Being a captive

Snapshot _ Veck 'En

I went with my sister Ino to look at the jungles we arrived in Veck En land of Ushendi, after we tricked the slave and her captive we were taking them back to our own tribe land. We lost a fight with a Huntress Rikki and were taken captive.

This is the role play of when I was captive, I enjoyed it I hope you do too.

bodi (bodicapagan): greetings little girl
bodi (bodicapagan): greetings littl one
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Greetings, Mistress
bodi (bodicapagan): my hands hurt now along with my foot, can you untie me
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): No, but I can make you more comfortable you must be hot. Did you get hobbled?
bodi (bodicapagan): no , can you fetchme a drink water please
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Well first things first, Huntress. I need to get you hobbled first please.
bodi (bodicapagan) move to back of cage
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Well it’s the difference on whether water and gruel is fetched or paga and stew. And how soon.
bodi (bodicapagan): i not let you hurt me, you are a girl, and if you hurt me it will be bad for you, i came here with a sore foot, and asked for help , and here you have me in a cage
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): I just want to hobble you as in make sure you can’t run or jump. Or are your ankles tied to some extent. Looks like I wasn’t clear, Huntress.
bodi (bodicapagan): why should i let you do any thing to me
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Like I said, it depends on what you want to eat and when, Mistress.
bodi (bodicapagan): nods very well then
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) fetches a rope and kneels, “Come here please, Mistress.”
bodi (bodicapagan) looks at the girl, ” if you hurt me girl, you will pay for this.
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Yes, Mistress, I don’t really plan on doing that.
bodi (bodicapagan) moves closer to the girl
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) works through the cage and ties rope around the ankles a bit higher than normal as she wasn’t sure if the ankle was really injured. But took the end of the rope and tied it with not much room to the bars of the cage as well.
bodi (bodicapagan) watches her tie my ankles , wincing as my foot still sore ,
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) satisfied she got up and smiled there now that Bodi was hobbled and tethered to the cage. She smiles, “There, now would you mind if I combed your hair, Huntress, it’s a bit unruly.”
bodi (bodicapagan) looks at the girl, my hair unruly , i have you know my hair is shiny like silk
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): It got dirty during the scuffle, Mistress, and I can get it back to the shiny state.
bodi (bodicapagan) not trusting her , but agree to the request
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) takes a comb from her hair and does work through the hair. Her real purpose though is to brush out anything foreign and to check behind the ears for lockpicks, pins, anything that wasn’t hair. She hummed as she worked and remarked, “Yes, very beautiful hair, Mistress.”
bodi (bodicapagan) nods and enjoy the hair brushing , ” you look like some one i Know, do we know each other ?
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Yes, Mistress, I served you in the tavern here and then you upset my Mistress by demanding I be sold. Later my Mistress came for you but you were well protected. But that is the past.
bodi (bodicapagan) breathes deep when memory come back, thinks of a way out, ” how about i give you some coin girl to let me out nods, in fact , i could get you a silver coin
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) quires, “You got some coin now, Mistress?” She walks over to the cage controls confident Bodi would discover she couldn’t really move far from where her ankles were tied to the bars of the cage if she did try and move. She flips the controls and opens the bars of the cage with a rusty squeak.
Cell Door Lever actioned by Yuletide Resident ⴿ 17
bodi (bodicapagan) try to move back, ” do not steal from me girl , or i will make you pay in blood
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) came back and said, “Well I need the belt and pouches now. It is really up to Huntress Rikki whether whatever is in them is held for you or stolen.” She began moving in close, “Please, stand still, Mistress. It will just be easier all around.”
bodi (bodicapagan): ” i maybe a prisoner now , but time is a strange bed fellow, and get off me !! that is mine pouch leave it alone ,,,,): struggling to move, but not able to, curses the way i am restricted
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) wrestles the pouch and belt off, “I will be punished if anything dangerous or any valuables aren’t removed. You don’t want that do you?”
bodi (bodicapagan) is seething now, if my pouch and belt is not returned to me , and i set free very soon, I swear i will be angry and my sisters will come and burn this camp to the ground
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): “Well I imagine the retribution might be rather great, Mistress. Fires are never taken lightly. And well I’m sure you don’t want to see you or your sisters sold to men. I’ve seen that happen.” She looks in the pouch and says, “What is in this container?”, holding it out.
bodi (bodicapagan) looks at the container of healing salve, ” that is cram for burns, and some wounds , i try to help heal when i can
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) smiles, “Oh right, I forgot about the healing part you do.” She sets the belt and pouch down. She clears her throat, “Do you have any weapons including knives for eating or treating patients, Mistress on you?”
bodi (bodicapagan) sighs no i carry a small knife for cutting it was on my belt , i might have lost it, apart from the knife which is gone , just my bow which is in your camp somewhere
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) replies, “I see, Mistress. I kind of need to make sure. The usual procedure is to cut off the clothes. I can try and spare you that, but I will need to check. Procedure you know.”
bodi (bodicapagan) growls you cut my best dress and i will beat you
luna (scorpioluna): who gave permission for the cage to be opened?
