Abduction to Gor (part 3)

Kennels teerahMina breathes a sigh of relief.
Erin chokes on her breath, falling off the outhouse, landing on her ass
MaraLynn hugs the girl as she walks past
MaraLynn looks at Hina and walks to her and hugs her “so, how is your new owner” then huffs
Erin steps through the door, almost hyperventilating as she sees the people all sitting around and is suddenly horrified at being the only one naked
Nephtides: *pulls her out behind the mute guard*
Ala watches the girl called Hinata as she enters on the cell again trying to give her strength with the eyes
Hellsing: watches as he almost turns his some as he wonders what is happening some as he looked to Hinata relieved to see her
Nephtides: to the sand pit, girl *ushers her there*
Hinata: wow.. rubs her head bewildered… one silver.. one silver for me.. looks at Mara.. I do not know.. your soon be out there yourself.. huffs back at her..
Jabari watches the next slut walk out, thinking he will fill his harem tonight and might need a bigger room for them.
Hellsing he looked as he said” you alright my friend ?”
Nephtides: Note this beasts excellent breasts, Sirs… and her mid eyes, Ladies.
Erin looks back as she is pushed up onto the circle of sand her eyes fluttering as she stepped up, half a missed breath from passing out
MaraLynn takes a deep breath and sighs, “true, but I may not be so easy to auction, even if they whip me”
Nephtides: mild even
Hinata mmm well I am now officially owned and a slave.. one of the men bided one silver on me.. apparently the first barbarian slave that has been bid on for one silver in 7 years
Nephtides: she is small and young, and sure can please a man when taught
Nephtides: turn around, Erin, show the Free your body
Ala nods don’t saying what he thinks about itself
Erin’s hearing and vision now phases in and out, her ears filled with her own heart beat as she nodded blankly “turn. yes…okay”
ERICK: smirks to Neph “she is unbranded as well Neph….that will take a copper off her price ”
Mina mutters, “Congrats,” to Hina, “Well done,” rather sarcastically.
Nephtides: *nods at Erick* Were she branded though, the barbarians would have beaten Us to it *chuckling*
Nephtides: speak Erin. Greet the guests
Jabari: Action already started make your way to the night market many barbarian beauties!!
Nephtides: I find her voice is pleasing *explaining*
Erin swallows trying to hear anything but her own breathing and heart beat as she watches the caped man’s mouth move “hi?” she wheezes, and then coughs, her throat dry
ERICK: “ah these are the ones who had some training on the barbarian world , I see ”
Hinata: do you have a problem ? what you think I wanted to be a slave ? hisses at her.. none of us wanted to be here.. but here we are.. now suck it up buttercup.. and the next that chooses to be sarcastic with me or huff at me will have a kick in their face
[16:26] Nephtides: Say a rhyme you know from home… there must be more in you than a syllable *smiles*
Hellsing he looked to Hinata” this is illegal ya know as well as I do please don’t give into there bullying ”
MaraLynn: no harm meant Hina *she whispers* just thought you might have put up a little more of a fight
Hinata: looks at Stewart… what can I do.. I’m naked.. without any means of defending myself.. except for with my fists.. and I do not fight.. I’m a peaceful person..
Erin coughs dryly “I…I…” she shakes her head slightly, blinks and clears her throat trying not to hyperventilate again “Mary had a little lamb? its fleece as white as snow….everywhere that Mary went”
Ala: please calm down all we are are on a terrible situation fights only make our situation worse
Erin inhales unsteadily “the lamb was sure to go” she was cursing herself hysterically at what she had chosen to say. a children’s rhyme. why.jesus…..
Nephtides: *smiles and nods, knowing that piece of trivia from the memory tapes*
Jabari chuckles as he hears the girl and said “Sense of humor on that one I will throw a copper out to start.”
Mina waves her hand at Hina, “Whatever. Keep your voice down silver girl. You can kick me if it makes you feel better.””
ERICK : “a pleasing voice though it speaks in the barbarian tongue”
Nephtides: see? A FINE voice, firm ass, and great tits
Ala says trying to conciliate the natural docile nature prevailing
Lorespeaker: looks curiously at the girl who is barely more than a child, and then over at Jabari, and he gestures to the girl and then to him, asking if he has any interest
Erin looks over her shoulder at the open way behind her and wonders as they all speak crudely of her if there was anywhere beyond it to run
Hinata: ooh jealous are you.. don’t worry I’m sure the men out there will love you.. mmmhm yep sure of it.. she shrugs.. then speaks to her fellow acting friend
Nephtides: other than the last girl, this one has no exam yet, as all other ones.. so we start with one and a half copper tarsk as entering bid
Hellsing he smiled to her as he said kindly” I know your right I’m not in much a position to fight myself ” he tugged gesturing to the chains ” always know I enjoyed every moment of our friendship ” he said being positive not sure what else he could say
ERICK: “let us see her with her legs spread ”
Mina shrugs and gets quiet as she thinks. It isn’t long before she is sucking nervously at her hair again.
Erin inches backwards, her mouth dropping open, blinking, reeling at the comment
Lorespeaker: “I’ll offer that,” he grins
Ala raises the shoulders at her words deciding to remain in silence to not make the atmosphere more tense
Nephtides: *To Erin* spread the legs wide
Erin looks at the caped man in horror and laughs nervously
Hinata: as do I my friend.. something tells me though we won’t end up as slaves together.. she sighed.. having enjoyed his company in the past.. well at least we are being somewhat calm..
