Hiding the captive

bodi (bodicapagan) shouts: HELP ME, im locked in a cage help me
Ava Delaney (avadelaney) shouts: Bodi? Is that you?
cupcake (sarah.schonberg) shouts: “shhh please…. hush up… we are enjoying the scenery”
bodi (bodicapagan) shouts: YESSSSS: help me , im tied up in a cell: go get the tribe to help
Ava Delaney (avadelaney) shouts: I’ll fetch help for you
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) races in and she kneels “Greetings Huntress, girl will be arranging for some exercise for Huntress… fresh air and stuff”
bodi (bodicapagan) looks down after shouting , for help fresh air , are you letting me go
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) stands and she takes out a leash….she smiles politely “girl isn’t allowed to say Huntress”
bodi (bodicapagan): are you releasing me !!
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) reaches through the bars and she attaches the leash to the wrist binds and she ties the other end to the cage bars sarah Schonberg takes BodicaPagan Resident’s leash! ~ goes to the cage door and she opens the cage
Cell Door Lever actioned by sarah Schonberg ⴿ 17
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): “perhaps Huntress wud care to follow me”
after draging bodi along they come to a river
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): we will jump to the mossy grass below
bodi (bodicapagan): where are you taking me ?
sarah drags bodi in to a a canoe , and sail her round the island to a little place hidden
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): come “huntress can rest here in the shade” “this beach is prolly the nicest beach girl knows”
bodi (bodicapagan): you brought me here to fur
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) frowns “girl is only offering shade from the sun …. girl wud never force herself on anyone ever for any reason whatsoever…..” ): “girl is only a simple girl”
bodi (bodicapagan): nods good girl , why you bring me then
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) pats the furs and the cushions “please Huntress… please make yourself comfy and girl will xplain
bodi (bodicapagan) sits as best she can with hands tied
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): “it was a funny thing but…. girl has a friend called Lady Ava…. and today girl went to see her….. to see if she cud get herbs and stuff…” and she takes a breatrh
bodi (bodicapagan): lady Ava from,,
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): “Lady Ava was kind enuff to escort girl home… which was sweet of her…. but it was only then that girl realised there was some connection between yourself Huntress and Lady Ava” Lady Ava from the taverne in Elation…. girl has known her for ages… even when girl used to be a Huntress… girl knew Lady Ava
bodi (bodicapagan): laughs, lady ava is my sister by blood , she know you has me captive, your tribe she will fetch help for me, they did not know where i was
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): ahhh…. well… my Mistress is now going to be livid wiv me….. becoz my visiting Lady Ava has …. has…… shown everyone where you Huntress were being held
bodi (bodicapagan): hemmmm i should say you be punished hard , does she know you visit the lady ava
bodi (bodicapagan): so you move me and now they not find me
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): I did leave a note but … there are going to be a lot of tears and i will have to sleep on my tummy for days and i will be very ashamed too…..I had to move you so that they didn’t find you…. yes
bodi (bodicapagan): you leave me here in this wild place i be eaten by wild animals, just let me go , i not tell, so what did you say in note
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): no no I cant leave you alone… that wud be plain wrong…. i have to stay wiv you and….. I cant let you go…. I cant fib to my Mistress .. I have to do my best and be honest to her…. if I just release you… I will be in such serious trouble… the worst kind of trouble becoz that is deliberate…. it’s not even an accident
in my note i said I was going to see Lady Ava who is a friend and who runs the taverne in Elation… to get herbs and stuff
bodi (bodicapagan): nods is unfortunate that you were with ava
[sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): yes it is…… and my tummy has butterflies now and i am nervy
bodi (bodicapagan): smiles kind to the girl, ” will your mistress be cross with you
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) nods “once ok…. she took me to a city… she was doing trading… and she showed me the baths… and then she took me to our room and told me to stay there and she went out to walk round the city. I just went to the baths to have oils and a bath and soak and have fun…. i went by myself and she was livid . When we got home to camp a few days later… she used a stick on my bare bottom in front of others…. it was ghastly…..”
bodi (bodicapagan): try not to laugh, im sure it was , but you must be brave and im sure when you explain it will be fine
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) swallows “i am hoping that when we go home… my other mistresses will be awake and then they will know what to do and girl will be praised for looking after you properly…..”
bodi (bodicapagan): maybe you could cook us something to eat i am hungry
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): “I actually love cooking and i can cook but i am frightened of you escaping whilst i catch the fish and light a fire and grill them…. There is nothing like freshly caught grilled fish…. so delish…… and some salad too….mmmmmm ” and she smiles “I will do food when we get home” and she nods “i can also make palm wine cocktails if my Mistresses say you are allowed one”
bodi (bodicapagan): im sure i smile, she will let you make one , go find the things and bring it back
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) smiles at Huntress Bodi and she glances at the sea and she wriggles as she tries to decide, we must return i think, it makes sense, stands, pulls on the leash. come
bodi (bodicapagan): where now
sarah then takes bodi back to the veck en camp
bodi (bodicapagan): are you taking me back
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): yup Huntress
luna (scorpioluna) shouts: sis
bodi (bodicapagan): so what happens now
luna (scorpioluna) shouts: where are you?
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) whispers: sis quick helpppppppppppppppppp shouts: sis quick helppppppppppppppppp
bodi (bodicapagan) shouts: we having a boat trip
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): oh god sis i have to get her back to the cage, they were coming for her
bodi (bodicapagan): your sis took me for a ride
luna (scorpioluna): I’ll follow you
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): Lady Ava and this woman’s tribe
luna (scorpioluna): go go
bodi (bodicapagan): they will catch you when they come
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): we get out here and stop frightening me
luna (scorpioluna): take her to the lower cage
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): yes sis
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): phew, looks at Huntress Bodi “welcome to our de luxe room”
luna (scorpioluna) pulls the lever and opens the cage door
bodi (bodicapagan): pefff
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg) ties off the leash to the cage bars
luna (scorpioluna) locks the cage door closed
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): “i am sorry but we don’t offer a minbar service…..”
bodi (bodicapagan): hehehe
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): b hell Luna… i was really nervy, imagine if she has escaped, my Mistress wud have been wild
luna (scorpioluna): never take a captive out of the cgaes unless a Free is near): never ever
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): i won’t in future): thank you
luna (scorpioluna): phew sis, I was worried
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): i nearly wet myself wiv nerves, they will come for her and the other woman, at some point, the Forest Moonies
luna (scorpioluna): lets just hope its when Free are around
sarah cupcake (sarah.schonberg): god yes