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Yes, First Girl?
luna (scorpioluna): Mistress Pledge wants to know who captured this Huntress
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): I tied her ankles to the bars, First Girl. She hasn’t been checked. I combed her hair, and got a belt and pouch off of her. Huntress Rikki, did Luna. I am to the point of stripping her or doing a feeling check.
bodi (bodicapagan) turns to the other girl, and yo i say, release me at once
luna (scorpioluna): then its up to her if you get released or not, not a slave
bodi (bodicapagan): you are a slave release me
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): The orders of my Mistress and En override yours unfortunitly, Mistress. I am going to take a quick peak under the skirt, rather than cut it off now.
bodi (bodicapagan) growls , you will not look under my dress
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) goes and gets a sharp shell, “As you wish, Mistress. I kind of thought you wouldn’t choose this option.”
bodi (bodicapagan) looks at the girl and see a shell ! wait
bodi (bodicapagan): ! wait
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): Yes, Mistress?
bodi (bodicapagan): ok you can look, and hides her discomfort, and embarrassment
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) replies, “Thank you, Mistress.” She lifts up the skirt and takes a look glancing at the back too. She also was curious about brands. Her remark was, “Quite nice, Huntress, a loin or shorter things would look lovely on you.”
bodi (bodicapagan) scoffs ” im happy with my dress, like i said i am a lady, tummy rumbles, ” where is the meat you promised me
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) feels in the sleeves for anything as she drops the skirt. She looks at the top. “I’ll go get what I promised. I’ll just report the top wasn’t checked, unless you will allow me to unbutton and expose that for a bit. It seems…I”m fine just reporting it.”, Or I can pat check, I guess.
bodi (bodicapagan) glowers at the girl, ” i think you just like fondling women, and NO you wont open it , when the huntress come , i will tell her about you
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) replies, “Very well, I’ll just report it. I may get in trouble for not cutting it off. And if you bring attention to it, I am pretty sure they will just cut it off. Now time to get the food.” She went and locked the cage.
Cell Door Lever back in place ⴿ 17
bodi (bodicapagan) sighs as my foot hurts more now and im in standing position, time seems to stand still when in bonds and in dark damp place, wondering when i will be free.
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) comes back with stew and a bota. She bends down and unties the fetter to the bars. Bodi is still hobbled though. Then she asks, “Which first, stew or paga?”
bodi (bodicapagan) smells the stew and is very hungry, stew please, untie my arms and i can feed my self smiles at the girl,
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) shakes her head, “I can spoon it to you or set it on floor of the cage, Mistress. Orders are firm on that.”
bodi (bodicapagan) shudders at the thought of eating from the floor, ” spoon it then, moves as best i can to the bars, as hunger take over, and food more important than pride
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) does carefully give Bodi spoonfuls of the stew. She seems a bit nervous though and spoons new spoonfuls rather quickly.
bodi (bodicapagan) swallows quickly as it spooned in quick, chewing the meat , seems a bit fatty, but not unpleasant, and eats plenty
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) the stew was full of suls, carrots, both tarsk and tabuk meat, there were other root vegetables, too. Mina took the bowl and washed it out before returning and lifting up the bota with paga in it. She asks, “You aren’t going to mention I gave you stew or paga right, Mistress?”
bodi (bodicapagan) smiles no i will not , you have been kind to me, did you make the stew , and i enjoyed the vegetables, i not have many from my tribe, thank you girl,
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) smiles back, “Thank you, Mistress and yes I made the stew” She lifts up the bota now ready to pour it in carefully. She has to stretch to do it.
bodi (bodicapagan) kneels lower as she short, and opens mouth over the spout , and leans head back to quench her throat
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) let’s Bodi get her fill and then puts the bota down. It was marked as having water in it. Though it clearly had paga.
bodi (bodicapagan) finished drinking and stands back up , thank you, can you release these binds my arms hurt and my legs ache,
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) replies, “I’m sorry, I can’t huntress. You saw the first girl when she thought I had you unrestricted with the cage door open. If she checked and saw you untied, she would switch me until I looked like a striped larl.”
bodi (bodicapagan) sighs and nods ” very well i hope the huntress come soon, i might lose the feeling in my hands , will she release me i ask
Mina McKenzie (yuletide) replies, “I don’t know, Huntress. If you offered something good for your freedom than maybe. I don’t know that you would be one of the ones willing to be bait either.
bodi (bodicapagan) ponders on the words, bait for sleen shudders
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): It might be good be good actually, if you can convince her before my Mistress shows up. She gets really upset at people trying to steal me.” Mina explains you are tied to a pole and if you get someone to try and run into camp and rescue you and they are ambushed, you can be freed and the other person robbed and put in your place.”
bodi (bodicapagan) thinks this over, my sisters would not come alone, they would come in great numbers, we have the best fighters in gor, and we are very feared, so this would not happen
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): It might be good be good actually, if you can convince her before my Mistress shows up. She gets really upset at people trying to steal me.” Mina explains you are tied to a pole and if you get someone to try and run into camp and rescue you and they are ambushed, you can be freed and the other person robbed and put in your place.”
Mina McKenzie (yuletide): We have some very fierce fighters as well.

