Raiding & Combat Class #4: Bow settings by Ragnar (pavell.clowes)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Tal to everyone

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): I want to welcome all here and at the same time I want to apologize all for the previous week – due mine rl work i can not to be here.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Let’s go start.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Who can to tell me the differences between bow-like and the sword-like weapons?

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Ann?

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Dont be shy.. laughs

Ann-Belle O’Hara (annbelleohara): Bows can cause splash but even then don’t do as widely damage? They are weaker in damage but distance is *HUGE*.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): not just

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): the basics diferent is, that bow-like weapons rezzing bullets

Ann-Belle O’Hara (annbelleohara): Didn’t have time to type more and you were clearly impatient already.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): but sword like weapons working like simple radars and sending just messages on the GM channel

[Ragnar (pavell.clowes): eheh

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Ok. I would like to talk about the bow-like weapons setting, which are much important for the accurate combat.

ĭńńų Bℓąƈҡɓųŗŋ (jinny.enyo): Tal

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): hi Jinny

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The first picture show you the differences between short and long arrows.

01 - short-long arrows

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The long arrows don’t accept SL physics = they are flying in a straight line and the delay between shots is 0.90 sec.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The short arrows follow the SL physics -this mean, that they flying in the curve. That curve depending at the settings of the bow. The delay between shoots is 0.7-0.8 sec.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The first settings for the short arrows is called ARC and the legal values is from the -100 to +50. Is a good idea prepare 2-3 different settings (for a flat place, for the terrain, etc)

Ann-Belle O’Hara (annbelleohara): @

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): We will now speaking about the AIM (vertical correction)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Aim (vertical height correction) modifies the starting point of the arrows.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The legal values is from -0.20 to +0.30.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The aim is measured from the center of your crosshair, the point where you aim, so the aim value is an offset, a relative value.

02 - AIM (vertical correction)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): As you can to see on the picture, this is very important for fighting on the terrain or when you need shooting across the barriers

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): is it understable for everyone? If not, then feel free stop me and ask me

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): raises hand

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): yes, Sav

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): you mentioned that you use three different heights, how do you switch so quickly to the offset for the shooting

Ann-Belle O’Hara (annbelleohara) raises her hand.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): well – most of the bows have feature which is called memory (memo, mem, etc)

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): remember i have almost 10 years of catching your arrows

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): when you find some settings, which suit to you, you can save the settings in the memory and then you can switching between them by one short command in the gesture

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): nods

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The third important settings is a FORWARD AIM (forward correction).

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): You can change the forward rezzing point of your arrow: this is the forward distance from your avatar. This feature allows you to adjust the arrow for close combat (small values) or large combat (hight values).

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The legal values is from 0.0 to 0.5 meters.

03 - FORWARD AIM (forward correction)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): When you look at the picture, you can to see there a “legal cheat” , which is often used. Thanks this settings some fighters can shooting across barrier (walls, etc) and is impossible hit them.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Please, check this picture. It’s real picture from one fort. As you can see there, the red prims is invis prims which working like barriers, so is almost impossible hit the defenders there. But they can hit the attackers, due the “forward aim” settings.

04 - FORWARD AIM (forward correction)

[Ragnar (pavell.clowes): ((Maybe Sav recognise the picture – it is from the raid against the French outlaws group)

Agent Ronin (agentronin): @

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): yes i do

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): This image shows a top view on the fighter. He / she shoot one arrow and then turned 90 degrees to the right.

05 - FORWARD AIM (forward correction)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Please, look at the black quarter of a circle and compare them.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The first man (the blue arrows) have much shorter way (so is faster) as the second man (red arrows).

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Imagine now (is not a part of this picture), that you are clicking (by the mouse) in the same rythm and do the rotation in the same time. The delays between shoot is, as i said to you, 0.7 sec. When you combine this informations, you can see, that the red man will be shoot in a half of the black quarter of a circle.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The differences will be really big (depending too at the distances)


Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Another setting for the short arrows is called a ARROW SPEED.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The legal values for the short arrows is from 20 to 60.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): I not recommend playing with this setting unless you have a serious reason to do it.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The last, but very important setting about which I want to talk today is called TRIGGER

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): The trigger controls the anticipation of the click for the next shot, and allows a soft, regular and fast shot.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Imagine this – you clicking fast, but the delay between the shoots is 0.7-0.8 sec. When you disable this feature, then the shoots, which you made in the time, when the bow waiting due the legal delay will be lost.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): This is, what’s controlling the TRIGGER setting.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): For this settings don’t exists any universal instructions – you have to try it out.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): I will answer to the Sav question again and show to all the settings, which i am using

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): memo1: range=normal: arc=-100: aim=0.20: dynposition=Off: speed=60: forward aim=0.5

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): memo2: range=normal: arc=0: aim=0.15: dynposition=Off: speed=60: forward aim=0.2

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): memo3: range=normal: arc=50: aim=0.00: dynposition=Off: speed=60: forward aim=0.5

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): for all of them i am using trigger high

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Lets go have a discussion about the todays lesson

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Does anyone have any questions?

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): are these settings bow dependent or is this the general rule for all bows

Mιηту (mint.knipper): none here, Master

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): the settings depending always of the situation

Agent Ronin (agentronin): @

Ĵĭńńų Bℓąƈҡɓųŗŋ (jinny.enyo): short

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): example – that mine first setting is for very hard terrain or when i must shooting down from the top (the lockpicker before the gate – as example)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): the second is fro normal fighting on the terrain

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): and the third is for a flat places or for shooting at distance (30-60 meters)

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): some another questions?

Agent Ronin (agentronin): A weapons maker told that actual rezzing point is one meter in addtion to the 0.0 to 0.5 meter setting. So when you command 0.5 meters you actually get it rezzing at 1.5 meters.

Mιηту (mint.knipper): no questions here, Master.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): yes

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): you have true

Agent Ronin (agentronin): I would like to comment that the weapon specifications are given in notecards that are included in the GM Meter’s delivery folder. The distance and timing specifications are in the notecard “GM Weapon Guide Line v4.x”. The damage specifications are in the notecard “GM 4.x Developers Guide”.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): yes, thank to you

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): here can be (and i am sure, that will be) a problem – due the GM and zCS users. But i not look at the zCS specifikations yet

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Thank you all for your attention and look forward to our the next time lesson.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): Thank to Minty too – she will prepare log and include there the pictures, which you saw here today

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): will she be sending to attendees?

Cassi (soldottern): Thank you for this class, Master. *smiles*

Ann-Belle O’Hara (annbelleohara): Thank you.

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.

Agent Ronin (agentronin): There is a bow setting I understood. This is the dynamic correction. I tried it and could not see the difference it made. Do you know what this is?

Mιηту (mint.knipper): thank you so much Master. If anyone would like the class notes, please message me.

Ragnar (pavell.clowes): the dynamic correction is for the users, which is very laggy. but for the dirrect only fighting is better dissable this feature

Published with permission of the instructor Ragnar (pavell.clowes) and Gorean Campus Krista (krista1k). 

<<< In accordance with International copyright law & Linden TOS, this lesson is © Copyright 2018 by Gorean Campus and / or the Instructor.

All quoted material remains the property of the original author. All new content, and the arrangement of this original work, is all rights reserved.

This copy of the lesson, is for sole use of class students, and may NOT be further distributed without the explicit permission of Gorean Campus & the author >>>








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