Tending the Garden

What is the biggest problem we face in SL Gor? Perhaps the oversupply of lands and groups combined with an under supply of players? Certainly that’s how it looks, but like any disease the symptom is not always the cause.

Many people have come SL Gor from other media but it seems not so many stay and that ratio is diminishing of course there are other entertainments available far more than in the past so that accounts for part of it, but there are other factors and I think one of them is the selfish and inconsiderate nature of some of the “old hands” here. Isn’t it enough to have an amazing reality in which to pursue your roleplay objectives? To interact with other people in a shared fantasy environment? It is for me, well that and to try to create a fun and beautiful place for that to happen.
But some people seem to find that boring or unsatisfying and instead dedicate themselves to creating dozens of alts and using them to pester anyone who makes them feel insecure. Attacking groups from the inside causing drama and creating instability and mistrust and in the end actually driving them away to other areas of SL or away from SL together. These are the biggest problem we face, they will kill this in the end, all that will be left are metagaming power trippers and sex crazed multipersonality weirdos, recent events have proved to me that this disgusting kind of behaviour is the most destructive element inside SL.

I maintain a record of all alts and alt players that I know of. I urge all faction leaders and land owners to do the same, to share this knowledge in order to drive these people out of OUR Gor. “Why tending the garden” well my dear sis Manyella made this remark about running a sim: ” It’s like maintaining a garden.You ignore it for two weeks and all kinds of things get in.”

Merry Midwinter from

Sarka Matova
EN of the Zima A’kam

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