What i like about this role play is that it shows slave roles, with captives and some fun role play. Not all captive role play ends in fun, i just wanted to share it.
Any comments?

Bodi  (bodicapagan)

One thought on “Being a captive

  1. Lina (sarah.gartenberg): No, all RP should be a chore

    εїз twin-eye layla εїз (preciouscandykitten): lol problem is most slaves dont do anything
    : they mouth

    bodi (bodicapagan): then we should encourage them

    Tara (boundtight): the attitudes of slaves, along with their mouths, has certainly become a sore point in most RP
    Dea Enzo: kajiras can be really sweet if you treat them right…

    Tara (boundtight): yeah, but as soon as you treat them like kajirae they’re all over you in IM’s and whining about you being harsh

    bodi (bodicapagan): i like them , they just need attention and some good rp

    εїз twin-eye layla εїз (preciouscandykitten): some are just princess.

    Gratia (dretta.swords): i believe that with proper training even the dumest slave can become at least a half decent one but so few bother with trainning its usually collar fuckand let them go around a camp

    Dea Enzo: if you got a real princess.., just find out from what highborn she is from.., find them, and blackmail them..

    Gratia (dretta.swords): that does haqppen alot but very few people actually train slaves to act as slaves

    bodi (bodicapagan): so it the free job to train them, and our fault if we do not

    Gratia (dretta.swords): yep, : there are those you can not train.. those can become tharloin foo or sleen food

    Dea Enzo: teach your kajiras how to read and write, use sticks, explain the letters, like a C being like a bow.. and B.. well what ever.. they will thank you for it..

    bodi (bodicapagan): but what about fun

    Dea Enzo: fun…? its immersion, you gave up fun, when you decided to be panther. when i was En, sisters who laughed where whipped, to teach them, that no, no fun here,! its serious, harsh, cruel,. and we always should be reminded of our inner struggle.. only an unhappy tribe, seeks for more.. a happy tribe, becomes lazy, fat and degenerate, and easy prey for others


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