Why bid on an auction?

There is a auction going on at Mirkwood forest to help raise funds for the sim tier

My self and my En who is chief editor os the Gazette of Gor went to see how it was going and to see why people do it.
Tina (liztina): tal mariko.
Mariko Marchant: hey Tina.
Mariko Marchant: what would you give for me ? hehehehe|
bodi (bodicapagan): 500?
bodi (bodicapagan): grins
Tina (liztina): wow its good im ooc…i am suddenly outnumbered.
bodi (bodicapagan): hehe.
Tina (liztina) giggles.
Tina (liztina): you up on auction mariko???
Mariko Marchant: i am not yet,  what would you give  when i did?
bodi (bodicapagan): me?
Mariko Marchant: no Tina.
Tina (liztina): it would depend on what your nc said.
bodi (bodicapagan): ahh : yes.
Tina (liztina): like how would you want to serve your time.
Mariko Marchant: hmm.
Tina (liztina): and for how long.
bodi (bodicapagan): you could give lesson.
Mariko Marchant: i would do 3 days.
bodi (bodicapagan): on skills with bow
Tina (liztina): just dont do what i did for time.
bodi (bodicapagan): what was that?
Tina (liztina): 1 day per 1000 $L
bodi (bodicapagan): so you can say what you willing to do?
Tina (liztina): right now i have nothing to worry but the first time i did an auction…..i spent alot of time away from home.
Tina (liztina): yes): like limits.
bodi (bodicapagan): why would you bid on someone ?
Mariko Marchant: well i am open minded as you know.
Tina (liztina): i have bid on people in the past because i have met them in passing…but never really got to know them….more like a casual rivalry.
bodi (bodicapagan): so is a time for meeting and rp with people
Tina (liztina) nods.
Tina (liztina): like an exclusive rp.: let me give you an example from my first auction.
Mariko Marchant: listens.
Tina (liztina): i was bid and bought by meggan….i barely knew her but i knew her partner breezy very well….we had a ooc friendship and an ic rivalry.
Tina (liztina): so i was surprised i got purchased. and at the time both were members of the valks….and ic i was wanted by the valks.
Mariko Marchant: i am not that wanted.
Tina (liztina): the purchase at the auction allowed me to meet and rp with people i may never have….spend quality time with people…build an ooc friendship and respect.
bodi (bodicapagan) peer at leani, it ws you i know it.
Tina (liztina): mariko….being part of the gazette you could entice a bidder by saying that you will write about it in the gazette.
Tina (liztina): or…..buy someone and do the same.
bodi (bodicapagan): thats interesting: looks at her En, : you should do it
for the gazette.
Mariko Marchant: i will think about it.
bodi (bodicapagan): nods
Tina (liztina): now some people on the board are in it to fur….or be dominated….some are on the board to rp and have fun with it.
Mariko Marchant: would you put yourself on an action board?
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): I would): does the money go to a cause?
Tina (liztina): its for the sim.
Mariko Marchant: to the sim tier.
Sarah Galloway (sarah94578): smiles,, sure I will be glad to help,, its important that gor survives.
bodi (bodicapagan): so it is for a good cause.
Tina (liztina)hant: it is not my idea: i think quarterly or maybe an auction every 6 months would be good.): as long as it goes to the sim tiers): or other higher important cause.
Mariko Marchant: https://wordpress.com/post/gazetteofgor.wordpress.com/1713
Tina (liztina): sometimes you find someone on the board looking for a home…..and instead of just being accepted into a group they try and get purchased…then sell themselves to the group.
So please take a look and to find out how it feels i am on auction.
Come bid and raise funds to help keep the sim alive.

Bodi (Bodicapagan)

(Finally Mariko and me ended up on the board)



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