Giving up power to be stronger

Editorial Gazette of Gor #96

In my previous editorial I wrote that I estimate there are 100 panthers/talunas in Gor. Now when you have 20 tribes, there are on average 5 core members per tribe. This is what you see when you travel around and look at the panther/taluna camps.
Many agreed with me about this. So what can we do?

I believe that panther/taluna tribes should merge. What is the point of being EN and there are no people in the camp most of the time. And almost empty camps attract no people. Also playing 10000L – 20000L a month for a camp that is empty most of the time makes no sense to me.

Last week my tribe Shekinah Arani merged with Forest Moon. Merging means compromising and giving up some power to become stronger. I wanted to stay in our camp and Forest Moon wanted to keep their name.
We made the merger agreement in 1 hour. Sav (1ladysavage.ansar) and me (Mariko Marchant) are the EN’s. It felt so good to see more people in the camp! It means more roleplay and we are ready to raid now and then (to evoke more roleplay).

In this Issue you will find articles about a new tribe “River Delta Panther tribe”, about role play “Role play at the Tavern” and articles that may contribute to your Gor knowledge like “The Panthers Girls of Gor from the Gorean Cave.” and “Home Stone Law”. Also some good thoughts and nice feedback you can read in the article “Reading the Gazette and some thoughts”.

The Gazette of Gor team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mariko Marchant
Chief Editor Gazette of Gor

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