About merging of tribes

How do tribes merge in these difficult times in SL Gor and survive

I have been a founding member of the Shekinah Arani Tribe (SA) for over a year, it came about as the old tribe I was in foundered, it was made up of 6 core members, the En, Se Tor, Slaver , Elder, Tavern Keeper, and the sim owner.

We had a successful year adding new people , including a First Bow, we had many changes the Se left under a difficult situation, the Tor was made a Se, the Elder was made a Tor. the Slaver has not been for a long time and may have left SL. we had a new slaver, a new cub mother.

We have had huntresses come and go, and we had slaves come and go but we had a core of about 6-7 members, The EN said it was coming to a point when the tribe may not have been able to survive, and needed to merge with another tribe to continue.

The En spoke to another tribe Forest Moon (FM) it was discussed briefly with the members, and discussed with the En of FM who then discussed with her tribe members.

the 2 ENs, met to discuss the merger and over 1 meeting along with the Tor of SA and a Huntress of FM the detail was made that the merge would go ahead, it was agreed that the FM tribe would move to elation land and move into the SA camp. it was agreed that the name of the new tribe would be FM.
There would be 2 ENs one from each tribe, 1 Se from FM tribe 1 Tor from SA tribe, this seemed a simple thing and it was arranged that FM would move in to the camp in one month time.
However with the excitement of the merge, the FM tribe moved in within days. At first it seemed a good idea and I was happy it was going well, I was very busy, arranging the huts for the new people, meeting them, making friends with them.

I liked the people from FM I like the EN I like the Huntress, and slaves, and have made friends with them, I have had RP with them, and been in battle with them.

I have never been in a split or a merge of a tribe before, and this was then very new to me, I had no experience of this, so I was very Naive about the whole process, and went in to it blind.
I spoke to a Huntress who made a big merge with her tribe and a separate tribe and had a successful merge, how she did it. this is what she said.

Robin Dancer

We started out by keeping the tribes separate, but the ens of each tribe became the ens of both tribes. So for about a month or two, I was En of the Valkyrie and En of the Torva. I had to be careful to be fair. So if someone wanted to join I would ask what tribe they came to join and join them to that one. If they did not know, I would join them to the tribe of the sister that brought them to me. So if a Valk brought a cub they would be Valk, if a Torva brought a cub, they would be Torva. After about a month or two members of each tribe got use to being one tribe. We created a Valkyrie Torva group so members of both groups could chat ooc. After a month or two when both tribes seemed use to the idea, we merged them into one.


I looked at mergers and how to have a successful one this is what I found.

Mergers play a significant role in the survival of tribes Often, tribes view the merger itself as the end-game, thinking that once this has happened all will be ok.
Each tribe merger starts good, has a transition period with issues and uncertainty, and in the end, resulted in a better tribe . It was always the “transition” period that is the most challenging and results in the greatest cost on multiple levels.
Mergers often create winners and losers at both the leadership and huntress levels. One culture unseats another. One Huntress outweighs another. Power struggles prevail. And while decisions are made from above, the tribe can sit in limbo, slowly becoming disengaged from its focus.
Look at any successful tribe merge and you will always find a discussion around creating identities and a common vision for the Tribe. However, these pieces of the process are often not handled as clearly and collaboratively as is needed for a tribe merger to occur.

Most mergers focus on the financial integration and successes, which is operationally essential and key to creating a basis for the success. but little attention is paid to the human factors. By the time the “soft” factors are addressed and people are involved on a broader scale, many huntress have either left the new tribe or become emotionally disengage. The symptoms of disengagement – alienation or loss of identity with a tribe result in the following outcomes.

⦁ People don’t know where they are going to end up or how they will contribute.
⦁ Members feel that their security and future are threatened. They no longer feel a vital part of the tribe.
⦁ Morale plummets.
⦁ Battle lines are drawn. An “us vs. them” stance emerges where cultural, differences are magnified and feared.
⦁ Personal value is lost or at least undermined. The dominant question in most peoples’ minds is: Where do I fit?

If you are thinking of a merger, get to know the tribe, and the members, from the inside out. Don’t jump into things without fully talking to the individuals, Talk to the tribe members, The attitude of the members will provide a much clearer picture of the tribe and the En as a leader
The single most important factor for post-merger success and long-term sustainability of a new tribe, is the involvement and integration of members from both of the old tribes, from the start to create a common

New Identity around a Shared Vision.


I asked the members how they were feeling about the merge 1 month on

Xii Zaurak: we share camp.
bodi (bodicapagan): ok.
Xii Zaurak: but…. im not there a lot , so maybe i see it in my own way.
bodi (bodicapagan): is fine.

Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): ok since your asking our opinion on the merger what is your opinion.
bodi (bodicapagan): mine changes, : some days it feels good
: that it is working, : others i feel left out. : i think it depend who is here.
Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): i have those days too, i felt bad about missing your rescue, i really wanted to be part of it.
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles it is fine.
Sav (1ladysavage.ansar): and i feel like an outsider at times too, best sometimes just to stand and listen.

shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge): so lets start with my only moan , as a group we all stil wait for other to start activity. On the good side i think we all interact well and things are good that way. And i think some how having to en s etc has made the the hole structure feel flater less of a top down arrangement.
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge): i like all my new sisters and i think they are all good people who i trust and enjoy being with all having a good sense of humor and i think its left more room for those who want to pew pew and those who want to rp.
bodi (bodicapagan): thank you shaa thats very useful.
shą́ą́ʼ (freyaattheedge): the only thing i would change is to get those who want to rp to start more of the activity

bodi (bodicapagan): how do you think the merge going, im writing article for the Gazette.
jJenifer Violet: good so far.
bodi (bodicapagan): thanks

TaraTori: (The merge? it’s alright, i suppose. I was locked out of camp as i wasn’t given the Forest Moon group. I returned home and stood outside the gate for a while before Sav finally gave me an invite. I know i’m not online much but I still don’t see people, really. Which is fine, i’m usually a loner anyways, but being locked out without much warning or anything else was a bit of a turn off.

Bodi (bodicapagan)




3 thoughts on “About merging of tribes

  1. Do mergers work? Perhaps if they are done gradually as described over a period of time. In this case..no. If we had met more of FM before the merger and got to know them it might have worked. However as it worked out, I was at the ONE meeting when the merger was discussed (I am the Tavern Keeper bodi referred to) and it seemed most had already been agreed before I arrived. The next thing I know we have a camp full of strangers whose tribe name and flag we will be assuming …err..no..that’s not how it’s meant to go.

    Tavern Keeper & Last of the Shekinah


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