Cattica Outlaws

I have been to visit a new panther friendly city in Gor called Cattica i called the leader
Julie Beowulf

bodi (bodicapagan): hello mariko asked me to call about inteview

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): yes thank you:) well we can do after i do this raid if you want): i raid turia now
bodi (bodicapagan): sure can you send me lm so i can visit
I then went to look round the land

after landing at the dock, there is a free guide to raiding. after leaving the dock , there is a bridge that takes you to a tavern , with a second bridge you come to very big gates, my sister and I lock pick the gate and walked round the city.
bodi (bodicapagan): just came to look round

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): np 🙂 yes that’s fine
bodi (bodicapagan): will you give me back ground to your city, ): i write as i go i not have set questions

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): no worries ): after i made a raiding guide, which i now have on my docks and its perfected: also my vision of this group of being raiding sim that is panther friendly, which is rare. also how my sim and guide helps gor

bodi (bodicapagan): can you describe the catticca outlaws group is it male / female both ,
Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): i don’t understand. we allow anyone to join : to be any other way is stupid, and of low intelligence

bodi (bodicapagan): is your city Gor and is it btb or GE
Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): GE/SEG, well i call it GE as we do have roleplay here but it’s more for raiding here we raid a lot

bodi (bodicapagan): so do you go out to raid and welcome raids from others

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): yes usually we are going out to raids and i myself will take a cap or sometimes another member will and we get them to come to our sim. usually i’ll stand around for 20 minutes and we spar or somethign to see if a group wants to come if not then we go get a cap to roleplay to get a incoming raid back.
bodi (bodicapagan): did you build the city or did you have it built , i have been and it is well built

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): thank you 🙂 yes i built it all myself it took about 2 weeks and it was very frustrating and exhausting, the tunnels about did me in. i was going to hire a builder but i would of gotten too frustrated and i wanted exactly what i saw in my mind so i had to just do it myself. luckily i have tried to be successful raising my own group a few times before so i had some good experience in sim building which is why i think it turned out so well

bodi (bodicapagan): i did walk round the gate is very big but only takes 1 min to lock pick, did you want it easy or hard for raiders to come and fight and get in,

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): yes 7 doors 1 minute each we don’t spend more than 5 minutes in our fishbowl . i do this in hopes it will inspire other sims to weaken their fish bowls as many of them are unfair for raiders.

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): first stage is easy, to be fun for all, the other 2 stages maze and kill room are maybe equal i don’t know. but they are very fair and the maze room is just lanes but they have bandage rooms on each side, and the last stand room well its a lot of fun and sometimes triggers open fights . some people have told me it reminded them of their older days in gor where it was more open fights

bodi (bodicapagan): so fighting is important for you do you role play too

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): yes i roleplay a lot everyday as i am usually the only one who takes caps, also sometimes we do some local rp with just our members as well as we wait for raids or just killing time. i love both roleplay and fighting but i will be honest we are fighting more than we are para rping and having a lot of fun.

bodi (bodicapagan): i see you welcome panther groups , do you see them coming to fight your city or just other merc / out laws groups

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): well the sim is only a week old so only seen a few panthers, one good bow named soph 1st bow of zima has come and helps defend sometimes, and some others have come. the reason i make it known on my docks and everywhere else to allow panther is that i think some raiding sims are not as panther friendly. but i want to branch out and have fun rp and raids with panther tribes as well. i used to be a panther myself and it was a lot of fun. also panthers are welcome to come here in panther outfits and use their bows to help on raids and rescues of other groups. i hope some panther tribes come to raid my sim and if they come 1:1 ratio we will do fun open fights in the forest

bodi (bodicapagan): can you tell me about your character who is she, was she born free in gor, was she slave, can you you tell me a little bit of your personal history, of your character and what led you to this land, IC background. does she have family or slaves , is she the leader

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): some say she ascended from the heavens above and is a goddess, otherwise unknown, yes she has family her mother is
ℙeneloℙe ƊҽʅⱤαץ (kourouta) her sister is Ťιgℜèşş ĂгgÓus (tigress1974) her daughters are phaedra and ƈʜᴇу Ϯ Ƭʀυєѕнσт (cheyenne.carissa) and she has 2 slaves Fa Beowulf (ethelfaux) and Bαвyloɴ (babylust) and she is the high commander and has two backup raid leaders Alina Heslop and Kaprize.

Julie Beowulf of Catticca (oceanstarmonika): There are two reasons why I made this group. The first one was because I was hurt over being kicked out of a main group and a friends group of two groups I enjoyed and respected a lot. The second, that I have a vision that can help Gor. I have wrote a guide and made a music video to try and attract more players to Gor that have never heard of it before. And now I provide a sim to bring more players and traffic to Gor’s dying population. Ok well I guess if there is a third reason it’s that I am tired of all the bullshit that goes on in raids and now I have created an example of a fair build that has very minimal drama. So far I have many weak fighters but they are great and nice people and I wouldn’t have it any other way but it proves that you can have fun and still have a fun and fair build that is not so ridiculous as some of the builds I have seen in the past and present. I care about my members and care about keeping drama out of my group and I think that is one thing that sets me apart from many groups where I have been in them all and see drama everywhere. I don’t tolerate drama. People who make drama get kicked out, period. We have fun here and raid and roleplay, the way gor should be, the way that I never got to experience it as I am not from old gor I have only been around the past 2 years on and off. Anyway that’s all and thank you for the interview.

bodi (bodicapagan): hello i am writing article about catticcca can you tell me why you join, and how it is here for you

亗 ℜαđίαnсҽ (kaprize): I want to support Julia. There are different opinions about her, but she is one of those few who brings into play many colors

bodi (bodicapagan): thank you

Bodi (bodicapagan)








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