I love role play with slaves, they are an underused assett in Gor with lots of people not even wanting to role play with them. and others just wanting to abuse them or have sex with them,
I like the role play to show the submission of the slaves, and the delima of wanting to please.

What do you think?

Bodi (bodicapagan)


One thought on “Hiding the captive

  1. I am all sort of in agreement with the article. Slave can and are very much a immensely fun RP time. If you’re not looking for sexual role play or want someone to do stuff like cook for you or actually RP cleaning something, get a slave to do it. seems mediocre I know but a decent RPing slave will always give you the best entertainment.. even if they go about making a bigger mess of it because of whatever reason they state. In all honesty, even in my own band. I would quickly got cross with a person that refuses to RP with slaves in or visiting my camp. Because they are being hypocrites if they think that it’s somehow beneath them or against Gor to RP with a slave, but at the same time get mad if they don’t get RP.

    and the role play that you posted was super adorable. I think sugar cake, while trying to post a bit too cutesy and childish for me to want to have a repeat RP with after the fact, was playing a slave very accurately. I loved how she ran away from the camp out of fear that it would put her and her Owners into harms way. I think that in itself speaks for the thoughts of slaves everywhere. and I think anyone who thinks a slave (at least the female ones… the males, you boys need to work on your lack of fur bunny-ism, from my experience.) is only trying to have sex with a free when they take them out of a cage is in dire need to rethink their life.. if the slave is a proper and remotely realistic Gorean slave.. sex would be the last thing they are thinking about forcing on anyone.. much less the last thing they are thinking about at all.. Chances are if they are looking at you, free men and women.. they are plotting everything other than sex or anything that would cause harm or pain to a free.. that is unless you are being a fool and earning their ire but even then, they only will harm you until the collar gets put around your neck.. So, think about that for a moment.


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