Yussuf: Must I…. help her, brother?
Nephtides: *tilts head at Erin, hand on the whip, askingly*
Erin follows his hand to that whip cringes and hangs her head, then spreads her feet shoulder width as she stands in front of the man
ERICK: watches her carefully
Nephtides: ash, see that heat? Tight as new boots, wet as Thassa when treated right!
ERICK: have her crawl over this way
Ala: yes it is better indeed the nerves will not help us in noting
Nephtides: *into the kennel* “Thassa” is the ocean, barbarians!
Hellsing he nodded’ well yeah and I get the feeling your right but I ain’t going down without a fight you know me better then anyone in this room” he looked to them all hoping his words gave them some hope
Erin feels her knees buckle and drops looking at the caped man with a half scowl
Jabari chuckles as he hears the auctioneer. Watching the beast closely.
ERICK : She knows the whip?
Hinata: indeed I do.. but is your life worth losing ? she asked placing her hand on his knee..
Erin croaks “I know what a whips is…..”
Nephtides: crawl towards that blond giant bosk – I mean bull – of a man, Erin.
Lorespeaker: “I’ll raise my bid to 3 coppers” he grins
Jabari heard the scowl and shook his head “Nothing a good lesson would not fix”
Hinata laughs hard..
Nephtides: she has not tasted the whip, ever, I daresay.
ERICK: chuckles ….”so she even knows some Gorean , very good”
Erin swallows her own heartbeat again and hangs her head some, listening to them all
Nephtides: *once again is thankful that they decided to hasten the new girl’s adaptation by sparing use of the memory tapes on them*
Nephtides: Erin. I said: Creep to the blond man there *points to Erick*
ERICK: “come over this way as you were told slave”
Hellsing he looked up to her as he said” anything in this life is worth h fighting for as long as you try your best and know you gave it your all ” he looked some knowing she was partially right as he wished he could brush the hair from her face but couldn’t ” promise me you’ll always do your best to stay safe ” he looked toward the other women even Ala ” all of you hear me never stop trying never ”
Yussuf: bangs the gate once more, sounding angry* I WILL COME INSIDE IF YOU DON#T KEEP IT DOWN; IDIOTS1
MaraLynn looks over to the man speaking and nods “staying safe may not be the best option”
Erin crawls awkwardly over in front of the blonde bosk, scowling again and trying to catch her breath still, as she follows the finger point and kneels in front of him
ERICK: “spread those knees as you did before ” snaps
Ala: yes but on the right time my friend ” says on a way who reveals one agile mind and a natural caution
Erin jerks a little at the loudness of his voice and spreads her legs set wide under her
Ala says on whisper
ERICK: “this one is pierced below ….in the new style of the barbarian slaves, interesting , I guess the ears are not enough for them ” reaches over and tugs it
Nephtides: have you seen yer fill, sir?
ERICK: “what is the current bid?”
Erin squeaks and almost crumples backwards again, her legs already wobbling under her, her hips jerking forward with his tug
ERICK: grins
Nephtides: 3 copper I recall
ERICK: 4 copper
Hellsing he looked as he groaned laying his head on the wall some
Erin can finally not hold her self upright anymore, her hips jerking again as he tugged again and she wobbles a bit before crumpling backward again
ERICK The rings will make it easy to tie her
Nephtides: true.. so 4 copper is the bid
Nephtides: does anyone bid more?
ERICK: “luckily I am a trained metal worker so her branding won’t cost me anything, I will mark her myself!”
MaraLynn drops to sitting, tired of pacing
Erin mumbles “branding?”
Nephtides: 4 coppers the third time…last call for bids!
Lorespeaker: shakes his head
Ala tries to keep calm shivering at the word branding
Sigurd: 5 copper
ERICK: frowns “6”
Jabari hears the bidding war and grins “7 copper”
Erin looks around to see where the other voice came from
Hinata: places a kiss on Stewart’s cheek.. there.. I have done what I should have done long ago.. but didn’t have the guts to
MaraLynn hears a mixture of English and other languages, shakes her head “I am not sure what they are saying but it doesn’t sound good”
Lorespeaker: grins at the warrior, and shifts in his seat
Nephtides: a day for good prices kind Sirs.. but maybe we can send Erin back to her kennel? See the others? All of them are exquisite!
Yussuf : Noo! Sell the beast!
Jabari laughs heartily
Hellsing he smiled almost red on his tanned skin wishing he could of done the same ” I should of asked you long ago I’m sorry I didn’t now ” he looked towards everyone in the room trying to hide the blush some
ERICK : “I wasn’t able to inspect the others , but I trust your eye for quality slaves Neph”
Ala nods towards the exotic male actor smiling to him on a gentle way
Nephtides: *laughs* you may, Sir.. Erin, come here
Erin wobbles toward him, hoarsely “so I can go, then?”
ERICK: “if you say there are more I will not try and outbid the other fellow”
Hinata: its fine Stewart.. we all don’t do things till well much later.. she said with her Japanese accent.. I wonder what a Pani is ? the Master Neph.. said something about Pani
Nephtides: so, 7 copper is high bid, the second time called
Hellsing he shrugged not even knowing what a Pani was as he looked toward Mara, Ala and the rest ” we will get through this
Nephtides: that is thrice the entry price, Erin! Well done.. *to all again* seven coppers… and: Sold, to Jabari! * he grabs a handful of Erin’s hair and drags her back to the kennel, looks for the next girl on the list*

End of this Story

Erin (Angiewolf)
Edited by Petra Poliatevska



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