zCS vs GM Just a meter war?

Mariko Marchant: I would like to know why another meter
TwiFi Dryke (twifi.shamen): wanted to resolve issues that the other meter was not doing. Reduce headaches from dealing with raids, and things that help with rp.

Both GM meter and zCS meter work fine. They are compatible, except for some things like bandage, spash support and minor things like if someone with a GM meter downs someone with a zCS meter it will not count in the stats, but if a zCS plays downs someone with a GM meter it counts in the stats.

I heard someone say in a group that she likes both meters, but she did not like the meter war. Is it just a meter war or is the there more? Yes there is more. Alika one of the makers of GM is also a weapon vendor , because when she created the meter any relevant weapons were not available. And it is a very small player in the market.
Someone else said to me ”Thats my biggest problem with zCS they not only develop the meter they also script weapons both EQ and EZ and rumors that they have helped with VF as well”

The question is now: Are meters developed to help weapon vendors to increase their sales or are they vendor neutral and offer tool to the Gor community to enhance the fighting experience.

Fact is that this (meter) war is dividing the Gorean community. You only have to follow some groups to see this is true. Another problem there is no independent weapons testing group for both meters.

I have offered zCS ( TwiFi Dryke (twifi.shamen) to write an article about his vision and the of course GM (jaraziah.lowell) is very welcome to write her vision as well.

Mariko Marchant
Chief editor of the Gazette of Gor

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11 thoughts on “zCS vs GM Just a meter war?

  1. Might want to hint, that While Alika Sao has a weapon shop, she had one, before GM was a story; She made weapons for GLM, but as we with GM changed to dyna channel; An script code made by Jaraziah Lowell, now used by all combat systems and weapons; (what means one could say, Jara coded for all) it became so that she kept her shop and changed her weapons to then to work for GM. Which at first they did not lol

    GM was created under contract of Sin Snyder, when Aria was build; It initially was not a meter for other sims. But as Aria became loved and liked; Other sims asked if they could use it to, and so it became born that GM became used Gor wide, but unlike “some creators” we do nor never did force our meter on people, nor told people they could go use it in other sims aside other combat systems.

    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):


  2. I do not code for EQ nor EZ, and I thought VF did their own coding without any outside assistance.
    Also I have gone to helping other makers of settings to ensure their things work with features we offer in the meter.
    I spoke with PFC and LR before of offering to help them some with their settings, and I gain nothing out of the stuff.
    The argument over it being to help weapon vendors increase sales seem strange to me. Due to the fact that EQ offers out weapons for coins so people don’t need to even pay L$, which in reality then hurts their profit.
    Though there is a merchant kit to come out for all to be able to use. I just keep re-writing it as I want it to be easier for people to use, and not any complication of a setup

    TwiFi Dryke (twifi.shamen)

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  3. So is this a denial that no one working with the development of either of the meters has or has had anything to do with the scripting/coding of any weapons!

    AnJeL Lynn Rau (AnJeL Goodnight)


    • AnJel if you read the zcs changelog/readme notecard it clearly states there what the weapon scripting link is. TwiFi has stated he personally does not script for any weapons maker. His statement is about him. Why therefore are you trying to hint that there is some kind of cover-up about the scripting of weapons by one of the makers of the zcs meter when he openly acknowledges it in the zcs readme notecard? This is not a conspiracy, there is no grassy knoll and the CIA are not about to storm a book depository looking for shooters.


  4. this could be that GM is not scrutinizing the other meter just how much does the average person know about either of these meters I do not say that certain people have not known of the exploits in the GM meter for years and most likely took advantage of them but for the most part they were a small percentage of Gor until the other meter started pointing out these exploits do any of us truly be leave the GM video’d came from the 1 person he himself in the video’s states he had help in finding and es posing the exploits I for 1 do not begin to think the other meter does not have issues simple fact is there is just no one digging into them at the moment we all know “any script can be hacked” so lets please keep that in mind at all times the toys and tricks out there are working with both meters.

    AnJeL Lynn Rau (AnJeL Goodnight)


  5. I think that the conflation of ideas around the zcs hinting at scripting hacks and trying to sell more weapons is erroneous at best. Both EQ and EZ weapons offer free weapons via the zcs coin system. The fact they do so is for the good of Gor – so how is that therefore so they can “sell” more weapons. Note other weapons makers also offer free weapons in their stores. It is my understanding that the weapons scripts you are talking about have been made open source, thereby theoretically allowing new weapons makers into the SL market. Competition is healthy, monopoly is not. There is no meter war, just false statements made by uninformed people who do not have sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision. Personally the moment personal attacks, accusations, defamatory statements and fake news about the zcs meter and one of the creators of zcs started it sealed the fate of the other meter for me. I won’t support anything or anyone that intentionally goes out of their way to destroy the reputation and hard work of other content creators. Up until that point I was happy to use both meters and swap between the two depending on what sim I went to. It is a shame that the hard work of people is intentionally shot down in the way this has been. Sadly your article is biased and not cognisant of all the facts Mariko, because if it was you would have spoken to the makers of the weapons you claim are linked to zcs as well as the makers of both meters before you actually wrote your article. It appears what you are instead trying to do is start yet another baseless rumour to fuel a non-existent war. How about instead we allow sim owners to choose the meter they want to use and get on with Gor.

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    • “Competition is healthy, monopoly is not” – that, right there, say’s it all as far as i can see.

      Whilst not taking anything away from GM’s longstanding service to the Gor community, i think it’s fantastic that a group of people who’ve actively been playing Gor, brought an uptodate alternative to the table enabling everyone to make a choice. I think also the fact that until Zcs appeared on the scene and there had been no GM updates for a couple of years, speaks volumes.

      I really like that the creators of Zcs also listen to suggestions about how to improve the meter realistically and give the user’s what they want from such a meter – how they are consistently updating it and improving it instead of resting on their laurels.

      The coin system, though by no means new (remembering the GM RP trading) brings back an element of RP that was lost when GM sadly dispersed of their system due to it being hacked.

      Nice post Skylar !


  6. interesting this last reply is a contradiction in itself and I did get a good chuckle the editor of this article has made no claims nor have I it is fact that zCS made claims that GM had many flaws it is also fact that they (zCS) made these flaws known to the public and it is also fact that zCS is being investigated regarding certain errors coming up on the melee side of their system these errors I might add are not unlike the errors which they (zCS) pointed out in the GM system as I stated all the tricks out there work just as good on both meters the questions they simply sluff off with (that must be lag) well “it must be lag” got old a long time ago I unlike the last comment do offer both meters on all my regions because it is the fair thing to do I myself know nothing of what happens within the health meters I wear one and thats all I do I do how ever have to answer to all moderation coming in right now with “UNKNOWN WEAPON” or “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE” as all of us do and as I have stated I do not buy “it must be lag” if my opponents meter is lagged why is mine working fine is the big question many of us have. Lets not make this adledged war about the editor of this article as this article is only bringing to light that there is indeed a conflict out there re guarding the two systems.


  7. Now with this Meter war a community of Gor divided among ZCS and Gm supporter, Clearly the war is not started by any of the meter developer team but their supporter on both side had just pointing finger on each other. some ppl who had dispute such as conflict of abusing each other as cheater now have one more obligation to pull on each other by using those ZCS over GM debate,
    As a user i do like both system personal and pick what ever meter the majority using for raid, my personal clash over these to meter is only that there should be one meter choose by both party for particular raid either it can be zcs or GM for neutral policy.


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